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She Brought You “Mungu Mkuu” And Now Evelyn Wanjiru Has Released “Inuka Baba”

Award winning gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru famed for her song Mungu Mkuu and Waweza has released a new song called Inuka. The artiste who has grown in leaps and bounds since she started her music a while back has released a song that aims to draw listeners to seek GOD to arise.

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You Are GOD Given, BABE : Gospel Singer Celebrates 3 Yrs In Marriage And Showers Hubby With LOVE

TODAY 7th April celebrated worship singer Evelyn Wanjiru is celebrating 3 years in marriage, a day she recalls walking down the aisle to tie the knot to the man whom she now refers to as her husband.

Evelyn wanjiru new

Known for her songs Mungu Mkuu and Waweza, Evelyn Wanjiru says that she is where she is now because GOD gave her a man who will do anything to help her achieve her goals as a gospel artiste. They have stood with each other for 3 years now in marriage and Evelyn decided to celebrate him with a lovely tribute.


Having a man is one thing, but having a man who puts his trust in GOD is another.

She said :

My music producer , my mentor , best friend. You are good at everything you do. I call you my google, my love, the apple of my eye. If I was to marry I will still marry you again. May our marriage be a light.

I will always love you Agundabweni Akweyu Peterson. You are GOD given babe.

Evelyn’s wedding anniversary comes after she released a beautiful worship song with Vicky Kitonga called Tulia.


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LINK SONG OF THE WEEK : Evelyn Wanjiru And Vicky Kitonga Release “TULIA’

Two blessed christian singers have come together to release a powerful song that will touch many hearts. Evelyn Wanjiru and Vicky Kitonga have released a new song called Tulia which means “Wait”.  The song speaks to the listener to be still and wait on GOD for he is faithful.

evelyn vicky kitonga

tulia tulia na ujue( be still be still and Know)
mimi ni Mungu Mungu wako(that I am God your God)


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Lyrics : Tunakuabudu By Evelyn Wanjiru

Evelyn wanjiru new

Tunakuabudu x3 (We worship You the One seated
on the throne).
Mwenye enzi (Almighty God).
Uko hapa Bwana Yesu.
(You are here Lord Jesus).
Wali wali Yesu (Jesus is here x2).
Wali wali Yesu.
Oooh nyimbila Yesu yaalwana entalu zange.
(Sing for Jesus who fights my battle).
Ohh Oh Oh imbia Yesu anayenipigania.
(Oh Oh Oh sing for Jesus who fights for me).

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After Gracing South Sudan, Tanzania And Uganda Evelyn Wanjiru Is Back With A Special Gift

From her musical tour in Tanzania,Uganda and South Sudan Evelyn Wanjiru came back home with a gift that will leave many touched. Evelyn Wanjiru has released a new music video for her second single ,Tunakuabudu, a worship song from the album Mungu Mkuu.

Evelyn wanjiru new

Tunakuabudu is a medley sung in Swahili and Lunganda, driven by her powerful vocals Evelyn keeps listener’s ears glued to this song and clearly brings out a mood to worship God .

The song is produced by her husband Agudabweni Akweyu of Bwenieve production a record label she Co founded with him.

Evelyn is set for a mission tour to Uganda early next month,that will be the third time she is visiting Uganda. She also promises to release more good music that will impact the church of God positively.


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Lyrics : Mungu Mkuu By Evelyn Wanjiru

Here is the lyrics of “Mungu Mkuu” By Evelyn Wanjiru

eve n enid post

Mungu Mkuu- (Almighty God)-Lyrics by Evelyn Wanjiru

(Sung in Swahili)

Zaidi ya yote (Above it all)
Utabaki kuwa Mungu mkuu (You’ll remain Almighty God)
Alfa na Omega (Alpha and Omega)
Hubadiliki kamwe (You the One that never changes)

Nikitazama nyuma na mbele (Before me and behind me)
Naona ukuu wako (I see your greatness)
Kaskazini, kusini pia (From the north and to the south)
naona ukuu wako (I see your greatness)
Magharibi nako mashariki pia (From the west, to the east)
Naona ukuu wako (I see your greatness)


Hakuna mkamilifu katika wanadamu (No one among me is more perfect/complete)
Zaidi ya ewe Mungu wangu (Than You, oh my God)
Kila goti lipigwe, kila ulimi ukiri (Let every knee bow, and every tongue to confess)
Kuwa wewe ni Mungu pekee (That You are God alone)


Umenipigania vita vikali (You fought great battles for me)
Ambavyo mimi singeweza pekee yangu (That I could not have fought alone)
Maadui waliniandama (My enemies followed me)
Lakini ukawatawanya kwa njia saba (But You scattered them seven ways)
Usifiwe, uabudiwe (Be praised, be worshiped)

Unabaki kuwa (Mungu tu) (You remain – the only God)


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Meet This Lovely Worship Singer Who Is Set To Release 11 Songs In A Month

Evelyn Wanjiru is Known by many as a singer, songwriter and worship leader, most notably for her song ‘‘Waweza’’ that is not only sung in East Africa but by many church goers across nations of the world. Her success simply stands as a testimony to her life’s passion to serve God with all her heart.

eve n enid post

Last Sunday the 9th of February Evelyn was hosted on Rauka Citizen TV for the second time; she was first hosted on the same show in the year 2012. During the interview, she  promised to release her eleven songs second album titled “Utukufu” by the end of  this month and she even sampled one single track from the album titled “Mungu Mkuu” set to be released to the media by the end of this month.

evelyn wanjiru post

“Mungu Mkuu” directed by Sammy Dee of clean city and audio produced by Agundabweni of Bwenieve Production stands to be a worth to wait for worship song. This is what she said about the song when asked by Enid Moraa the host of Rauka what inspired her to do the song.

“Mungu Mkuu” is a worship song that portrays God that will forever remain to be God no matter what situation we are in. Inspired by difficult moments I was going through I believed God will forever remain God no matter what I was facing. At times we find our selves in situations where God seems to be so far away or even remain silent to our prayers but my encouragement is that silent times are often God’s means of preparation for something greater. Think about the story of Lazarus.

The Lord delayed for a good reason; instead of healing him, He was planning to raise him from the death for the glory of God. Every time God remains quite, He has a good reason. you might be rejected by your beloved ones, falsely accused, enemies arising from all sides just remember God says that which Someone means for our harm He will Use for our good (Gen 50v20) The hole that a man tries to dig for you, he himself will fall into (Prov26v27) All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord (Rom 8v28).May God be with you as you wait for the release of this album”


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“Sing With GOD And Not Just Sing GOD” Worship Singer Evelyn Wanjiru Shares

Lovely worship singer Evelyn Wanjiru known for her album cover “Waweza” shares some of the thoughts she has about singing.

evelyn wanjiru post

Speaking to Uliza Links here is what she had to say :

It’s true we need to get passed just singing God and get to an intimate level of singing with God within us.God is never mocked, some gods with their kingdoms may rise for a while within the music ministry  but the good news is that the Kingdom of God will forever reign and will only contain them that  offer pure worship to God that is not only limited to just a song.let us aim to be pure at heart and good role  models to many that look upon us as musicians .


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Evelyn Wanjiru Rebrands Her Waweza Album Cover

When you here about re-branding that is when you know that there are great things behind that and Evelyn Wanjiru has decided to follow the same footsteps.

Waweza front cover post

Evelyn Wanjiru has rebranded her Waweza song which made cover for Waweza Album. The rebranded Waweza album cover is  Evelyn’s first worship album that was released nearly two years ago and nominated for 2012 groove awards worship song and new artist of the year. The WAWEZA song is used by many churches not only in Kenya but across the borders.

evelyn wanjiru waweza thumb

Evelyn didn’t just release the album cover. She also Confirms to us the good news of her forthcoming 9 songs second album that she is putting on final touches .she prays and excited for you to hear it because the songs will leave you more focused and intimate to God,there are more surprises on the  album keep anticipating as you pray with her.


Here Are The Lyrics Of “Waweza” By Evelyn Wanjiru



evelyne hosanna

Waweza waweza waweza mwokozi
waweza mambo yote wewe mwaminifu

Bwana Mungu wangu weee
umenikombowa eee
umeniwezesha mimi wewe ni mkuu
ukaniita kwa jina langu eeeee
ukaniwezesha bwana eee
nikuabudu  bwana nikuimbie
nilipokuwa kwenye dhambi ukanionyesha mwanga mwanga
wewe ni mwanga wangu bwana wewe ni mkuu.

waweza waweza  waweza mwokozi
waweza mambo yote wewe mwaminifu x2

Bwana mungu wangu eee
wewe ulimsaidia ayubu
alipokuwa na shida nyingi bwana ulikuwa naye
neno lako linasema unazo fedha eeeeee
zote nizako bwana wewe ni muweza

waweza waweza waweza mwokozi
waweza mambo yote wewe mwaminifu x2

Wakati ninazo shida na magonjwa bwana unasema tuliite jina lako
wewe ndiye muweza wewe ndiye mwenye nguvu wewe ni kimbiliyo baba
waweza mambo yote..

waweza waweza waweza mwokozi
waweza mambo yote wewe mwaminifu x2

unaweza unaweza  unaweza baba unaweza  x2

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