Over 20,000 Muslims Convert to Christianity (Here Is Why)

Christianity is developing quickly in the for the most part Muslim nation of Bangladesh; so quickly that it’s turning into an issue for Islamic leaders in the nation.

“Over the most recent 12 months, more than 20,000 Muslims have changed over to Christianity. More than 20,000 have changed over and this is turning into a genuine issue for the Muslims,” one ex-Muslim disclosed to Christian Freedom International.

A large number of these Muslim proselytes confront tremendous oppression for leaving Islam.

Minister Rafiqul Islam is one of the a huge number of Christians who abandoned their Muslim confidence for Christ. He lost his family and his organizations not long after in the wake of changing over, and was nearly beaten in the road by leaders of his neighborhood mosque.

Regardless of the abuse, he says he won’t quit educating his neighbors concerning “Eternal life in Jesus Christ.”

Despite the fact that Christians make up under 1 percent of the populace in Bangladesh, the numbers are developing quickly. Minister Rafiqul has seen several Muslims convert over to Christianity with his own eyes.

“Numerous Muslims are changing over. For the most part in the country ranges.” he said. “More individuals are converting  consistently. Despite the fact that we are oppressed, we are preaching the Good News.”

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R.I.P : Muslim Who Shielded Christians During Mandera Attack Passes On

This act was probably something that many did not expect, an action of love from a Muslim to a Christian, probably compared to the story in the Bible where Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well. Mr Salah Sabdow Farah was one of the Muslims who stood for the right of life for Christians and through that he was shot by Al-Shabaab Militants while protecting the life of others he termed family but from a different faith.

Photo Courtesy : (c) Mr Salah when he was admitted at KNH in December 2015
Photo Courtesy : (c) Mr Salah when he was admitted at KNH in December 2015

Sadly Mr Salah succumbed to his injury on Monday morning at Kenyatta Hospital after being admitted earlier in December 2015.

Alshabab Gun Men
Alshabab Gun Men

Muslims who had boarded the bus of 62 passengers shouted at the terrorists, saying Christians should be left alone, forcing the militants to panic and flee.

The body was later taken to South C in Nairobi for prayers and burial was done at the Lang’ata Cemetery on the same day, him being a Muslim.

Mr Farah sustained injuries in his arm and hip bone, where a bullet was lodged but would be later removed through surgery.

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TAKE THIS CAR : Gospel Artiste Buys His Pastor A 15 Million Worth Mercedes Benz

Gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane shocked many this week when he bought a  R1.9 million (Ksh 15 million) car as a gift for a pastor who he says saved his live after suffering a heart attack.

benz gospel star post

The Kulungile Baba hitmaker who resides in South Africa told the Daily Sun on Wednesday that while he laid in bed with death looking over his shoulder after the heart attack at his house in Durban, “Reverend Francis raced over to my home and prayed for me.”

Pastor Anosike is the leader of the Rock Of Victory Ministries International church in Newtown, Johannesburg.


“I don’t even own such a car myself, but I have no problem with it,” he told the newspaper. “It is not important how much I give because it is worth nothing when compared to what God has done for me.”

“I didn’t want the media to find out,” he said.

The glittering ceremony to hand over the key of the white AMG Mercedes-Benz GL 63 V8 to Reverend Francis Anosike and his wife took place at the church.

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So You Can PREACH ? : A New TV Show Aims To Award ‘The Next BIG Christian Preacher’

For Christians who dream of becoming a famous preacher like T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen or Benny Hinn, there’s a new TV reality show that could help them realize their aspiration.

T.-D.-Jakes post

The show is called “So You Think You Can Preach.” Its producers are looking for individuals aged 16 to 35 years old who have the ability to inspire people longing to connect to God. It will be hosted by Greg Davis and Courtney Lane Maki.

The target audience of “So You Think You Can Preach” will be Christians who regularly attend church services.

joel osteen preaching post

“Many can speak into a microphone, but how many can inspire, change lives and create that bond that is needed to have one turn their life around by the message that they will deliver during the Live Shows?” the show’s website reads.

The grand winner of the show will receive a lifetime opportunity preaching at two megachurches, together with $25,000 in cash and a new car.

People have been expressing mixed feelings regarding the show, according to Charisma News.

“First they started with competition in worship, now it’s competition in the pulpit? There is no competition in the kingdom of heaven! If you’re concerned about becoming the ‘next big thing,’ check your heart! ‘Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31),” Nia Bullock wrote on Facebook.

Jawn Murray adds: “No! No! NO! No more preachers on realityTV! ‪#‎RealityTV‪#‎preachers ‪#‎church.”

On the other hand, Corletta J. Vaughn said “So You Can Preach” is a fantastic idea. “I love this… Go ahead Holy Spirit and get the Word of God out there by any means necessary! Wow … How strategic!” she wrote on Facebook.

Source : Christian Today

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5 Things Christians Should STOP Saying On Facebook

Despite the flaws of social media, it can be a powerful force to share God’s amazing love over the long run. Our witness can be deeply powerful when our unbelieving friends see our continued faithfulness year after year and our hope of glory in the midst of pain (Colossians 1:27).
But that doesn’t mean everything we share on Facebook contributes to this witness. In fact, there are some types of updates we Christians share that, for the most part, do more damage than good.


Here are five status update traps to avoid:

1. Pastor So-and-So is a Big Ol’ Heretic

Imagine, if you will, your unbelieving friends tap into their Facebook app, and the first update they see is you complaining (again) about that pastor you love to complain about. You know the one. You mention, for the third time this week, another thing he taught that is heretical, and you make sure everyone knows it.
First of all, we absolutely must call out false teaching. Jesus laid the groundwork for this when He rebuked the Pharisees and scribes for their hypocrisy (Matthew 23). Paul and John weren’t afraid to point out many false teachers in their letters. So, that’s not the issue.
The issue is that your unbelieving friends don’t know all this. What they see, instead, is one Christian attacking another Christian for what seems like a minor matter. Such updates make it look like we spend most of our time beating each other up instead of doing that “love thing” we claim to do. (Think about how Pilate and other Roman officials responded to the complaints the Jews brought against Jesus and Paul. They didn’t see the difference; they just saw what looked like petty jealousy and bickering to them.)
Calling out false teaching is much better done in personal settings with other believers or in a private way with someone who isn’t a believer—and usually when you have time to really explain. The context is very important here. Slapping it all over Facebook makes the church seem hypocritical and hyper-judgmental.

2. Some People Just Don’t Know How Much Pain They Cause

Trust us. We get it. Someone talks about you behind your back or lies to your face. It makes you mad. You want to vent, but you don’t necessarily want to give all the details to everyone. So, up on Facebook goes a passive-aggressive post that you hope the person sees.
Maybe they will, or maybe they won’t. Either way, this isn’t what Jesus meant about us approaching that person privately to discuss the problem (Matthew 18:15–18). More than likely, you’ve made your innocent friends feel like maybe they were the ones who hurt you in some way, but they don’t know how. Now they’re paranoid.
If you need to vent, do it to someone you trust in person so that they can bear your burden (Galatians 6:2). Don’t post that vague status update.

3. Something Terrible Just Happened to So-and-So. Please Pray for the Family.

Requests for prayer can be very tricky matters on Facebook. For one thing, always-on Internet means that we can now get updates in seconds. That adds a new level of responsibility, especially in tragedy.
When something bad happens, we want people to be praying for those involved. That’s a good thing. But if we post an update about it on Facebook as soon as it happens, there’s a very good chance that family members and close friends who haven’t been notified yet could get the news through cold digital bits along with lots of strangers. That makes it even worse—especially if they don’t know all the details. At that point, our prayer request doesn’t bring the comfort we’re supposed to bring (1 Corinthians 1:3–4).
It’s much better for us to hold off on the post until we’re sure everyone knows the news (but see the next point). If you need to get prayer warriors going, text or call them directly.

4. Please Pray for So-and-So’s Failing Marriage and the Bad Rash on His Back

Another potential problem with Facebook prayer requests is TMI (too much information). Most of the time, we like to be specific about what we’re asking prayer for, and there’s nothing wrong with pointing to a specific need (Philippians 4:6)—in the right setting.
Not every single one of your hundreds of friends needs to know all the details about a sickness, relationship struggle, or other personal matter. In fact, those details could cause problems later for the people you want to help. (Remember that whatever you post on Facebook will likely be “out there” forever—even if you think you deleted it.)
It would be much better for us Christians to gather together in person and pray for these needs. Grab friends and family who know the details and pray right there with the people who need it (James 5:16). If they don’t live close by, use FaceTime or Skype.

5. If You Don’t Support Such-and-Such Cause/Candidate, Just Unfriend Me Now!!!

Court rulings, elections, and world events can certainly get us mad and make us want to take to social media to explain just how mad we are. But no cause should be more important to a Christian than the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19–20). Court rulings and elected officials come and go, but making disciples lasts forever.
When we post our anger on Facebook, we can—unwittingly—give our unbelieving friends the idea that what’s most important to us is politics. They may think that being a Christian means having a certain set of political opinions—not a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Worse yet, they might take you up on your offer to stop listening to you by unfriending you. That’s one less Christian witness in their lives.
That doesn’t mean we should never post on controversial topics. Instead, it means that we must weigh our words very carefully and speak the truth with gentleness (1 Peter 3:15). Lashing out or making threats to unfriend does not qualify. (If someone in particular bothers you, you can always “unfollow” their updates for a time.)
You’ll probably get mad at something that happens, and maybe an unbelieving friend will post something about it that drives you to distraction. But—and this is big—they aren’t saved. They’ve been blinded by the god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:4). Show them grace. They need it—even if you’re sure they’re wrong.

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4 Christian Cliches You Might Need To Stop Using

  1. All sins are the same. No sin is worse than any other.
    While all sin is an offense to a perfect God, some sins do much more damage than others. That’s why in the Old Testament, “different penalties and consequences are assigned to different kinds of transgressions.”

  2. God isn’t interested in making you happy; He’s interested in making you holy.
    The problem with this one? It pits holiness and happiness against each other, as if they were opposites. Instead, we must learn to change our perspective on what happiness actually means:
    “True happiness is not about us. It’s about God. It’s about being united with Him, which leads to wisdom and righteousness.”

  3. During times of suffering, you’ll be closer to God because you have to depend on Him more.
    You may feel closer in your suffering, Duncan says, but you may not. The Bible is filled with examples of both. The point is that we’re to seek and praise God no matter what—not to heap on shame if they don’t have the “right” feeling.

  4. If God feels distant, guess who moved?
    This is really like blaming the suffering person instead of embracing her. God may move away for His own mysterious reasons, and we just can’t be sure. “Don’t add to people’s pain by automatically declaring them guilty.”

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A Professor Accused of Failing A Christian Student For Not Believing In ‘Atheism’

Christian Today

Failed test - college concept
Failed test – college concept

A college professor in the US has been accused of “outrageous bias and outright hostility” after allegedly failing a student for refusing to argue against her religious beliefs in a number of essays.

According to Liberty Counsel, a non-profit law firm specialising in religious freedom, Professor Lance “LJ” Russum of Polk State College in Florida “bullied” a 16-year-old Christian student identified only as GL.

The student “refused to conform to his [Russum’s] personal worldviews of Marxism, Atheism, Feminism, and homosexuality,” a press release from the law firm states.

“Professor Russum expressed blatant and pervasive anti-Christian bias throughout the class, such as the following essay question: ‘Why did Christianity, and its male gods, seek to silence these women [the nuns]?’

“In other essays where GL refused to concede that Christianity was false, violent, or oppressive to women; that Martin Luther’s motivations for the Reformation were wholly secular; and that Michalengelo’s sculptures and paintings communicated that ‘same-sex relationship is NOT A SIN,’ Mr Russum gave her a total of four straight zeros.

“Russum’s classroom behavior is a reflection of his personal biases.”

A blog post on Fox News likened the situation to the 2014 film God’s Not Dead, in which a professor threatens to fail a student who refuses to deny the existence of God. A Liberty Counsel lawyer, Richard Mast, told Campus Reform that the case “reflects a growing hostility towards religion–Christianity in particular.”

“In this age of grade inflation it is difficult to earn a grade of zero much less four consecutive zeros. Professors who do so are likely to be sending a message,” Dr Mike Adams, a professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington also told Campus Reform.

“A cursory examination of this professor’s test questions leaves little doubt about what that message is. The school would be foolish to ignore reasonable requests for an independent investigation. Otherwise they may be on the receiving end of another kind of message in the form of a civil complaint.”

The accusations are as yet unverified, however. Liberty Counsel has called on Polk State College to investigate Russum and his curriculum.

(c) Christianity Today

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Traumatized Families Of The 21 Christians Who Were Beheaded By Extremists Gather To Mourn

Thousands of traumatised mourners gathered on Monday at the Coptic church in al-Our village south of Cairo, struggling to come to terms with the fate of compatriots who paid a gruesome price for simply seeking work in Libya.
21 christians beheaded post

Thirteen of 21 Egyptians beheaded by Islamic State came from the impoverished dirt lanes of al-Our, violence that prompted the Egyptian military to launch an air strike on Islamic State militant targets in Libya.

One man was in denial at the death of his son.

“Oh Kerollos, this is your wedding party … I’m very sorry my son, because I did not have enough money to keep you from going to this place,” he moaned.

Black banners hung on the walls of the Church of the Virgin Mary, proclaiming “Egypt rise up, the blood of your martyrs is calling for you to take revenge”. Relatives fainted from grief.

Pictures of the victims were laid out beside images of Jesus. There were no coffins because the bodies of the victims, who were dressed in orange jumpsuits, forced to kneel on a beach and were then beheaded, were not returned home.

Sheikhs from al Azhar, Egypt’s main centre of Islamic learning which condemned the beheadings, joined the mourning.

Many could not fathom why men who simply wanted to support their families back home would be butchered by Islamic State, the ultra-orthodox militant group that took over parts of Syria and Iraq and has now expanded its operations to Libya.

“They are not humans. They are monsters. They are holding unarmed people (who) were going to bring bread for their families,” said Father Tawadros, pastor of the church.

Facing grim economic prospects at home, many desperate young Egyptians seek jobs in Libya, a country sliding into lawlessness where armed groups battle for control and dozens of their compatriots have been kidnapped.

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People Of The CROSS : 21 Christians Beheaded By Islamic Extremists Leading To Tears And Prayers

Fighters pledging allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have released a video purporting to show the killing of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians kidnapped in Libya.

21 christians beheaded

The Egyptian government and the Coptic Church confirmed the authenticity of the footage, released on Sunday.
It showed the Egyptian workers, all wearing orange jump suits, being beheaded near a waterfront said to be located in the Libyan province of Tripoli.

The men were seized in two attacks in December and January from the coastal town of Sirte in eastern Libya.
Al-Azhar stresses that such barbaric action has nothing to do with any religion or human values.
Al-Azhar , centre of Islamic learning

In the wake of the video release, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi called for an urgent meeting of Egypt’s top national security team and declared seven days of mourning.

“Egypt reserves the right to respond in a suitable way and time to punish these murderers,” Sisi said in a televised speech.

Later, state television reported that Egypt’s military had bombed ISIL targets in Libya at dawn on Monday.
The Coptic Orthodox Church issued a statement saying it was “confident” the killers would be brought to justice.
Al-Azhar, the prestigious Cairo-based seat of Islamic learning, denounced the “barbaric” killings.

“Al-Azhar stresses that such barbaric action has nothing to do with any religion or human values,” it said in a statement.

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Where Is Kenya ? : Top 6 Countries With Highest Population Of CHRISTIANS

Presently, the 21st century Christianity is considered the biggest religion in the world. A recent comprehensive study around more than 200 countries showed that there are more than 3.3 billion followers out of the total seven billions of population in the world.

iraq-christian church

From all three groups Catholic is the Biggest group followed into the diverse nations of the world. About a century ago European countries were considered the home of Christians as compared to the other places but now only 26% Christian are founded in the Europe so currently America is considered the Hub of Christians around the globe With more than 37% worshipers.

  1. Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most religious countries around the globe. It is widely recognized as the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Abuja is the capital and Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria. More than 80,281,000 Christianity followers are making it the 6th largest country with the highest catholic followers.

  1. Philippines

A country recognized for bringing up the best love series termed soap operas. Rarely in their programs will you see another religion if its not Christianity. The country has a total of 86,530,000 Christians.

  1. Indonesia
    Indonesia is officially recognized as the Republic of Indonesia which is the largest Muslim country in the world , after Islam, The Christianity is the second largest religion in Indonesia therefore Indonesia stands at fourth rank as the largest Christianity followers over 1251,160,124 are obeying the catholic beliefs.


  1. Russia

One of the powerful European Nations that has been recognized in matters of war. Russia has a total of 105,775,000 Christians.

  1. Mexico

Mexico has a total of 107,095,000 Christians with the religion taking 97.5% of the total population.

China is officially recognized as People’s Republic of china which is the most populated countries around the world having more than 67 Million Christians. Beijing is the capital and shanghai is the Biggest city of china with are considered in world’s Biggest cities by population.

  1. Brazil

Brazil officially recognized as Federative Republic of Brazil which is covering the total land area of 8515767 square kilo meters. Its population according to 2013 census was calculated 201032714 from which 201,009,622 people are catholic followers.

  1. United States

United States is one of leading nations around the globe with a fastest growing economy Here the Christianity is the majority religion with more than 316, 668,567 worshipers.

Kenya has a total of 34,774,000 Christians

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My FAMILY Threw Me OUT : 20 Year Old Kenyan Muslim Turned Christian Shares Why He Left ISLAM

Note : For the purpose of confidentiality the story we share today shall not have the name of the person revealed. 

muslim to christian

We bring you a story of a young Kenyan who testifies of how GOD changed his life after giving his life to Christ. Now living with a foster mum, the lad reveals his life transformation after being kicked out of the house by his family for living Islam for Christianity.

“I am aged 20 years old and am a believer and a fully born again christian.I was born of a Muslim mother and a staunch Muslim father automatically making me a Muslim.In my life i have witnessed what Islam means first hand.I always was ,made to believe Islam was the only true religions and the rest were bogus,Islam means peace and ………………


What i can authoritatively say is that from my few years on earth as a Muslim i never had peace,i always strive to please the entire Muslim community and they never cared how hard i strived to do just that.J

Just like any other Muslim child I was taken top duqsi (quranic school) then to madras before enrolling for what they termed as secular education.

Fast forward to 2010 when I became of age (16years)I started getting onto the internet researching and reading the bible and comparing it with the Qur’an and LO! I DISCOVERED I WAS LIED TO ALL THIS WHILE,A WHOLE 16 YEARS OF MY LIFE WASTED.

Nonetheless slowly by slowly i started drifting from Islam and slowly sinking into this Holy book which i was always told that was forbidden for me and now it dawned on me the reason why-It made sense more than i could have ever imagined.

THE BIBLE always seemed to have answers to my ever nagging questions. I got a whole different perspective of life and got to know my real God and how always he made me feel loved and always had a way for me.

Having lived in a border town I got to know first hand the true nature of Islam fully brought before my very own eyes courtesy of the Islamic militia Alshabaab.

I witnessed the grotesque actions they did in the name of Islam”the religion of peace”among the many i witnessed some stood out;-
1.the stoning of an expecting mother just because the child she was carrying was as a result of rape
2.the beheading of a man who’s only mistake was being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
3.beheading of soldiers whose only crime was working to fend for their families
4.looting of business premises in the name of giving zakaat and many more
i got in touch with a friend from Norway who i confided to and he encouraged me and i truly remember the words he used(Welcome Bro to the light).
I got into the habit of praying in my room every day and I was at peace
I got so relieved having made the best decision of my life so far.
My happiness was short lived as one day while i was kneeling down sunk in prayer to the Almighty the door flung open and in came my uncle who literally jumped on me raining blows and kicks on me.I tried calming him d own but he was not the type to listen to a “murtad” or any other kafiri and I only deserved death,A fate he would be much obliged to offer me.

I managed to get out of his grip and took to my heels,i hitched a ride from one of the miraa carrying double cabins and I landed in Nairobi having knowing no one i crisscrossed town and using my savings i booked myself a lodging in Eastleigh where i stayed in for 15 or so days praying to God to give me a way and he sure did.

I stumbled upon a blood appeal by one famous blogger,realizing i was of the same blood type i called the number and went to the hospital,after all was done we parted ways but i kept in contact with the madam primarily to know how her mum was fairing on and one day i got my self opening up and thus she agreed to meet me and the rest as they say is history thanks to Jesus Christ.
I wish to thank the following for aiding me in my quest for divine intervention and being with me throughout the journey to the true faith

1.Kevin Bahati-Through your songs you mentored my heart to the core,your songs always gave me the heart and motivation i need when goings were tough
2.Ringtone-Sir you are a true testament of a true servant of God and your story really mentored me to who the decision i chose to make.
3.Daddy Owen-I always listened to your songs while i was depressed and i truly believe God would give me just dakika tatu to show them why i praise Him
4.Sarah K-what is it that Jesus cant do?All i had to do was name it I thank you for that motivation

The list is endless.I know God has a plan for my life and I will forever praise him for that.

Jeremiah 29:11 says ‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Join me in this short prayer
Father in Jesus might name i come before you,Humbled to be a servant of yours in blood flesh and spirit.I thank you for the life you gave me and the blessings you shower upon me,I lift your name up high as i know there is none like you Jesus,Father forgive us our sins and cleanse us of the devils wicked ways.Lord i thank you for my mentors,many of them don’t know that but they really helped me when i needed encouragement,May you bless them and continue to guide them fulfill your word on earth.Lord grant me the best in life and i know you have the best in store for me. I do pray all this believing and trusting in Jesus’ name.

God bless you

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