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Dj Sadic To Unveil His New Mixes On KTN’s Top Gospel Show

Renown gospel disk jockey , Dj Sadic , will be this Sunday 23rd August be behind the decks on your TV sets during the celebrated gospel show Tukuza . Sadic who is know for great mixes will be coming in  as a guest dj  on Tukuza with Anthony Ndiema and Tukuza Plus with Kendi Ashitiva.

dj sadic post 1

Tukuza show will air from 6am-9am and Tukuza Plus from 11am-1pm. Do not miss!



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The Genius Effect : Dj Sadic To Give All His Fans A Double Treat

dj sadic post 1

Many of us have just been seeing him  behind the decks or presenting on the Tendereza show but did you know that the mix genius , Dj Sadic ,is multi-talented? 

Well , the award-winning gospel dj , presenter and singer is planning to give  his fans a double treat during his website launch scheduled to take place on Thursday July 30th from 2 pm .This project is aimed at making his fans learn more about his brand. 


Dj Sadic who has been the official  dj for Juliani and featured in popular songs like “biceps” will be releasing his new single Firm Foundation and re-launching his website on tomorrow. He will be featuring Ivlyn in the new song that has been produced by Arkish Pro .


Follow the #teamsadic and #firmfoundation so as to get all the updates.



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From The Decks To The Stage : KTN’s DJ Sadic Gets An Acting Job

Tendereza show host DJ Sadic will in a few weeks time make his debut in acting. The award winning deejay will be featuring in a play called Men, Money, Gold And Finger where he will be taking the role of a guest actor.

sadic selfie post

The deejay who has graced your tv screens for years now since he started his journey at NTV will now be taking another step when he tries the role of reading the script rather than a teleprompter.

He shared of his excitement by saying :

sadic acting

The play will be taking place in July at Alliance Francaise.



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Mix Genius : DJ SADIC Releases His New Official LOGO



Founder and CEO of Genius Entertainment, Dj Sadic has officially released his brand new logo. DJ Sadic released the official logo on his social media accounts and went ahead to explain the inspiration behind it on a phone conversation with Uliza Links by stating that he has decided to do some re-branding. 

11329740_10152801739155919_7928352357303655975_n (1)


The logo is a sign of a fresh start to Dj Sadic’s brand where he uses the symbol of a dove and a stylus, with the names Dj and Sadic creatively and uniquely put as one under the dove.

“I created the logo firstly to identify Dj Sadic as a Christian and to show that God is the source of my skills. I also wanted to show that music comes from God. With that in mind I decided on a dove. I also wanted to show the musical element and so decided on the Dj stylus.

He goes ahead to say, “I wanted to show that DJ Sadic is unique. I managed to show this uniqueness by writing my name in a unique way – a way that no one else has done before. I was fortunate that DJ & Sadic could be combined.”

Followers on his Instagram page largely appreciated the new logo, stating it as a good work of creativity and encouraging him to continue on with the work of God in his deejaying ministry.

Dj Sadic is the Managing Director at Genius Entertainment which holds other affiliate companies and brands under its name. They include the Genius Deejay School, Genius Records and Genius Wear 254. He is also a Groove Awards nominee in this year’s Groove Awards under the category of DJ OF THE YEAR.

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‘The GOSPEL Industry Is Not On It’s DEATH Bed, Its On A Transition’ : DJ Sadic Says

KTN Tendereza disc jockey Marvin Sande a.k.a DJ Sadic has come out to speak about the current posts that state that the gospel industry is on it’s death bed. An article posted on Capital FM claimed this and later other scandalous articles popped up accusing artistes of infighting while others went a bit too far to just drive traffic to their tabloids.

gospel  industry attack post

Is the gospel industry dead or is it changing to something else ?

DJ Sadic feels that there is a change happening in the industry and with everything that is happening GOD shall still reign above music. His statement follows the event yesterday that reconciled Willy Paul and Bahati in front of thousands who gathered at Arboretum grounds for the Groove Awards Nomination Night.

willy laugh

He said :

Willy Paul And Bahati Were Prayed For And They Reconciled At The Groove Nomination Night. Those Who Pray For Us As Artists And Ministers Thank you so much. Those Who Are Talking Trash About The Gospel Industry, Keep Talking But Make Sure You’re Perfect.

We Are All A WORK IN PROGRESS!!! The Gospel Industry Is Not On It’s Death Bed It’s On A Transition!!!


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Humbled To Be Recognized : DJ Sadic Ranked On Same List With H.E Uhuru Kenyatta

Great news for the “Mix Genius”  as he becomes the 1st Disc Jockey in the whole of East Africa to be ranked alongside H.E Uhuru Kenyatta in a social media network that ranks the most popular Facebook pages  in Kenya.

dj sadic

DJ Sadic who clocked over 100,000 likes last year has joined the ranks of celebrated public figures who have the fastest growing Facebook pages in Kenya. From comedian Churchill to the president H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, Dj Sadic has been ranked number 5 with a growth rate of 1093 likes per day showing how much effort he puts on his social media to build his brand.

On a note shared through his facebook and Instagram page he said :

Humbled To Be Recognized As One Of The Fastest Growing And Popular Facebook Pages In Kenya!!!#GeniusEffect #GodSpeed

sadic and mum
Dj Sadic (right) and his Mum (Left)


Last year in June Dj Sadic became the 1st deejay in East Africa to be verified by facebook and it seems that his hard work seems to be growing by the day. From inspirational quotes to funny videos his reach every week hits millions with some of his popular videos getting over 800o shares with over 90,000 views. His hard work is truly paying off.

sadic n ndiema
Anthony Ndiema (left) with Dj Sadic (Right)


The Mix Genius is listed among other pages which have been verified in Kenya and the world which are :  H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, Lupita Nyong’o , Donald Trump, Mary Mary , Michael W Smith Larry Madowo, Safaricom , Airtel etc.



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Keep His Family In Your Prayers: Dj Sadic Mourns Death Of His Cousin


In the book of John 11:25 the lord says “I am the resurrection and the life . He who believes in me will live even though he dies”

Talented and humble gospel dj, Dj Sadic, yesterday revealed the sadden demise of his late sister cousin whom he dearly loved.

The dj who is also a host on Tukuza gospel show shared the sad news on his social media handle on Monday 23rd 2015.

sadic cousin demise

The death of his beloved cousin comes 7 months after he laid to rest his cousins daughter Tionna who was involved in a grisly road accident on Sunday September 14 , 2014.Read More

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dj Sadic and his family.

Keep it here as we find out more on this.

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After Meeting Lecrae : DJ Sadic And His Crew To ‘Take Over’ Moi University Students Centre

After a three-year Hiatus, North Rift’s biggest Gospel extravaganza is back. RAMPAGE (Revolving Around Making People Acknowledge God in Everything) is a week of mission and Gospel at Moi University, that will end in a Gospel gig at the institution on Friday 31st October.

RAMPAGE concert

The gig which draws artistes from the likes of Bahati, Willy Paul and DK kwenye beat has been organized By Moi University’s Christian group Concert Family and DJ Sadic’s Genius Entertainment.

“It’s a celebration of a whole week of ministry, outreach & evangelism. So it will be a time to have fun in God’s presence with our favorite artists but also an opportunity for those who don’t know Christ to get to know him on a personal level. Guys should expect good music fun and God,” said Sadic.

On his part, Concert Family director Bob Ayoti said that Rampage is an opportunity for everyone, out of an understanding that everything revolves around God, acknowledges and worships Him in everything they do.
The event will blaze off at 7pm till late. The charges are Sh.100.

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DJ Sadic Dreams Come True As He Meets With LECRAE, TAMELA MANN And Hezekiah Walker In USA

Award winning gospel disc jockey DJ Sadic finally experienced his long awaited dreams after meeting with renown gospel singers in USA. DJ Sadic met with not only Tamela Mann but Hezekiah Walker,  Tye Tribbet and Lecrae at the glamorous 45th Dove Awards that were hosted yesterday night.

Lecrae Sadic

DJ Sadic was so excited by the experience that began a while back when he got an invite from GMA who usually host the epic gospel Dove Awards.

He finally left the country a week ago and on Tuesday he experienced his true dreams of sharing a moment with the likes of Tamela Mann , Lecrae , Hezekiah Walker, Tedashi and Tye Tribett.

sadic leaves for USA

Speaking to Uliza Links DJ Sadic says that its more than just an event for him as he is in a mission to learn more about music looking at the fact that he is a deejay.

“I got an invite from Gospel Music Association [GMA] who organize Dove Awards with the main aim of uniting the gospel music industry. I will be involved in various meetings and conferences and i can say it is a learning process for me”.  DJ Sadic said.

He went on to share his excitement with his followers on his facebook page by saying :

God said “your gift shall make room for you before great men” I believe Him!!!

Hezekiah walker sadic

Sadic Tamela Mann

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This Is The Mix Genius : DJ Sadic Lands Another Show On Radio And Wait Till You Meet His Elegant Co-Host

The Mix Genius DJ Sadic has landed a new show at Nyce Fm radio which is the newest online Kenyan radio that is dedicated to promoting African Content to the world. DJ Sadic will now have two shows on Radio with the new show running every week day from 10 am to 1 pm.

dj sadic post

DJ Sadic will be hosting the radio show with talented and beautiful  Kerry Kagiri who has done so many voice overs and hosts the Melodia Mix show with DJ Tabz  that airs on KTN every Sunday morning.


Kerry Kagiri is  also the General Manager at Nyce FM and what a great show this is for the two talented artistes.

The show which is called Mid morning express is hosted online on which you can listen to it by clicking here.  [On Mobile you can access it here >>> #listenandgetinspired ]

Nyce FM is providing a platform to elevate African talents through interaction and engagement aiming at connecting African Spirit, Interests, and Togetherness online.

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While J Blessing Met With Eric Wainaina In London, Dj Sadic Took His Sui Generis “Genius Effect” In Rwanda

blessing seed bahati

The season of moving out of Kenya to pursue other interests seems to have arrived as now DJ Sadic and video director J Blessing are out of the country. The Mix Genius left the country on Tuesday evening to minster in Rwanda while J Blessing left later in the night to pursue his studies in USA.

sadic flying to rwanda post

Seems the love of  gospel ministry can make one to move to new borders to reach more souls and the mix genius, DJ Sadic is not new to this. Dj Sadic is currently away in Rwanda where he is participating in the youth camp organised by the Christian Life Assembly Church dubbed “Camp True North” that is aimed to build the attendees spiritual life.

On one of his visits the Mix genius had time to visit the Excella School in Kigali where he gave a note-worthy and sensational talk to the students who gathered.

sadic in his service rwanda post
DJ Sadic Speaking At Excella School

On the other hand J Blessing arrived in London where he met with Eric Wainana before he planned for his other flight to Carlifornia, USA. J Blessing will be embarking on finishing his exams for Cinematography course that he started studying a few years ago.

J Blessing And Eric Wainaina In London

How amazing of the things that GOD can do in the life’s of his sons in the case of DJ Sadic and J Blessing who are way in ministry.

Keep praying for them.

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So DJ Sadic Gave His Fans A Chance To Ask Him Any Question : See The Questions They Asked

DJ Sadic the Mix Genius gave his fans an opportunity to ask him any question that they thought an answer was befitting to get. Though some were a bit hard the Genius himself humbly went through each question and  answered his fans. 

sadic-groove-machakos post

See some of the questions and Answers

Deno Mems Mbona ulitoka NTV?

DJ SADIC The contract came to an end


King Dennis Hey sadic, am a dj n 4 a while now sjaenda gig yoyote kwa club coz my heart wont let me, I nid a change pliz help me grw strong in christ n hw I can launch myself in a new way as a dj in christ’s ministry

DJ SADIC Find a good church that’s a good way of getting started


Rity Mutunga Do you teach under 18 Genius DJ School?

DJ SADIC I advise that you finish school first


Joys Kimani Who does your dreads?

DJ SADIC Anaitwa Jojo wa Roots Salon


Emma Leilani utaowa lini?

DJ SADIC Bado naombea hiyo stori


Ciocau Tinah have a passion in singing, av done some songs bur nah yet recorded… how can u help mi?

DJ SADIC You can drop your songs at Post bank house 14th floor then we can take it from there


Ephjed Aback Mwangi Where do u gt inspirations frm. Tha kps u moving

DJ SADIC The word of God is my greatest inspiration


George Nchogu do u really fear God? which church ll u go with those dreads??

DJ SADIC Yes I do, I go to Winners Chapel Nairobi


Kelly Nimz Walgez what insipired you to be a deejay….

DJ SADIC Other gospel Djs who I saw


Lennie Lence Describe uaself…,

DJ SADIC I’m a born again christian who wants to bring change in the society


Maggie Bluez Tsoniah salary

DJ SADIC I don’t have a standard salary


Mislin Tsambi your original name n uli lelewa wapi..thnku.

DJ SADIC Malvin Sande niligrow Shauri Moyo


Edwin O Nyachae do u give scholarship 4 trainind dj i wonna be part of

DJ SADIC Depends on the case


Emmah Gichuhi unaweza nikatia dre side moja?

DJ SADIC hehehe itakua hard


Silas Mwenyewe Juan Mata Utani nunulia lunch lini??

DJ SADIC hehehe


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Mix Genius : DJ Sadic Listed With Likes Of Uhuru Kenyatta, Mary Mary, Donald Trump , Oprah Winfrey And Lupita Nyong’o

sadic post

Great news for the “Mix Genius”  as he became the 1st Disc Jockey in the whole of East Africa to be verified by Facebook and the only public figure in Kenya gospel industry to currently achieve that. DJ Sadic who clocked over 100,000 likes this year has joined the ranks of celebrated public figures in the world to have their pages verified by facebook.

DJ Sadic verified post

Some well-known public figures and Pages with large followings are verified by Facebook as having an authentic identity. You’ll see a blue badge  next to a verified profile or Page’s name. These profiles and Pages may include:

  • Celebrities
  • Journalists
  • Government officials
  • Popular brands and businesses

The Mix Genius now is listed among other pages which have been verified in Kenya and the world. Other pages verified are :  H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, Lupita Nyong’o , Donald Trump, Mary Mary , Michael W Smith Larry Madowo, Safaricom , Airtel etc.

We congratulate him as uliza links.

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The Genius Boxer : DJ Sadic Ventures Into Boxing Career [VIDEO]

The mix genius DJ Sadic has really proven that his genius skills can not only be contained in a stage where the decks is by deciding that he can enter into the boxing ring and showcase his other skills of throwing punches.

sadic post

During the 2013 Groove Party DJ Sadic  showcased his skills of throwing punches at the well established arena called Club David. To start it off was his grand entry to the stage where he was introduced like “The Kenyan Floyd May weather” to later punish his opponent the devil. The genius did really well as he came on top as an ultimate winner in a battle where his opponent “the devil”  decided to take a walk over by boycotting the match.


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Comedian DJ: Dr Ofweneke Proves That He Can Be The Next Big DJ

Lovable Churchill Show comedian and Mc Dr Ofweneke has officially added another title to his name. He has now earned a new name dubbed “Comedian, DJ, Mc, Dr Ofweneke” this being  after he showed his prowess  not as a comedian or Mc but as a Dj.

dr ofweneke

Ofweneke who is currently in Eldoret for the groove camp tour as an Mc alongside Mc able took advantage to become the Dj of the night in the absence of the mix genius Dj Sadic.

Dr ofweneke Dj post

He even went further to take a photo of himself deejaying just to show them how its done. Apparently Dj Sadic came across the photo and has promised to follow comedian Ofweneke tomorrow in Eldoret.

dj sadic post

I am actually seeing this being a battle of the “dj’s” on the decks tomorrow in Eldoret Groove Camp Tour.

Catch up with Dj Sadic live in Eldoret as he will keep you entertained throughout.

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The Genius At The Decks: DJ Sadic Officially Joins “The 100 Club”

They call him the Mix Genius and now he has set a new mark as his total number of fans has reached 100. DJ Sadic has joined the club of gospel public figures in Kenya who have clocked 100,00 likes on facebook.

groove nomination sadic rubadiri

DJ Sadic has joined worship singer  Gloria Muliro (102,000 likes)  and NTV cross over 101  disck jockey DJ MO (103,000 likes) who were the only two to have over 100k likes on facebook.

Starting small is one thing as it later grows to become something big just as the parable of the Mustard seed in Mathew chapter 13.

sadic fb

Social media has created interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and network. This is so amazing to have gospel ministers with more likes as it helps in spreading the word of GOD to masses.

Other artists to nearly reach that will be Kambua who is at 92,000 likes.

Watch his mixtape below



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