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5 Critical Steps To Plan A Worship Service : Gospel Singer Billy Frank

Have you ever had a difficult time planning a worship service ? Planning to know the starting point or the end point ?

Renown worship singer Billy Frank has revealed some great steps to planing a great worship service.

This is my answer concerning how to plan for a worship service most of which have collected from my experience and time at All NBC having to plan the service every week you learn something and my past has been of great help with this.crafting an effective song list and flowing in the Spirit. is one of the most important things we need to understand. We want to be organized, but we also want to follow what God is doing in the moment.

Billy Frank new

Great worship leaders plan powerful setlists, but also follow the Holy Spirit, wherever He may lead. God wants to speak to us in our planning. We want the band to be ready with arrangements, transitions, and keys. But we also want to be ready to change course, should the Holy Spirit emphasize something other than what was planned so let me quickly just share kiasi few things that i follow when planning and getting ready for the service…

billy frank us 3

-Am listtening to a preacher as i work this he is talking about man and vision he just mentioned something (God will stop growth where there is no management-whatever you dont manage well you loose it)THATS A GOOD POINT RIGHT THERE_ANYWAY THATS JUST A BY THE WAY AND MY CAPS LOCK ARE NOT BEHAVING WELL TONIGHT….yeah we are back….ok so here we go.

  1. Prepare people for the spontaneous.This applies to both your band and your congregation. If your congregation is not used to spontaneous worship, don’t just drop a bomb on them and expect them to sing their own songs, dance, and wave banners with joy. It’s a little awkward if you’ve never done it. Instead, teach them how (maybe not the banner thing) have never done it too but you understand what mean..

  2. Have the service planned and if you can 3 weeks in advance. I used to think planning was un spiritual and lame. It was for those who didn’t have enough talent to just wing it and be awesome but Let’s face it. Sometimes we don’t “feel” the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we can hear a pin drop in the room because no one is engaged. For those moments, it’s nice to be prepared. And who’s to say the Holy Spirit can’t anoint your planning? Who’s to say God only moves in the spontaneous moments? Craft a worship set that flows, potentially reflecting the theme of the day. Work out (and practice) your transitions, whether musical or vocal. Rehearse your band. Take responsibility for the worship and work hard. It’s no excuse to blame “lack of preparation” on “flow”.

  3. As worship leaders, we can sometimes feel our job is done once we plan and rehearse our set. Then we go on autopilot and crank it out. Song to song to song. I always challenge myself to focus beyond my plans in worship. Many times I don’t notice band mistakes because, in the moment, I’m not focused on the band. I’m thinking, “God, what are you doing right now? What do these people need to do? What do they need to hear? What do they need to declare?” It’s a beautiful thing to become more pastoral in your worship leading.

  4. I know, it can be scary. The song is over. The keyboard pad is continuing, and…what now? Too often we worship leaders try and fill in all the space with another song, another word. Allow space. Allow the moment to breathe. Every time I’ve experienced breakthrough in a worship service is when I’ve allowed space. Wait upon the Lord. Try and discern what He is doing.
    Sometimes I’ll be silent. Sometimes I’ll sing a spontaneous song. Sometimes I’ll say something. The point is, when you allow space, it gives people freedom to engage beyond the songs. Don’t rush through your transitions. Honor and enjoy the Presence of God.

5.Be on the same page with your pastor. He may have certain preferences that are different than yours. Submit. Serve the vision of the house. Maybe your idea of “flowing” is not something he’s comfortable with. Honest conversations between you can go such a long way. I would imagine your pastor wants God to move. He wants more than just a sing-a-long.

My pastor isn’t a musician or a worship leader but he’s taught me so much about worship because he knows his congregation. He knows what he’s called to do. He’s helped me relate more effectively. Make sure you adopt his vision and values. You will grow and so Don’t just crank through a well-executed songlist. Anybody can do that. But nobody can lead worship like you do – your heart, your sensitivity, your unique way of directing attention to the Savior. Go and do that.

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Billy Frank And Other Partners Launch A New Gospel Awards “SAUTI Awards”

A prestigious Gospel Music award, Sauti awards is presented annually by Badilika DJS, Sauti One , Billsboy Music .A SAUTI is awarded to honor excellence in the recording arts and sciences. It is truly a peer honor, awarded by and to artists and technical professionals for artistic achievement.

The annual SAUTI Awards presentation brings together thousands of creative professionals in the recording industry celebrating music.
sauti awards 2015 postTheir goal is to create a legacy in the live of artist, growth as the premier outlet for honoring achievements in the recording arts supporting the music community and excellence in the recording industry and give an audience to upcoming talents.

billy frank stadium

Vision: Award the Gospel music community and excellence in the recording industry.

Mission: Positively impact the lives of musicians, industry members and our society at large through the gospel of Jesus Christ (Mathew 28:19-20)

To submit your application log on to

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I Began Music Way Back : See How Super Producer Billy Frank Started Music Years Back As A Child

billy worship

Billy Frank is an award winning producer  currently based in Kansas USA where he has opened a studio to further his music and video production. A few would tell how Billy has grown from the little boy who would stand in  front of his family and play his guitar to the now renown producer and worship leader.

Billy Frank new

See photo of him back then.

Billy Frank child



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Stop The Hate Comments : “This Country Belongs To All Of Us, Let’s Speaks Love Towards Each Other” , Billy Frank

The political temperatures have been quite high for the past few weeks and since then we have seen so much hate arise towards each other on social media because of people’s tribe.

Billy Frank new

Award winning producer Billy Frank has comeout to speak of such actions and asked Kenyan Christians to stop the negative comments towards each other as he seeks for unity and love.

On his official post he said :

Ladies and gentlemen I must say am ashamed by the comments some of my facebook and Christians friends are posting on their walls ,I wonder for a minute if we really care for our country !i wonder for a minute if we really understand the kind of impact we are creating with this hate comments we posting seeming that’s all I see on Facebook !

This country belongs to all of us,why can’t we speaks love towards each other ?why can’t we speaks peace towards each other ?if we continue like this we are heading in the wrong direction ..let’s respect the leadership and our president and have faith in them knowing that they are doing there best to see the insecuryt is dealt with.

I believe in my president and I know God placed him there for a reason ..meanwhile let’s us down here keep culm and love on each other we are brothers and sister….I want to urge both the secular and gospel artist to come out strong and help speak love and peace knowing that we have influence to a lot of our followers and those who listen to our music let’s keep God 1st,let’s pray for our Country..!lets keep watch ,let’s trust our government,let’s trust in God


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Super Producer Billy Frank Opens Up A Grand Recording Studio In United States

Gospel singer/Super producer Billy Frank known for producing lovely worship songs has set up a new recording studio in United States. He has gone further to set up a video production house where he will be running together with the studio.

Billy Frank New Studio

Speaking to uliza links Billy Frank said :

It’s been a long way coming but by the Grace of God I finally managed to put up a grand recordings studio in Kansas City and fully back into business of making music and videos.

Billy Frank new

The good Lord has been faithful and all glory and honored goes back to Him. Now my business daytime number is + 206 370 1917  and all my clients can call for all their recording needs,mastering and video production.

God has opened u this land for me and I shall never walk under limitations. sky is way below the limit.

Billy Frank added that all clients who stay in Kenya will still be served by him as he will be returning to Kenya after a period of time that is every August and October.

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Heart Of Serving : Billy Frank And Friends Go Out To Serve The Homeless [Photos]


The Bible is so clear on how we are supposed to live as Christians as it says we are to remember those in need as our brothers and sisters. Worship singer Billy Frank and his counterparts did as the word reiterates when they embarked on serving the homeless at Kansas home in United States.

See photos

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So What Has Producer “Billy Frank” Been Up To In The United States? [Photos]

Billy Frank is one of the great worship leaders GOD blessed us with in our beloved country. Many have been asking where he is and now we can show you what he is up to at the United States.


Billy Frank as many know him is an award winning music producer and gospel minister. This is something that he has held deep in his heart to put his ministry before his work and for his zeal Billy has taken it further in the United states where he is currently working and residing.

In as much as he is not known there like here in Kenya Billy Frank has continued to push his ministry by leading worship events in different churches at the States.

We have been able to get some photos of him leading worship at Breakthrough Community Church based at  11411 W 71st Terrace, Shawnee KS 66203, which are here below.

billy frank break through church 4 billy frank break through church 3 billy frank break through church 2 billy frank break through church 1 billy worship


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Billy Frank Who Produced The Lovely “Natamani” Song By Kaberere & Eunice Njeri Writes A Touching Tribute To Kaberere

Here is a tribute written by award winning audio producer Billy Frank  who to the late Kaberere.  Billy Frank was the producer behind the lovely worship song “Natamani” done by Eunice Njeri and Kaberere.
The super producer that’s what you use to call me and you always made me lough whenever we talked you always had something funny to tell me ..
eunice njeri kabz
The last time we spoke was in a wedding and we were to record some zuok music when In July this year  but that was not to happen These are the times that will challenge our resolve Living in the days of the fallen
A voice that once spoke of strength,hope and encouragement 
Now sings in heaven with the Angels 
We can’t replace you Qabs ..this gap will forever be here ..!
Your choice is made so go your way we painfully have to release you and admit that God loves you more than we do..
With a new dawn we rise in renewed strength
billy-frank-us-4 post
Knowing we right behind you sooner or letter knowing that you fought a good war ..I celebrate you ,I salute you 
you are in a better place my friend and brother …my heart loves you always and I we will surely miss you..
Billy Frank
Watch Natamani By Billy Frank

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Super Producer Billy Frank Reveals His Secret

Today we give you a word from super talented producer Billy Frank currently based in the United States. Billy Frank reveals why he has kept him going in GOD’s ministry.


Read below :
“I never fight with people who fight me and wanting to see me fail,I have such a high esteem about me that no one not even the devil can make me feel inferior or frustrated or just anything.

I don’t get moved by what people do to break me ,I don’t get moved by what they think because I know am the only Billy Frank under the sun and the anointing in me,the gifting and the talent all that I am no one else has it am the most and unique one you will ever find no one under the sun can do what I do better than me another Billy Frank is a photo copy of me and so not even the devil not even his grandmother can frustrate me and tell me that am nothing ,that I can’t do it .

Child of God if you know you are the only one and the most unique one NEVER EVER Allow someone to tell you you can’t do it you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.”

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Are You A Talented Artist? Check How You Can Get A FREE Studio Recording

I believe there are some many talented young men and women out who have been blessed by God with great voices but unfortunately they might not be able to realize their dreams due to numerous challenges money taking the biggest share. Thank God a great offer is here for you.


Celebrated Video producer Billy Frank known to many as a humble  down to earth prolific worship leader, recording artist among st other titles under his name has come out  in support of  all the talented uprising artist who have been finding it hard to get to the recording studios.

billy frank us 4

Billy Frank who is an award-winning gospel producer is searching for that talented uprising artist who cannot afford to pay studio fees to record their song.He wants to help them record a song in studio without them worrying since he will bear the total cost as long as he artist proves to him that he/she has the ability to sing.

It will be even more interesting as he will  give  room for the ultimate winner  to record a song with a producer of  his/her  choice as long as the producer is known to be good .

Do not be left out if you are an uprising artist the great offer is on lets see who will be selected.


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Billy Frank : “Our Gospel Music Has Evolved From Ministry To Pure Entertainment”

This year it seems is the year where change has to be done to our music and after Dann Mwangi and Gospel Deejay’s spoke now super producer Billy Frank has some great advice for the rest of us.

billy frank us 4

Here is the statement :

“More than 8 years in the music industry you learn something. I have seen the Gospel music industry evolve from ministry to pure entertainment and what we call positive music and as one of the major producers I have refused to work on several tracks and big times artist simply because I didn’t quite understand the content of there music.

We are called to be ministers and that should reflect in our music.. The last two years have realized a lot of gospel music is being played in bars and pubs and yet peoples lives are not being changed.

Someone might argue that it’s an achievement but it leaves a lot of questions if they play gospel music in pubs and people dance to the tunes with alcohol in the hands and more sin and sin don’t we think something is terrible wrong..? reason ..? because we have compromise the gospel and our focus is on making hits and doing entertainment and we have neglected the role of our callings.

I know for sure that my fellow producers and Djs can be of great help to change this around..something need to change something needs to be done otherwise we will take many people to hell than the devils himself..Change#Kenya Gospel music 2014″


(End Days!!) Worship Singer Billy Frank : “A Guy Called Me And Wants To Have A Relationship With Me ??”

This would be the most shocking and weird story i have ever heard in my entire life as a born again Christian but when i hear this i feel happy because I Know Christ Is Coming Soon.


So with the topic of homosexuality and lesbianism trending now not only in Kenya but also in the world this one was an indicator of the current on goings.  So a gay(guy) from Kenya called Billy Frank who is currently in the USA and asked him if they can have an experience??

What does the Bible Say :

Leviticus 18:22
“Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.”

So It is a sin and its just so immoral to even think about it.

This is what Billy Frank said :

“What madness is this….kwani what’s happening with this gay thing in Kenya some guy just called me all the way from Kenya telling me he is in love with me…he want us to have an experience …what is going on!!!!!

And this guy is so serious he is still calling me and he wants me to believe he got my number from gay group in Kenya what’s wrong with him ?the worst is that he knows me very well and he knows my stand in salvation did it come this far?when did it come this far? “


This Is A Blessing!! Take A Listen To Billy Frank’s New Track

Award Winning Audio Producer Billy Frank has done another amazing worship song called Usiende Mbali.


After leaving for the USA for his ministry things have just been going well for Billy Frank as the Lord has been with him all this way. This comes after his performance and later having to do sound for Us Based Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin.

The Song Usiende Mbali ( Dont Go Far )  categorized as a worship song has a deep message as Billy Frank seeks for the Lords closeness as he says he is already deep in love with GOD.

This song just touched me deep inside feeling like i need to worship more and seek Lords face daily.

Listen Below :

Introducing Fresh and New Usiende Mbali By Billy Frank.


Billy Frank Doing Sound For Donnie Mc Clurkin

This is one of those moments when you say thank you GOD for this humble opportunity.

Award Winning Producer Billy Frank who is also a worship singer for our Lord Jesus Christ is doing sound for Renowned gospel singer from the United States Of America Donnie Mc Clurkin.

Photo: With Donnie Mclurkin

This is one amazing opportunity having in mind that Billy Frank is not in Kenya right now as he has taken his Ministry In The US.

Billy Frank  has also produced gospel songs sang by Mercy Wairegi (Nakutazamia) and Eunice Njeri (Umeniweza) Inuka Mteule (Florence Mureithi) among many others. Even Last year he scooped a groove award for the  audio producer of the year.


Photos : Billy Frank Ministry In United States

Billy Frank of the psalmist Band a kind humble and with zeal to worship Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ left for the United States Weeks Ago.
He attended an Album Launch which he was invited but also preached GOD’s word through his Singing.

Here are some of the photos

billy frank us 4

billy frank us 3

billy frank us 2

billy frank us



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