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6 Simple Ways To Make Your CHRISTMAS Party Better Especially When You Are The HOST

Hosting a Christmas party can be hectic at times especially when you are hosting family members who haven’t met each other for a long time. You don’t know what has changed between them? or what they like and so we present some facts we got from christian today on how to reduce conflict and maximize the fun.

African American Family Celebrating Thanksgiving

1. Discuss logistics ahead of time. Misunderstandings can often arise when family members have different expectations. So talk to each person in advance to find out what they are hoping will happen on the day. You may have to manage expectations if what they want just isn’t possible.

2. Agree timings with everyone. If family gatherings tend to be stressful I’d recommend limiting the time spent together. Better to leave everyone wanting more, and hopefully still smiling, than to allow too much time for emotions to boil over and for people to say things they may later regret.

3. Anticipate and reduce sources of conflict. Think about who upsets whom or what normally provokes discord in the family and try to reduce the triggers. You won’t be able to predict every argument or upset but it is worth making an effort to remove any obvious catalysts. For example, if there’s an uncle who gets over excitable, rude or boring after too many drinks, make sure the bottle isn’t too accessible.

4. Keep everyone occupied. Give yourself a break and others something to do by sharing out the jobs. If people are busy it will help them feel that they are contributing, but it will also mean that they have something to do if they are feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

Introducing games or a theme is another way to give people a focus. I recently read about a family who asked everyone to dress in blue, the decorations were all blue and they drank blue drinks. Apparently it gave people a talking point and the feared arguments between various ex-partners were miraculously avoided.

5. Choose to love. Sometimes it is worth actively choosing to love our difficult family members, even when we really don’t feel like it or don’t believe they deserve it. What better time than the season of goodwill to offer grace to others? We can’t change our tricky relatives but we do have the power to alter the way we react towards them. Ask God to give you the grace to react in a different way.

6. And finally, don’t expect perfection. If things go wrong – as they probably will – keep your sense of humour. There’s nothing like having a few laughs to break the tension.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Over-Eat This Christmas

At this time of year, we’re all guilty of a little festive indulgence.  According to a study people gain an average of almost half a stone over Christmas period, with many of us consuming around 6,000 calories on Christmas Day alone!


Bad eating habits – such as sugar addiction, thoughtless snacking and a tendency to take 2nd or 3rd helpings without even thinking – go into overdrive at this time of year.

So how can we pay more attention to what we’re putting into our bodies – to enjoy the festive season without thoughtless over-indulgence?

Mindful eating helps people to make conscious food choices by becoming more aware of hunger cues and cultivating self-acceptance.

Here is how we can reduce over-eating.



At meal times, put away your phone, turn off the TV, and ask any family or flatmates to pipe down as you sit down to dinner.

While going through an entire meal in pure silence may be a bit much for most of us, just deciding to spend the first 3-5 minutes of a meal in peaceful contemplation of each tasty morsel can be enough.

Come To Your Senses

Before you dig into your meal, have a mindful moment with it.

Sit down, tune into your stomach and notice how hungry you feel. Then look at the food and really study its colours, the shape and textures. Before you take the first bite, close your eyes, inhale deeply and savor the fragrant aroma.

Switch Hands

If you’re a righty, how about putting your fork or spoon in your left hand for a change?

You’ll have to work a little harder on hand-mouth coordination, which will shift you out of autopilot or mindless eating (i.e. wolfing down your lunch in seconds) into mindful eating which involves eating consciously, staying more focused during mealtimes and, ultimately, eating less while still feeling satisfied.

Chew It Over

Putting your fork down between bites of food is a great way of making sure you take the time to chew your food properly, rather than letting yourself mindlessly pick at your plate for your next bite.

Know When To Stop

How do you know when it’s the end of meal time? Do you listen to external cues or your own internal ones?

External cues are things like your waiter removing your plate, the end of lunch hour, or an empty bag of popcorn. It’s important to listen to internal cues like feeling full, considering the portion size that’s right for you, or feeling thirsty.

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10 Ways On How To Plan For A Great Christmas

Christmas can be a very stressful time. It is a frenzied season full of expectations and obligations. Decorations need to be put up, baking has to be done, presents have to be purchased and relatives must be visited. It is quite possible that in a season where you should experience peace and joy you may miss out on all of it. Here are ten steps you can take to manage yourself this Christmas season.

Christmas-shopping 1

1. Establish Your Priorities

This is the time when we celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world. Whatever else may beckon for your attention the most important thing is the spiritual. Luke 2:10-11 tells us, “But the angel said, ‘Don’t be afraid! I have good news for you, which will make everyone happy. This very day in King David’s hometown a Savior was born for you. He is Christ the Lord.'” Because of Jesus our imperfection can be replaced with Christ’s perfection, we can be forgiven and begin a relationship with God. We can know inner peace, joy greater than mere happiness and learn to love others as Christ loves us. We can have hope knowing God has a purpose and plan for our lives. All of this is because Jesus was born.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

We all want the season to be filled with happiness but the reality is that may not be possible. There are factors beyond our control that can negatively impact any Christmas celebration. Job loss, health issues, family problems do not disappear because it is Christmas. Be prepared that things may not turn out exactly the way you want or expect.

3. Keep Spending Under Control

Establishing a budget for Christmas is crucial to managing stress. Knowing how much you can afford and sticking to your budget will make your holiday a whole lot better. Spend only what you have saved for buying presents and avoid using credit cards. In the end Christmas is about relationships and memories not material things.

4. Guard Against Perfectionism

Even people who are not perfectionists can get wrapped up in wanting everything to be perfect at Christmas. Much like a wedding, if you are not careful you can get so stressed out over every detail that you miss out on enjoying the celebration. Striving for perfection in your gift giving, decorations and events can leave you frustrated and exhausted.

5. Ask For Help

If you feel overwhelmed with all that you have to do ask others to help you. Being a martyr will not make your holiday better. Let the people who care about you know that your stress level is too high and ask for their assistance to get everything done.

6. Practice Moderation In Activities

You simply cannot attend every party or event. You need to say “no” to those activities that you can’t fit into your schedule. There must be enough time for relaxation and rest. Don’t overdo anything (even the good stuff) and realize that you can’t do everything.

7. Maintain Your Perspective

The reality is that the Christmas season lasts a fairly short time and then life returns to normal. The extra stress you are experiencing is not unending and will pass sooner than you realize. Certain challenging situations brought on by family or finances will only be for this brief season and then life returns to normal.

8. Continue Healthy Habits

Your schedule can get pretty jumbled during the holidays. It is easy to let certain positive habits slip away. Exercising is a proven stress reducer and should be done consistently throughout the Christmas season. Getting enough sleep is crucial to looking and feeling your best. As tempting as it is, don’t overdue it with too much eating or drinking.

9. Have Some Fun

Make sure to have time for the things you truly enjoy at Christmas. Do the fun stuff this season provides. Whether that is a favorite holiday movie, special tree lighting, feeding the homeless or trip to the city those activities should be highlights of your Christmas season.

10. Remember The Reason

After all the parties, shopping and events Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. His teachings and His example are what we should follow. Showing God’s love to others, serving those in need and giving gifts is what Christmas really is. Wrap up your Christmas season at a Christmas Eve service and you will truly experience a less stress Christmas.

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