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ANNE WA KILEMBA : All Manner Of Jokes Come Up After Anne Kiguta Confuses Ben Githae With Allan Aaron On AIR

Sunday 1 February will be the day that beloved anchor Anne Kiguta would make a slight mistake on Live TV and that mistake would turn up to be a comic show in an hour’s time. Anne Kiguta on Sunday while on Citizen tv gospel show mistakenly identified gospel artiste Ben Githae “mudu” as Allan Aaron who sang “Kigoco Ya Yesu” as an artiste whom she used to listen to.

anne kiguta kambua moz

Anne Kiguta on Sunday was invited to Kubamba gospel show as a special guest and rather than it being the normal christian show of reading face book and twitter posts of the topic at hand, it turned out to a series of jokes being made about her after she confused Ben Githae and Allan Aaron.


It all started when Anne Kiguta was sharing about how she started her career in media at Hope FM and how she grew up listening to a lot of gospel music. She went further to exemplify how she grew up listening to the likes of Donnie Mc Clurkin among other celebrated gospel singers while hosting a gospel show at the age of 18 years.

Surprisingly while Anne Kiguta was speaking DJ Moz popped a question if Anne Kiguta had grown up listening to some local artistes like Ben Githae and she confidently said she has. This was an easy one for Anne as many would have thought but when she started describing him, she was actually talking of another person. LOL Anne.

Little did she know that she was speaking of Allan Aaron and that’s when everyone started laughing in the studio.

Kenyans as usual they came up with all manner of jokes calling Anne Kiguta “Anne Wa Kilemba”.

“@AnneKiguta: @kubambatv @MozDJ @Kambua @citizentvkenya lol

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Meet Miss Kigoots The Boxer : Anne Kiguta Pictured Throwing A Punch At DJ Moz Of Kubamba

Now who thought Miss Anne Kiguta couldn’t throw a punch ? Well Anne Kiguta was pictured taking a slight punch at DJ Moz when they used to work together back then in Hope FM.

anne kiguta citizen tv

Anne Kiguta started her journalism career in Hope FM when she was only 18 and was tasked  with the job of carving out a niche audience for a newly founded station in a highly competitive market. It involved carrying out studies of the market, conceptualizing, launching and maintaining new projects.

anne kiguta new horizon

She hosted a youth talk show back then and had the opportunity of working with DJ Moz who hosted a show called Kubamba before leaving for Power Radio.

In the picture though comic DJ Moz is seen gasping for breath after Anne Kiguta takes a slight punch at him on his stomach.

annekiguta moz

What a re-union it was for them to meet again at Royal Media services where Anne Kiguta is now the Digital Media Manager and DJ Moz the host of Kubamba gospel show.

dj moz hang


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Anne Kiguta Trends On Google After Her 1st News Show On Citizen Tv

This was the week that the number one TV station in Kenya Citizen Tv finally got to unveil its new horizons in reporting news bringing in bigwigs together to host news shows on a daily basis.

new horizons citizen tv post

In the week two bigwigs Charming Terry  Anne Chebet who now has a show on Wednesday known as the Business Center co-hosting with the renown anchor Michael Njenga  and Lovely Anne Kiguta hosting Citizen Live @9 , were unveiled .Both news shows bring a new concept to the Tv screens and seem to make many viewers be glued to their screens.

Anne Kiguta’s show seems to have received a good reception on twitter and Google. Quite a  number of  Kenyans went out to search for her on Google during the show and moments after the numbers went even higher. Most amazing thing is that her show did not just trend on goggle but on twitter as well seeing her newly launched hash tag #opinioncourt trending.

Search signs shows how  Kenyans were anxiously waiting her to appear on their tv screens.

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Anne Kiguta Prepared Extensively Before She Went Live On Citizen Tv For The 1st Time [See Photos]

Ravishing and celebrated news anchor/Group digital content manager Anne Kiguta made her debut on Citizen Tv  “Live At 9” on Thursday Night with many waiting anxiously to see her grace their beautiful tv screens.

anne kiguta citizen tv

This was a bit different for many who never new of the heads up that Anne Kiguta was part of Citizen Tv  having numerously seen her on Check point on Kenya Television Network (KTN) late last year.

Knowing of the anticipation from the viewers that laid before her and the educated guests she was hosting, Anne had to prepare pretty well to fight of any anxiety that would affect her. Anne prepared extensively with the production crew at RMS for all this and make the 1st news show a success.

Here are the photos of Anne Kiguta just before she went Live at 9 on Citizen Tv.

anne kiguta preparing anne kiguta crew


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Anne Kiguta Shares : “For A Dating Relationship To Work, Their Must Be GOD In It”

Citizen Tv Anchor Anne Kiguta is one lovely lady who has gone through the up’s and down’s in life but the most important thing is that she has a great belief in the supreme being GOD.

anne-kiguta post

Anne Kiguta who is a mentor echoes some thoughts that most people in relationships forget to take into consideration. In a TV talk show Anne Kiguta shares that relationships can not just work with our own strength and by looking at our  own interests, as we need a supreme being (GOD) in them.

relationship prayer post


Anne is strong believer of  GOD’s ways and how HE impacts our relationships with others. She adds that you cannot find the right person by looking at the right things from the other person, you need to also look at yourself. The best question to ask yourself is are you the right person for the other potential partner to date.

In relationships the great questions usually are ;  whom do I choose? who is the right person ? . The best answers are ; you  need to date someone that you would consider marrying. Choose a person that has a similar desire for God, one that will build you up in your faith ;  Pray about your dating relationship.

Give everything over to God. Let God know that you are asking His approval. Talk to God about the problems that arise. Thank Him for the opportunity to be in a relationship and the happy times you experience. You can also pray with your boyfriend or girlfriend.



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Anne Kiguta Speaks Of Why “She Asks Tough Questions During Interviews”

Senior reporter, Anchor and Digital content creator Anne Kiguta has been loved by many for her great prowess, sharing touching stories and also asking the tough questions.

anne kiguta post

Have you ever wondered why Anne Kiguta asks Tough Questions during Interviews ? Is it part of o job ? or it goes even beyond that? What Is The Purpose ?

Romans 8:28 

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

Our sister Anne Kiguta shares of  why asking tough questions goes deep than just a being an anchor or a news reporter as kingdom business plays a huge role in that. Anne is a woman of faith and being in the limelight as a reporter, she believes she has a purpose of achieving what GOD has placed upon her.

Anne Kiguta who is a bit shy but confident believes that she has a great purpose to achieve being an anchor and this is what she had to say about it.

“It does not please God that our leaders misappropriate funds that cause people to literally die at the end of the day. It does not please God that as a nation we are not realizing our full potential and so for me Kingdom business is about bringing into alignment leaders with God’s will for our country.

It means asking you those tough questions because you are accountable for God’s people. God has given you position, power and the influence to change peoples lives and so you MUST be held to account”

At the end of it all :

Ephesians 1:11 

In him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will,

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News Anchor Anne Kiguta Joins Citizen Tv

News Anchor Anne Kiguta is now stepping into her new journey as she makes her move from KTN to Citizen Tv.

anne kiguta post

Anne Kiguta journey in journalism started early when she was only 18 at Hope Fm and later on moved to Capital Fm. Her dream was to grow bigger as opportunity was to knock on her door to be made news anchor on prime time KTN with the likes of Eric Latiif at Standard Media Group.

Dreams are meant to dream’t and lived and that’s what Anne Kiguta is now living her new dream at Citizen Tv as a New Anchor. Set to make her debut next week with other anchors to welcome her including Janet Mbugua , Hussein Mohammed and her friend Julie Gichuru.

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GoodBye!! News Anchor Anne Kiguta Leaves KTN

News Anchor Anne Kiguta who recently got promoted to digital content creator at KTN has finally said her final goodbye’s to KTN.

anne kiguta post

Anne Kiguta’s career in journalism started in Hope FM when she was only 18 and later on moved to Capital Fm as a news reporter. Life was set to change for her when she moved straight to news anchor at KTN when other anchors had left Standard Media.

Anne Kiguta has become a brand in journalism as she is loved by many for her stand and also for the Check point show hosted every Sunday after the Prime News. The Check point show will now be hosted by adorable Yvonne Okwara who is seen as the best to take the job.

Anne Kiguta on her part confirmed the news on Sunday 29th September by stating the following:


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KTN Anchor Anne Kiguta : “GOD Helped Me Overcome Physical Abuse”

News Anchor Anne Kiguta who recently landed a new post as a digital content editor at KTN is quite shy but a strong woman held by majestic hands of GOD almighty.

anne kiguta post

How easy to look and judge people we see on Tv without knowing how they have reached there and others think its just happened on a snap of a finger.

Anne Kiguta I would say GOD has shaped her to be who she is today as she has passed through ups and downs of life but you know something she pulled it through with GOD.

Anne on a an interview with Astar (CTA101) says its only GOD who was a helper on her side after passing through physical abuse in her family and in her relationship.

The sad part is that her father and mother separated and this was so tough for her as she could not imagine how this happened having been in a Christian Family. Later on she was to enter into another abusive relationship with a man/friend whom she had known for probably 6 years.

Anne Kiguta says these all started when she joined KTN and she could not just understand what caused it but probably could attribute it to the attention she got. The guy she was dating whom she had a daughter with turned physically abusive  and that’s when Anne took the bold step and said enough was enough.

Anne says : “I credit GOD and Sometimes we don’t know the resource that is available in prayer and GOD ..theirs no way I could have pulled myself out of it as i was not in the right state that’s why I had a lot of people praying for me”

We can relate this to the word of GOD in the book of

Revelation 21:4

“GOD will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”


It was hard but Anne says it took the help of GOD to pull through that having endured physical abuse in her family before.

How great is our GOD ?? Keep striving on as you can pull through anything by just calling on him.

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(Watch Video) Astar Hosts KTN Anchor Anne Kiguta On CTA 101 Hangout

Astar the light who is the Ambassador for the Google Plus hangout in Kenya hosted a special guest on his hangout zone on Thursday.

anne kiguta cta101 post

Every THURSDAY from 10:30am Richard Njau “Astar”  hosts a #CTA101 G+ Hangout with a CSI (Culture Shaping Icon) that is an individual within the media and entertainment industry who is using their gifts and talents to positively influence society.

astar 1

Anne Kiguta was the special guest on CTA 101 hangout zone and she shared about her journey to her job as a news anchor. The amazing thing is that Anne has a strong faith in the word of GOD and thats what has been a light upon her feet.

View the interview below




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