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“Most of us have genius minds, but we are really scared to start something new” Eric Kinoti Of Shade Systems

The founder and Director of Shades Systems Eric Kinoti has so much passion for the youth that he always takes time share positive messages on his social media platforms.

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The Forbes Magazine Africa’s Top 30 under 30 Most Promising Entrepreneur year 2014 has come up with an article that will be able to help you think outside the box since he believes that everyone is blessed with a creative mind.

My long time friend Gikunda once told me working hard is too overrated. I didn’t understand how working hard is overrated because all I hear and know is that If you want success, you have to work hard and never quit or give up. He told me, most of the young people nowadays keep themselves very busy all day and working really hard on things that don’t matter. He said that it’s not about just working and working hard, one needs to work smart and tactful on something beneficial.

I gave his argument a thought and I realized that this is actually very true. Most of us really work hard, but we work hard on the wrong things. We have our priorities twisted and we work our minds off on things that doesn’t matter. Most of us have genius minds, but we are really scared to start something new or do something out of your comfort zone. Young people come to me with proposals everyday, when I ask them what they are doing differently than the already existing company, they have no answer because they don’t want to go an extra mile. They want things to work within their comfort zone but that’s not how things happen.

Steve Jobs once said, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”
Whatever you do, know are connecting some dots that you can’t connect looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. You have to believe in new things, you need to believe in your abilities and not just keeping yourself busy doing nothing, but actually working something out.

This is a very great week for Africa, and most important to Kenyans. We are hosting Global Entrepreneurship Summit. This means we have so much to offer in terms of entrepreneurship. Let’s keep our spirits high and keep moving forward and connecting the dots. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

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“We All Have Weaknesses But How We React To Them Is Matter of Choice ” : Shade Systems Eric Kinoti


There was a king who owned a very valuable diamond, one of the rarest and most perfect in the world. One day he dropped the diamond and a deep scratch marred its face.
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The king summoned for the best jewel experts in the land to remove this blemish, but all agreed that the best way to remove the scratch was to cut away the part of the surface, reducing its weight and value.
Finally one expert appeared and assured the king he could repair the diamond and actually increase its value. His self-confidence was convincing and the king authorized the artisan to go to work.

In a few days he returned the diamond. The king was amazed to find that the diamond now was etched with a tiny, lovely rose. On closer examination he discovered that the former scratch had become the stem of this exquisite flower.

Now Let’s just get this out of the way; no one is 100% perfect having everything going for them. That’s just the simple truth.

We all have weaknesses and challenges but how we see and react to them is a matter of choice. Your weaknesses can either reduce or increase your value just like in the case of the diamond.
Use your defects to increase your value.

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To Acquire Success You Have To Forgo Showing Off While Remaining HUMBLE : Eric Kinoti

We share with you an inspirational blog by CEO of Shades Systems Eric Kinoti.

In any field, they say lack of discipline is the beginning of failure. I believe discipline in business is the ability to follow the right channels and process to acquire success and being able to forgo some luxuries in order to grow the business while still remaining humble and reasonable despite the success.
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Let me pose a question to you; after you do your first big sale, what would you do? Will you buy a big luxurious car or you will plough back the money to the business? I bet most of the young guys will go for the first, big cars. We have a weakness of wanting to impress the society and showoff with material things instead of building our business fundamentals and capacity.

Just as Mr. M’moguika , a prominent farmer in my village plants a seed and takes care of it, so should the business. There is a process of planting a seed a ripping good harvest. M’moguika will plant a seed, water it, weed out, input enough mature and fertilizer and when he harvest, he gets the best seeds that will be planted before selling or doing anything else. He knows that the seed is the most important and should always be the best.
Today, THERE IS A PROCESS WE WANT TO AVOID. We just want to start a business and start ripping out of it immediately and do great things that will shock the society. We don’t want to be patient enough and have faith in our dreams and in the due process. We are blinded by our own doubts and those of naysayers. We choose to listen and believe people who have never had a business, yet we allow them to tell us things concerning business, we allow them to magnify our fears and doubts.


We want to stay in our comfort zone, we don’t want to do any weeding out, we don’t want to water our business, we don’t want to buy the best fertilizer to put back in business, yet you want it to be successful. We want to live in luxury even before the business grows. A while back, my house had no seats, I was using boxes, because I had taken my seats to the office. I thought why would I be sitting on good sofa and my reception doesn’t have any? The people who are coming to give me business, should be the ones with ultimate luxury, and not me.

We look so much at our limitations that we cant go beyond them. We look where we come from and think, ‘I am not destined for greatness, no one from our village or our lineage has ever made it’ we doubt our abilities even before we start. We think our accent can’t allow us TO BE STARS and GREAT SPEAKERS on international platforms. We look at very petty things that make us overlook the bigger picture, the real process.
Today, look not at your insecurities and how much you want to impress anyone, start feeding your business first. AFTER ALL, THE SOCIETY THAT YOU WANT TO IMPRESS WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED, nothing will be good enough…s

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Eric Wa MAZIWA : My Friends Mocked Me For Selling Milk, But They Never Saw My Vision : Eric Kinoti Shares

We bring you an inspirational story from businessman Eric Kinoti who is the founder of a well established company called Shades Systems. Termed as Forbes top 30 most promising entrepreneurs Eric Kinoti has gone through the rough road to be who he is today.

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Here is his experience.

After completing my college diploma in Malindi, I promised myself that I would not go back home (Meru) to wait for some employment opportunity to come up, so I came to Nairobi where I stayed with 6 of my friends then. All of them depended on their parents to send them money to do everything. Since I didn’t want to ask for money from anyone and I wanted to be independent, I had to look for a way to hustle. I started buying milk from Waginge and supplying it to various shops and local hotels. I was waking up at 4 AM and by 7 AM, I will be done.

My friends who we stayed with used to mock me. They used to mock my dirty shoes and how I woke up early. They even branded me, ‘Eʀɨċ ĶÁ ĨŔĨÁ’ meaning ‘Eric wa Maziwa’. One thing they did not see or know is my vision. To me, apart from being busy while they were all still asleep, and making some money, I knew this was just a stepping stone to something big in my life. I knew this was a beginning of a great story.

You see, if life, when you try to do something different and something that is out of people’s comfort zones, you will get ridiculed, laughed at and some will even spat on you; but never ever give up. No one can ever see your vision of where you want to go better than yourself. To be big in anything, you must start somewhere. Everyday when I wake up, I thank God for the eggs I was selling back in Malindi and the milk I was supplying, because I know these two practices paved my way to where I am today.
It doesn’t matter the challenges, what matters is that you learn something everyday from the streets.

Today, take a step, start somewhere. What people think about what you are doing should not bother you, just continue chasing and following your dream.

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‘COMMON Sense’ Doesn’t Mean It’s ‘GOOD Sense’, Dare To Be Different : Eric Kinoti

Inspirational word of the day comes from the founder of Shades Systems Eric Kinoti.


I believe that everyone is born unique. But through the years we work very hard to be like everyone else. We conform to society’s so-called “common-sense.” Unfortunately it is just that – “common sense.” That does not mean its “good sense.” We are made to believe that If we want to get what everyone is getting, do what everyone is doing.

Young people are very afraid to be different. They don’t want to create their own path, they choose to get comfortable with the standards set by our society. Our society celebrates mediocrity so much that it does not take much to set yourself above the rest. Doing that one thing regularly will put you way above the rest. Being different.

Being different means:- Not being afraid to challenge the norm.- Being willing to take a chance.- Asking why.- Making your own track, not just following the well trodden path.- Charting your own course and destiny.- Being the person that you were meant to be and living everyday as if it was your last.
A saying we’ve all heard before, but few of us have actually given it any thought. Living each day like it’s your last;

  • Forces you to think about your priorities.
  • It forces you to quit the things that waste your time and energy and to concentrate on the most important things and people in your life.
  • If you live that way you make better choices, you treasure each moment and suck the life out of every hour.
  • It removes the clutter and garbage that so often chokes our lives.
    Living each day like it’s your last is not about living in gloom and fear of death. Rather it is about:
  • Grabbing every opportunity.
  • Not procrastinating.
  • Doing today what you could put off till tomorrow.
  • Reaching out to your dreams today.
  • Not letting another moment pass you by.
  • Living life to the full.
    Don’t conform to the societal common sense, dare to be different.
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“Never Let Anyone Talk You Out Of Your Dreams” : Eric Kinoti Of Shade Systems

We have started a new segment on our blog that will be featuring inspirational stories of Eric Kinoti who will be sharing his thoughts on business and how to face life as a Christian.


Here is todays inspirational thought from Eric Kinoti who is the CEO of Shades Systems.

Five years back when I was struggling and experiencing difficulties with my company , I bumped to a friend and an icon I always looked up to. We sat down and started talking . I explained to him all the difficulties and challenges I was going through with hope that he will counsel me and give me a good advice.

By the time this ‘icon’ finished his first sentence, I was frustrated. He started by asking me, “Kinoti, this is manufacturing business, why can’t you just look for another thing to do?” I felt mad at myself for once believing I could look up to someone just because the society has placed him on the higher class and everyone thinks he is cool and good. I left him there after 10 minutes because I believe negativity is contagious.

It’s funny most of the times the people who should encourage us do just the opposite; but hey, listen to me. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams. Don’t let anyone convince you that your dreams are too big and you are way too ambitious and never listen to negative reports too long to feel defeated and down.

Dear entrepreneur, believe in your dreams and discredit anyone who tries to convince you otherwise.

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GOD Strengthened My VISION : Shade Systems Eric Kinoti Speaks On The Impact Of Involving GOD In His Business

Business is not just a walk in the park as many would think. It’s a journey that starts with a single step of Faith guided by a great source as Eric Kinoti the founder of Shade Systems says.


Eric Kinoti is the CEO of Shade Systems and is ranked among the top 30 most promising Entrepreneurs on Forbes Magazine. At 30, Forbes Africa are on Eric Kinoti‘s trail as he runs a regional company and mentors young entrepreneurs nationally, yet less than eight years ago he was taking up any job.

His journey to where he is today was not easy Eric Kinoti revealed. Eric Kinoti with an inspiring note said that while starting his business at Shade Systems, he had so much believed in people rather than GOD which made him struggle for about 2 years as a budding business man.

Little did he know that putting GOD 1st in his operations would change his journey to a life of success.

When I started Shade Systems(E.A) Ltd, I registered the company as shade systems Kenya but because my self-esteem at the moment was low, I had to look for a partner who would be a beautiful lady to cut deals on my behalf. Instead of involving God I trusted human beings.

Things became very tough especially because of the empty promises we got from our prospective clients. Here I was with a lady but no returns. It was some difficult 2 years I have ever experienced. That is why in 2009, I took leap of faith and decided to go on my own and involve God in whatever I did.
Involving God in my operations strengthened my vision, and determination was constant…I have seen God turnaround situations that are impossible in the eyes of human being ….involve God in all you do.

According to the bible He says that He knows and has plans for you.

This is a true inspiration from Eric Kinoti who is playing a great role in raising new entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Glory to GOD.

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