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Size 8 And DJ MO Lose Expected New Born Baby

Size 8 and Dj Mo have announced that they made a bold decision to undergo a medical procedure that saw them lose their baby.

Size 8 and DJ MO at their Baby Bump Photo Shoot

In a video posted on their YouTube channel, the couple revealed that the expectant mother experienced fluctuating temperatures and blood pressure, and was rushed to hospital for check-up.

“My blood pressure rose to a high level and for sometime stayed abnormally high. Doctors tried all their best to manage my pressure but it still kept fluctuating. They even administered different drugs to no avail. Currently my pressure is still high and I had to undergo a surgery,” Size 8 said.

Dj Mo confirmed that the doctors made a decision to save the gospel artiste at the expense of their unborn baby. Mo stated that the Mateke hitmaker underwent a successful medical abortion losing their would be third child.

“As you can see the operation was good, everything has gone well. All I can say is God has a reason for everything. My wife’s blood pressure hit abnormal levels of up to 200-230 mm Hg. We thank God because Linet(Size 8) is very safe. Our doctor advised us, saying that we now had to save the mother. We had no option but to allow them do the procedure,” he said.

The entertainer thanked God and his fans for standing with them. He encouraged his viewers who have or are undergoing similar situations to take heart and brace themselves.

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‘The Enemy of Gospel Music Is Inside’ : DJ MO shares after ‘Tiga Wana” Rebuke

Just a few days ago, Size 8 and Willy Paul released a new song called ‘Tiga Wana’ and the song has been met with a lot of criticism especially on social media. Size 8’s husband Dj Mo has come out to defend gospel artistes citing that the word of God remains the same.


“Watu wangu vipi – I mean this from my heart. We are living in a day and age when throwing mud at others makes our hands feel cleaner. A generation of Christians with PHD pull him or her down syndrome…. The enemy of the church is the church and the enemy has succeeded to make believers turn against each other and to do whatever it takes to make sure neither of them rises.” he wrote on his instagram page.

He continues to say that, “ I have been on the forefront in advocating for content in music and that will not change anytime but am also of the school of thought music is an art, it’s about expressing the same idea in a creative yet entertaining way to capture the intended audience. The children of Israel in the wilderness complained to God when he fed them with manna everyday they asked for meat and another day bread (Numbers 11:4) they were tired of one meal….the generation out there won’t feed on worship songs alone and I’m a greater lover of worship and praise songs… they want the word packaged in different ways….Paul said when he went to Rome he did as the Romans to win a few.


There’s no way we will win the world unless we package the gospel in a more appealing way to their hearts….we continue to fight creativity in advancing the gospel the world is getting even more creative to push the agenda of the enemy. I thought when Ngori, Ayaya (beats), Katikia yesu (coz of attire), kapungala, kuchukuchu ,and others came out n everyone was criticising…they had a problem Thitima came out and its scripture after scripture n the criticism was the same…. Wait a minute if you meet a person with a problem with everyone then it’s the person with a problem.




We can’t keep tearing every song down just because it’s not in our preferred style or wording. Today I want to go into record as the only gospel deejay that supports and will continue (no matter what) to support creative packaging of the gospel through music, maintaining content, maintaining the sweetness of music as an art n going down to reach the intended audience…(whether young or old)

Finally to the entire gospel ministry let’s not be our own enemies, I’ll tell you the truth the enemy of gospel music is inside not out there….. I believe in constructive n positive criticism. That’s the only way we can all grow…let’s not kill our wounded soldiers, let’s not be quick to judge others and pull them down because we disagree with their way of doing things… In all things let’s always remember the kingdom we claim to represent is founded and rooted in love….with a little love for one another we will propel each other forward than we press each other down.

Enough said….having supported so many uprisings Djs and artistes, well known artistes, deejayed and represented God in many biggest gospel n secular concerts have come to know that our God is fun ,I love you all and Jesus loves you even more ,thank you for your great support always” –Dj Mo -System unit.

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DJ NEYMO : Is Neymar DJ MO’s Twin ?

You can’t mention Barcelona without using this Brazilian name: NEYMAR, who recently won his country a gold medal in the just concluded Olympics at Rio. He is definitely a decorated pro footballer. On the other hand you can’t mention DEEJAYING without the household name TOPA DE TOP: DJ MO. Who is the face of NTV’s Crossover 101 show and System Unit… Both Neymar and DJ Mo share looks that are almost identical. And you won’t be wrong when you call them twins


If you think Baby Ladasha-Mo’s daughter can easily call Neymar ‘dad’ Do drop your comment and answer on my Facebook: or Twitter: Instagram:


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Am Grateful To GOD : DJ Mo Joyful States After Size 8 Delivered A Baby Girl

DJ Mo and Size 8 have officially welcomed their new born baby after 9 months of news, speculation and excitement. The couple have named their new born baby Ledasha and follow the list of other highly anticipated baby deliveries in Kenya after news anchor Janet Mbugua.

size 8 22

Size 8 gave birth to baby Ladasha Belle on Tuesday afternoon at Karen Hospital where her family and her husband were waiting for the successful delivery.

DJ Mo shared a picture of the baby covered in clothing as they plan for the grand revelation of the baby’s face.

“Am grateful to God and finally you have made us parents .Your future is bright and all I assure you is love and happiness.May you grow to be God-fearing and become what God has destined you to become .
You the most beautiful being in this world” DJ Mo shared.

baby ladashe

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CONGRATS : Size 8 Finally Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Girl

News just in is that DJ Mo and Size 8 have officially welcomed their new born baby after 9 months of news, speculation and excitement. The couple have named their new born baby and follow the list of other highly anticipated baby deliveries in Kenya after news anchor Janet Mbugua.’

size 8 22

Size 8 gave birth to baby Ladasha Belle on Tuesday afternoon at Karen Hospital where her family and her husband were waiting for the successful delivery.

DJ Mo shared a picture of the baby covered in clothing as they plan for the grand revelation of the baby’s face.

“Am grateful to God and finally you have made us parents .Your future is bright and all I assure you is love and happiness.May you grow to be God fearing and become what God has destined you to become .
You the most beautiful being in this world” DJ Mo shared.

The singer who is married to DJ Mo revealed their baby’s name during a short speech session during the baby shower and her is what she had to say.

“I have surely been through a lot, running in and out of emergency rooms, but it was all worth it! I cannot wait to welcome baby Ladasha Belle to our family!” She divulged.

We wish the couple all the best.

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couple dj mo size 8 post

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Size 8 and DJ MO Open A Brand New Baby Day Care In Nairobi

DJ Mo and Size 8 were involved in a great activity this past weekend when they opened a brand new Day Care in Buru Buru, Nairobi.

couple dj mo size 8 post

The new move by the couple is a sure win for them looking at the anticipation and excitement that has overwhelmed many of their followers who are waiting for Size 8 to give birth.

dj mo size 8 day care

Opening brand new DAY CARE in BuruBuru phase 1 ,Mkondo court house no .244


Big up @size8reborn for being nominated the new Ambassador.
Come & register Now

0703892729 or 0700032075


After Winning Groove Awards , DJ MO Scoops Another Prestigious Award

System Unit’s DJ MO has a reason to smile after he was awarded as the gospel deejay of the year at the just ended stylus dj awards that recognized top talents behind the decks.

DJ Mo New pic

The 3rd Stylus DJ Awards was hosted this past weekend and DJ Creme of Epic Nation was named DJ of the year with DJ Mo being crowned the best deejay in gospel.

dj mo groove party

“GREAT NEWS !!! We Scooped!!! I take this opportunity to thank you my good people for the love and support you have always shown’s been a great journey and I believe am not yet where I want to be.I pray to God that He may see you through and always satisfy your heart desires.
Yet another one this year , GOSPEL DEEJAY OF THE YEAR ,Stylus Awards.
Am greatful and to all my family and fans asanteni you are loyal,” DJ Mo shared after receiving the news that he had been awarded. 

DJ Mo’s new award follows up his recent award at Groove Awards 2015 which he has won 3 times in a row. The other winners included :


    A. DJ Redbone

A. DJ Renee – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A. Platinum DJ Issa – Mombasa

A. DJ Tally – Sky Lounge Bamburi

A. VJ Chris

A. Supremacy Sounds

A. DJ Slim – Milele FM

A. DJ Mo

A. DJ Juan

10. TV VJ Of The Year
B. DJ Joe Mfalme – K24

11. VDJ Of The Year
A. DJ Genius – Nairobi

A. DJ Kaytrixx

13. STYLUS FORTIS AWARD – DJ Bonezz Mombasa

14. HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE – DJ Karis (Casablanca, Mombasa)

A. DJ Crème Dela Crème

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Rufftone Size 8 and DJ MO To Headline A Concert In QATAR

It seems this is the season for gospel artistes DJ MO and Size 8 as just a few days after their trip from UK they will be having another concert in Doha Qatar.

dj mo size 8 sonko rufftone

The couple who performed at the Kenya Cultural Week in UK with Willy Paul will now join renown artiste Rufftone at the Recharge DJ Concert that will be hosted at the The L’etoile Hotel in DOHA.

rufftone dj mo size 8 london

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DJ MO, Size 8 And Willy Paul Land Back From UK And Xtiandela Was There To Pick Them

dj mo lands in kenya from UK post

Gospel artistes Willy Paul Size 8 and DJ MO are back safely in the country after spending the last week in London where they were hosted for the Kenya Cultural Day that aimed at celebrating the uniqueness of the Kenyan culture and customs.

Size 8 willy paul and DJ Mo post

“We have just landed in 254. Thank you to the team for coming to pick us up… Tumekuja na jua ya London as I told you 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Missed you…so what happened while I was away?? Glory to God” DJ Mo captioned.

DJ Mo and Size 8 will later jet out of the country this coming weekend as they plan to be hosted in Doha where gospel artiste Rufftone will be performing Live.

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Size 8, Willy Paul And DJ Mo LAND In UK

The three award winning artistes DJ MO, Size 8 and Willy Paul have finally landed in UK after flying out of the country yesterday evening for a live concert that will be held in London. The artistes through DJ Mo’s handle shared a picture with a caption of giving thanks to GOD for the journey mercy as they prepare for the Kenyan cultural day in London.

Size 8 willy paul and DJ Mo

“Thank you…..We have arrived in Heathrow airport -London well…and safe..Thank you for your prayers. It’s 10:15am 😱😱
This Saturday let’s all set at Kenyan cultural day at Barking -London,” DJ Mo captioned.

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“Beauty IN and OUT” : DJ Mo Lovingly Celebrates Size 8 On Her Birthday

Gospel disc jockey Sammy Muraya alias DJ MO on Tuesday 4th August paid tribute to his loving wife Size 8 as she celebrated  her birthday with USA President Barack Obama. The couple who have been married for nearly two years have set a mark when it comes to love and on Tuesday DJ Mo showed his romantic side by celebrating his wife Linet Muraya.

dj mo size 8 groove post



DJ Mo size 8 size 8 5

dj mo size 8 janet otieno

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18 Deejay’s Graduate From DJ Mo’s System Unit Academy

System Unit is a deejay academy that has ventured in nurturing new talent and giving a platform to not only showcase their skills but also grow.

system unit academy slide

Under the main man Award winning Deejay of the year DJ Mo topa de top 18 students have finally graduated from the top school. They will now be free to share the same stage with other gospel deejay’s in the gospel ministry.

dj mo kenya post

To become a deejay like Deejay Mo you can apply in his academy by calling the following number  0721295042


DJ MO Chosen To Be The Gospel DJ At The Nescafe Party

Seen it on tv for weeks now , an ad talking about the Nescafe Red-sensation party with the aim of awakening dreams.

mo post

Set  for Saturday November 2nd  this Nescafe party will be graced by thousands of people as their have something different which is recognizing and promoting talent.  Among the Deejays chosen to headline the event is  Groove Award Winner DJ Mo of System Unit.

Working with Churchill before in the Kid’s festival sponsored by Milo now it seems they will be working together in the Nescafe Party which Churchill is part of.


Events News

Review :(Photos) How System Rave Went Down Ft Size 8 Daddy Owen Willy Paul Among Others

May 3rd was the date when the System Unit hosted their  event called System Rave.

mo rave 1

The Event was a master class from the lighting sound and also the turn out was just top notch.  From 6am the event started and ended up early in the morning and to mark it up system rave brought the following artistes : Size 8 , Lady Bee , Daddy Owen , Heyz, Mr Seed Bahati, Dj Sadic Gloria Muliro Willy Paul among others.

Also the System Unit could not forget to make the revelers have a good time as the Emcees were Allan T , Faith Muturi , Abel ,Topa Hype McNjugush and Melvo Hype Boy.On the decks were System Unit Deejays Dj Mo , Dj Ruff And Dj Tabz.

Check Some Of The Close Up Photos.











(Must Watch) – Deejay Mo Live Mix At System Unit Offices (Video)

Uliza Links owns a brand called Niko Linked and what we do is to promote a talent or a skill by giving it a platform to showcase its talent. We are the promoters of talents to become a brand if you may say in short.

dj mo new 11

On This Segment we showcase skills of  Deejay Mo who is Co-host on Ntv gospel show  Cross Over 101/Chart and also a deejay at System Unit. This brother is talented in his career as a disc jockey which is taken to be of a mo thumb

You Can find all his latest mix of music on his website

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

Introducing Niko Linked Talent Live Scratch By Deejay Mo Of System Unit Fresh and New On Uliza Links.


(Video) Deejay Mo Unveiled – Who Is Deejay Mo?

Uliza Links Is here to keep you informed and also to promote local talents in the Kenyan Industry.

mo talanta

We caught up with Deejay Mo (Sammy Muraya) a co-founder of Deejay Academy Unit known as System Unit and also NTV Cross Over Show co-host. Hanging out with deejay mo made us know him better as a person in regards to him being a disc jockey and also a christian.

This is what we call “Niko Linked” our brand where we try to link an uprising talent with their role model or mentor. For all those who look up to deejay Mo as a mentor we have something you would like to know about him.

mo niko

In Interview Deejay Mo talks about:

Who he is?
Why He chose to be a deejay?
What is System Unit?
What are his dreams and inspiration.

This is just part one of the interview and we have more to share watch below :


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