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They Don’t Know What They’re Doing : A Girl Escapes From Boko Haram And Calls For Forgiveness

Despite the widespread #BringBackOurGirls campaign, most of them have still not been found, but 50 girls managed to escape; one of them has called for forgiveness for the militants, suggesting that their lack of education is partly to blame for their behaviour.
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Deborah, 19, told the Times: “Even though they have done so much destruction, to me, punishing them will not be the best answer.

“It is by showing them what they are doing is wrong. Most of them are illiterate. They don’t know what they are doing,” she said. The Islamist militant group’s name translates as “western education is sinful”, and Islamist ideology is often fused with a strongly anti-western position, rejecting its perceived immorality.

“Some of them are in these gangs because of poverty. So by giving them a job, making them realise that these things are not good, this is the best way, I think, to help them.”

The group has terrorised northern Nigeria for the past six years, growing in strength over time and more than 10,000 people have been killed in Boko Haram related violence, according to the Council on Foreign Relations.

Newly elected President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to overcome the militants, and succeed where President Goodluck Jonathan is seen to have failed – despite making promises before last week’s election that the group could be suppressed within a month.

Since her escape, Deborah has returned to her education, and taken up a place at the American University of Nigeria, in Yola, along with 20 other girls who escape. A charitable trust was set up to fund scholarships for the girls’ fees and living costs.

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Boko Haram Shoot Obassanjo’s Son In Nigeria

The son of Nigeria’s former President Olusegun Obasanjo has been shot and wounded in a battle with militant Islamists, the ex-leader’s aide says.

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Lt Col Adeboye Obasanjo was injured as the army fought to recapture towns in north-eastern Adamawa state from Boko Haram.

“Scores of insurgents” were also killed in the battle, the military said.

Adeboye Obasanjo, who is an army officer, was shot when the insurgents attacked a team of soldiers, which he was leading.

It was gathered that he sustained serious injuries to his legs, and was being transported to the hospital at the time of this report.

Obasanjo, an army engineer, was a Lieutenant Colonel at the 3rd Division in Jos, Plateau State.

He and his platoon were engaged with Boko Haram militants at Baza, which is the village of the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the division when the incident took place. 24 soldiers in the platoon were killed.

Adamawa state university was shut yesterday and students sent home as Boko Haram fighters continued their incursion into Adamawa State.

To prevent an attack on students, the Adamawa State Government shut the state university in Mubi as the insurgents overran Uba, a town five kilometres from Mubi.

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“I Was Raped 15 Times A Day By Different Boko Haram Men” Kidnapped Nigerian School Girl Reveals

Despite global attention, the actual horror faced by the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls has, until now, not yet been known. One of the girls who escaped has revealed how she was raped up to 15 times a day.

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A Christian counsellor working with the few who managed to escape their Boko Haram captors reportedly told Nigerian media that this young woman was raped multiple times by different men during her ordeal.

“She found it hard to talk to me but…she confessed to me that she was raped 15 times a day by 15 men throughout the time she was with the Islamic insurgents before she could escape from their den,” Oladimeji Thomas told the press.

Despite the shocking nature of this revelation, however, it will unfortunately come as no surprise to those familiar with Boko Haram’s activity. The group, formed in 2009, has close ties to Al-Qaeda and is responsible for over 2,000 deaths so far this year alone.

Members of the extremist faction have abducted several groups of women in addition to the estimated 180 who are still missing after being taken from their school in Chibok, Borno state, on the night of April 14.

The abducted schoolgirls are thought to be being held hostage in return for captured militants, though negotiations have so far failed to ensure their release, and Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has declared the girls – many of whom who are Christian – have been “liberated” and converted to Islam.

Fears continue to mount that the girls are being held as sex slaves for militants, as well as forced into domestic servitude.

Former UK prime minister Gordon Brown, who travelled to Nigeria in the wake of the crisis in his capacity as the UN special envoy for global education, earlier condemned Shekau’s leadership as “cruel and barbaric”.

“It is urgent that all religious leaders in every part of the world speak out against their perverted and twisted version of Islam which involves forced conversions and the sale of girls as sex slaves,” he added.

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SAD: Boko Haram Kills 45 Nigerians After Pretending To Be Village Preachers

Members of Nigeria’s militant Islamist group Boko Haram entered a local village Wednesday and killed 45 people who gathered around the suspected attackers after deceiving them into believing they were preachers.

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The attack occurred in the north-eastern city of Maidugur where the gunmen, dressed in military-style uniforms lured the group by telling them they wanted to speak to them about “the righteous path.”

“They came to our village… and lied to us that they had come to preach to us and when almost all the villagers had gathered, another set of insurgents emerged from nowhere and opened fire on the congregation before we all scampered for safety,” survivor Kallamu Bukar said,according to Nigerian news outlet Vanguard.

Following the deadly assault, Boko Haram gunmen destroyed mobile phone towers in the region, delaying news of the attack and set fire to several nearby houses and shops before burning down a Roman Catholic Church and a government office the following day.

The Maidugur attack came after Boko Haram gunmen killed at least 200 people in four villages throughout the state of Borno on Tuesday, where they dressed in military uniforms and convinced residents that they had come to provide protection after an earlier attack days before.

Several states including Borno, Adamawa and Yobe have been under a state of emergency since May 2013 as efforts to force Boko Haram out have not been successful.

The terrorist group, whose English translation means “western education is forbidden,” promotes a version of Islam that prohibits Muslims to take part in any political or social activity associated with Western society.

Insurgents have killed thousands since the group was founded in 2002, according to BBC, and they continue to increase their violence against civilians on an almost daily basis, because they believe local vigilante groups are assisting the military. Furthermore, Boko Haram has increased their revolt since it made international headlines with the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls in April.

President Goodluck Jonathan, who has been criticized by nationals for his slow response to the group’s wave of attacks, is currently working alongside the Nigerian military to free the girls.  However, forcibly doing so could be dangerous and possibly prompt more kidnappings.

According to Doyin Okupe, Jonathan’s senior advisor, the military actually knows where the girls are.

“… You just cannot storm a place like that,” Okupe said, according to a CNN report. “I believe that by God’s grace, we are very near the end of this whole unfortunate saga.”

The United States and other international leaders have offered Jonathan help as they are concerned about the possibility of further turmoil in the country which is now considered Africa’s largest economy.

Source: Christianpost

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