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“I Have only ONE Gospel Song Since 2014” : Bahati Confesses About His Gospel Music

Bahati has confessed that as a gospel artiste he has only one gospel song since 2014 and personally he feels that he has not represented gospel music as expected from his calling. Bahati opened up after the recent comparison of gospel artistes to secular artistes who have released ‘gospel’ songs.

bahati wyre rabbit

“I personally feel & accept that as “BAHATI” I have not Represented Jesus & the Gospel Music as God expects. I know this might not be the best Platform to Speak about this but We all Know that The Public has Lost Trust in Us Gospel Musicians.”

Bahati had previously released Kuchu Kuchu, Maria, Lover  among other songs but he feels he has contributed to muddling the name of JESUS.

Can we all agree that The Saints & the Streets don’t See God in Us anymore??? Yes we Can’t Ignore the fact that the Church is Complaining that’s why “NONE” of our Urban Gospel Songs can be used in Praise & Worship Services. I feel Guilty & Sorry for Contributing in Devaluing THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST- God Says if We don’t go back to What He called us to do GOD WILL AS WELL RAISE STONES to Praise Him & in a better way than we Can. YESSSS GOD CAN REPLACE US IN A MINUTE‼️

God has given us Supportive Media Personalities, DJs & Loyal fans but we have let you down. Our Focus has been making Hit songs, Scandals & Headlines and we are not Proud of Our Lord God & Savior JESUS CHRIST. Yes We Forgot the “CALLING” and Ministry… I personally feel my Last Gospel Song was “BARUA” in 2014 nanimechangia Sana kupaka Jina la Yesu Matope… LORD PLEASE FORGIVE ME 🙏 Some People might see this as Self Crucification but NO!!! God says clearly in 1ST JOHN 1:9….


Bahati Writes A Deep Letter To Rabbit Requesting Him To Crossover

The was an uproar from Christians on social media  immediately Bahati released “Kuchu Kuchu” his new single that featured secular artists Rabbit and Wyre. Some felt that the song lucked the message that would make someone struggling with sin be saved and wondered if it was indeed a gospel song  while others said that Bahati should be left to work with anyone as long as he is preaching the gospel.(Read)

bahati wyre rabbit post

Bahati explained that people look the outward of people but GOD looks at the heart and that is the reason why he decided to partner with the two top secular singers . He testified in a message shared on his Facebook page, on a personal experience he had with one of the singers called Rabbit whom he believes will one day crossover to sing gospel song.

He captioned:

The first time I had this Song ‪#‎KAFIRI‬ I thought for a Moment Rabbit had started singing Gospel Music. It’s one piece that made me think of People differently. In the Bible 1st Samuel 16:7 …though Us men look at the Outward appearance, the Lord looks at the Heart. And for so Long this bro has always been in my Prayers. I happened to Meet King Kaka’s MUM two Weeks ago Just b4 the release of ‪#‎KUCHU_KUCHU‬ and One thing she testifies is Rabbit has grown in Church as a God fearing Child.”Ken ndio alikua anachora Zile Picha za Yesu amebeba Msalaba zakubandika Sunday School” I can well Remember her words. “Naniumuambia aimbe wimbo za Kanisa” But I told her God’s timing is always the Best and in God’s time I know he will Crossover. I have Testimonies from Different people, Fans & even Producer to Our New Release; that Rabbit could ask for time to Pray b4 the Recording Session. I know People view it Differently. Some May Come up to Judge but remember Romans 3:23 …all have fallen short of His glory.No Man is righteous. For King Kaka; all I know is God is smiling He heard your Voice in a Gospel song for Every Dad rejoices getting a Message from a Son.And Romans 8: 16 His Spirit bears with me that You’re a Child of GOD!!! My Prayer is after this Song Your Relationship with GOD will never be Same Again”



Should Rabbit listen to this call from Bahati?


Leave your comment below

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Bahati Lands Safely In USA And Is Ready To Bring Down Kansas City

Mama’s Kid ,Bahati ,has officially landed in the United States of America for his promotional tour that is to kick-start on Friday 31st July in Kansas City.

The award-winning singer shared the information about his performance in Kansas City to his fans on social media saying:

“Just Landed in KANSAS USA Ready for the my First Performance this Friday.”

In another post shared today in the morning he did not forget to thank his fans:

“Good Morning Family,Msijali apaa ni Jioni.. Thanks for your Prayers.. I landed in USA Safe. So this Friday we Begin with Kansas City.”



Bahati Has LOST Direction In His New Song “Kuchu Kuchu” : Christians Reactions

Gospel artiste Bahati has finally released his new song Kuchu Kuchu ft Wyre and Rabbit but the song has ignited reactions from the christian circle.

bahati wyre

With the intention being right from the on set the song has a nice beat but the message seems to be shallow and more directed to capture the mind of the listener to listen to the song more and more.

Bahati- new

Like some of his ardent fans who shared their heartfelt comments about the new song they  didn’t directly condemn him but tried to correct him in love : 

Brathe, I love you, like your music but this round…. WALAI HAPO UMEANZA ZA OVYO. We didn’t we expect this from you. You have lost direction pliz…..Unaeza kosa kuona mahali umekosea lakini sisi ndio fans wako. Ziba UFA mapema. Ndio ujue umekosa!!!! Just wait for it to reach the christian family as whole, media….

Carol Dollah bahati am your fan but for this song sijaifeel hata kidogo iv played it three tyms hiyo collabo is wack for me.

I admitt its anice song… when did wyre nd king kaka became gospel artist???? Ironical…where is the gospel industry heading too???? I fail to understand. There are soo many gospel artist out there.. lyk crzly u failed this tym nd u need to do something about it or else… mmmh… i dont know.

hey bahati plz watch out God dint bring u this far to start compromising ur salvation..THERE IS ALSO A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ENTERTAINMENT SONGS AND GOSPEL SONGS…..its one thin to minister to the secular artist n another to collabo wit them the bible says don’t be equally yoked with unbelievers.

From the other side some of his followers supported the message by saying :

We Christians are the worst hypocrites who said that a secular artist can’t talk to God.The song is all about not giving up n to keep pressing on.N so my question is so wyre n Kaka hawawezi ambia God about what they feel aai????

The song is nice. I don’t understand what the fuss about him doing a collabo with secular artistes is,whereas Jesus dined with sinners



What is your take on this ?


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Bahati, Gloria Muliro, Dj Sadic Among Others To Headline Mr & Miss Kabarak University

The much-anticipated Mr and Miss kabarak University is finally set to take place on Saturday 25th July 2015 at the Kabarak University Auditorium.

The event which has been organised by  Kabarak University in collaboration with Genius Entertainment will be graced by renown Christian singers and emcees ; Bahati , Gloria Muliro , Daddy Owen , Evelyne Wanjiru , Kelele Takatifu , lj maasai , Mc Abel , Dr Ofweneke , Guardian Angel , Danny Gift , Janet Otieno , Recapp , Jfam and Dj Sadic on the decks.


Genius Entertainment promises  to  bring the Genius effect and ignite the spark at Kabarak University.

Entry – Ksh 200.

Time – 7pm till late




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Bahati Explains Why He’s Releasing His Next Song With 2 Top SECULAR Artistes

Gospel artiste Bahati will be releasing a new song Kuchu Kuchu with 2 top secular artistes, Wyre and Rabbit ‘Kaka Sungura’. As usual going the extra mile of doing a song with a secular artiste will raise many questions as Christians.

Why would a christian artiste who preaches the message of salvation go to the other side and release a song with persons who have not declared publicly that they preach Jesus through their music ?” Some may ask. 

Bahati 2 post

Gospel artiste Bahati in his turn has noticed this andhas taken a pro-active step by putting a disclaimer in which he is explains why he is doing a song with 2 secular artistes. In his words Bahati terms this as a calling and adds that Christ came to save the Sick.

bahati wyre

“I know Many will ask Questions why the Secular Guys but Let’s all remember CHRIST CAME FOR THE SICK!!! And No one is Holy but Him!!! And that’s why I believe this is ‪#‎WYRE_and_KING_KAKAS‬ time to Tell GOD their Hearts 🙏🙏🙏 ….

So Tomorrow ‪#‎KUCHUKUCHU_VIDEO_ONLINE‬ LAUNCH 5PM!!! If you Really waiting to Hear what ‪#‎WYRE_and_KINGKAKA‬ told GOD in this Song HIT LIKE✔✔✔,” Bahati said through a statement on his social media account.

bahati army post

This would probably be a valid reason but it mighty be risky looking at the fact that he is a christian and some of his followers may end up following the other artistes music. At the same time though a bit risky it might help draw more followers in the dark to embrace that GOD lives and Christ is the answer.

Let’s see how it goes


Do you think this is the right move for Bahati ?

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Bahati Reveals His New Song And It’s A Collabo With WYRE And Rabbit

Gospel singer Bahati famously known as Mama’s Kid has revealed his new song which he has done with Wyre and Rabbit. Bahati new song called Kuchu Kuchu comes after he won Groove Awards and he stated that this song will be all about ministry as it combines 2 talents from the secular industry.

bahati wyre

On a note posted on his Instagram the singer stated :

Yes it’s been a long Journey Since day One God placed you in my life. Being as a Family; God has created us a Chance that we may grow Together. I may not Reply to all your inboxes. We may not be able to talk on Phone; but Every Morning I wake up to Comments on Facebook.. Likes on Instagram. I feel your unconditional Love & Support. Enyewe kutoka kwa Heart, You’re the family that I never had!!! Aiseeee sio tu kwa Kushabikia Mziki wangu, Hapana!

It’s not Just about you voting me on Awards & Requesting for my Songs. No! But Every Prayer you say to GOD has Made me stand till this day. AND NOW for so long been Praying for God’s will on who to Work with on My First official Music Collabo!! For long been Searching my heart in Silence to find the Will of God. For I have always believed God speaks. And because it’s a Ministry and all about GOD; He should Always direct Our Paths…. And for that Reason I chose #WYRE_and_KING KAKA in My next Song #KUCHU_KUCHU Premiering on your Favorite Radio & Tv shows Tomorrow!!! 22/07/2015 ….


What’s your take ?

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HUMILITY : Bahati Honours Request To Visit A Terminally ill Fan In Hospital

Two times Groove awards male artist of the Kevin Kioko alias Bahati on Thursday honoured a request by one of his fans to visit her in hospital.

bahati post final

The request by a 12 year old girl who is battling with cancer was sent by her mother to Bahati through a facebook message. The mother stated in the emotional inbox that her daughter is an ardent follower of his music and that she is currently in final stage of cancer (Stage 4) .

The single leg amputee class six pupil has been at ts he Kenyatta National Hospital since January this year and had high hopes of becoming an artist and dancer in future.

The mother’s message to Bahati.

bahati message

The emotional message moved Bahati to the point of making him visit the young girl at the hospital.

bahati 1
photo courtesy bahati facebook


What is your message to Bahati and the lovely young girl?

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Bahati To Release a New Single

Talented singer Bahati,has revealed his plans to release a new song soon but has not yet clarified the actual date of release.

Bahati 2
Bahati at his album launch in August 2014 . Photo courtesy venasnews

Speaking to showbuzz magazine the two time Groove Awards Male Artist of the year revealed:

“I will not give more details now but I intend to do so as soon as possible , when I will be releasing the audio and video”

This new single is coming after his last single ‘Lover’.

Keep it uliza links as we will let you know as soon as it is out.



Bahati Given A PRESTIGIOUS Job By Safaricom

Months after winning Groove Awards Male artist of the year 2015 , gospel singer Bahati’s prayers are being answered as he has officially been appointed as the Safaricom Facebook Ambassador.

bahati groove 1

Bahati will be awarding his fans with 60,000 shillings worth of airtime every week. Each winner will walk away with Ksh 1000 daily starting from Monday 6th July.

The singer was impressed by this new deal he has received and captioned the this on social media:

If there’s One thing I have always believed is God has given me One of the Most Loyal Fans & that’s why I have always Called You My Family instead. It has Not Been an easy Journey; With Difficulties, Fights ,Good and Bad times. But am always humbled when I remember 3 yrs ago when God put you in my Life. Until Today you’ve been here to witness, to Pray with me, to Support me in my Low and Happy Times. And in the same way you Have put me in your Hearts may God Love and Reward you in the Same Measure. Your Love & Support has Been heard by the World and Now BAHATI has been Endorsed as‪#‎SAFARICOM_FACEBOOK_AMBASSADOR‬ . This is not all about me but The Love you’ve been showing to make the BAHATI TENA I am today.In a Span of Three(3) Years; God has used you to give me Top Awards of this Country. Voting… Requesting .. Supporting My Music.. Yaanii Vitu tuu Kibaoo… And Because I have to Share this Joy with you my Family. From Monday I’ll be giving away 60,000 Worth Airtime Courtesy of SAFARICOM Every Week. Share with Other TEAM BAHATI to like our Page. It will be 1000 Worth Airtime Person. I believe Our Journey just Began. YAANI NAWAPENDA SANA WATU WANGU . Team Bahati Help me Thank God by HITTING LIKE ☺”

bahati post


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Pray For Me : BAHATI Hasn’t Slept For The Last 28 Hours

Gospel artiste Bahati hasn’t slept for the last 28 hours and he has gone out to his fans to ask for prayers as he continues with his journey of performing on different shows. The gospel artiste who won the male artiste of the year at Groove Awards has really become busy lately and it seems every corporate event organizer is on his heels to book the Mama’s kid who is a big deal in the music industry. 

bahati isiolo

Through a post Bahati said :

Pray for me God to give more Strength… Not Slept for 28hrs Now….. Preparing before I get On Stage ISIOLO

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This Is Why You Are Seeing Weird Tweets From Bahati’s Handle

It seems like there is someone who is attempting to hack Bahati’s twitter handle that has  over 20,000 followers. The Groove Awards Male artist of the year noticed this occurrence and has since asked his fans to ignore information coming from the account until he finds out who is behind it.

bahati speaking 1

In a post on his Facebook page Bahati said:

“Morning Guys,Someone is Tweeting People Weird Tweets from my Official Account. Yet to know if it’s hacked or Not. Kindly ignore any Information from it,Till further Notice. Nawewe mwenye Unafanya Hivyo God atakulipa tuu!!!”

bahati news

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New Teacher : Bahati’s Daughter Gives Teacher Wanjiku A Run For Her Money On Churchill Show

10-year-old Rose who is Bahati’s adopted daughter gave  the churchill show crowd a show to remember after she creatively imitated former comedian teacher Wanjiku . Rose who had accompanied her dad, Bahati , to the  show for the interview that was aired yesterday at 8pm ,was given a chance to showcase her talent in comedy where she showed her mastery by cracking jokes exactly the same way as teacher Wanjiku.

rose bahati 1
Bahati and Daughter on stage . Photo courtesy Bahati

During her performance you could almost say that teacher Wanjiku was back on Kenya’s most watched show since the confidence she exhumed was top notch.The way she continuously cracked  the jokes left most of the audience holding their ribs in laughter.

Churchill Show audience ,Courtesy Glorious Photography
Churchill Show audience ,Courtesy Glorious Photography

Bahati who had gone to be interviewed after winning Groove awards Male artist of the year among st other awards was also left in amazement by what her talented daughter could do. Him and the audience present were forced to rise on their feet in order to give her a standing ovation.

Kenyans who watched the show that was aired on Sunday 13th June took to the social media to congratulate the young talented girl. Her are some of their comments:

@RM_sheriff : I swear this 10yr old kid adopted by Bahati is HOOOOT!!!!!! #Churchill #ChurchillShow

#ChurchillShow teacher wanjiku arudi! wangui was an evidence of the role she played in kids lifes

#churchillshow teacher wanjiku must be in tears seeing how she inspired Young people like wangui @MwalimChurchill Kenya has got talent
Bye bye Teacher Wanjiku Welcome Teacher Wangui #ChurchillShow
that gal got talent bahati that’s amazing she made my nite#churchillshow
Other who were so impressed by Bahati’s great heart also shared words of encouragement and thanked him for taking Rose in as his daughter.
@BahatiKenya :that kid really made my night…i wish her all the best ka “ukali ” luhya food haha @ntvkenya #ChurchillShow
@mulidenno: Bahati has adopted kids? massive respect to hm. This is why i personally think he is a bett #churchillshow
@BahatiKenya @MwalimChurchill bahati’s humbleness has brought him blessings Morgan the musician Purity Wangui the comedian #ChurchillShow
Leah Wekati : I watched her live at Carnivore during the recording n am still on NTV to watch her do it… i can t get enough. Bahati u re an Inspiration. #bigupto_pretty.Rose



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“My Desire Is To See Them Prosper” : Bahati Adopts Two Adorable Daughters

Months after making the bold step of adopting his first son, Morgan ,  Bahati has yet again challenged himself by adopting two cute girls to be part of his family. The 20 year old gospel singer revealed this amazing news through his social media platform where he described his 3 adopted kids as reason why he works hard daily.

After 4 year old Morgan Bahati the singer now brings in Purity 4 years old and Rose 10 years old.This is what he said while introducing them to the public:

Bahati and Kids

“At times I try to be secretive but the Reason I do this is Because Someday some one helped me to make the Person I am… Meet My Two Adopted Daughters and Son… This are the Beautiful Souls that make me Wake up and Hustle each Day….”

bahati sugar post

Despite losing his mother at a tender age Bahati says that the stories  of his 3 adopted kids are more saddening than his. He believes that he is capable of bringing them up even though he admits that the task before him is not easy.

“Each one of them has a Sad story than Mine. I may Not give them all they Want, But My Desire is to see them Prosper and Testify to the World about God’s goodness Someday . It’s Never Easy but I try to be the Best Parent they have Ever seen. “


Moments after sharing this great news with his fans on Facebook many of them sent in their messages of encouragement and wisdom.Some fans  revealed that they were so moved with his heart of giving back to the point of shading tears while others even confessed to have been inspired by his move.

See some of the comments below:

  • Mark Peter Norman : And God will always bless you Bahati u will forever prosper in what u do
Lucy Kariuki : Am just humbled about this may God help you in everything shalom


 KateRozzie Gichuche : Av no words 2 say,yaani God bles u wit evryding u pray.
Mary Gachanja wow wow Bahati…may God take u work u r doing..

Prince Sepho Joseph: Bro, as we used to go home from school or hang out in the hood(huruma) i neva had a slight thot that you could be such a great guy doing all thz great things. God bless u even More. When i get there i’ll do the same to these children out here. Pamoja bro..

Ndungu Nyoro: Bahati, when it comes to giving you can never go wrong with God.
Just as you have been faithful to his word, He too will be faithful to himself. You will be blessed beyond measure. You will never lack. 
May this beautiful souls be as good in their life ahead. It’s the sweetest feeling to see a society taking care of itself

Emmah Karanja:  I’ve shed tears on my screen .bahati your kindness will take you far

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After Releasing His Latest Song ‘Lover’ This Is What Bahati Is Planning To Do Next

3 weeks after releasing his latest jam , Kevin Bahati , has decided that it is time to trace back his roots. The singer who was born and raised in Mathare is planning to go back and thank his fans who have been supporting his music from the onset.

In a post to his fans Bahati said:

#MATHARE You Saw Me Grow… You taught me to how Humble… And that even in the Most painful times of my Life I should Never Give up… And you Said No matter how far I go… I should Never Forget Home… And this #3RD_MAY am coming back to you my People to Share the Small I got with YOU….. AM COMING HOME…. 3RD MAY

Bahati Banner

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DONE DEAL : Emmy Kosgei And Bahati To Perform When Barrack Obama Visits Kenya

The anticipated wait of President Obama visit to Kenya is on high alert as many Kenyans look forward to the day when their son will touch down. Every international newsroom will be watching on that day as Obama plans to come to Kenya for the very 1st time as a sitting president.

Emmy Bahati post

Good News is that Emmy Kosgei and Bahati have been chosen to continue singing their songs on different platforms as there is no way they can perform on a business event.

You have been served. Happy April fools

mr ibu funny

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