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Dee Holy Dave And Pitson Make Cover For This Top Magazine

They were all crowned Groove Awards winners 2014 for Wanabe and hit single Lingala ya Yesu and now they had time to tell the tale of how they came to be who they are today. Dee and Holy Dave who did Wanabe and Pitson who did Lingala Ya Yesu have made cover for a top magazine in Kenya called the Salon Magazine for the July Issue. 

dee holy dave pitson post

Get to find out more about them and what they love to do in this Issue.

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Delightful “Dee” Dedicates 30 Days To Thank GOD

Thanksgiving is the act of saying thank you todee kenya 1 GOD for either his Love Grace Mercy or Good will on ones life.

The talented Dee/Diana known for her songs “Victory Dance” and “Wannabe” with Holy Dave, has decided to give back to GOD by dedicating 30 days of thanksgiving to the Almighty Jehovah.


In the Bible where Thanksgiving has been exemplified is :

Psalm 95:2-3

Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.  For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods.
The promises of GOD on our life’s are un imaginable and un measurable as HE is our father, and why not show love by thanking GOD.
Dee is doing this and for the last 5 days she has thanked GOD for :
Day 1 I THANK YOU FOR THE AIR I BREATHE…It all belongs to you
Day 3 : I thank God for the ability to let go n let God
DAY 5…I thank God for a beautiful day. …beautiful life..and the joy in me
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Kambua Falls For Hip-Hop Music After Listening To “Wanna Be” By Dee And Holy Dave

Hip-hop music genre brings a different kind of perspective of music as its like poetry.

kambua zimbabwe

Our sister Kambua does not fall in that category of hip-hop music which she has always reiterates that “its not her  thing” when DJ Moz tries to make her listen to hip-hop music.

Magg44,Kambua,Moz And Geegee

Kambua is more of worship and if she goes far she is into reggae music but now it seems something different just fell from heaven.



Kambua admits that she has started appreciating hip-hop music since she heard the new jam by Dee and Holy Dave called Wanna Be.

dee champion

Wanna Be is the new single by Dee after victory dance with a cool beat as she brings the message of “being like Jesus”. That’s what all of us as Christians wish to be “all like Christ” and less of us.

If we get more of such music then without a doubt our sister Kambua will one day release a hip-hop single.

Here is the new video by Dee and Holy Dave “Wanna Be”


Featured Artiste

One On One With Dee : Things You Need To Know About Dee

Niko Linked did a feature before about Dee and Winky Daily who are two gospel sister’s with the aim of transforming Kenya.


We sat with Dee Kenya and decided to know more about her as a gospel artiste and also about her family Back ground.

 Who Is Dee?

1.Dee is a born again gospel artiste .Entertainer,go getter,hardworker,fun and loving person.

Why Choose To Use The name Dee ?

2. I chose the name Dee because it is the short form of my name Diana,and thats what most people used to call grew in me.

If You were to describe yourself as a singer. How would you define yourself ? a a gospel and inspirational singer and rapper.

What Drove You Into Singing and do you wish to pursue it for a long period?

4.passion led me into music.It was a chíld hood dream.God’s favour kick started it though.
YES.i will pursue it for a long time.

When Did You Meet Christ and how has the journey been like?

5.My mum led me into salvation when i was in primary school.The journey has been great though i have had my ups and downs.But they say a saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up.

dee kenya 1

Is it hard being a lady and singing hip hop music?

6.No.its not hard being a female gospel hiphop artist.At first i thought it would be ,but afterwards i realised its not because i have been chosen by God to do his work and His favor has followed me all through.We cannot all do the same style of music.God has put different talents in us.

If You are not an artiste , who is Dee

I am a model and actress.

Is there someone who inspires you as a gospel singer..Local and international

9.Locally…Dan Mwangi..number8.the poet.Humble and very talented.International Lacrae!!

Who would you love to work with in future ? love to work with,uum,uuum..haha.i do not know for now,but i have a song with Holy Dave.Coming soon..the name of the song is “Wannabe”

victory dance dee post

Can you relate your music to preaching? Can you term yourself as a minister and if yes whats your main goal?

11.yes,i can relate it to preaching.It is Educative and rooted to Gods teachings.My main goal to inspire young people into living according to God’s teaching.

 Please tell us about your new song “Victory Dance” . Is it your first song and what message do you wish to pass across in the song? first single is known as “im a star”.”Victory dance” is my second single.The message put across is you should always Give God praise in the good and bad..because regardless he fights for us and is always by our side.

Do you believe urban/youthful gospel music has a major role to play in saving souls for Christ?

13.yes i do believe it has a major role to play!

 The biggest challenge you have ever experienced ? and any challenges you experience as an upcoming gospel singer?

14.biggest challenge,people have not fully embraced and accepted urban gospel music,but with time they will.

What else do you do currently apart from music and whats your hope and dreams..

15.I am currently pursuing my degree and i model and act part time.

To Leave A Message For Dee or bookings contact her below :

Featured Artiste

2 Gospel Sisters: “Dee” And “Winky Daily” Plan To Transform Kenya Thro’ Hip-Hop Music

We have always set our focus on new talents as that is our main agenda to give them a platform to showcase their talents.

dee winky daily post

They say Hip hop music, also called hip-hoprap music, or hip-hop music, is a music genre consisting of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted.

I never knew that hip-hop music was also a girls thing not until I started listening to hip-hop music. When I look at the gospel hip-hop ministry in Kenya’s it’s like 90% is men from the like’s of Juliani, Eko Dydda , Holy Dave Kris Erroh, Kenn Eddy Krezi , Maluda , Kelele Takatifu , Soc , among others this would have been hard for the ladies I would say.

Juliani 1

Hard I say but these two ladies have shown that also hip-hop music can be done by Ladies. These two lovely young,uprising Kenyan gospel artiste’s are none other than Dee and Winky Daily who are now growing in the gospel hip-hop music among other ladies.

You would distinguish them as two different gospel artiste’s in Kenya but to your surprise these two ladies have one vision which is to win souls for the Lord. These two ladies have taken the bull by the horn’s which is the word of GOD and are set to change lives of Kenyan citizens through hip-hop music.

Dee Kenya by the names of Diana Kiamba is a born again gospel artiste entertainer,go getter, hard worker,fun and loving person.


On the other hand Winky Daily by the names of Winny Njoki  is a girl,a christian and a rapper who is always ready to experiment several genres of music.

winny njoki post

They have both done 2 singles and we sought to find more information about them and to our shock these lovely girl’s have so much love between them. Who could have ever known this?

We sat with them as we wanted to inquire more about their ministry and how their relationship is as “gospel sister’s”

When asked about her relationship with Winky Daily she says  :

“Oh yes we are close.And we spend a lot of time praying.We do bible study together and share .It has been a blessing knowing her.Two is better than one.One can chase 1000 but two can chase 10,000.”

Winky echoes the same for Dee as she says :

Dee and I are cool friends Sana. Our friendship started when we discovered we love the same type of music and we kinda have  similar characteristics if not same we  also discovered we love same sense of fashion.
This girl is like a sister to me,she has a kind heart and we are planning great stuff head.Our aim is to ensure that we unite and work together as Christians to spread the gospel to the world.”
This is 2013 and we know in the next few years this 2 gospel sisters will have reached “10,000” as Dee said.
We can only wish these two ladies the best in their ministry as always we will be catching up with them again.
Follow Dee On Twitter ( @Dee_Kenya ) and Winky Daily ( @winkydaily )
In the mean time check their new video’s below

Dee – Victory Dance

Trinity Party – Winky Daily and Witty Mayne

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