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10 Lessons We Can Learn About Churchill, Kanyari And Kenyans After Churchill Show

The interview was not that long but it sparked a conversation that will run for days till Churchill airs his program again in 2 weeks time.

kanyari on churchillshow post

Though controversial we get to learn some important lessons from the act of Churchill hosting Kanyari , Kanyari’s heretical talk and how Kenyans reacted.

1. Churchill is in the entertainment business. In as much as we complain he is there for ratings and nothing else.

2. Kanyari is a false prophet . He confessed about his actions and how he doesn’t believe in eternal life but only earthly things.

3. Kenya is a christian Nation and anything you share with them needs to be morally upright.

4. Churchill Show is not a Christian Show its a comedy show. You can’t take comedy that serious

5. Kenyans love GOD. You would have seen this from the comments that followed.

6. Money is the root of all evil. Kanyari actions are driven by money and he would do anything using the name JESUS to get his way.

7. Some Kenyans are desperate and would do anything to get money.

8. Some Kenyans do not know what the Bible says although they profess the Christian Faith.

9. As long as people laugh, its termed funny. It doesn’t matter if its moral or immoral to Comedy.

10. GOD can not be Mocked. You could see that a major section of the audience did not raise their wallets when Kanyari started praying. This negative reaction was also seen on social media.

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A Big FAIL : CHURCHILL Celebrating ‘Kanyari’ On Churchill Show Was Blasphemous And SAD

Hosting Kanyari and interviewing him would have been the wise decision for Daniel Ndambuki but the act of allowing him to blaspheme about GOD and his achievements in life was just a wrong move. Churchill had the time to watch his show and even had the chance to edit it but what did he do ? he still took it to NTV and gave the go ahead to air it.

churchill kanyari post
Courtesy : Glorious Photography


What was he thinking ? It’s just comedy and the people in Thika were laughing so its okay ? Kenyan’s will just watch , talk and move on with their lives ? Probably they might troll me but comedy is not that serious ?

These were probably the questions that guided his thoughts on that live recording and editing session that happened a day later. He never knew that he is a christian and a public figure who is looked up to by many Kenyans who love him.

Mathew 12: 31

“Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. “Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.

Galatians 6: 7

The one who is taught the word is to share all good things with the one who teaches him. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.

Churchill is a guy who believes in GOD. He has professed it on different platforms. But what happened on the live ‘Thitima’ recording ? He was celebrating and laughing while a man who has termed himself as a false prophet was mocking GOD not in front of thousands but millions watching [ because it was aired on NTV].

He kept evading the negative comments on social media by only retweeting the positive one’s. What a good PR move but in the end he knew what he was doing. He is Churchill the famous comedian who is very careful of his name and can’t want to make it dirty.

Kanyari went further to say that he willingly touched the woman’s private parts and she was not complaining. Talk of approving  that ? Lets not even talk about the part of him saying that he doesn’t preach about heaven. The guy is a false prophet and to even allow him to keep talking like that is just sad.

On the brighter side Kenyans got to know who Kanyari is and why they need to be careful on whom they reach out to as preachers but in the end many people who had a little bit of trust of Faith probably stopped trusting anymore.

This was wrong and most Kenyans including AM Live host Debarl who works at NTV was not pleased by this act. Churchill would argue that this is not a christian show but why even dare to show it to Kenyans when you know that this was a family show ?

We can’t keep allowing this to happen in-front of our kids.


Is this how low we go for ratings ? KTN Tukuza show hosts Anthony Ndiema and Kendi Ashitiva also aired their thoughts by stating :

GOD forgive us for we do not know what we do for the sake of money.

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‘You Can’t Mock GOD’ : Christians Reactions After Churchill Hosts Kanyari On #ChurchillShow

Daniel Ndambuki famously known as Churchill found himself in a tricky situation on Sunday evening when his action of hosting Kanyari on his show led to negative comments of Faith. From journalists, producers to news anchors the comments that followed his show were not so pleasant after he publicly stated that he celebrates Pastor Kanyari.

churchill kanyari post
(c) Glorious Photography


Kanyari on the show revealed that he is a false prophet who is out there to take money from people who are desperately looking for a new opportunities that are wealth related.

He even stated that he doesn’t pray for people to go to Heaven as his purpose is purely money related.

With this said, Kanyari took his comments a notch higher by stating that his purpose is all about money, inspired by the book of  Malachi 3:10 which he renamed to seed money of 310 shillings.

This what Kenyans said :


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Kenyan Hearts Touched After Churchill Offers Support For Needful Boy “Juma” [See Comments]

Last Sunday’s edition of Churchill Show will be one of the most remembered episodes after a moment of philanthropy was witnessed on air when Churchill offered support for a needful boy called Juma.

juma 1 post

GOD works in amazing ways. This is because if Churchill didn’t go for the Toto’s corner where they visit schools no one could have noticed the funny character of Juma. Behind the funny character of  Juma is a boy who  is the only man of the house as he takes care of his only parent, his mother.

Having a single parent is not easy as the mother has to play the role of the father and mother and take care of the needs of the children. The only hope they have when theirs no food or clothing is to pray to GOD.

The amazing thing is that the door that Juma’s mother had always wanted to open finally opened on Thursday evening during the live recording. As comedian Churchill together with his foundation decided to support the family by offering to take care of Juma’s  school needs. On the other hand his mother was given a cheque of Ksh.10,000 added up with another Ksh.50,000 to start a business.

juma 3

What a touching moment this was as Kenyans joined in to have they say of that moment.

Josekid Krystal Vybz ‏@VybzPalmer  12h

Nothing is impossible kwa hii dunia #churchillshow #juma

Maureen Kamari ‏@KenyanDiva4  12h

love this kid #Juma on #ChurchillShow God bless Churchill for helping him & his fam

Cynthya wairimu ‏@Cynthyawairimu  12h

#juma..God listens am so touchd..mps shoud feel ashamd there arguing abt flags on cars while kids like juma wako bila kitu

precious meisie ‏@PMeisie  12h

See how God works miracles @MwalimChurchill mungu akubariki sana.#juma u are bound for more.

chris adwar ‏@chrisadwar  12h

How did I find myself clapping in the house alone? #churchillshow + #Juma

JOSPHAT MAISH™ ‏@iCabway  12h

… Wow Thanks A Million @MwalimChurchill. For What U Did for #Juma | #ChurchillShow

An Mash◆◆ ‏@awairimu2  11h

#juma touched on so many things among them is poverty, poor education (school status), girl child empowerment, lack of mentors#Churchillshow



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