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Eric Omondi Shares On Losing His Mother And How GOD Sent A Guardian In Form Of A Foster Mother

Like in the case of NTV’s news anchor Mark Masai, Eric Omondi went through a similar life of living without his biological mum who passed on 13 years ago when he was preparing to go to college. 

mark masai post

Eric Omondi on Wednesday morning decided to celebrate his foster mum who took him in 2 weeks after his mother passed on in the year 2002, where he recalled that moment when she came through and opened a door for him.

Eric-Omondi foster mother
Eric Omondi and his foster mother


Eric Omondi like a normal student had a passion for media and had been anticipating to go to college so that he could further his studies.  His dreams were bright but sadly his dream of joining college was not mean’t to happen as at that moment when he was preparing for school his mother fell ill and all money was channeled to pay her hospital bills rather than covering his school fees.

“In 2002, two weeks after I lost my mother I met her in church, she requested that I see her after the funeral and I did.

A month before this my mother Margaret Omondi was to take me to KTTC (Kenya Telecommunications and Technical College) what is now known as the Multimedia University on Mbagathi road, but then my mum fell sick and was hospitalised, the focus changed from my college fee to hospital bills.”

Eric Omondi was later to lose his mother and having insufficient funds to pay his fees an Angel in form of a lady called Evelyn Muchocho came in to support him. Evelyn Muchocho came into his life and took him in and helped him get into Daystar University where he graduated.


Evelyn took me to Daystar University and ensured I graduated against all odds, this (Daystar) is where I met my friend, Dad, brother n mentor Churchill. Evelyn took me into her house in early 2004 when I lost my dad n I lived under her roof and care until 2010 when I finally graduated. Whenever I go back home I go back home to her.

Eric Omondi went further to celebrate his foster mother on his Instagram as his WCW.

On this day that people are celebrating their WCW I celebrate my mother Evelyn…I love you mum…God keep you in perfect peace and lift you forever more. 

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I Write This As A Big Brother : Eric Omondi Pens An Advice To Willy Paul And Bahati

Once Bahati posted the open letter online accusing Willy Paul of ‘stealing’ his songs many artistes have shared their thoughts on this issue with others taking one side or the other. Comedian Eric Omondi who rose to fame on the top tv program Churchill Show, shared his thoughts too but rather than taking sides he pleaded with the two artistes to reconcile and stop picking a bone with each other.

erick omondi twin post

In a letter tagged to uliza links on instagram Eric Omondi shared what he felt was mean’t to be right and which way should be taken according to GOD’s word.

He said :

I BESEECH YOU BROTHERS…. I write as a big brother, as believer in the Faith, in the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.



If No one will preach to you Bahati and Willy Paul, then I, A comedian WILL. Now listen carefully brethren. The BIBLE is Clear and LOUD Ephesians 4:26 Do not be ANGRY do not Sin; do not let the Sun go Down on your Anger. Our Lord and Savior CHRIST JESUS whom you so profoundly proclaim said and I quote “

I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven…But now you must put them all away : Anger, Wrath, Mallice, Slander, and Obscene talk…If your brother has something against you, leave your gift before the altar and go and FIRST be RECONCILED TO him then come and offer your gift. We are the SALT to this world, the LIGHT that is so much needed in darkness.

I Command you therefore my brothers by the LOVE of GOD BE RECONCILED TO one another so that your offering maybe be acceptable before HIM

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Dear Mr President : Eric Omondi Notes Down A Letter To President Uhuru To Assist Mzee Ojwang’

Comedian Eric Omondi joined other Kenyans on Thursday evening to push for #OkoaMzeeOjwang hashtag,  a message spread across social media by Kenyans on Twitter who felt touched by Mzee Ojwang’s current life status.

mzee ojwang

Mzee Ojwang’ is alleged to have been dismissed from duty because of his old age and because of the little income he had saved, he has been unable to take care of himself and to make matters worse he has now developed an eye problem which needs a surgery.

Eric Omondi who is famed for his art of comic was touched by the life of someone whom he has grown looking up to and decided to take the matter above by noting down a heart felt letter to the President to come and rescue Mzee Ojwang’ from his predicament.

erick omondi twin post

Eric Omondi felt that the President needs to take the step to aid the renown Actor who has made Kenyans laugh for more than 40 years in the famed programme Vitimbi.

He stated :

eric omondi letter to president

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Free To Air Tv: Janet Mbugua Joins Eric Omondi’s New Tv Station (Video)

Immediately after the analogue switch off of the three leading media station comedian Eric Omondi noticed a gap in field and decided to come up with his own Tv station . The station dubbed as “news at 9” is normally aired on Instagram platform where is he invites celebrities over to anchor.
teacher wanjiku n eric news

Yesterday Eric decided to host the lovely citizen Tv’s news anchor Janet Mbugua where they together presented the 9 pm news.

See lovely photos of them during the news cast.


Eric-Omondi-Janet-Mbugua-1 post


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After Doing It Big In NAIROBI, Eric Omondi Gets A Deal From Governor Joho To Host “Christmas Made In MOMBASA”

Top comedian Eric Omondi is set to bring the Christmas spirit in Mombasa on 25th December as he hosts his event Eric Omondi Untamed. Eric Omondi will be hosting Christmas Made In Mombasa after he met with Mombasa county governor Ali Hassan Joho to sign a deal for the ultimate Christmas party for revelers in the sandy beaches.

Eric Omondi and Governor Ali Hassan Joho
Eric Omondi and Governor Ali Hassan Joho

Christmas is the time when you find so many people travelling to Mombasa county and Eric Omondi will be ushering them to a moment to remember in a few weeks time. The event which brings both comedy and music on one stage and Eric Omondi playing the role of Father Christmas was previously hosted in Nairobi a few weeks ago and now Mombasa residents are set to experience the same.

Eric Omondi having a chat with Governor Joho and His Deputy
Eric Omondi having a chat with Governor Joho and His Deputy

Eric Omondi said :

It’s a Deal!!!…Mombasa get ready for the Biggest Christmas Party 25th Dec Mama Ngina.

Christmas made in Mombasa will be hosted in Mama Ngina Drive and entry is absolutely free.

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“Esther Introduced Me To CHURCHILL” : Eric Omondi Leads Campaign To Bring Back Esther Arunga, Who Mentored Him

Former KTN tv presenter Esther Arunga is one of the known personalities who is now on people’s lips as Kenyan celebrities have come out in number to help bring her back from Australia. Esther Arunga had left the country with her husband Quincy Timberlake and since they left things have actually went from bad to worse after Esther Arunga left her parents here in Kenya.

erick omondi twin post

Quincy Timberlake has been allegedly charged for murder of his own son in Australia after evidence gathered allegedly pointed towards him which has left many shocked by the news. This has turned out to be another turn for Esther Arunga whom many Kenyans loved for her talent in news casting on our tv screens.

One of the celebrities leading the campaign for 100,000 signatures to bring Esther back is top comedian Eric Omondi who recalls how Esther Arunga once helped him get his way through the entertainment industry when he was starting. Eric describes Esther Arunga as a woman who loved GODwho didn’t care about his status then and just wanted to listen and help him with his need.

bring back esther

Eric Omondi actually credits Esther Arunga for helping him meet one of the greatest men who helped him be who he is now called Churchill. Churchill who is the most known Kenyan comedian and business man has played the role of mentor to Eric Omondi who now graces international podiums because of his talent.

Eric posted : 

I once met Esther Arunga while at Daystar University…I was a second year…I had tried very much to reach any Celebrity but non would pick my calls…she did pick my call…”Hey esther my name is Eric Omondi, a student at Daystar University…” I said immediately she picked…”Yes Dear…talk to me” She responded in a soft voice…” Thanks so much for picking my call, am a student leader and I’d love to invite you to my college, I’d also personally love to meet you since am very much interested in TV and Entertainment” This was my response, my voice now shaking with excitement. ” Ok dear, can you make it to KTN, I and M building Thursday morning 11am to be exact and don’t be late!! She said sternly. Now I was literally shaking in disbelief…”Yes esther…I’ll be there”.

‘See you then’ She said and hang up. To cut the long story short I met Esther shortly on Thursday morning and since she was running late, she offered to buy me coffee the following morning at Java Yaya as I explained to her exactly how she could help. She did buy me coffee and introduced me to her entertainment outfit CINEMA (Christians in Media and Entertainment) they ran it together with Big Ted and Big Kev. She also came to Daystar to speak to the students, she brought along with her Nimrod Taabu the first time and Jeff Koinange the second time…This was huge, she made me believe in myself.I know you are asking yourselves, what’s the moral of this story.

It was while I was performing at CINEMA at the former Galileo on museum hill that churchill officially saw my talent and Esther Arunga officially introduced me to the man who would take me and give me the biggest stage of my life, Churchill. God used her(Esther Arunga) to lead me to my destiny. I can confidently say I knew Esther Arunga, she was a friend and a mentor…A woman who loved God and cherished people around her…an encourager of talent and gifts a role model to the young (she won teeniz role model award that same year)…soft spoken, harmless, Joyful and cheerful. One thing happened followed by another and we soon lost hope and trust in Esther…but hope is never lost, we must hope against hope. Let’s bring back our Esther, back to Kenya, back to her country, back to her family…even back to our Screens. I believe!!! We can!!! YES WE CAN!!!, bring back our girl.”

The campaign which is moving quickly on a Facebook page has garnered more than 6,500 page likes with pictures of Arunga’s family and latest stories being shared on the page.  The cover photo bears #All is not lost Esther with a quote saying, “In life, I’ve lived, I’ve trusted, I’ve love, I’ve lost, I’ve missed, I’ve hurt, I’ve made mistakes, but most of all I’ve learned”, by an unknown incorporated with her picture.

Arunga was released on bail last week after she confessed that her husband, Quincy Timberlake, had killed their son. She told police the child flew backwards onto the ground and that the child tried to seek shelter with her and she picked him up.

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“My Life Relies On GOD And Nothing Else” : Eric Omondi Shares About His Faith With Thousands Of Fans

GOD is Almighty, all-powerful, all Loving and Churchill Show comedian Eric Omondi believes so too as he shared with his fans about his Christian Faith and how his life totally relies on GOD.

eric omondi post

With the jokes and comic comes a source and Eric Omondi who has graced different countries in the world because of comedy believes that its only GOD who could have made him reach where he is now.

eric omondi nakuru


He posted to his fans on facebook and I quote :”

|Hey this is Eric Omondi. I am a comedian and a second born in a family of 4. I went to Lake Primary and later joined Kisumu Boys High School. I am also a graduate of Daystar University, a degree in Mass Communication.

What most people don’t know is that my life has literally for the longest time relied on God and nothing else. I am a strong believer in the doings of God….I still vividly remember one evening while in form three, I asked God to lift my head and ever since He has been my Rock and Foundation.

May you find Peace and Love in Him who is the Most High.”

May all glory go to GOD for what he is doing in Eric Omondi’s life.


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(Open Letter) Comedian Eric Omondi : “As Kenyans We Have A Way Of Killing Talents We Don’t Support Our Own”

eric omondi post

Top Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has come out to share his thoughts on the current situation of the “un supporting nature” for our own talents. Eric Omondi in his words termed the support as not helpful and in his words he said no one will believe in your children until you do, KENYA.

Eric Omondi’s two cents come after their has been an ongoing conversation on lack of local support of local music on radio stations and tv stations. He believes that its time we come out together to embrace our culture and support it more.

wallace eric omondi kamande

See also : “I Am Concerned About The High Intake Of Naija Music In Our Radio Stations” DJ Moz Shares 

On his facebook page he posted :

“Hey my name is Eric Omondi…am a comedian. God has been good to me…His favor and Grace has enabled me to achive alot. I have managed to travel to a few countries because of talent. Now one thing that stands out about Nigeria, South Africa and the United States(some of the countries I’ve been privileged to visit) is their culture…The culture to support their own…They have away of encouraging talent and we have all seen the results. My beloved countrymen have away of killing talents, we don’t support, we hate, we criticise…We all rise up in arms whenever one of us either ‘fails’ or tries anything new…recently i was once again heartbroken when our own Sauti Sol were nominated for the MTV awards…We didn’t vote, we didn’t wish them well…We ridiculed them on twitter as Nigerians and South Africans celebrated their own…no one will believe in your children until you do, KENYA.”

What Say You ?


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SAD : Eric Omondi Loses His Inspirational Grand Mother, Cancels USA Tour

Its with very heavy heart that we share the sad news of Eric Omondi, a top comedian in the Kenyan Laugh industry, after he lost his grand mother. His grandmother is very known as Eric Omondi speaks of her fondly in his jokes on top comic tv program Churchill Show.

eric omondi post

Eric Omondi had to cancel his show to USA as he mourns his beloved grand mother.

Eric stated this

Ladies and Gentlemen this is to officially apologise to all my supporters in the USA I was supposed to travel tonight(Wednesday) for shows in Carlifonia, Houston, DC, Minesota and P.A. I lost my very inspirational grandmother and the burial is this Saturday. We are however rescheduling for a new date in less than a month…its going to be bigger n better. Please keep your tickets if you already have them. Baraka.

May the Lord provide Eric Omondi with the peace he needs.

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