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Umenifanya Ning’are : Christina Shusho Unveils Her New Look As She Goes NATURAL

Award winning gospel singer Christina Shusho unveiled her new look as she called in on a professional photographer to capture the new classy look of her.

Doesn’t she look lovely ?

shusho swag 3 shusho swag shusho swa shusho natural 1 shusho natural

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Christina Shusho’s New Album ‘Ongoza Hatua Zangu’ Is Now Out

Christina Shusho finally got to launch her new album “Ongoza Hatua Zangu” this past weekend and now her followers can grab a copy for themselves. The album is being distributed by PAN LTD and can be found in any music store in Kenya such as Kassanga’s music stores.

shusho album 2015

The song has a total of 8 songs featuring her latest song called Ning’are.

ongoza album shusho

For local deliveries within the CBD, and more inquires contact 0721502965.

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Much Respect : Christina Shusho Honors The 1st Radio Presenter To Ever Play Her Album On Air

christina video post

Award winning gospel singer Christina Shusho on Monday honored the 1st radio presenter to ever play her album on radio. Pastor Haris of clouds FM was celebrated by Christina Shusho for accepting her request of playing her music back then when she was still starting music as a gospel artiste.

christina clouds fm

Christina Shusho since then has gone to win several awards around the globe and with humility that Shusho has, she could not forget to give thanks to someone who respected her.

She said :

Much respect pastor Haris kapiga, niko hapa kwa sababu you accepted my humble beginning. Wewe ndio radio presenter wa kwanza at that time,kupeleka wimbo wangu and my first album on air.
Nimejifunza kuheshimu kila mtu. Mungu akubariki ili pia uendelee kusaidia wa tanzania wengine.

Christina Shusho on this past weekend launched her new album in Tanzania.


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Unanifanya Ning’are : Thousands Expected To Grace Christina Shusho’s Album Launch In Tanzania

Award winning gospel singer Christina Shusho who is famed for songs such as Napenda , Wakuabudiwa , Nataka Nimjue among others will be giving her fans in Tanzania something worth remembering when she gives a sneak peak of her new albums this weekend.

christina shusho post

Christina Shusho who recently released a new video called Ninang’ara that was directed and produced here in Kenya will be leading her followers in worship and praise when she launches her album at the grounds of the Pentecostal Church in Tabata Kisiwani.

christina albums

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She Does It Again : Christina Shusho Releases A New Video “Ninang’ara” [WATCH]

Award winning gospel singer Christina Shusho has released a new video called Ninang’ara coming after she released Nataka Nimjue. This is a new video from her new album in which she praises Jesus Christ for making her shine and be the light among men.
christina video post

The chorus goes like :

Umenifanya ninga’re………….
Inuka uangaze we nuru yako imekuja
utukufu wa Bwana umekuzukia we
mataifa watakujia,wafalme watakuja,
Utukufu wa Bwana umekuzukia we (*2)


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Christina Meets Jakaya : Christina Shusho Was So Humbled When She Met H.E President Jakaya Kikwete

Award winning gospel singer Christina Shusho had the most rare opportunity of meeting the president of Tanzania H.E Jakaya Kikwete. One of the most respected and loved gospel singers in East Africa she is and on this special occasion she met with the leader of her nation Tanzania.

christina shusho jakaya kikwete

Christina Shusho whose songs are 90% worship is seen as one of the most consistent singers in Tanzania and East Africa with her songs scooping several awards in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Her music has really grown to a new height in the past decade to the point that she confessed that Muslims are his major listeners in Tanzania currently.

Even the president of Tanzania who is also loved by many in East Africa was so much humbled to meet her that they shared a light moment together.


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“Napokea Kwako , Yesu Napokea Kwako” : Janet Otieno Gets Awarded For Collabo Of The Year With Celebrated Christina Shusho

With just a year in the gospel ministry the light of Janet Otieno was meant to shine at the right time after she did a collabo with award-winning gospel singer Christina Shusho from Tanzania. Napokea Kwako was the song that the two friends did together and now Janet is thanking GOD for the great award the song won last weekend.

janet churchill  post

Napokea Kwako was recently awarded for the collabo of the year at the just ended Mwafaka Awards 2014 making it to be one of the great songs that brought two artistes from Kenya and Tanzania together.

Shusho Janet


Quite soft spoken she is but Janet Otieno has since then been able to establish her self as a worship singer whose music ministry could only be bigger and better.

She went on to thank Almighty GOD for her award and the fans who have supported her music since she started back then in April 2013 by writing this tribute below :

“Thank you Everyone for your Support!! Yesterday I won a “Mwafaka Award” in the category of “Collabo Of The Year”… Surely, Wakati ni uu huu waku barikiwa, Zamu ni yangu sasa kupokea ,Nimechoshwa na shida za dunia, Napokea Kwako Baba Napokea Kwako, Napokea Kwako Baba Napokea kwako!!”

The award marked Janet’s first ever gospel award in Kenya and she plans to continue praising and serving GOD as will be seen in her new video “Heshima”.


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Incase You Missed It : Christina Shusho Leads Nairobi To Worship On The Break Of 2014 [WATCH]

christina shusho worship post

Award winning worship singer , mentor, mother and role model Christina Shusho is one lady that touches the hearts of many. On the break of 2014 at the Kasarani stadium Christina Shusho was hosted by Mo Sound Ltd on their annual new years eve event dubbed “Groove Party”.

chrisrtina groove post

Leading in worship is Christina Shusho having her moment accompanied by Geraldine and Jannet Otieno whom they have done songs together. For that moment the whole crowds attention was grabbed and focused on GOD as they took to stage to worship GOD.

Having such an experience was amazing and a blessing to many and you can watch it here .

Events Kenya Gospel Events

(Photos) Check How Christina Shusho Is Preparing For Her Biggest Live Recording Concert

Award winning gospel singer is set to to host her 1st Live recording concert after winning AGMA awards in 2012 for her new album Nataka Nimjue.


Set for the biggest audience ever in Tanzania this will for sure be a blessing to the attendees from all over East Africa.

christina shusho live post


CCC Upanga is the venue where the launch will be and we give you a sneak peak on how Christina Shusho is preparing for the Launch. (c) UJ

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Christina Shusho To Host The Biggest Live Recording Worship Concert For Her Latest Album

We love Christina Shusho for her songs which make us sing and deeply worship GOD for his amazing grace and now East Africa will be worshiping during her live concert.

christina shusho post

Nataka Nimjue is Christina Shusho’s latest Album set to be one of the biggest gospel concerts in Tanzania. The album consisting of songs that she has recently released says her manager will be a live recording which will be produced and directed by award winning super producer J Blessing of Link Video Global.

nataka nimjue shsuho

Date set is 24th November at CCC Upanga will be the worship event in conjunction with singer Joshua Mlelwa and renown artistes from Kenya and Tanzania are expected to perform.


Award Winning Worship Singer “Christina Shusho” To Headline A Gala In Nairobi

Known for her songs Unimbuke , Waku abudiwa , Mtetezi Wangu , Napenda , Napokea Kwako and lately  Nataka Nimjue , Christina Shusho will be coming back to Nairobi to further her ministry through the word of GOD.

christina shusho post

Ministry is her main objective since she gave her life to Christ  and working as a helper in Church.  Church is where her heart is and through that she will be ministering at the Mr and Mr.s St. Paul’s University Gala Night set for November 9th 2013.

Last year the Gala night was a great success as Dj Mo , Eko Dydda , Willy Paul , Dk and Alice Kamande headlined the gala night 2012. Now to bring much light to the students which is the word of GOD the St. Paul’s administration has decided to bring a lovely worship singer and to that an award winning gospel artiste Christina Shusho.

Shusho thumb

This will for sure go in hand with Christina Shusho as she loves modelling and also opened a modelling agency in Tanzania.

Keep it locked for more confirmation and news about Christina Shusho fam!!

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Christina Shusho Spent 4 Million Shillings On Her New Video Directed By J Blessing

Renown gospel singer Christina Shusho who is an award winning gospel singer from Groove Awards, AGMA among others is truly a lovely woman of Faith.


In the year 2013 she did something she has never done before I would say because she invested in quality in her new video. Something many of us who watch and listen to her music have not seen as I will show you below.

On the hand video director J Blessing of Link Video Global has been the new spot for many artistes from not only Kenya but also East Africa. Moving from Kenya to USA to further his skills in cinematography that was the turning point in his directing skills of music videos , tv shows and tv commercials.

j blessing

Now Christina Shusho on her recent interview with a Tanzania Blog it is revealed that she spent 4 Million Tz Shillings in her new video “Nataka Nimjue” which was directed by J Blessing shot at the Boma.

j blessing shusho

The video was launched by Uliza Links and now has over 43,000 views.

Watch below


Lyrics Of “Nataka Nimjue” By Christina Shusho

Shusho thumb

Here Are The Lyrics Of Nataka Nimjue By Christina Shusho

Nataka Nimjue

Nataka Nimjue ee

Mimi Nataka Nimjue

Mwenzenu Nataka Nimjue Oo Yesu Ooh Yesu Ooh YesuWee



Nataka Nimjue

Mimi Nataka Nimjue

Huyu Yesu Wee

Zaidi Nataka Nimjue

Mwenzenu Nataka Nimjue Bwana Wangu x2


Verse 1

I thought I Knew You Already Lakini Nimegundua Bado Ee

The More I Go Deep Ndio Natambua Bado Sijakujua

Mbona Surprise Surprise Kila Leo Wee

Style Lililo Jana Sikama Ya Leo Wee

Matendo Uliyotenda Jana Mbona Si Ya Leo

Everyday Surprise Surprise Surprise Ooh

Nataka Nimjue

Mimi Nataka Nimjue

Zaidi Nataka Nimjue

Nimeona Alivyofuta Machozi Pale Sikama Hapa

Mbona Alivyotembelea Nyumba Ile Si Kama Kwangu

Na Vile Alivyonisemesha Jana Si Kama Leo

Ishara Nilizo ziona Jana Si Kama Za Leo

Mgonjwa Alivyo  Mponya Jana Si Kama Huyu Wa Leo

Mara Huyu Jitwike Godoro Lako Uende Mara Imani Yako Imekuponya.

Mimi Nataka Nimjue

Mwenzenu Nataka Nimjue

Zaidi Nataka Nimjue , Nimjue


Nataka Nimjue 

Mimi Nataka Nimjue

Huyu Yesu Wee

Zaidi Nataka Nimjue

Mwenzenu Nataka Nimjue Bwana Wangu x2

Verse 2

Eeh Mungu Kumbe Jina Lako Jingine Wewe Waitwa Rejected

Ukitegwa Na Jamii Wewe Ujue Hiyo Ni Ishara Yake

Ukiona Mawimbi Yamezidi Usiogope Yuko Ndani Ya Boat

Mungu Hajachoshwa Nawe Anampango Na Wewe

Usikate Tamaa Usirudi Nyuma Anampango Na Wee

Jangwa Unalopitia Kumbe Anampango Na Wee

Maumivu Unayosikia Anatengeza Chombo Kipya

Adui Unawaona Leo Kamwe Hutawaona Tena.

Eeh Nataka Nimjue

Mimi Nataka Nimjue

Zaidi Nataka Nimjue

Kumbuka Mawazo Ya Mungu Si Kama Yetu ee

Wala Akili Zake Si Kama Zetu Wee

Si Mpango Wa Mungu Hata Mmoja Apotee

Aliporuhusu Jaribu Hilo Alijua Unaweza

Ujue Jicho Lako Lalingana Na Imani Yako

The Greater Your Test, The Greater Your Testimony

Eeeh Mi Nataka Nimjue Eeeh

Nataka Nimjue Mwanaume Huyu

Ambaye Hata Upepo Na Bahari Zinamtii

Nataka Nimjue

Zaidi Nataka Nimjue ,Nimjue, Nimjue Yesu


Nataka Nimjue ( Nimjue Bwana)

Mimi Nataka Nimjue (Mwenzenu Nataka Nimjue  Yesu)

Huyu Yesu Wee

Zaidi Nataka Nimjue

(Moyo Wangu Watamani)

Mwenzenu Nataka Nimjue Bwana Wangu x2


Nataka Nimjue, Yesuuu

Mwenzenu Nataka Nimjue Bwana Wangu


Nataka Nimjue

Mimi Nataka Nimjue

Huyu Yesu Wee

Zaidi Nataka Nimjue (Zaidi Zaidi)

Mwenzenu Nataka Nimjue Bwana Wangu x2












Christina Shusho : Kenyan Gospel Music Is Getting Worse As Its More Of “Gospel Entertainment’

Gospel Worship singer Christina Shusho is a mother, a lover Of GOD and also a mentor to many gospel musicians not only in her country Tanzania but also in Kenya.


She was awarded Groove Awards Tanzania  Artiste of the year 2013 on 1st June and on Sunday the 2nd, she had an interesting interview on Tukuza Tv On KTN.

As a minister of the word she could not avoid to say what she feels is being done right and wrong in the current urban gospel music.

One of the points she made out clear is that : “The Kenya Gospel Music is getting worse rather than good as  Kenya gospel artistes are not singing bad songs only that its more of entertainment gospel.

The sad point is that gospel music has now gone main stream and that’s where we ask are doing the right thing such that the world also now loves us?

To quote her in Swahili she said: “Kenyans artistes are making gospel music worse rather than good as a variety of Kenyan gospel artistes are bringing more of the world entertainment music in the current gospel rather than worship.”

Further she said : ” A multiple of Kenyan Gospel artistes do not focus on saving the soul of the listener when recording the song in the studio, rather most focus on entertaining the audience on stage performance.”

Christina was bold to say her version of the gospel by saying that gospel musicians in Kenya need to look up to the Kenyan gospel icons including : Mary Atieno , Sarah K ,Emmy Kosgei, Daddy Owen and many others as their mentors.

Her friend Geraldine Odour also echoed her words in adding that : “The current dance moves are just not right. As you cannot possibly differentiate between gospel dance and secular dance in a video  if you mute the volume of the video playing.”

This is something our artistes need to look out for , because if we become mainstream then we are just another industry as secular industry as Mag44 said.

Romans 1:16 :

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Nipe Macho – Christina Shusho


Music Alert!! (Sneak Peek): Christina Shusho New Song “Nataka Nimjue” (Listen)

We always keep our eyes open to spread the word to a higher level more than any one can imagine. Its not an easy Job but we do it for Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Shusho thumb

On Christina Shusho our mum in worship music has done a new song by the name Nataka Nimjue which is from her upcoming Album . As our source has put it.

Earlier we had also written about her new song call it collaboration with Janet Otieno named Napokea Kwako. We are just touched by all the songs Shusho composes describing it as cool type worship music that makes you want to connect more with Christ or better still to feel the touch of GOD.

Here is the sneak peek of Nataka Nimjue by Christina Shusho . Will keep you posted when we get the original song and any other information regarding the gospel of Jesus.



Music Alert!! : Upendo Nkone Christina Shusho Bukuku And Rose Muhando Peace Song (Listen Here)

These lovely women of faith always amaze you by their singing not only are they full of passion in singing to the Lord but they also have the Love for their country. They did a peace song initiated by David Robert, a while back meant to put their country together from the force of division of Peace.

iponye shusho

The song is Called “Iponye Tanzania” and is done by different artistes from the gospel ministry in Tanzania and they include : Upendo Nkone, Christina Shusho, Rose Muhando, Bahati Bukuku, Masanja Mkandamizaji,Jennifer Mgendi ,Flora Mbasha,Martha Mwaipaja and Upendo Kilahilo. 

From our source we have the exclusive music by the artists but most importantly is to say we are humbled by the efforts of all these artistes , directed towards the good of their country.

Here is the Song Iponye Tanzania Exclusive on Uliza Links


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