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It can’t get any better when you receive an award on a special day such as your birthday, this the story of the new kid on the block Mash Mwana. Who was crowned this year’s Groove New Artist of the Year. The Hatachelewa Hit Maker who escaped an inferno at Mukuru wa Sinai is a potential Male Artist of the Year recipient as is the tradition of them that receive the New Artist award. 

Bahati won the New Artist category in 2013 and later Bahati won the Male Artist category for years 2014 and 2015. L Jay Maasai was the New Artist for 2014 and later was crowned the Male Artist of the Year this year 2016. Mash Mwana graced my blog and we got to discuss matters music on the exclusive below: 

@iancKollins: Why the name Mash Mwana?

@mashmwana: Mash Mwana is derived from my real name Mamayu and the word mwana means son.

@iancKollins: What type of music does Mash Mwana do?

@mashmwana:I do kapuka and bongo

@iancKollins: Who is your favorite video producer?

@mashmwana: Gadgado

@iancKollins: Who is your favorite audio producer?

@mashmwana: Teddy B

@iancKollins: Most memorable gig?

@mashmwana: The Groove Party 2014 it was my first time to perform at the Groove and in front of many people.

@iancKollins: Do you have a musical sensation that Mash Mwana longs to do a collabo with…

@mashmwana: Yes Solomon Mkubwa I love his songs and his personality

@iancKollins: Describe the feeling you had when your name was mentioned as the winner of Groove New Artist of the Year…


God is faithful, the good thing about that day I won the award was in fact my birthday. The feeli

@iancKollins: A piece of info that the public doesn’t know….

@mashmwana: I do business. Yes I am businessman.

@iancKollins: Describe Mash Mwana’s fashion sense…

@mashmwana: I like any matters fashion and my dream is to have a fashion house.

ng was indescribable.





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Bahati Reveals How He Struggled To Record Music As He Launches His MUSIC Studio

Gospel artiste Bahati revealed how he struggled to record his single Mama in early 2013 when he had a dream of doing a thanksgiving song to his late mum. Bahati shared this as he launched his new music studio that is called EMB records in Eastlands meaning EASTLANDS MOST BELOVED RECORDS.

bahati emb

Through a note the artiste shared with his fans on what his dream had been :

“My Plan was to do it in 2015 Maybe; this when I saw my Self becoming a Star and Capable of Paying RKAY Mwanabujaa for a Studio time. I remember the Desire I had to work with this Producer & was so happy when my Brother MR SEED got a chance to Record in his studio because 25,000 was too much for Us to pay for studio time.

I know he doesn’t like this Publicity but I’d like to thank C.E.O CHARLES OTIENO (Standard Group) for making my dream come true connecting me with RKAY who Recorded for me the Song MAMA which introduced me as a National Artist. Just know am forever greatful coz since that day My life has not been same again. And One of the things that have been in my Heart is how God can raise other BAHATI’S from the same Background have grown in POVERTY, LOW SELF ESTEEM,HARDSHIP & LOSE OF HOPE.I know Many are Artists with a Dream of getting the Best Quality Musically/Artistically but not in a Position to Pay this Great Producers Just like my Case was.

It’s has been in my heart that I should Mentor and help Artists who Tomorrow will change the History of where I come from THE GHETTO… THE EASTLANDS. It’s My desire that when we talk of EASTLAND some Years to Come POVERTY should not be the first Image on Our Minds.But Instead TALENT,INNOVATIONS, EMPOWERMENT and Where Stars are Born.

And My First Step is Trying to Create the Best that has not Been in the East. Because I was Helped to be the Position I am Today…With the Little that God has Blessed Me with I opted to Start a MUSIC STUDIO that will help me Mentor and Support Artists and Talents from Different parts of this County.

I desire to Mentor someone that will achieve Greater things than I have Today. I might not be in a Position to help everyone but I’ll be here to make Sure this Production House Gives every Artist the Best Quality with Professionalism No Matter You’re an UPRISING ARTIST OR ESTABLISHED with a Reasonable Studio Fees to help Everyone Archive their Goals and Dreams. In Respect and Honor of where I Grew Up…. In Respect of the Support and Massive Love you’ve shown me since the First Day… I have Named it ‪#‎EMB_RECORDS‬ EASTLANDS MOST BELOVED RECORDS”

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“I Started Music Because I Was Struggling In LIFE And Not Because I Had TALENT” : Bahati

Groove Awards male artiste of the year Bahati spoke of how his journey started 7 years back and what really made him start music as an artiste. Bahati stated that his passion was actually to become a soccer player and not a musician because he was struggling in life having been raised in East-lands at ABC Children’s home.

Bahati was to later join music to at least find some income from it as the other option in the slums was to join the vice of robbery where most youths fall into just to survive.

bahati groove_3

Looking back on Sunday after being named as the 2015 Groove Awards Male artiste of the year Bahati shared of his moments back then when he was living in Mathare.

bahati groove 1


“I can remember Seven (7) Years ago at HURUMA (Mathare Constituency) When the Journey was Tough. When holding the Microphone was Never a dream to me because I Never thought of You using me in Music. And the Only time I came close to the Stage was Once a Year when I cheered and admired Rufftone & Ringtone in Preaching Crusades @ Huruma Stadium & Mathare 4A Grounds. God I will always tell my Heart. I can Remember the Only Passion I had was in Football because like any other GHETTO FOOTBALLER I wished MYSA could spot me & take me to Norway Cup at least nipande Ndege.


Lakini Jo Nlikuaa Chiiiiii_niiii Kwa Uwanja wasee walikua Wananiiita Mguu- K 😂. Due to life frustrations, Most of my childhood friends Ended up as Thieves juu pia Kulala Njaa mtaani ni Hard. Sahiiii Ma Boyz wangu kibao wameangushwa. God you Know my Heart. Ata hii Mziki nayo Nlianza Tu Juu ya shida siii Ati ni Talent nkonayo iiivooo Apana ziii But Umenihurumia Yaaani kila siku.”

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BAHATI Was WRONG To Call GOD His ‘LOVER’ ? And What Happened To GOSPEL Content

lover bahati post

I wish to pray that my life may be of a greater impact to the people who read this blog. Let’s talk.

The 1st time I heard that Bahati was about to release his new song Lover I knew that it would be a love song. My spirit was not so up for it at the 1st time and later on I decided to join the bandwagon of other artistes who were sharing the song.

Is The word Lover Okay ?

Little did i decide to google the word lover and this is what I found.

A person having a sexual or romantic relationship with someone, often outside marriage.

At the 1st view of the result my mind went from “Yeey” to “Whaaat!!!!”.

Can someone actually refer to GOD “Supreme Being” as that definition posted above there. Is it going to far or is it okay for any artiste to describe GOD, the way they feel. Or he just mean’t that GOD is the lover of his soul.

“I love Bahati as an artiste but this song just doesn’t minister to me as a christian. It’s a good song but it doesn’t make me want to worship GOD as my true Love.”

Probably it has a greater meaning ?

Is the word Lover Okay ?

I write this out of sadness and hope that in this gospel industry we might have a change in the way artistes write and produce their songs. From the many songs that are being released we have very little content that will actually raise a soul to worship GOD as Almighty and all deserving.

Is the word Lover Okay ?

We have many artistes just singing what they feel might catch the ear of the listener but little of it will catch the heart of the listener to serve GOD. There are songs that would just draw you to GOD like Mtakatifu by Frank or Hakuna Kama Wewe by Kathy Praise or Mungu Mwenye Nguvu By Solomon Mukbwa.

Is the word Lover Okay ?

You can imagine how many people will be waiting to attend Don Moen’s concert because they feel this will be a moment of going back to GOD.

From the performances at major events like Groove Party, you would listen to artistes adding secular instrumentals to their performances just to do what ? To draw people to them or draw GOD to them. Can a secular deejay even play our current artistes songs and reflect on their life as Christians ? No, they can’t.

But tell a secular deejay to play you a Eunice Njeri song and you will be surprised they can’t even try it.

They will actually dismiss you because such a song will affect them and touch their hearts and spirits.

May GOD transform us to be better and not just go for carnal things that make our followers to love us more than GOD.

Share your thoughts.

Music News

Bahati Dedicates This Letter To You For Making “Wangu” Top On CrossOver Chart

Bahati, a young lad who has the talent and also the passion to serve Christ at his young age. He brought to you his first single by the name  Siku Ya Kwanza and later he did Wangu with his brother Mr Seed.


Amazingly Wangu made it to top of Cross Over Chart show on Ntv hosted every Saturdayfrom 2-5pm by Dj Mo Dj Sadic and AllanT after many viewers voted for it.

On that note Bahati has dedicated this message to all of you who supported him and keep on supporting him since he started his Music Career.

Here is his message to you brethren.

“I wanna take thIs particular time very Humbled & thankful for every like,every comment,every inbox,Poke & Wall posts….

For all you my real fans and friends,all you who have been behind me since SIKU YA KWANZA nilijua nyinyi ndio WANGU…. I treasure you as my family believing this just thae beginning the best is yet to come:):) nawapenda sana ♥ ♥ ♥”

Here is his Single Siku Ya Kwanza




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