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Dj Krowbar’s Wife : Six Things Marriage Has Taught Me

Joy Karosh who is the wife to the award-winning Disc Jockey , Dj Krowbar, shares on her experience in marriage . Having been in a marriage of over  5 years with her loving husband she has really stood by him through thick and thin.
Joy karosh 1
Joy Karosh and her husband Dj Krowbar Photo : Courtesy Joy Karosh Facebook
Not many marriages last for 5 years and that is why Joy took time to share on some few marriage tips that might help people who might be struggling with their marriage.
These are six things you should learn about marriage as indicated by Joy:
1.If God is in it, no matter what season we are in, it’s gonna workout.
2. I should not work so hard to change my husband, I should leave that to God.
3.The more I get closer to God the more I am able to love my husband.

4.As a wise woman, I should speak life over my husband and my family.

5.In the moment of disagreement, I always need to remind myself, we are not enemies, we are playing for the same team.

6. As I pursue my purpose, money should never become my motivation, it is just a tool.
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“Our Marriage Is Where It Is Today Because Of GOD” Dj Krowbar’s Wife Shares

Dj Krowbar and his wife Joy are among the most celebrated couple in the country right now. Theirs is a love that words alone can not entirely describe. For this reason, they have found a way to warm many of their followers hearts, with most only hoping that they will one day relate to the amazing connection between Dj Krowbar and his wife.

dj krowbar joy wedding gee gee
Dj Krowbar and His Wife Joy

Joy, via her Instagram feed recently shared,

” A few years ago when my hubby and I decided to get married, we literally had nothing but each other. It has been a journey of faith all the way. We have gone through all life seasons but looking back we can testify of God’s faithfulness, favor and supernatural provisions.We have grown to love each other more, support and pray for one another. Our marriage is where it is today because of what God has allowed us to go through. Though we are not yet where He is taking us, we fully trust His will as we continue with the journey. Above all God never fails and He honors His word.”

She goes on to testify that marriage works and she is loving every season of the journey.

She again reminds her hubby that she loves him to bits and is forever grateful that she shares this journey with him.

krowbar joy riri
Dj Krowbar and Family

DjKrowbar  has been married to Joy for years now and they are blessed with two daughter,  Riri and Toria. Their relationship is a clear reminder that the institution of marriage is a sacred one and despite the many challenges surrounding it, theirs is a testimony that marriage works if God is put at the center of everything.

A visit to their Instagram pages is a clear indicator that indeed Dj Krowbar and Joy aka Karosh value each other and their family as a whole.

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Riri Our Princess : DJ Krowbar And Wife Proclaim Blessings To Their Cute Baby Girl As She Turns 1

As DJ Krowbar watched Riri for the 1st time after she was delivered, deep in his heart he was thankful to GOD for blessing him with a second child.

The baby was born on a bright Tuesday afternoon on April 8th 2014 and once the news broke online many friends and followers sent messages of good will to the family of Karumba’s.

Riri Born


Now a year later the baby has turned 1 and DJ Krowbar together with his wife couldn’t take a step more before thanking GOD for their baby Riri.

riri krowbar

“Time does fly very very fast… Seems like yesterday I remember seeing my wife holding our daughter a seconds after birth…
RIRI our princess, HAPPY BIRTHDAY as you turn ONE today.
You will grow to change the world… Impacting it positively with the saving message of the cross…” , 
Krowbar said.

krowbar and joy post

On the other hand Joy Karosh also proclaimed blessing on her daughter by stating :

Time really flies, just the other day and today you are turning one year… Words alone cannot express how much joy you have brought to us. We are forever grateful to God for choosing us to be your parents. You are our Gem and we love you dearly RIRI, Our prayers to you is may you live to know God and make Him known as serve Him, may you bring positive change to your generation as you fulfil your purpose, with long life He will satisfy you. Looking forward to having many many more. We love you Glorious.

Riri’s birthday couldn’t have come at a better time for this lovely couple who have inspired many marriages in the christian circle.

The celebration of the baby girl is separated by only 2 days after Dj Krowbar celebrated his 10th anniversary as a gospel deejay.

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I Love His Passion : DJ Moz Celebrates DJ Krowbar As He Marks 10 Years As A DJ

On Sunday Fredrick Karumba/DJ Krowbar celebrated his 10th year anniversary as a gospel deejay, a journey that started with a single step of having interest in touching the decks.

krowbar groove machakos

With his wife starting the celebrations on National tv by surprising Krowbar with a birthday cake, many other friends and deejays joined in to celebrate a man who has been a friend to them. K-krews DJ Moz was one of those deejays who celebrated DJ Krowbar and in his tribute he celebrated Krowbar as a man full of passion and full of love of his family.


He stated :

I also take time to celebrate DJ Krowbar Karumba Karosh as he celebrates 10 years as a DJ. I love ha is passion for good music, his love for his family and above all, his great love for God. May God continue to bless and use you. I’m glad I got to meet you bro. I celebrate you. Send him Hima message of love.

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KARUMBA AT 10 : DJ Krowbar Marks 10 Years As A DJ And Gets Surprised By His Wife On TV

From a dj competition back in the day, DJ Krowbar was destined for purpose when he defeated the elite deejays that time to be crowned King of other deejays.

His journey had started before that competition with a series of trial and error to become a professional was a process for DJ Krowbar,  who celebrates 10 years today on his birthday.

krowbar new

DJ Krowbar knew that this day would be special when he graced his show but little did he know that he would be surprised by his best friend, now his wife Joy Karosh. A woman that Krowbar loves with all his heart and has stood with him since the days when he used to walk from one destination to another just to make his work known.

DJ Krowbar joy

In a brief surprise that started with a song by Anthony Ndiema on the Tukuza Show, Krowbar saw his wife accompanied by friends and his two baby girls singing the birthday song. Carrying a cake on one hand anda mic on the other hand, his wife celebrated DJ Krowbar as someone whom she loves and appreciates so much for what he does on KTN every Sunday.

krowbar and joy post

Getting emotional, DJ Krowbar broke down with the chills of having a wife who keeps making him appreciate marriage and what love is all about.

Joy had posted her tribute to Krowbar before that by stating :

“Today as my super amazing husband celebrate his birthday and his 10th anniversary in the ministry as a Dj, I want to take this opportunity and Glorify God for this far he has come, Babe have been a blessing to very many people, you have walked your talk and I am so blessed to call you mine, in this new season, May God favor and blessings be your portion, may you live for him till your last breath.

I am looking forward to so many great years ahead with you. You are the best, you rock and i love and appreciate you. Happy Birthday/anniversary my sweethubby”

DJ Krowbar has been seen as a mentor to several upcoming deejays including the likes of Ken The Deejay who plays on Tukuza whenever Krowbar is not around.

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CUTE : DJ Krowbar Celebrates His Wife And His 2 Adorable Daughters On Womens Day

While everyone was celebrating their phenomenal woman of the day on Women’s day, DJ Krowbar decided to make his extra special by dedicating the day to his 3 special girls that make his day joyful. DJ Krowbar who is the official VJ/DJ for Tukuza gospel show on KTN  just made his celebration simple by celebrating his wife and his two baby girls whom GOD has blessed him with.

dj krowbar tam tam

Captioning the photo DJ Krowbar said :

As we celebrate Women’s International Day… Here is my reasons why I am celebrating.

krowbar children DJ Krowbar joy

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Kuteseka Ni Kwa Muda : DJ Krowbar Reveals How He Borrowed DJ MOZ A T-Shirt To Take His 1st Professional Photo

People come from far and every challenge we go through in life is not an obstacle but a stepping stone for the next level of success. DJ Krowbar who is the main disc jockey for Tukuza gospel show  on KTN is a living testimony of a man who has kept the hope no matter the challenges he went through as a young man.

krowbar new

DJ Krowbar shared a testimony of how he took his 1st professional photo in the year 2008. Did you know that DJ Krowbar had to borrow a t-shirt from DJ Moz of Kubamba to take the photo so as to make his picture a bit more upscale ? .

He said :

This photo was taken in 2008… It was my first ever professional photo shoot… I borrowed DJ MOZ (Kubamba Krew Director) the T-Shirt I am wearing in this photo.

This is to encourage you too keep on being FAT.

F – Faithful
A – Available and
T – Teachable.

The future needs such characters.

dj krowbar throwback

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The Father Record Selector : DJ Krowbar Hangs Out With His Dad

The Master record selector DJ Krowbar a few days ago got time to hang out with his father who has mentored him to be who he is today. Thanking GOD for the relationship that he and his dad have DJ Krowbar shared of the moment that he got to sit down with his dad who is a police officer.

dj krowbar dad

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Did Someone Forget The TIME ? While DJ Krowbar Celebrated 5 YEARS Anniversary His Wife Celebrated 4 YEARS!

krowbar wedding karosh

The master record selector DJ Krowbar celebrated 5 years in marriage yesterday September 3rd, the special day that he exchanged vows to his wife Joy Karosh.

Now the interesting part of the tale is that his wife Joy Karosh did not celebrated 5 years in marriage but instead celebrated 4 years anniversary.

joy karosh

If you follow the couple closely you would notice that DJ Krowbar and his wife’s statement are kinda the same but different in terms of period. Now who is right ?

It might be that DJ Krowbar proposed a year earlier or he is a guy who fast forwards time so he is seeing the future ahead?

While on the other hand his wife Joy keeps time and knows the specific time his hubby said I Do to her.

See the statements of both:

DJ Krowbar possted : 

“On a day like this 5yrs ago I made one brilliant decision to marry my best friend… JOY KAROSH you have been an awesome friend, wife and selfless mother to our two daughters.

After all this time… I’m so confident to say… I’LL KEEP HER!!!


Joy Karosh posted

A day like today 4years, I said’ YES I DO’ to my best friend, in all seasons God has remained faithful to us. I am forever grateful for a gift of a super amazing husband and the best dad ever to our two beautiful girls, @Karumba Karosh I love you to bits my love and I am looking forward to many great years ahead with you. Happy Anniversary to us. 

The difference is only on time and this would be something interesting to discuss when the two love birds make announcements when called up front to share how their marriage has been.


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“A Day Like This I Married My Best Friend” : DJ Krowbar Celebrates His Wife As They Mark 5 Years In Marriage

The Master record selector DJ Krowbar has turned 5 after he made a brilliant decision 5 years ago by walking down the aisle with his friend Joy.

krowbar wedding karosh

Dj Krowbar who is seen as a mentor to many upcoming and established Deejays has marked his 5th year wedding anniversary today Wednesday September 3rd 2014 and for a fact it is a great blessing for the couple.

dj krowbar tam tam

DJ Krowbar who hosts Tukuza show on KTN went to his social media account on early Wednesday morning and publicly celebrated his wife for being that awesome friend he needed.

“On a day like this 5yrs ago I made one brilliant decision to marry my best friend… JOY KAROSH you have been an awesome friend, wife and selfless mother to our two daughters.

After all this time… I’m so confident to say… I’LL KEEP HER!!!


We celebrate with them their wedding annivesary.

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Young Master Record Selector: Dj Krowbar’s Daughter Takes Over From Him

krowbar 11Gospel spinmaster Dj Krowbar , popularly known as the Master record selector  has decided that its time to prepare early for his cute daughter Toria’s take over.

The legendary dj who is a father of two has started teaching her first-born daughter on skills of deejaying. Krowbar has been and still is a mentor to many dj’s including among others Dj Joe Mfalme and Kenthadj.

Being one of the best dj’s of our time we believe he is going to make a Toria a good dj.

toria krowbar

What say you?

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Dj Krowbar, Jblessing, Kris Erroh And Majic Mike Take A Selfie Of The Year

So Dj Krowbar, Jblessing, Majic Mike , Kris Eeh Baba, Alex Milenye , Magg44 including among others decided to take one of the most crowed selfies ever of which they ended up terming it as the selfie of the year. The selfie  is carrying over 10 people and all of them seem to enjoy the moment.

Check them out:

selfie kris crowded

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Kambua, DJ Moz And Krowbar Scoop Awards At Juliani’s Media Party

For a fact media plays a major role in pushing for publicity of an artiste’s music. This can be seen through the rise of public figures whom one could not have not noticed them if they didnt have music.

Juliani post

Juliani is one of the artiste’s whom the media has been like a friend/family to, in raising awareness abouth him through playing his music. On this note he hosted a media party on Thursday evening to award/appreciate persons in media who have supported his music before he releases his new album Exponential Potential.

This was something different being hosted by an artiste as seldom would you see this but Juliani did it. The winners were voted for by his fans through social media campaigns that he had set up and outrightly the personality with most votes was chosen.

In the gospel family were the following winners :

Best Gospel Tv Presenter : DJ Moz

Best Gospel Female Radio Presenter  : Kambua

Best Gospel Deejay : DJ Krowbar

Other winners were :

Best Informative blogger : Robert Alai

Best Tv Presenter : Larry Madowo

Best Investigative Journalist : Moha Jicho Pevu

Best Magazine : Pulse

Best DJ : DJ Creme

You can get the new album of  Juliani on June 5th at Orange Shops or Orange Money by sending 0772916694 


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Meet The Game Changer : DJ Krowbar Speaks About Family And Work

The master record selector DJ Krowbar is one of the finest deejays in Kenya having won major accolades in the music industry. Now he has grown from the days he had a one pack to the current day where he lives with his lovely family.

GAME CHANGER krowbar post

Married to his best friend Joy Karosh whom they have toiled with during the days when he started as deejay, DJ Krowbar is living the dream. Later on he got blessed with baby Toria Karumba and another cute baby by the name Riri Karumba in the year 2014.

krowbar wife post

Now looking at where he started DJ Krowbar has grown from step to step even playing as a Deejay on Cross Over before moving to Tukuza on Ktn with his friend Antony Ndiema.

He will sharing all this in the May Issue of the True Love Magazine in which you will know how Mr. Karumba/Krowbar got his skills from.

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Congrats : KTN’s DJ Krowbar Blessed With Another Cute Baby [Photo]

KTN Gospel deejay Dj Krowbar and his lovely wife Joy Karumba have been blessed with another lovely baby. The news of the new born baby broke on Tuesday afternoon with many friends and followers sending congrats messages to the family.

krowbar and joy post

The Karumba’s have now increased from three to four after the birth of their first born called Toria. Joy and Krowbar named their baby Riri Karumba showing the joy that both shared.

riri karumba

We wish them the best of luck.


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Battle Of The Fittest: Dj Sadic And Dj Krowbar Compete On Who Can Make The Most Press Ups

So now the two most respected Kenyan gospel djs take sometime out to do something that totally different from their day job. Dj Sadic and Dj Krowbar lowered down the head phones , kept aside their decks and went down to flex their muscles.

dj sadic and krowbar challenge post

They both took up the challenge to do push ups in order to find out who between them was the fittest. Amazingly competition seems to be tight that we can’t tell who won the battle.

Who do you think will be the King?


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