Kenya Gospel Artiste Confesses That He Was Involved In Another Relationship While He Was Married

So this is a testimony of a marriage that was about to break down but GOD held it together.

We got this information from him as he has  a testimony about his marriage which was at the divorce stage after a lot of issues came into play that challenged him and his wife faithfulness and trust to each other.

His name is Zack Mtumishi a gospel artist and he has done songs like SITAKI NOMA, NEVER CLOSE THE BOOK, IGANAGWO produced by Dr.Eddie and DJ Syke and on one Sunday he went for confession to his pastor Prince Obasi-ike(Regional Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God) with his 10 year wife Damaris.

Read Below to find out more.

My life started 41 years ago when my late mother Susan Mugure Njau and the late Samuel Kinuthia gave birth to me together with 5 other brothers and a sister being the second last. One of my brother died in the same month with mum(June 1996).

I only saw my dad 3 times in my whole life with the first time during mum’s burial, during my brother’s funeral the same month, during my wedding day 4th December 1999, and in 2003 when I was called to pick him up in Naivasha home where he had gone to live with his mother after squandering everything he had with other families. I lived with my mum and always wished my family would be different from the one I lived in, little did I know it would be my portion!

I never saw it coming, never did I have a clue I’d take after my father who I really hated to an extent of not naming my firstborn son after him! I grew up knowing it was Godly to bring up a family together I did a big wedding in 1999 something that really made me fear yet loved the feel of doing a very big wedding with a promise to myself and to my friends that Id live for 5 years before I got a kid a thing which didn’t materialize since after our honeymoon, my newly wedded wife whom I had shared with and knew my wish to get a kid later in our marriage got pregnant against my wish.

I stayed with the bitterness which was occasioned by bitter exchange of words, which made her feel so insecure and bearing in mind there was nothing she would do to reverse the situation. On knowing it was inevitable to live with the fact that I was now a father, I named the son Symon (Son of Encouragement) because I couldn’t call him my fathers full name Samuel Kinuthia. This didn’t go far since God made me love the child with all my heart body and mind.

By this time, my relationship with my wife turned so sour and so bad that before we hadn’t even gone for a year, we had fought so often to the amazement of my neighbors who thought and took us as very serious born-again Christians. My wife would be very agitated by the way I treated her and she would respond to me in negative and to revenge this, we fought. All this time we were living in my uncle’s (mum’s brother) house who took responsibility over us after the death of my mother

Life became more and more unbearable which resulted to occasional living away from each other. This therefore brought the need for some other shoulders to lean on due to our ages and the need for revenge, we started engaging in illicit relationships with a justification that had the other not done this I wouldn’t have done the other.

The blame game continued and kept deteriorating our marriage to an extent that we wouldn’t even talk yet we were living in the same house! God never let these relationships to last and I can remember. Personally I never had a relationship for a year before He brought it into the light. Problems escalated making us leave my uncle’s house and went to Limuru where my grandfather (mum’s father) had bought her a piece of land and started living

Here things deteriorated. I got a job with an NGO which sometimes duty called for me to go to visit schools out of Nairobi and would sometimes made it easy for each of us to have times away from each other which was to the advantage of both of us and for the detriment of our family.

It was during this time when we got our second born and around that time my father came to stay with us of which he didn’t stay with us for long and he died in my house when I was in one of the fieldwork trips. It is now I remember how i used to quarrel him telling him if it was mum who was sick Id not complain even washing her after messing on herself.

At one time, my wife told me she wasn’t feeling well after coming home late and told me she was in a hospital in Marie Stopes in Kangemi due to what she termed as miscarriage of a 3 months pregnancy which I never knew bout.

I highly doubted this since even after I insisted she go the following day to a particular doctor who was a family friend working in Kijabe hospital, she never went to her and she(my wife) was aware she was being waited for. After this, I never trusted her again and in 2008, we got another boy who was the bone of contention since she conceived when we weren’t together. I reluctantly took care of her in hospital although all along I felt cheated.

Things got from worse to worst when I later got a job in Karen with a white family business whereby I couldn’t make it to go home every day hence would go on Monday morning, stay there until Friday afternoon and went to be with the family over the weekend. This is where hell broke loose!

In 2009 December, I took my two sons and my wife for a holiday to Mombasa where we met my two uncles with other families and we joined them. On the Christmas eve I heard my wife’s phone ring and almost midnight, she left me in the bedroom and headed to the living room talking to someone. I came to understand it was one of the uncles who was talking to her.

I stealthily went to listen because the call was suspicious. The conversation wasn’t good to my ears and I got really angry and there and then told her we were ending the holiday prematurely and go back to Nairobi.

On leaving Mombasa with the boys, she never came directly home. She dropped the kids at the bus stop and headed to Limuru town where I came to learn she had booked a house already and was planning to shift after I resumed back to duty after the
holiday. She was even looking for a job in a nursery school i had opened for her to end the quarrels of her coming so late from town yet she left so early.

Something made me to delay in Mombasa and on coming home, she was preparing to leave with everything once I leave for work the following week.

I remember it was on my birthday when I waited for her to come and make for me lunch but she had gone to look for a house help since the one who we were with then wasn’t ready to continue with us, one, because she had learned her behavior,and two, because we quarreled always.

My wife lied to me and since I knew the truth, I felt a betrayal from the one whom I thought should be there for me and what came after this wasn’t pleasant. She prematurely went to the place she had rented and on the following day, I went to work leaving my children with my sister and the house help. I dint know she would come later and pick the kids and household stuff.

I couldn’t do anything being that far, I just kept quiet and never talked to her for about 6 months if not more.

I engaged in a relationship with a renown gospel artist, a mother of two girls,a daughter of a bishop and a divorcee which died as soon as it had started. Later I developed another relationship with a colleague in the choir which became more deeper and stronger. We started going to her home, her and my sister’s, and even to my cousin’s after wedding party with the intention of introducing us to our relatives and friends despite our pastor disapproving it.

We were so in need of one another that we bought land and, went on holidays in Mombasa and many weekends out of town.My wife kept nagging me when the children were taken from the school they were in just to pull me into the mess. I once took her to Karen police cells after she insulted my new-found lover where she stayed with the last born son for two nights! She threatened to come to my place of work which I always shared with my boss.

All this time the boys were in a boarding school being the youngest kids in the boarding school in class 4 and 2 respectively.

Also the relationship with this single mother, I engaged with a pastor, a single lady in Mombasa who was ready to marry also but like many of the other relationships, it died too. Many other women came for a while and went and the surprising thing, except the pastor and another one, all the others were either separated or divorced women with big children!!! Never did I ask myself why this was happening!

I tried pushing the divorce case with all my lawyer but it went nowhere. God made sure no relationship would materialize. I was ready to leave the church which does not allow separated couples to remarry hadn’t the Lord used my pastor to change my life.

It was on one Sunday morning after walking with my pastor who told me he wanted to tell me something the Lord told him,. He told me what I would wish to hear but wouldn’t know how to do it.

He told me that God had talked to him and told him that I wont prosper, or can’t get His blessings if I wont go back to my family. I went home and thought about it for a whole week. On the following Saturday, I called my wife to my invited her in my house and she came although she was fearing to come because she couldn’t imagine me needing to talk to her. I talked to her and she told me my call woke her up from a dream where she was dreaming seeing her being chased and running to me!!!

We went to church on Sunday and I told the pastor we are now together and he prayed for us.That evening my former pastor called me and told me he had a word from the Lord for me which was exactly what my other pastor had told me and this was a real evidence that the Lord is having something for my life.On Monday morning, I emailed my pastor’s wife, who was so chuffed and elated by the news. She replied and told me exactly what the other pastors had told me! We are now together after a hard 4 years of struggle !

I’ve now started going round the country speaking to separated, divorced couples and children from such families.

After a radio interview, many people have called wrote sms to request me to pray with them, counsel them and speak a word of encouragement. Families are now coming together after years of separation and the Lord is changing their lives. I’m looking for a sponsor to help me write a book which people could read and get encouraged. For inquiries, you can reach me on 0722425161 Twitter: zakmtumishi , Face book:Brethren Keepers, email:

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