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Eko Dydda Goes Back To High School And Makes All Students To Leave Class [VIDEO EVIDENCE]

The ghetto president is back again and as usual he does his best to glorify GOD in his music. He has released a new video called ‘Bado Niko Form’ which has been shot at Eastleigh High school.

eko dydda back in high school eko dydda bado niko form

Watch it below :

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“Gospel DJ’s When You Frustrate Artistes, I Assure You GOD Will REPLACE You” Eko Dydda Speaks

For a long time there has been a lot of complaints by uprising artistes that they do not get enough airplay on tv and radio. In as much as many may agree with this statement the deejays have brought the point that there are lots of songs to choose from which has become a challenge.

eko jaya post

Eko Dydda brought the topic of the rate of unemployment on Tuesday evening in his online forum called Ghetto Parliament. According to the issues that were raised by his followers was that the major issue is not that there are no opportunities but there are people who just don’t want others to succeed.

Eko Dydda later on raised issues of artistes in the music industry struggling a lot to the point of them being frustrated by Deejays. To some point this could be true as some artistes have come out to claim that some deejays have asked them for money to get airplay.


He said :

“You find a youth who has done a great video and audio but a certain presenter/dj who can’t play his/her song. Why frustrate others ?

There are youths who try to do the best they can in sports and entertainment but others are cartels who frustrate them till they give up.

One bad example is when Kaberere died his songs every where, while when he was alive most of us didn’t know he had songs, REALLY

Gospel djs,GOD CALLED US TO DO HIS WORK,when u change that and frustrate the artists UR WRONG,I assure you GOD WILL REPLACE you just like Saul”

eko peace concert

Eko Dydda speaks from the point of someone who has been in the industry for sometime now and he seems to know what really happens around each circle. Not to say that deejays didn’t play his songs as with airplay he was able to win Groove Awards.

But the question is who is frustrating others ?

If that person keeps doing that to artistes why is he even a gospel deejay/presenter in the 1st case ?

Please share your opinions .

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Ladies And Ghettomen : EkoDydda Has Released A New Video “TO GOD Be The Glory”

The ghetto president Eko Dydda has done what he does best which is to release new songs after a period of time. Eko Dydda has released a new song and video called “To GOD Be The Glory” coming after he released family and Jesus.

eko jaya post

The song features young talented lad by the name Mykal Black with the main message being may all Glory be to GOD. Watch it below

Kenya Gospel Music Kenya Gospel News

Eko Dydda Releases His New Video After Sir “Love Gone Bananas” (Watch)

Ladies and ghetto men the ghetto president Eko Dydda has released his new video called after Sir called “Love Gone Bananas”.

eko thumb

Love Gone Bananas is the new single after sir in the year 2013 and the main message he reiterates in this song is the love that GOD has shown in him.


Watch the new video by Eko Dydda “Love gone Bananas”


Award Winning Gospel Artiste Eko Dydda Goes Back To The Ghetto

Groove Awards Winner Eko Dydda famously known for his unique singing style “Stagger” in Kenyan gospel hip hop music will be heading back to the Ghetto.

eko thumb

Its school holidays and this is the time when he will be giving back to the society through his initiative of promoting talents.  Ghetto Championship is the initiative founded by Eko Dydda which is a football league where kids have that time to play soccer rather than engaging in vices of the big city.

His major dream has been always to bring a good light out of a place which is always seen to have a bad light in crime. Ghetto Championship started earlier his year and the  finals have dawned and will be held from 30th August to 1st September at Dandora and you are welcome to attend.

For more details contact Eko Dydda on twitter : @ekodydda01

Kenya Gospel Music Kenya Gospel News Lyrics

Lyrics Of “Sir” By Eko Dydda

The lyrics of Sir By Eko Dydda



Nimetembea Sijaona One Like You x2

Verse 1

After Kuborn Again Niliacha Dhambi Most Kwa Placenta

Nikapatia The Most High Center Akanifinya Pause Plus Enter, Im Free In Deed

Hata Kama Kuna Watu Soo Cold, Kama Stephen Wanaweza ni Stone Cold

Steve Austin Ndani Ya Yesu I Will Still Boast In

Si Hitaji Forest Amenipa Timber Land, I am Happy Kukujua Hata Kama Si Na Land

Junajua who My Christ Is , Siogopi Any Hata Crisis

So Hakuna Mwenye Anaeza Sema Nishut up Nishaimba Hiyo Story Buda Nisha Rap

Juu Kama Abraham Our Dad Is Terrah Naka hukufahamu aa that is Error


Nimetembea Sijaona One Like You

Popote Naenda Sijaona One Like You

Nimetafuta Sijaona One Like, Yeeeah Jesus

Acha Nikuite Sir , Acha Nikuite Sir, Acha Nikuite Sir

You’re Always On My Mind , My Mind , My Mind

Verse 2

Hauwezi Stop Time Hata Uwe Na Bonge La Watch

Ndio Maana Nime Shhh.. Nisibonge Na Watch

He’s One In A Million Alishikilia Jua Uliza Gideon

Zote Alipita Temptation, Kwa Maji Akafanya Peter Atembee Jo!!

Sitegemei Pocha Nakula Wokovu,

Siwezi Kuwa Poacher Amenipa Ndovu

Kama Wochi Nita Stand Out, Ka Meno Ya Warthog Stand Out!!

Kuja Church Utapata Niko Bass, Kama Boy Amebreak Voice Niko Base

Na Apply Word Yako Kama Vaseline, Siwezi Kuparara Nina Verse Daily

Nina Good News Kwa New Testament ,Si Lazima Nione News Ati By Telly,

Mbele Nyuma Una Soo Tatu , Usijali Huja Sota Tuu!! Najua GOD Anasort Watu,

I Cant Give Up

Son Of The Most High Mini Donga, Blood Group Ni O Simi ni Donor

If I Came This Far I Cant Give Up!!









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