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WHO IS FUNNIER ? Top 10 Comedians On CHURCHILL SHOW Who Will Always Make You BURST Into LAUGHTER

Churchill show is the biggest comic show in Kenya with the proprietor Daniel Ndambuki taking center stage every Sunday when NTV airs the show at 8PM. The show has over the years grown into major heights- having hit 100 episodes in February- and given many comedians a platform to grow but among all of these comedians there is always one who stands out among the rest.

Uliza Links had to review the comedians and this is our top 10 list of comedians who will always you burst into laughter.

10.  Proffessor Hamo

With the act of him imitating a professor, Hamo has really come up a voice to reckon with on Churchill show.

9. Zeddy Comedian


Little would one have known that a lady would come on top when it comes to comedy and Zeddy has surely shown that this game can also be run by ladies. She comes at number 9 on Churchill show

8. YY

Who would have thought that a black Michael Jackson would crack you up ? YY has surely shown that continuous efforts and auditions can surely rise up a talent to be the best in the industry.


7. Butita

From his jokes of Kariobangi and East lands Butita has surely mastered the art of comedy and how to make his audience laugh by connecting what happens on the ground with what people can relate with.


6. Rib Krakaz

This will surely be the best group of comedians that will ever grace the the industry. From the days of Naswa to the the stage of Churchill show these comedians are creative and their art of marching and imitating what people do on a daily basis is a true character of comedy that many would always love to see.

5. Njoro

Talking of the stories of his dad fighting with the landlord and with the neighbors, Njoro’s voice in comedy has risen as a guy who would take you from your chair to your carpet when narrating his stories.


4. Sleepy David

Always terming himself as a P.A of Chipukeezy Sleepy David is truly funny. He can pick a trending topic and make a joke out of it. Be it a pastors sermon or a story that everyone has been talking about. Sleepy will for sure always stand out as a great comedian.


3. Karis

“Hambari Ngani” is the intro that Karis would use when he enters the stage and how diverse is Karis such that he can pick a joke from North Eastern combine it a Meru accent and still make the audience laugh.


2. Fred Omondi

Back in the limelight after he left Churchill show to start his show on KTN, Fred Omondi will always be a top comedian as his art is not limited to any location or tribe but he can take you from Kisumu to Nyeri and still make you laugh. He even helps his brother Eric Omondi come up with Jokes when they are brainstorming.

Fred is number 2

fred omondi

1. David The Student

Why lie,  for now David the student is best comedian that is currently huge on Churchill show. Who would have thought that the word ‘stupid’ would become such a big word in comedy and not an abuse. David Student has grown from just being a comedian who can come and give you one or two jokes but can actually take over the whole show by incorporating the audience into it . If Churchill was to leave the show, David Student would surely one of the best choice of a host for the show.

student dav

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10 Lessons We Can Learn About Churchill, Kanyari And Kenyans After Churchill Show

The interview was not that long but it sparked a conversation that will run for days till Churchill airs his program again in 2 weeks time.

kanyari on churchillshow post

Though controversial we get to learn some important lessons from the act of Churchill hosting Kanyari , Kanyari’s heretical talk and how Kenyans reacted.

1. Churchill is in the entertainment business. In as much as we complain he is there for ratings and nothing else.

2. Kanyari is a false prophet . He confessed about his actions and how he doesn’t believe in eternal life but only earthly things.

3. Kenya is a christian Nation and anything you share with them needs to be morally upright.

4. Churchill Show is not a Christian Show its a comedy show. You can’t take comedy that serious

5. Kenyans love GOD. You would have seen this from the comments that followed.

6. Money is the root of all evil. Kanyari actions are driven by money and he would do anything using the name JESUS to get his way.

7. Some Kenyans are desperate and would do anything to get money.

8. Some Kenyans do not know what the Bible says although they profess the Christian Faith.

9. As long as people laugh, its termed funny. It doesn’t matter if its moral or immoral to Comedy.

10. GOD can not be Mocked. You could see that a major section of the audience did not raise their wallets when Kanyari started praying. This negative reaction was also seen on social media.

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Kenyan Hearts Touched After Churchill Offers Support For Needful Boy “Juma” [See Comments]

Last Sunday’s edition of Churchill Show will be one of the most remembered episodes after a moment of philanthropy was witnessed on air when Churchill offered support for a needful boy called Juma.

juma 1 post

GOD works in amazing ways. This is because if Churchill didn’t go for the Toto’s corner where they visit schools no one could have noticed the funny character of Juma. Behind the funny character of  Juma is a boy who  is the only man of the house as he takes care of his only parent, his mother.

Having a single parent is not easy as the mother has to play the role of the father and mother and take care of the needs of the children. The only hope they have when theirs no food or clothing is to pray to GOD.

The amazing thing is that the door that Juma’s mother had always wanted to open finally opened on Thursday evening during the live recording. As comedian Churchill together with his foundation decided to support the family by offering to take care of Juma’s  school needs. On the other hand his mother was given a cheque of Ksh.10,000 added up with another Ksh.50,000 to start a business.

juma 3

What a touching moment this was as Kenyans joined in to have they say of that moment.

Josekid Krystal Vybz ‏@VybzPalmer  12h

Nothing is impossible kwa hii dunia #churchillshow #juma

Maureen Kamari ‏@KenyanDiva4  12h

love this kid #Juma on #ChurchillShow God bless Churchill for helping him & his fam

Cynthya wairimu ‏@Cynthyawairimu  12h

#juma..God listens am so touchd..mps shoud feel ashamd there arguing abt flags on cars while kids like juma wako bila kitu

precious meisie ‏@PMeisie  12h

See how God works miracles @MwalimChurchill mungu akubariki sana.#juma u are bound for more.

chris adwar ‏@chrisadwar  12h

How did I find myself clapping in the house alone? #churchillshow + #Juma

JOSPHAT MAISH™ ‏@iCabway  12h

… Wow Thanks A Million @MwalimChurchill. For What U Did for #Juma | #ChurchillShow

An Mash◆◆ ‏@awairimu2  11h

#juma touched on so many things among them is poverty, poor education (school status), girl child empowerment, lack of mentors#Churchillshow



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Meet The Lady Behind Churchill Show’s Catchy Theme Song

Churchill show is one of the most watched shows on TV , having Kenyans from almost every part of the country tuning in when aired. However, there are certain small but important factors that work to the advantage of the show one  of them being its catchy theme song.

blessing-churchill post

Most people am certain have been eager to know the mystery lady behind Kenya’s biggest show. We today unveil to you the lovely lady who is a well-known  Kenyan gospel artist, formerly under Link Video Global Company going by the name Chuchu.

chuchu maxyn post                                        Chuchu left with her friend

Chuchu who is more of a worship singer has brought to us songs including among other Upendo and Beautiful  which have gone along way to bless many Christians. She is a lady with a talented voice having sung alongside several gospel artists Jimmy Gait & Holy Dave being some of them and that’s why she was chosen to sing the Churchill Show’s theme song.

So,when next you watch the show and listen to the theme song you will at least be knowing the talent behind it.



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Churchill Show To Host 20 Comedians On One Stage In Mombasa

The top comedy show Churchill show which has touched the hearts of many with laughter will be moving to Mombasa. After a huge demand from the coastarians, the Laugh Industry has put their demand on the table and will now be heading to Mobasa County to host Churchill show.

churchill show mombasa post

Churchill show hosted by Churchill will officially  kicks off in Mombasa County on the 7th at the Flamingo Beach Resorts at Shanzu.  A host of 20 comedians will be cracking the crowd with laughter including Eric Omondi, Mc Jessy, Fred Omondi, Owago Nyiro , Kreative Generations, David The Student among others.

To get yourself a chance the tickets will be available at “The Nyali Super Centre,  Nation Media Bureau Msa Offices, Nakumatt City Mall Customer Care Desk and Flamingo Beach Resort Reception.


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Check What Happened When Emmy Kosgei Was Hosted On Churchill Show (Photos)

Award winning songstress Emmy Kosgei is one lady who GOD had created to touch and inspire life’s through the word of GOD.

emmy churchill show post

Emmy Kosgei in her music has gone to touch so many hearts and even getting awarded numerously for her efforts in gospel ministry. Aside from that Emmy Kosgei was hosted on top comic show “Churchill Show” on Thursday night at Carnivore grounds.

emmy kosgei churchill show post

Her elegant dressing was one thing that stood out on the show and another thing was her tranquility as she spoke about her music and life.  See photos

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Churchill Salutes DJ MO For Mentoring Him

Everyone i believe has a mentor, that one person that he or she looks up to either for advice or inspiration in their lives.

churchill king post

Churchill King a Kenyan gospel artist of the System Unit cannot be left out of this list , he finally salutes his mentor DJ MO a renown Kenyan gospel dj of the System Unit .


Churchill King  thanked God for making him meet with his mentor one of the greatest dj’s in Kenyan gospel “Topa Di Tope” DJ MO . DJ MO, he says accepted him as he was and kept him under the umbrella of System Unit as a gospel artist offering him advice on how to deal with challenges in the music industry.

Here is the statement he released giving thanks to God and his mentor DJ MO.

“He took me in as part of His team, gave me a chance to minister, a platform to show case my gift and talent, gave me advice and encouragement on how to handle myself in the music industry. For this reason I salute you bro.. Big up and May God shine in your life in 2014 it has been a great 2013 working and serving with you”

Churchill King n DJ MO



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After Landing From UK , Shiru Wa GP To Be Hosted On The Biggest Tv Show

Agiginyani songstress Shiru Wa GP has blessed so many hearts by her music and now she is set to be hosted on the biggest tv show.

shiru wa Gp

Shiru Wa Gp moved from Kenya to United Kingdom to share the word of GOD through music and now she has been called to be the guest artiste in the topic comic show. Churchill show will be hosting songstress Shiru Wa GP to share about  her life in ministry and also the challenges she went through as an artiste.

churchill mwalim

Catch Shiru Wa GP on Sunday on NTV Churchill show to know more.

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Unveiled Things You Don’t Know About Churchill Show’s Mtumishi And Mchungaji

They always make millions of Kenyans glued to their screens each time they come on Churchill show stage because of the creative way they use to come up with jokes.

kreative generations 1

Popularly known as the Kreative Generations Mchungaji and Mtumishi finally unveil things that you hardly knew about them. Check below:

1. Mchungaji’s real name is  Josephat Mchasia.

2. Mtumishi’s real name is Gilbert Baraza.

3. They were street boys way back.

4. They walked from their home in Kawangware just to make it for the Churchil show auditions.

5. During the auditions they used to stay without food since they could  not afford.

6. Kreative Generations is comprised of 15 members

7. Mtumishi is the chairman while Mchungaji is his vice.

8.  The group also makes ornaments from beads besides greenhouse farming.

9. They are inspired by  Jim Carey, Mr. Bean, Churchill, Eric Omondi and Nyambane

10. Mtumishi comes from a single parent family. After his parents separated, he dropped out of school in Form Two and became a street boy.

11. Mchungaji was taken in by his step-mother when his mom passed on and started working in achang’aa distillery before ending up on the streets of Kakamega before coming to Nairobi where he started performing comedy on the streets, in crusades and weddings in efforts to survive.

12. They put God first.

13. Take their comedy job seriously because it earns them a living.

14. Their discipline and support from Kreative Generations members made them come this far.


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Happy Birthday!! Top Comedian Churchill Celebrates His Birthday

A day as this is one of those day’s when you thank GOD for his amazing grace and love for giving you one more year.

birthday funny

October 30th  is that day when our brother Daniel Ndambuki “Churchill” who hosts NTV show Churchill show celebrates his birthday.

churchill mwalim

Churchill says :

“Today is that day when a certain Doctoer in a Rural hospital decided to slap me for no reason and declared I’m ready to face the world.

That’s why I have been eating loads of apples to keep Docs away….:-)Yes,It’s my BIRTHDAY and all I can say is EBENEZER and To God be the Glory.”

We celebrate with you Churchill.

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