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I Give GOD All Glory : Cynthia Nyamai Receives A REPUTABLE Letter From President Buhari’s APC Party

PR guru Cynthia Nyamai has received a a highly esteemed letter of recommendation from H.E President Buhari’s All Progressive Congress party. Cynthia Nyamai who was a major topic of discussion during the Nigeria elections shared a picture of the letter on her instagram account where she glorified GOD for the journey that was mixed with joy and tears. Cynthia Nyamai stated that she will now be moving to Tanzania to work for her next client January Makamba who is aspiring to be the next President of the Republic of Tanzania.

cynthia nyamai buhari

Cynthia Nyamai had voluntarily offered her services to the Nigerian High commissioner a while back to foster trade between Kenya and Nigeria. Little did she know that her efforts of pan-africanism would lead to being engaged in a contract of doing PR for the party of the now president of Nigeria H.E Muhammadu Buhari.

With every step of faith Cynthia Nyamai took the task by the horns and after a hefty campaign Muhammadu Buhari was elected as President. Cynthia revealed how the journey was by stating :

cynthia nyamai THUMB

“When we won the elections in Nigeria I cried for a couple days. It was mixed emotions, it was victory, it was the end of sleepless nights, but most of all Nigeria had stood up for herself. Nigerians said no to corruption and poor leadership. A bold move, a revolution that I know will sweep around in Africa.

The choice to work for Buhari was an easy one because of his stand against corruption and strong leadership qualities, though at times many said I taking a huge risk and it would be impossible to win against the incumbent! It was also a decision made after prayer and fasting, I believe in doing the right thing even when it does not make business sense. I cannot sleep knowing I helped a poor leader take over Africa. Our opponents offered better pay but my mind was clear, this was about Africa not me.

Cynthia Nyamai recommendation letter
Cynthia Nyamai recommendation letter


On Friday I picked this letter with pride and now I’m heading to Tanzania to continue my work with presidential aspirant @jmakamba2015 . Another great man who will change Tanzania and Africa. In some ways I see similarities with Nigeria and I pray Tanzania will continue the revolution happening in Africa. Thank you all for the support and most of all I give God all the glory for I’m nothing without you. #BringingAfricaTogetherThroughTrade.”

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AT 1st I Worked For FREE : Cynthia Nyamai Shares On How She Got To Work With President Elect BUHARI

Pr practitioner Cynthia Nyamai spoke of how she got the opportunity of working with Nigeria’s President Elect Muhammadu Buhari in something we would call ‘going the extra mile to achieve your goal’.

While many would think that Cynthia Nyamai landed the job that easily, she actually didn’t as it all started by offering her services for FREE just to foster trade between Kenya and Nigeria.

cynthia new

From the days of her working as a business anchor at KTN Cynthia Nyamai always wanted to see more business being done in Africa. With her persistence and hard work her objective was achieved when she won the Diageo business award at KTN and later on she decided to take her dream further by leaving her job. Cynthia Nyamai was to later open a PR firm that would play a part in her vision of bringing Africa together.

cynthia speaking

With her success in PR Cynthia Nyamai was to later work with the team that helped President Elect of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari win the elections. She was not in charge of the whole thing but played a role in making the dream of Nigerian residents come true when they voted in Buhari as their next President.

So how did it all start ? Cynthia Nyamai revealed :

“Really interesting for me my vision and purpose, the reason why GOD brought me into this world is to bring Africa together and I have talked about it “Bringing Africa together through trade”. She said when being interviewed by Betty Kyallo.


So I opened up in Nigeria and I came back to Kenya through the Nigerian high commissioner and I told him you know what I really want to seem more trade between Kenya and Nigeria. Because we are almost the like the big brothers of Africa. Kenya and Nigeria.

So I told him let me work for you and he said that at the moment we do not have a budget and I said its okay, let me do it for free as all I wanted is to see is the two countries trade.

So he said okay we have some new investors coming in so why don’t you arrange their meetings and I did that and one of the people I met then is a governor in Nigeria.  What I didn’t realize is that Nigerian governors are quite powerful. They are actually the most powerful politicians in Africa. Later on he said why don’t you work for us.

I Started working for them, later started working with APC and then we went through the primaries last year in Lagos to choose the Presidential candidate and Muhammadu Buhari won.

With Buhari waiting for his inauguration in few days Cynthia Nyamai’s trade story and purpose is not yet over as she will be working with the termed next President of Tanzania January Makamba who is seen to be the next light of the nation.

It all starts with a journey and  Cynthia Nyamai did her part of going the extra mile to achieve that and now she is reaping what she sowed.

Glory to GOD.

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“I Have Stopped Using SA Products Including DSTV” Cynthia Nyamai Says After Xenophobia Incident

Xenophobia is the un reasoned fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. Xenophobia can manifest itself in many ways involving the relations and perceptions of an in group towards an out group, including a fear of losing identity, suspicion of its activities, aggression, and desire to eliminate its presence to secure a presumed purity.

cynthia new

Pr practitioner Cynthia Nyamai – who made headlines in Kenya after playing a part of the communication team of now President Elect of Nigeria – has stated that she will not support a country that tears down the economy of Africa. In her own words she stated that she has from now on decided not to use any South Africa products including the mostly used DSTV product in her fight against Xenophobia.


“After watching the South Africa clips I may not be able to do much but I have decided to stop using SA products including DSTV. #Xenophobia .”Cynthia Nyamai said

Her decision she says is not permanent but hopes that once everyone makes a stand against this then action will be taken against those who are spreading the hate against foreigners.

According to news 24 more than 1 000 people from other South African States were driven out of their homes and have sought refuge at police stations and a sports ground south of Durban.

A well-placed police source, who could not be named as he is not authorised to speak to the media, confirmed that two people sustained critical burn wounds.

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‘Thank You For Praying And Fasting With Me’ : Cynthia Nyamai Humbled To Play A Part In BUHARI’s Win

Cynthia Nyamai on Wednesday morning thanked everyone who fasted and prayed with her when she took the challenge of handling part of Muhammadu Buhari’s –the new president elect of Nigeria– PR during the Nigeria election campaigns.

cynthia nyamai 1

Cynthia Nyamai runs a PR company that has attracted so much attention since working with President Uhuru during the 2013 elections and the opportunity of working with H.E Muhammadu Buhari has made her light to even shine brighter.

Minutes after Buhari was clearly heading to clinch the Presidential seat with over 15 million votes , Kenyans on twitter starting with her former workmates from KTN started sharing praises for her job and in an hours time she was a trending topic on twitter.

Cynthia Nyamai though delighted by the news, stated that she only played a role as there were other major players who made the campaign to be successful.

Thank you for the messages but I did not come up with the strategy it was the Nigerians I just played a small part.

I cannot take credit for managing Buhari PR it was also his Nigerian team I just played a small role

She then went further to thank GOD and her family whom she had little time to spend with and thanked friends who prayed with her during the campaigns.

Dear God, from the bottom of my heart I love you and you mean everything to me.

We have another 1 and 1/2 weeks until governors elections are done. Then we break the fast and thank God for we have seen His faithfulness

And thank you for my family who for the last 1 year only saw me for a few days in a month when I would visit and sent me airtime!I love you

Also thank you for those who joined me in fasting and prayer. It’s been 21 days now and I have not tasted food

There is a wind of Change in Africa I believe it’s because Christians are now making politics and their countries as a daily prayer request



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I Thank GOD For LOVE : Cynthia Nyamai Surprises Her Man With A Valentine’s Gift At Kempinski Presidential Suite


preidential suite

Former business news anchor Cynthia Nyamai thanked GOD for love this Valentine’s when she surprised her man with a gift of dining at Villa Rosa Kempinski  Presidential Suite that was priced at a whooping 2.34 Million Shillings. Cynthia Nyamai who is currently working in Nigeria because of the next general elections set to take place in March stated that her man deserved this perfect gift as he has done so much for her.

cynthia speaking


Cynthia posted :

So the cats out of the bag!!!! Perfect Valentine’s day gift for my man, @VillaRosaKempin Presidential Suite. #Anightofdiamonds I took up this offer for bae because men go through so much pressure in life, so this year I decided to treat my man and let him know he can sit back cause I got this baby!!!

Though I will have to postpone the celebrations because I’m on the campaign trail in Nigeria, but I thank God for the gift of love. And a man who has shown me the true meaning of love just like in the Bible ICor 13:4-8. I thank God for you and I celebrate you everyday!

cynthia nyamai post thumb

Cynthia runs an established Public Relations company that has grown from one step to another since she left her job at KTN.

Glory to GOD.

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Happy Birthday to former news reporter Cynthia Nyamai who know runs a PR Firm called Cynthia Nyamai Communications.

cynthia insta

In her past life Cynthia Nyamai has been a business reporter and business anchor.
After analyzing many businesses and their challenges as a reporter she decided to start a PR firm – Cynthia Nyamai Communications.

She had identified the PR gap in Kenya and she dedicated herself to help companies to better utilize communication strategies and to understand the role of Public Relations in their campaigns.

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Lovely Cynthia Nyamai Lands A Job As A Boda Boda Driver (Photo)

cynthia nyamai 1

The adorable lovely and beautiful Cynthia Nyamai a former news reporter has landed another job apart from her current  job as a PR consultant. Cynthia Nyamai is the CEO of Cynthia Nyamai  Communications offering the best in PR services to company’s in their campaigns.

Aside  from that Cynthia Nyamai decided that in 2014 she is going to try something new and there she was on top of a boda boda riding with her 1st client. See photo

cynthia nyamai



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