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Eunice Njeri Reveals : ‘I Earn A Few Shillings Though Safaricom Makes 30 Million From My Music’

Gospel singer Eunice Njeri has written an open letter to top telecommunications company Safaricom, stating that she is struggling to earn in music though the company makes a lot from her music.

Eunice Njeri post 1

The singer adduced evidence showing how Safaricom is make nearly 30 million shillings per month but after deductions (from Government and PRSP’s) she makes only a small piece of the earnings.

The singer wrote :
Dear Safaricom, My name is Eunice Njeri.

Am a Gospel musician and i Love Jesus. Maybe you might remember me from the close to 30 Million Kenya Shillings you make every month from my music…or almost half a billion Kenya Shillings you have made the last one year,not so big in your eyes but enormous to mine. The 15 percent you gave to liberty Africa has been generously distributed to themselves and nothing reached me. Today I struggle with not much to live on but a few shillings I get every now and then…. I tried my best to do what God called me to do but you made the money. Bound with contracts I may never get anything from you….big as you are who can touch you? I can’t. Hopefully you read this and God touches you to remember the singer…that would be me.

Eunice Njeri Mathenge.


This is the second time in nearly a year when Eunice Njeri has come out to plea for help from the Telecommunication company that outsourced the services of ringback tones to PRSP’s.

The President, Uhuru Kenyatta at the state house Summit a few weeks ago stated that it’s time artists start getting paid well because they put so much work and money to have a song on air.

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Wedding Bells : Celebrated Singer Eunice Njeri Gets Engaged

Gospel artiste Eunice Njeri is now off the market after she got engaged to the love of her life. The artiste who is known for songs like : Uka, Umeniweza, Bwana Yesu among others got engaged to her boyfriend Izzo raps who is a christian artiste and resides in the United States.


In a short message, Eunice Njeri stated ‘taken’ with a picture of the engagement ring :


The two have been going out for a while now especially when Eunice Njeri would travel out to the states for her tours and awards ceremony.

Isaac Izzo began making music while in high school. He began including the Gospel of Jesus Christ into his music after graduation.

His mother, Minister Esperance Muderhwa Dorcas, raised him and his six siblings by herself, after his father died when he was six.

Although his life wasn’t easy while growing up in Nairobi, he realizes God and his mother played an instrumental role in he and his family’s survival.

Eunice Njeri
                                  Eunice Njeri and Fiance Izzo Raps at Sauti Awards In USA

Super producer Billy Frank congratulated the couple after they made it official that they are now one :

Billy Frank :

Umeiweza roho yangu Izzo umeiweeeeeeeeeza🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

A big congratulations to @eunicenjeri @izzoraps ..happy engagement ..this is the doing of the Lord..I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you two..God is great❤️❤️💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍




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EUNICE NJERI : ‘My Music Made Millions On SKIZA But I Haven’t Been Paid’

With all hard work in music there is always someone who waits to enjoy the fruits of the labor as Eunice Njeri feels the pinch at the moment with a PRSP.


Liberty Afrika that is mandated to sell Skiza ring back tones is on the spotlight after having allegedly sold music of Eunice Njeri without paying her the returns.

Eunice Njeri who has a massive airplay in East Africa is need of help as she claims that she found out that Liberty Afrika have been selling her music which is over millions of shillings per year.

The singer in a statement to Uliza Links said :

“I have learn’t that from Skiza my music made millions. I may never see that money because Liberty Afrika claims to own my music. Please help”

Eunice Njeri post 1

This is the 2nd time in a couple of months where an artist is raising an issue in regards to sales of music on Skiza. Eunice Njeri must have either been engaged in a contract that she didn’t know of or someone is out there taking money that is not their’s.

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I Have Been Angry And Bitter At Myself : Eunice Njeri

With all the attention drawn towards Eunice Njeri from her worship music, many would think that she is near to perfect. But with all that comes with living in this world, Eunice Njeri is human like any other person and she is working on her journey of salvation.

Eunice Njeri post 1

In an inspiration thought to self Eunice Njeri speaks of how she has had her struggles in life working on patience, having humility and getting angry.

eunice njeri wanitosha post 1

“I thought what I went through was unique to me..The sadness, disappointments etc,but with all the inboxes hmm i think I’ve been through it for a reason …No one ever asks me what is your story Eunice?

BUT under all the makeup there is a story……for all the wounded/hurting ladies that everyone is laughing at…i got you…for all the single ladies whose friends are all married and they can’t wait to hook you up.. I got you….for all the ladies who’ve waited for a good man too long…i got you…for all whose boyfriends got someone else pregnant. ..for all who’ve been cheated on by your best friend…If He made you feel like nothing…..hmm I got you too!! All of you who’ve given up on relationships I still got you….🙏🙏

pamoja peace concert eunice njeri post

I have learnt that my Joy comes from the Lord…i have learnt to wait patiently…i have been bitter and angry mostly at myself…to let go of this anger was the most difficult..God is helping me on that one…..i have learnt to forgive everyday by knowing I need to be forgiven maybe more than my offender!!

I’ve learnt to restart over and over…am not there yet but I know I’ll get there by the power of Jesus Christ…i encourage you today… WHILE WAITING DON’T FORGET TO ;; praise pray
worship for I know that the ultimate desire is for God only.

The real enemy is the devil and what he is actually fighting is the God in you..God’s plan is so great that he can’t stand it..i encourage you today as i encourage myself……. GOD IS FOR YOU AND NOT AGAINST YOU AND HE LOVES YOU AND ME!!!” Eunice Njeri shared.

Your Thoughts

What are your struggles ?

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GLORY TO GOD : Eunice Njeri Lands Her 1st Lucrative DEAL

Celebrated Christian singer, Eunice Njeri glorified GOD in the highest after she landed her first major deal as a christian artiste. Eunice Njeri will be working with a car company called Imotorize ltd a registered limited company whose sole aim is to enable individuals and business access the cars of their choice with the aim of promoting their brand and services.

eunice njeri imotorize

Eunice Njeri revealed that the feeling was exciting as this is her first advert as a gospel singer and stated that all glory belongs to GOD.

“Coming soon to a billboard near you!! #Imotorize #myFirstTimeOnAnAdvert #WayToGo #GloryToGod,” Eunice Njeri shared with her followers.

Imotorize Ltd will be rolling out their brand awareness campaign of selling their business model and they will be partnering with brands like Eunice Njeri to create more attention to what they do. The business model entails a client identifying the vehicle they’d want to own, then pay a deposit of 30% if you prove you can pay for the car it is then imported from either Japan or Dubai depending on the cost and the quality of the vehicles. The 70% balance of the vehicle is paid on an agreed period of not more than twenty four months at an interest.


Opinion :

This is a great step for Eunice Njeri who has blessed many souls through her worship music. Or what do you think ?

Share a comment below

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“I Spent Several Nights Sleeping On BENCHES, While Looking For A Job In Nairobi” : Songbird Eunice Njeri

Today we share the life journey of gospel songbird Eunice Njeri, a lady who has gone through several challenges to be who she is today. From sickness , to struggles in life Eunice Njeri has seen it all to become a professional singer and to serve GOD with all her might.

eunice njeri wanitosha post 1

Did you know that Eunice Njeri once slept on benches hungry because she was looking for a job opportunity in Nairobi ?

Eunice may be a little camera-shy, but her ambition is not. Her journey through life is a testimony of her victory over a tough world reports the standard news paper.


€œI was a sickly child. €œIn fact, my mum told me  that the devil started fighting me from the moment I was born.” Eunice recalls battling serious bouts of anaemia, typhoid and malaria as a child, which on numerous occasions forced her to stay away from school (Nanyuki Baptist and Laikipia Airbase primary schools), sometimes for months at a time. €œI was tired of this,€ she says, â€and I remember a time when I was in Form Three (at Hill School, Eldoret). I prayed and promised God that if He healed me and helped me pass my exams, I would serve Him for the rest of my life.

God must have heard her prayers because shortly after that, Eunice€™s health problems reduced âand with time, disappeared. In addition, she passed her KCSE exams, albeit not well enough to make it to university. Since her parents lacked the money to enroll her into college, Eunice did a few jobs in Nanyuki, her hometown.

You know, people in the rural areas find Nairobi scary… in fact, too scary for a young girl to survive,Eunice jokes. But she chose not to be afraid. Instead, she decided to hop into a bus headed to Nairobi in the hope of changing her life’€™s fortunes. She ended up in Kangemi, but life in the capital city did not go as expected. €œLife was tough, Eunice recalls.

€œMany people may not believe it now, but I spent numerous nights sleeping out on benches, in the cold, and without food in my belly.

€ This was a startling beginning for a woman whose life today is blessed materially. It is these humble beginnings that inspire many people still struggling from day to day, with hopes of better tomorrow

eunice njeri white dress

Eunice’€™s fortunes began to change when she and a friend agreed to rent a single room together and share the Sh1,000 monthly rent. For the next two years, Eunice €˜worked€™ in a church in Kangemi, leading praise and worship in the morning, afternoon and evening services.

For her efforts, Eunice received a little token of appreciation from the church, which she used to pay her rent and meet her other needs. Music had always fascinated Eunice, and her deep voice was recognisable everywhere she went, from her childhood through school and to her church, leading the choirs as she went along. Her favourite musicians were (and still are) the late Angela Chibalonza (once her mentor prior to her death) and Cece Winans.

€œIn 2006, I made the decision to focus more on music,Eunice says. I knew I wanted to produce gospel music, but I had no money. I approached a few producers, but they all turned me away because I could not afford their recording fees, which I found too high.

Not one to give up easily, Eunice ventured to River Road, Nairobi, where she met the late John Nyika (passed in 2014) , a producer. He agreed to record her music at Sh50,000. She only had Sh9,000, which she paid to start off her journey, but with the hope that she would raise the balance. €œI remember it was a new studio, because I could smell paint as we recorded the music, she says.

That evening and for a few more nights, Eunice sank to her knees, praying fervently and pleading with God to give her another break. Her prayers were answered and a few days later, a church member, hearing of her plight, offered to finance the rest of her music recording. And with that, the single Bwana Yesu was produced and released.

Eunice was only 24 years then. Despite this achievement, radio stations were not as enthusiastic and did not immediately embrace her single. It didn’€™t help much that Eunice was extremely shy, could hardly sit through a media interview without feeling like running, and was clueless on the dynamics of both the music and media industries.

Eunice Njeri post 1


Now I know better and I often tell fellow musicians not to sign any contract in the absence of a lawyer,€ she says. Her maiden video, Umeniweza, launched in 2008, broke through the industry and the media, opening doors for her that she had never imagined. There was no turning back. “My first album opened doors for me. On several occasions, I was invited to lead worship in huge events, such as the Totally Sold Out (TSO) concerts hosted by K-Crew, as well as The Call Kenya,” Eunice says. Her music has also seen her travel to, among other countries, Congo, Rwanda and Netherlands to spread the gospel.

Following the unprecedented success of the first album, Eunice began recording her second album, which included the hit tracks Natamani, Naruka Kama Ndege and Nguvu ya Msalaba. Ever prayerful Barely a year after the release of her first album, Eunice surprised many when she was presented with a surprise award — the Groove New Artist of the Year Award.

Later, Eunice was nominated for various categories in 2009, 2010, 2011 and last year, but it was only in 2011 that she won the Groove Songwriter of the Year Award.

The gospel music sector is often rocked with challenges, usually of a spiritual nature. Musicians become victims of their success and fame, and get embroiled in morally questionable behavior. The strong ones survive, but the weak ones disappear forever from the music charts.

€œAs gospel musicians, we survive by the grace of God, says Eunice, who has thus far managed to steer clear of scandals. “It is, however, important to remain prayerful because God covers your mistakes and makes them work for your good, and not for your downfall,” she concludes.

Source (Standard)

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DJ MO Meets With Eunice Njeri In UK As They Prepare For Talanta Awards

The two celebrated ministers of the word Eunice Njeri and DJ Mo met in London this week as they await to grace the international gospel awards named Talanta Awards.

eunice london

 The gala awards will be taking place this Saturday where DJ Mo , Eunice Njeri and other artistes will be performing  3-7pm at Revival  House Oxford.

talanta awards uk

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What’s The Plan Eunice ? : Eunice Njeri Dons A Stylish And Modish White Dress [PHOTO]

Worship singer Eunice Njeri left the country a few days ago for Ethiopia where she is currently sharing her ministry in a conference that has attracted different ministers of the gospel.

eunice njeri wanitosha 11

As usual Eunice would love to show the resemblance of beauty and purity of a GOD fearing woman and hence shared a picture of her donning a stylish and graceful white dress.

eunice njeri white dress


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Another Blessing : Eunice Njeri Has Released A New Video “Nani Kama Wewe” [WATCH]

Eunice Njeri post 1

She has the passion to worship the Lord in truth and Spirit and now Eunice Njeri has released yet another beautiful worship song called “Nani Kama Wewe”. This song comes after she did Unatosha and a month after she launched her new album called Nimekubali and in deed its a true blessing to the listener.

Watch it and be blessed.


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Beautiful In Deed : Alice Kamande And Eunice Njeri Make Cover For Top Kenyan Magazine

They are blessed and beautiful, Eunice Njeri and Alice Kamande have made cover for one of the most read magazines in Kenya. True Love Magazine featured the two celebrated gospel singers as they try to bring the other side of life of  the two ravishing ladies.

eunice alice kamande

Eunice Njeri and Alice Kamande will be the spotlight public figures in True Love magazine August edition and among other things they reveal about their music, relations and the importance of GOD in their life.

Get your copy to find more about the two.


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Many Artistes And Fans Turned Up : Eunice Njeri Launches Her New Album “Nimekubali” [Photos]


Celebrated gospel singer Eunice Njeri launched her new album called Nimekubali at NPC Valley Road on Sunday 3rd August from 2 pm in the afternoon. With the great publicity and the love for the worship singer the event was quite inspiring and one to remember for those who had the opportunity to grace the event.

nimekubali launch 1

Eunice Njeri did something which a few artistes have done as she channeled all the entry proceeds collected at her album launch to help the girl child live a better life.

lady bee selfie eunice

For girl by girl was the theme of her album launch and from the 1st instance Eunice decided that attendees would not enter with cash but would rather buy packs of sanitary towels which would be later distributed to young needy Kenyan girls.

With the list of artistes shortlisted to perform they all did and those we caught a glimpse of are : Gerriey Wainaina , Lillian Rotich , Lady Bee , Size 8 , Gloria Muliro , Evelyn Wanjiru , Grace Mwai , Mercy Masika , Alice Kamande among others.

Also in attendance was DJ Krowbar , Kelele Takatifu , Rachael pretty , Nina  among others.

The Emcee was Mercy Wairegi.

krowbar nimekubali

eunice stage nimekubali


nimekuabli pretty

size 8 nimekubali nimekubali launch 4 nimekubali launch 3 nimekubali launch 2 eunice size 8 album 2


eunice album 1

Mercy Masika Performing

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UK Here I Come : Eunice Njeri Heading To United Kingdom

Victorius events is here yet again to present to you another UK tour and this time its Eunice Njeri. Eunice Njeri will yet be another Kenyan artiste to grace United Kingdom after Shiru wa GP , Rachael Pretty , Betty Bayo among others.

Eunice Njeri post 1

Eunice Njeri will start her tour to United Kingdom just when Groove Awards season of voting will be coming to an end. The tour is set to kick-off on 29th May and is set to end on 30th June 2014.

For more info call 07930649850,

Eunice Njeri Tour Uk post

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On My Knees 4 My Nation: Gospel Artists Go On Their Knees To Pray For Kenya

Kenyan Gospel artists have come together to pray for our lovely nation  this coming after the so many attacks that the country has faced in the recent past.

artists rauka post

Our country Kenya has faced several attacks after the attack on Westgate Mall in September 2013. The  continuos attacks on the country have led to the loss of  lives and scores left with injuries going by the reports given in the latest two attacks one along thika road and in Gikomba market.

njugush on their knees post

This and so many other reasons have made gospel artists to go on their knees to pray for the country. The artists were hosted on Rauka show on Citizen tv by Njugush and Enid Moraa withtheir main mission being to pray for Kenya. Later on they graced the Switch Tv show on K24 where they shared the same message of prayer.

artists on knees rauka

Artists such as Eunice Njeri, Mwenyehaki, Ambassada , Danny Gift , SK Blue among others went on their knees in  the morning show and prayed to God to help protect our nation from the enemies.


Uliza Links joins in the prayer for the country. We are One

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Support The Girl Child : Eunice Njeri On A Mission To Distribute Sanitary Pads To School Girls In West Pokot

They have been many cases of  the girl child dropping out of school especially high rates are experienced for rural girls. Up to 80% of girls entering primary school will never complete their primary education study has shown which calls for the distribution of pads to the girl child.

eunice njeri wanitosha post 1

One of our talented gospel artiste’s in Kenya Eunice Njeri has decided to something about this by going for a mission together with her counterparts in West Pokot. On this mission they will be able to offer a little bit of education to the children and offer free Sanitary Pads to the school girls.

Currently they have been able to reach out to a number of girls in a day which they call Sanitary pads day. This we feel will go a long way as it will keep girls in school which in turn will affect the entire community through training students to act as peer leaders about reproductive health.

To Vote For Eunice Njeri for Groove Awards.

eunice vote

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It Runs In The Family : Meet Eunice Njeri’s Beautiful Cousin Who Is A Known Gospel Artist

Award winning gospel singer, Eunice Njeri who is loved by many followers of Christ in Kenya and other parts of the world is truly one blessed lady.

eunice njeri wanitosha post 1

Eunice Njeri seems to not only influence other gospel singers as she has also influenced her cousin to passionately sing gospel music.

haddasah paul post

Known to many for her song “Chukua Sifa” Haddasah paul is closely following her cousins footsteps as she spreads GOD’s word to many. Having seen her video I was surprised by the heart of worship Haddasah Paul exemplified only to know that she is related to Eunice.

Haddasah Paul started music quite back having recorded a full album before but couldn’t be recognized still. Not until she released “Chukua Sifa” that opened doors for her and now she is passionately pursuing her booming career.

It runs in the family we must say and GOD has blessed the family of Eunice Njeri.

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Eunice Njeri Speaks Of GOD’s Satisfaction In New Video “Unatosha” [WATCH]

Worship singer Eunice Njeri is one blessed lady not to speak of vocals only but also in her ministry as a christian. She has now released yet another worship music video called “Unatosha” coming after she did “Matunda” with Lady Bee and Rebecca Soki.

eunice njeri wanitosha post 1

Unatosha which means “you satisfy me” is a total dedication to GOD for his amazing Grace,Love and Mercy. Eunice has brought simplicity in the choreography of her video to make sure that the audience focuses on the message of the song.

eunice njeri wanitosha 11

Video has been directed by “Lingala Ya Yesu” director called Ken Heman of Eagle Films. (Watch)




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