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‘I Had To Go In The Labour Room With My WIFE’ : DJ Soxxy Shares His Fatherhood Journey

The journey of fatherhood is quite something else if you have never experienced it. Many at times we focus on the journey of a father but what about the journey of Fathers ?

K24 presenter Jackson Kamau also known as DJ Soxxy experienced his fair share of fatherhood and has opened up for other fathers/men to learn from his experience.

soxxy journey

A year and a half ago i did what most women wish their husband will do for them and what most men would rather not do. I went in with my wife as she labored and gave birth. Yap!! I did it. Sema siku mrefu. Wah!! Sema kuchanganikiwa!! Enyewe mwanaume ni kujikaza kimaisha.


It’s 8pm and after the 9 month journey with all its ups and downs have come to this. No more cravings, mood swings and the pains and checkups will soon be over! My wife is scheduled for induction because her blood pressure has been acting up so her doctor feels it is better not to wait until full term. I am nervous and don’t know what to expect because of all the stories I have heard about what induction does to a lady during labour.

DJ soxxy ciiku post
DJ Soxxy and Ciiku

So after some tests, she changes into one of those not so pretty hospital dresses (Do they have to be this ugly?) The doctor then initiates the induction around 10pm. I wish her well and head home. Little did I know that this was going to be one of the longest nights of my life. I have never been this anxious! At some point I even wished I remained in hospital with my wife even though the doctor had guaranteed that “active labour” would begin in the morning.



By 7am the following morning I was back to the hospital to see if the baby had come already (Movies have made us believe that labour takes 30 minutes and the baby is out) I get to hospital and my wife is doing well and labour pains are progressing well. She hands me a note book and pen and my role for the day is defined; recording how long the labour pains are and how far apart the contractions are coming, while still rubbing her lower back. Whoever said men can’t multitask!


One hour turned into two, three, four and on and on. I don’t think I had been adequately prepared for this because as hours passed, I started feeling so drained and overwhelmed emotionally. Men are wired to always be in charge and offer solutions but at the labour ward all you can do is watch your loved one in pain and hope that rubbing her back will suffice.

These moments however allowed me to appreciate my wife and all women just by seeing what they go through to bring new life to this world. I gave myself courage and soldiered on. It was particularly very uncomfortable for me to see how the doctor checks for dialation. Wah!! After what i had seen the first time, I walked out of the labour ward for the rest of the checkups and believe you me, they were a couple. Am still wondering if there is another way they can do that.

Five hours later, it’s 7pm and my wife has only dilated 4cm! (For those that don’t understand why this is a big deal, for a baby to be born, a woman’s pelvic bones need to open up at least 10cm and that is what they call dilation) which meant that even after 12hours of labour, we still had a long way to go. I was emotionally drained, tired and hungry and just wished all this would come to an end. I was in unfamiliar territory and all I wanted was a break.

What Happened Next ?

Read more on his blog below :

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“I LOVE YOU DARLING” : DJ Soxxy Expresses His LOVE For His Graceful Wife As They Celebrate 4 YEARS In Marriage

Marriage is a journey and it can only hold for long if the married couple have stood together in the presence of the Lord. DJ Soxxy and his wife have proven that putting GOD first in their marriage is really important as they mark the 4th wedding anniversary since they said I Do. DJ Soxxy did not forget to mark the day as special as he prepared a note that stated how his wife understood him and loved him the way  he was.

dj soxxy and ann's wedding post


DJ Soxxy celebrated their union through a post that was well written and it stated :



Four years ago i made a decision to commit the rest of my life to you. I did not have all the money in the world and wasnt sure of the future and how it would turn out but you took a risk in me, believed in me, loved and supported me through good days and bad days.

ciiku soxxy

Thank you for being the most amazing wife and friend i could ever ask for and for giving me a lovely angel called Wairimu for be to be a father to. I look forward to having better days and years ahead.

DJ soxxy and baby 1
Love you darling and Happy 4th Anniversary!

Surely Dj Soxxy’s heart felt love note will make his wife Ciiku float over the moon as she has been more than friend to him since they met many years ago.

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You Are A Blessing To My Life, LOVE : DJ Soxxy Showers His Wife With Praises On Her Birthday

When Love is the topic of discussion then expect one spouse to go the extra mile of showering so much love to other. The same applies to DJ Soxxy who hosts the Switch show on K24 who went further to celebrate his wife on her birthday on Tuesday morning.


Dj Soxxy showed his romantic side from the decks when he showered praises to his wife as a blessing and a lady who has stood with him in good times and bad times. He captioned :

DJ soxxy ciiku post

“Help me in wishing my super nyako Ciiku Kamau a Happy Birthday. This lady has been a blessing to my life and has stood by me through good and bad times. I particularly love that she loves who i am and not what i am. God bless you love and add you many more years.”

DJ Soxxy and Anne Kamau have now been blessed with one child whom they named Wairimu last year when she was born.


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I Can’t Imagine A Life Without This Lady : DJ Soxxy Speaks About His Lovely Mother

Renown DJ Soxxy spoke of the love and care he has for his mum who raised him to be who he is today. Mothers are special beings in our lives and DJ Soxxy revealed on how his mother sacrificed, prayed and encouraged him through his years of growing.

DJ soxxy mum post

DJ Soxxy stated this in the dawn of the Save A Mum event that will be hosted by the Chase Bank Foundation on the 28th of March.

I cant imagine a life without this lady who has sacrificed, prayed and encouraged me on all her life without getting tired. I know that not everyone is as lucky as i am and for that i will walk to raise money to reduce preventable maternal fatalities.

Join me on the 28th March at Ngong rd forest at 8am as i walk to #SaveAMum Register at any Chase Bank Branch. #SaveAMum.”

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Happy Wash Day : DJ Soxxy Soaked With Buckets Of Cold Water While Live On K24

Dj Soxxy would have been better off if his crew didn’t know that his  birthday was last week. Because if they had then he wouldn’t have been dumped with cold water while hosting his show called the Switch on K24.

soxxy wet 3

Boniface Mwangi who runs Pawa 254 where the Switch show is usually hosted decided to surprise DJ Soxxy by dumping him with buckets of water while hosting his show alongside Deejay Johni Celeb. Dj Soxxy never saw this coming and in deed it caught him out of the blues.

dj soxxy celeb show

soxxy wet 2 soxxy wet 1

His wife Anne had sent a text to DJ Johni Celeb to surprise DJ Soxxy on the show and it seems the message was well delivered.

Watch it : Minute 4:37

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SELL TO BLESS : DJ Soxxy , Abel Mutua, DJ Celeb , SOC And L Jay Show Love To Kids At SHANGILIA HOME

sell to bless shangilia


The sell to bless campaign continued this past Sunday when DJ Soxxy and his team visited Shangilia Children’s home located near Spring Valley estate. The Sell to bless campaign which involves several artistes in the gospel industry has touched many life’s since its launch a few weeks ago in partnership with OLX.

diddy soc sell to bless

The campaign which involves a person selling stuff they do not need and using the cash to buy food stuffs for kids made its first home visit in 2o15 at Shangilia  home. The team who brought dry food stuffs to the home and performed included DJ Soxxy , DJ Celeb , Abel Mutua of hapa kule , SOC , Diddy Kimer , L Jay Maasai and Hype Gudah.

Speaking to Uliza Links DJ Soxxy says that the Sell to Bless campaign has  blessed many life’s and they plan to make this a long term project in the future.

See photos.

soxxy 2
abel mutua sell to bless hype gudah sell to bless
dj celeb sell to bless dj soxxy sell to bless genge sell to bless l jay sell to bless soc sell to bless



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Ho Ho Ho!! Christmas Is Here : DJ Soxxy ‘The Santa’ Will Be Giving Out Lots Of FREE Gifts This Christmas

Who likes Christmas ? Everyone does right ?

Dj soxxy and size 8 post

Tv host/emcee DJ Soxxy has unveiled what he plans to do this December as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus this Christmas. Christmas is in deed here and DJ Soxxy will be giving out lots of free gifts to children living in homes on each week of December.

DJ soxxy and baby 1

On a theme called Sell To Bless DJ Soxxy has started a campaign with other artistes to urge friends and fans to sell things they do not need in order to bless needy children in homes with food. How great is showing love to children this Christmas.

To participate :

1.Check your house/home and look for items,gadgets,electronics you do not need.

2.Take a picture of them and sell them on

3.Once you receive the cash head to any Uchumi Supermarket and buy food stuffs ,or shopping voucher and it will be collected by the team of “Sell to Bless”.

4.In case you need any help or want to make any donations contact Jackson on : 0722780563

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Meet Aunty Kalekye : Kalekye Mumo Practises Motherhood With DJ Soxxy’s Daughter

Celebrated radio presenter Kalekye Mumo last week got to experience how motherhood feels like for a moment after meeting with DJ Soxxy and his wife Anne.

kalekye mumo and soxxy daughter

Kalekye Mumo met with DJ Soxxy at Nancy Kihenia’s wedding ceremony and she had a moment of holding the 1st baby of DJ Soxxy. Kalekye for a moment got to feel how a mother feels like taking care of her baby on each single day.



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Meet Baba Wairimu!! : DJ Soxxy Plays With His Beautiful Baby Girl, See Cute Photos

DJ soxxy and baby 1

Dj Soxxy on August 7th was blessed with a baby girl who made him to be a proud father.  Now 3 weeks later the tv host on K24 shares the beautiful moments he has had with baby Wairimu  who has been a great blessing to him and his wife Ciiku.

dj soxxy baby 3 dj soxxy and babay dj soxxy and baby 2 baby wairimu 1


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Born In The Morning, Same Month, Year And Are Girls!! : Dj Soxxy And Rosy Ohon’s Born Babies Will Be Sisters

rosy ohon baby post

Early this week delightful gospel singer Rosy Ohon delivered her 4th born baby on Monday morning  and now 3 days later DJ Soxxy’s wife Anne has had her baby delivered on Thursday morning in the same month of August.

dj soxxy and ann's wedding post

The month of blessings seems to have arrived at the same time for these two couples after they were both blessed with beautiful baby girls. It would seem a coincidence for both couples but the Lord had plans for them to receive their bundle of blessing in the same month.

Who could have seen that coming ? Now the two babies are not only born in the same “time” of day but they are both baby girls. How beautiful that is ?

The only difference is that Rosy Ohon had her 4th child and Dj Soxxy had his first baby but we can say that these two beautiful babies will be sisters from different parents.

From Left : Joy, Rosy Ohon,Imani and Hope
From Left : Joy, Rosy Ohon,Imani and Hope

The birthdays of both will be celebrated in a gap of only 3 days and you wouldn’t be surprised if  the comical DJ Soxxy calls up Rosy Ohon and her husband Donald Ohon for a birthday party across the street in the coming days or years.

soxxy and wife cook post

If both of them were in the same church then both babies would be dedicated to the Lord on the same day of church service. What a beautiful blessing for the two.

We wish the two couples all the best.


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“I AM A DADDY” : DJ Soxxy Is Now A Proud Father

dj soxxy post

Celebrated Dj Soxxy is now a proud father after his wife Ciiku gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The new baby was delivered on Thursday morning joining the new babies born in August.


Dj Soxxy and his wife Ciiku celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and how better for them to be joined by a new family member to mark the year of blessing. The baby was delivered on the wake of Thursday morning and they have named her “Eliana Wairimu” with Eliana meaning “GOD has answered”.

DJ Soxxy was so happy after the good news broke that he only said “Its A baby Girl” when he spoke to us on Thursday morning.

They now join Rosy Ohon and her husband “Musa Faulu” who were blessed with a baby girl early this week on Monday.

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“I Love You Mum” : The Beautiful Note DJ Soxxy Dedicated To His Mother On Her Birthday

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and DJ Soxxy started his way back years ago when his mother gave birth to him not to know that he will become a renown personality in Kenya many years later.

soxxy wedding


The tv host of the Switch Show on K24 celebrated his Mother by dedicating a beautiful tribute to her on her birthday for being there with him for the special and low moments in life.

As much as success might have come along his way something Soxxy couldn’t forget is the place where it all started. DJ Soxxy wrote a beautiful piece to his mum to just celebrate her for being the special mother.

Read below :

“Many years ago you gave birth to me and ever since you have sacrificed day after day to make sure that i got the best in life. You have disciplined me, prayed for me, laughed with me, cried with me when things are tough and believed in me pushing me to love God more each day.

I desire that my daughter be just like you because i am who i am today because of what you have invested in me. Happy Birthday mom. I love you and pray for many more years with you in this world. May God grant all your heart’s desires.”

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From Akorino To Wedding Pastor : DJ Soxxy Plays A Pastor In This New Music Video [Watch]

Mr Ndilima post

Mr Ndilima known for his song Kiinze has released a new wedding song called “Sasa Ni” which features renown gospel DJ Soxxy as a pastor.

soxxy pastor post

Sasa Ni  is a wedding themed song done by Mr Ndilima and its main angle is to celebrate that moment when the bride and groom are united in the presence of the Lord.  

Seems the best man to match the act of pastor in this music video was one DJ Soxxy who has shown his prowess in pulling major comic acts whenever he is called to perform like in Groove Awards 2014 where he was the Emcee with NTV’s Victoria Rubadiri.

DJ soxxy pastor

Watch below.

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Yaay Its 3 Years : DJ Soxxy Celebrates 3rd Wedding Anniversary, See His Wedding Photos

Gospel DJ, Tv Host DJ Soxxy is celebrating another year in marriage after he said “I Do” 3 years ago to his loving girlfriend Anne Waichigo on June 18th 2011.

mr-and-mrs-kamau post

“Feels like just the other day. 3 years and counting with the wife of my youth and love of my life.” Those were the words of Jackson Kamau/DJ Soxxy on Wednesday June 18th 2014 who walked down the aisle with his friend then 3 years ago Anne to make her his loving wife at the Nairobi National Park.

The wedding which was Indian themed was held at an exotic venue in the middle of the park with Soxxy and his men cladding in an Indian wear and so was the best maid, Deborah Ross who is married to DJ Moz who acted as the best man. 

Truly that was a great moment where two friends said “I Do” and now they celebrate 3 years in marriage.  See photos 

soxxy wedding

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Now We Didn’t See This One Coming : DJ Soxxy Turns Into A Priest [Photo]

dj soxxy post

DJ Soxxy is one of the most funny emcee’s we will ever have in Kenya as he will never cease to amaze us. Now after he pulled an Akorino wear at Groove Awards 2014 with Victoria Rubadiri, DJ Soxxy has now decided to take his game a little bit higher as he has now played a role of a  priest in an upcoming video shoot.

soxxy akorino post







DJ Soxxy will be featuring in Mr. Ndilima’s new wedding music video where he will be playing the role of preacher in the script which was directed and shot at Cool Breeze Gardens. See photo below :

(c) DJ Soxxy The Priest And Sax Player Gerriey Wainaina
(c) DJ Soxxy The Priest And Sax Player Gerriey Wainaina


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Dj Soxxy Pulls A Hopekid Look [Photo]

Loved Dj, Tv presenter & Mc Dj Soxxy who was the MC  at the Groove awards ceremony held at the Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC) on  1st June 2014 in his presentations appeared on stage with a Hipop swag look that almost resembled some of Hopekid’s outfits.

dj soxxy hipop

During the event we noticed that audience present   took long before they realised that it was actually Dj Soxxy who was on stage. With that in mind we decided to take this photo  to our social media page and asked our audience if they could tell the person in the photo. To our surprise many of the answers we got were lying on the two names, Dj Soxxy and Hopekid.

What do you think? Does he look like Hopekid?

dj soxxy hopekid look

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