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EXCLUSIVE : Bahati Releases His New Song “KUCHU KUCHU” Ft Wyre And Rabbit [VIDEO]

Gospel singer Bahati famously known as Mama’s Kid has released his new song which he has done with Wyre and Rabbit. Bahati’s new song called Kuchu Kuchu comes after he won Groove Awards and he stated that this song will be all about ministry as it combines 2 talents from the secular industry.

bahati wyre rabbit postwa

Watch Video Below:


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Bahati Explains Why He’s Releasing His Next Song With 2 Top SECULAR Artistes

Gospel artiste Bahati will be releasing a new song Kuchu Kuchu with 2 top secular artistes, Wyre and Rabbit ‘Kaka Sungura’. As usual going the extra mile of doing a song with a secular artiste will raise many questions as Christians.

Why would a christian artiste who preaches the message of salvation go to the other side and release a song with persons who have not declared publicly that they preach Jesus through their music ?” Some may ask. 

Bahati 2 post

Gospel artiste Bahati in his turn has noticed this andhas taken a pro-active step by putting a disclaimer in which he is explains why he is doing a song with 2 secular artistes. In his words Bahati terms this as a calling and adds that Christ came to save the Sick.

bahati wyre

“I know Many will ask Questions why the Secular Guys but Let’s all remember CHRIST CAME FOR THE SICK!!! And No one is Holy but Him!!! And that’s why I believe this is ‪#‎WYRE_and_KING_KAKAS‬ time to Tell GOD their Hearts 🙏🙏🙏 ….

So Tomorrow ‪#‎KUCHUKUCHU_VIDEO_ONLINE‬ LAUNCH 5PM!!! If you Really waiting to Hear what ‪#‎WYRE_and_KINGKAKA‬ told GOD in this Song HIT LIKE✔✔✔,” Bahati said through a statement on his social media account.

bahati army post

This would probably be a valid reason but it mighty be risky looking at the fact that he is a christian and some of his followers may end up following the other artistes music. At the same time though a bit risky it might help draw more followers in the dark to embrace that GOD lives and Christ is the answer.

Let’s see how it goes


Do you think this is the right move for Bahati ?

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Bahati Reveals His New Song And It’s A Collabo With WYRE And Rabbit

Gospel singer Bahati famously known as Mama’s Kid has revealed his new song which he has done with Wyre and Rabbit. Bahati new song called Kuchu Kuchu comes after he won Groove Awards and he stated that this song will be all about ministry as it combines 2 talents from the secular industry.

bahati wyre

On a note posted on his Instagram the singer stated :

Yes it’s been a long Journey Since day One God placed you in my life. Being as a Family; God has created us a Chance that we may grow Together. I may not Reply to all your inboxes. We may not be able to talk on Phone; but Every Morning I wake up to Comments on Facebook.. Likes on Instagram. I feel your unconditional Love & Support. Enyewe kutoka kwa Heart, You’re the family that I never had!!! Aiseeee sio tu kwa Kushabikia Mziki wangu, Hapana!

It’s not Just about you voting me on Awards & Requesting for my Songs. No! But Every Prayer you say to GOD has Made me stand till this day. AND NOW for so long been Praying for God’s will on who to Work with on My First official Music Collabo!! For long been Searching my heart in Silence to find the Will of God. For I have always believed God speaks. And because it’s a Ministry and all about GOD; He should Always direct Our Paths…. And for that Reason I chose #WYRE_and_KING KAKA in My next Song #KUCHU_KUCHU Premiering on your Favorite Radio & Tv shows Tomorrow!!! 22/07/2015 ….


What’s your take ?

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Soldier Kid : Bahati Rocks An Army Combat UNIFORM

Mama’s kid Bahati created a lot of attention and ignited comments on social media when he rocked a custom Army Combat uniform. The uniform which is customized and unique made others salute him as a soldier’s kid who preaches in the House of the Lord.

bahati army

The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and its flame-retardant variant, the Flame-Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FRACU), are the current battle uniforms worn by many defence forces and Bahati truly showed that he can try to be soldier if he was not an artiste.

Bahati will be leaving for the United States later this month where he will be hosted at a Praise concert organized by renown Mc Alemba who has been residing in USA for years now.


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Pray For Me : BAHATI Hasn’t Slept For The Last 28 Hours

Gospel artiste Bahati hasn’t slept for the last 28 hours and he has gone out to his fans to ask for prayers as he continues with his journey of performing on different shows. The gospel artiste who won the male artiste of the year at Groove Awards has really become busy lately and it seems every corporate event organizer is on his heels to book the Mama’s kid who is a big deal in the music industry. 

bahati isiolo

Through a post Bahati said :

Pray for me God to give more Strength… Not Slept for 28hrs Now….. Preparing before I get On Stage ISIOLO

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“I Started Music Because I Was Struggling In LIFE And Not Because I Had TALENT” : Bahati

Groove Awards male artiste of the year Bahati spoke of how his journey started 7 years back and what really made him start music as an artiste. Bahati stated that his passion was actually to become a soccer player and not a musician because he was struggling in life having been raised in East-lands at ABC Children’s home.

Bahati was to later join music to at least find some income from it as the other option in the slums was to join the vice of robbery where most youths fall into just to survive.

bahati groove_3

Looking back on Sunday after being named as the 2015 Groove Awards Male artiste of the year Bahati shared of his moments back then when he was living in Mathare.

bahati groove 1


“I can remember Seven (7) Years ago at HURUMA (Mathare Constituency) When the Journey was Tough. When holding the Microphone was Never a dream to me because I Never thought of You using me in Music. And the Only time I came close to the Stage was Once a Year when I cheered and admired Rufftone & Ringtone in Preaching Crusades @ Huruma Stadium & Mathare 4A Grounds. God I will always tell my Heart. I can Remember the Only Passion I had was in Football because like any other GHETTO FOOTBALLER I wished MYSA could spot me & take me to Norway Cup at least nipande Ndege.


Lakini Jo Nlikuaa Chiiiiii_niiii Kwa Uwanja wasee walikua Wananiiita Mguu- K 😂. Due to life frustrations, Most of my childhood friends Ended up as Thieves juu pia Kulala Njaa mtaani ni Hard. Sahiiii Ma Boyz wangu kibao wameangushwa. God you Know my Heart. Ata hii Mziki nayo Nlianza Tu Juu ya shida siii Ati ni Talent nkonayo iiivooo Apana ziii But Umenihurumia Yaaani kila siku.”

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Been Ailing For 2 Days : Bahati Seeks For Prayers From Fans And They Come Out In Numbers

Christian singer Bahati asked his fans to pray for him on Monday evening after he complained of headache pains that have now put him under the weather for 2 days. The artiste who will be hosting his Home tour in Mathare in a weeks time stated that he needs his fans to pray for him so that he will soon recover.

bahati sugar post

Good evening Family.. Been Having a continuous Headache Two days Now….. Keep me in your Prayers!!!

His fans on the other hand shared of their emotions to their brother with each sharing a prayer for him.

Wooiye pole aki… quick recovery in Jesus name. The devil is a liar n he will not control ua lyf.. may u b healed in Jesus name!!!!

Am Soo Sorry Dear..Bt Avoid Overthinking In Anyway..We Always Kip U In our Prayers… Quick Recovery

i speak on healing to you,by that blood that was poured may it have it way in you and sweep away all pain and headache in Jesus name…sicknes it not your potion!!!by those 40 strock healing is granted!!

quick recovery qwani imengoja wakati concert inakaribia


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I Love You BRO : WILLY PAUL And BAHATI Prayed For And HUG Each Other In Public [IN PICTURES]

After the numerous accusations during this last month it seems Bahati and Willy Paul will now bury the hatchet that was fueled by a Facebook post that accused another of copyright infringement.  The two artistes reconciled yesterday night at Groove Awards nomination night where they were prayed for and even shared a hug while in the presence of thousands that had gathered at Arboretum grounds.

willy bahati prayer

The Pastor from CITAM called them upfront and while standing in between them he prayed for them while asking others to join him to pray for the two. Bahati who had won a hood removed the head cap and bowed his head while Willy Paul closed his eyes standing in Faith.

hug willy

After the prayer it was all smiles as Mc Jessy decided to take it the old school way by telling them to kneel down as he removed his belt to try and weep them. Laughing out though this was a great moment to see where a message was passed across that Bahati and Willy Paul are just young christian artistes who are going through challenges and without mentor-ship they can react in a bad way.

willy 1 bahati willy 1 willy laugh bahati willy gnn kneeling bahati willy willy msafi


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“CELEBRITY Life Changes A Man As It Kills The Real You” Bahati Praying That He Remains Humble

Christian singer Bahati is praying for humility in his music career  as he states that celebrity life is not as simple as people see it. Having rose to fame in just a year in music Bahati has become one of the most loved artiste’s in both  christian and secular spheres and in all these he is praying for a humble heart as he has noted that such a life changes a man to another.

bahati eldy

Bahati believes that prayer is the only thing that help him put his act together as even though he rises as an artiste he still needs a humble heart so he can serve as a disciple of JESUS.

bahati machakos

Do you know why I always say Put me in your Prayers??? Do you know why I try to be Myself despite the Person I am???…. Because Every Blessing behind it runs pride. Celebrity Life changes a Man… It kills the Real you. Because Glory was Made for God Alone.

He went further to ask his followers to pray for him as he aims for giving all glory to GOD and not himself.


And Today & Everyday as you kneel Down always remind to Say my name in your Prayers. It’s my sincere Desire even as God elevates Me… to always remain Humble in heart … to always be the Same Kid He took from NOTHING !!!! 

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EXCLUSIVE : ”Willy Paul Has NOT Responded To BAHATI As The Video Was Shot A Year Ago”

From when this story blew out we decided not to write anything about it but after another clip came out that Willy Paul was ‘mocking’ Bahati in a video recorded a year ago we had to clear the air.



First of all its very sad to even talk about this issue in public but the producer who shot the video has called us to help him clear his name as the video was just a joke.

For the record I have seen most gospel artistes joke about their songs when at backstage, so we should not be attacking Willy Paul for this act. The video was shot in 2014 when Willy Paul was recording Kitanzi video with Gloria Muliro and Arnold Kiddy the video director was part of the team doing behind the scenes video.

willy paul dancing

The video was not done out of malice as it was just a joke. The sad thing is that it was re-uploaded at the wrong time.

Speaking to uliza links the video director says :

“Am Arnold kiddy .am a video producer.. I have shot a lot of behind the scenes of many music video including Machozi of Bahati, ti mundu of Mr seed etc.

I currently work with Kenya Television service as a TV producer  and i do produce several programs including Home Hits show that support local talent.

I was part of the crew that shot kitanzi of willy paul and gloria. It was fun with a lot of jokes. During the shoot Willy Paul had a lot of jokes and one of the joke was singing bahati song machozi. Bahati saw it and he never had a problem with it as it was not shot with bad intention.

I did upload it as part of behind the scenein the year 2014 but suddenly the video has spread with my name on it which has made me to be responsible for it.

I would like all people to know that, the video was not done with malice intention.”

With this said it would be better that this matter is closed.

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I Write This As A Big Brother : Eric Omondi Pens An Advice To Willy Paul And Bahati

Once Bahati posted the open letter online accusing Willy Paul of ‘stealing’ his songs many artistes have shared their thoughts on this issue with others taking one side or the other. Comedian Eric Omondi who rose to fame on the top tv program Churchill Show, shared his thoughts too but rather than taking sides he pleaded with the two artistes to reconcile and stop picking a bone with each other.

erick omondi twin post

In a letter tagged to uliza links on instagram Eric Omondi shared what he felt was mean’t to be right and which way should be taken according to GOD’s word.

He said :

I BESEECH YOU BROTHERS…. I write as a big brother, as believer in the Faith, in the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.



If No one will preach to you Bahati and Willy Paul, then I, A comedian WILL. Now listen carefully brethren. The BIBLE is Clear and LOUD Ephesians 4:26 Do not be ANGRY do not Sin; do not let the Sun go Down on your Anger. Our Lord and Savior CHRIST JESUS whom you so profoundly proclaim said and I quote “

I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven…But now you must put them all away : Anger, Wrath, Mallice, Slander, and Obscene talk…If your brother has something against you, leave your gift before the altar and go and FIRST be RECONCILED TO him then come and offer your gift. We are the SALT to this world, the LIGHT that is so much needed in darkness.

I Command you therefore my brothers by the LOVE of GOD BE RECONCILED TO one another so that your offering maybe be acceptable before HIM

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“The Route We Are Taking As Gospel Ministers Is Unacceptable” : Worship Singer Speaks Of Bahati And Willy Paul

The statement of Bahati accusing Willy Paul in public was wrong to some extent but probably Bahati had reached a point where Willy Paul had pushed him too far ? At the end of the day he shouldn’t have put in public as he did as he is called and everything he does it’s not about him or Willy Paul as they are both servants.

vivky kitonga album launch 1

Renown worship and praise singer Vicky Kitonga has spoke about how she felt when she saw the letter and has stated that as gospel ministers we are going the wrong way. She felt that the two artistes have handled this matter carnally but not spiritually.

She stated :

 Music Ministry or should I call it Gospel Music is just a fraction of Christian living. They need to read Acts 2 : 42-47 and see what is expected of them if they are part of the church. When you lack authority over your life , you become carnal . Using Media to fight is cowardice from my point of view.

bahati willy post

She feels that as a child in the christian ministry Bahati and Willy Paul should have asked for the advice of mentors in the gospel ministry. But where are they she asked ?


“The Bible says when someone has wronged you , you should go to them and if it does not work call the Elders. We who have been in this industry for so long n may not necessarily have big names are still relevant and ready to offer guidance but where are they to be mentored? The route we are taking as Gospel Ministers is unacceptable…..May God have mercy on us…..”, Vicky Kitonga responded to Billy Frank’s call to artistes.

At this point where we are it’s sad but this is a wake up call to the stake holders of the gospel to work out on the issues between the two artistes and many others that have not been revealed.


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‘IT HURTS To See This’ : Producer Billy Frank Speaks About The ‘BEEF’ Between Willy Paul And Bahati

Yesterday the letter of gospel artiste Bahati caught many of us by the mouth as we didn’t see that coming on even had the thought of thinking that we would see an artiste clearing the air in public. Probably it was the only option left for Bahati but what is the deeper impact of this public letter ? Does it build or destroy ?

bahati willy 1

Award winning producer Billy Frank who sang some the most amazing worship songs till date including Nguvu Ya Msalaba , Umeniweza among others is very hurt to see what is happening between the people who are seen to be the light among the thousand of followers who follow them.

It’s hurts to see a fellow gospel artist writing to clear the air with a fellow gospel artist that tells you the magnitude of things-for a fellow gospel artists to fight me it simple means they absolutely don’t understand who they are leave alone who they are serving-but let me say this.

I love music that exalts the Lord Jesus Christ. But my true love for Gospel Music has broken my heart.
I am grieved by the excessive commercialism of contemporary Gospel Music in the Kenya industry I can cite various examples of this illicit love affair with the world. But there is an explicit seduction of the world on Gospel artists that burdens me.

Of course, We have become so obsessed with our own images and fame and money rather than promoting the name, message, kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Please to tell us you are doing this to expand the influence of Christ in culture. If that’s what you think, you are extremely confused. Deceived. Out of touch with “reality”It is easier for the world to pull you down than for you to pull the world up. And in leaning over to reach the world, we often falls in. And we are dragging the precious name of Jesus down with us.

Where did we get the idea that Christ wants us to help him be relevant in this God-ignoring society? The Lord commands us to be holy, faithful, obedient, wise, and loving. The Lord does not want us to show the world that we are regular people just like everyone else. The world already knows that! That’s why they don’t respect the us.We need to be different. Light. Salt. Our influence in the world happens by the difference Christ makes in our lives, not by blending in. The world cannot see our good works and glorify the Father in heaven by watching us divas ,argue, boast, covet,lust, and complain on TV. Get real!
Not only are Gospel artists fallen in love with the world
As I listen to the new Gospel Music released, I am blown away by how talented Gospel artists are. The music, singing, and production can rival anything “secular” project. Unfortunately, I am hearing more thoughtful reflection in some Pop and R&B music than among those who claim to sing for the glory of God.
I listen to a lot of Gospel Music. But I can commend very little of it for worship, private or corporate. Too much Gospel Music has too little gospel in it. It is not God exalting, Christ focused, or biblically saturated. It is fixated with self and market oriented and fame -what we call making a hits and winning awards.
We need music that teaches truth (Col. 3:16), not just cherry-picks phrases that sound good. We need Gospel Music that proclaims the gospel! We need reverent, bible-rooted music that will lead worshipers to think deeply about Christ. We need musicians to record music that will lead us to sing to the glory of God, not just cheer-lead to get an emotional response.
Kenya Gospel artists, please wake up! We are in a storm. And you are playing the Jonah, sleeping your way to Tarshish when you should be headed to Nineveh. The church – and the world – needs you to wake up and give up music about the true and living God

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After Releasing LOVER, Bahati Puts His Mic Down To Learn How To Cook [PICS]

Gospel singer Bahati yesterday put his mic down to test his cooking skills on Sugar and Spice show that is usually hosted by Joey Muthengi.

bahati ebru

Bahati who recently released his song called Lover proved that his talent is way beyond the mic by taking the step of trying his cooking skills on Joey Muthengi’s kitchen.

bahati mike bahati joey cook

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Bahati Releases His New Video LOVER [WATCH]

Gospel artiste Bahati has released his new video Lover coming after he did his other song called Visa.

lover 4

lover 5
Watch it below :

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I Always Wish You Were Here : Bahati Writes A Moving Letter To His Late Mum, Lucia Mueni

Gospel singer Bahati paid tribute to his mother, Lucia Mueni , on Women’s day by expressing how the few years she lived with him gave him a heart of respect and humility.

Bahati dedicated his song Mama to his late mum and said that the song was more than just a song but a sincere expression to GOD for giving him a chance to thank his mother.

Bahati post

Bahati penned :

This Song was One of the Realest pieces have dOne. For me it was not just a Song but a sincere expression of my heart, the inner Me. It was a Chance given by God that I might give Thanks to my late Mum ‪#‎LUCIA_MUENI‬ for the things she taught me… ‪

#‎Utovu_Wa_Nidhamu_ndani_yangu_akaupiga‬ Until today 13 years Later your words still keep me going. At times in my Silence I have always wished you were here and I would officially Dedicate it or sing to you as my fans do to their Mums around the Country…. Mum..

You taught me how to live with People. You said Respect & Humility is the only Degree I needed to Survive in my society. And until Now even if you chose to Leave too early your Words still make sense to me. Mum I believe you’re in a Better place I don’t know if you can Celebrate thiss??? .. If you can smile back because I just want to wish you a ‪#‎HAPPY_WOMEN_DAY‬

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