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Hope Fm Presenter’s Song Ranked First On Citizen Tv’s Rauka Countdown

Renown Hope Fm presenter Amani Aila’s  new song “Nitasiamama” was voted as the number one song today on Citizen TV’s Rauka show .

amani sad

The presenter was so delighted by this news and had this to say to all that voted:

“Let me take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for voting for my song Nitasimama in Citizen Tv,Rauka and making it number one .May God bless you.Thank you Team Rauka.”

Nitasimama is a great worship song that has powerful message that will make you stand and push the ministry of GOD.

In an interview we had with him in the month of may Amani said that through the song he is able to fulfill his passion of seeing more and more people getting saved.

“This is a story of living in the ways of the Lord and always knowing and  keeping in mind that God is the foundation of everything.”

Watch “nitasimama” video below:

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“NO Gospel Artiste Or Radio Presenter Or Gospel Show Is GREATER Than The Other ” : Hope Fm’s Amani Aila States

When it comes to ministry or our lifestyle as Christians it is very critical to look at the aspect of oneness to avoid the issue of competition or pride that follows from the same. Radio Presenter Amani Aila of Hope FM shares the same thoughts of unity when it comes to gospel industry where talks on the issues that arise when we engage in activities that make one to see him/herself to be greater than another.


Amani Aila who has been celebrated for his voice on Hope FM shared on working together in the same ministry looking at the fact that all individuals in the gospel circles are just but branches from one vine.


“No gospel radio presenter is greater than the other,No gospel artist is greater than the other,No gospel show is greater than the other…we are all members of the same body serving in the Lord’s vineyard and each is mandated with a specific jurisdiction and reach.

Can the left eye compete against the right eye?Or a nose compete with ears?Let us serve the Lord.When one of you says, “I am a follower of Paul,” and another says, “I follow Apollos,” aren’t you acting just like people of the world? ,” Amani Aila shared on his facebook page.


Unity is truly important in reaching out as each one of us has been called on different perspectives and gifted uniquely.

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ULIZA EXCLUSIVE : Hope Fm Presenter AMANI AILA Shares On Losing His Baby Girl 11 DAYS After Birth

Hope Fm presenter Amani Aila and his wife lost their 11 day old baby girl 3 months ago leaving the family left with little hope to hold on. The baby had been named Upya meaning new but the happiness that the family had been lit up with was to be met with sadness that shut the joy in a snap.

amani aila and wife

It was sad and devastating with condolence messages coming from friends and fans who have interacted with Amani Aila as a presenter at Hope FM.  Losing baby Upya had cut their hearts with so much pain as losing a child that early could not have been easy for Amani and his wife. The baby passed away after she got an infection which they never knew about after her birth. The family had been blessed with a baby boy called Faraja Taji  and had been anticipating to be even more happier with the birth of the second born but it was not mean’t to be.

Uliza Links met with Amani Aila and he shares on the pain he went through after losing his child.

amani sad

Three months on, Amani describes losing his daughter as the lowest point and the hardest pain he has ever experienced in his life.  He explains how deep the pain was to the point of feeling it in the bone marrow but despite of it he thanks God for the grace HE gave him in handling the situation.

“Seeing my daughter’s lifeless body in the morgue and so cold made me break down. I cried seriously,” Amani Aila tells uliza links.

“The biggest challenge I have ever faced is losing my child.That was a big blow. But I thank GOD for giving me the grace to overcome the pain. I was there when the baby passed. I thank GOD because I didn’t complain. I thank GOD because I worshiped him. I thanked GOD because I was able to say that GOD your still good.

 In that moment my purpose was in deed confirmed.

To overcome it what helped me is the urge of wanting to meet my daughter again as I don’t want to lose her forever. So the only way I can meet my daughter is if I remain a child of GOD. I want when that day comes, Christ will present my daughter to me. Christ had his own reasons why he took my daughter.

I remember speaking at the funeral saying that the reasons why I got saved is because I want to be with GOD forever. And another thing that will keep me in salvation is because I want to meet my daughter.

It’s not easy as there are days when I break down completely.

That moment of knowing Christ was really key in my life as that is what has kept my wife and I to keep going. If it was not for Christ I am not sure of we would be able to overcome this blow probably I would have gone into depression.

Picture of Amani Aila expecting their 1st born baby in 2013
Picture of Amani Aila expecting their 1st born baby in 2013


Many in his situation would choose to complain,question God why,get into depression and even think of abandoning the life as a man of God.For this radio presenter this is not the case,he has not given up on serving God he keeps on because he knows one day he will be able to see his daughter once again.

“I have kept hope alive,that one day I will see my daughter again and for that to happen I need to be with God,”he added.

No parent ever imagines that there will come a day that their child will die while he or she is alive. We all hold on to the notion that no parent should ever bury their child as parents who are deemed older are mean’t to die first then  it is the duty of the children to bury them.

“Growing up and playing about in my father’s compound I never thought that one day I would bury my child there.That my baby’s grave would the first in that compound,”Amani added.

Amani also thanks God for giving him a supportive family, friends, relatives, understanding employers who gave him time to grieve and loyal fans who turned up for his daughter’s burial.

“I thank GOD for my family as they have been really supportive. I thank GOD for my friends and relatives. I have very amazing friends who stood with me and did most of the job. I thank GOD for my staff at Hope Fm who kept supporting me,” Amani said. 

Amani Aila At Uliza Links Offices
Amani Aila At Uliza Links Offices


As a radio presenter one should remain calm at all times  no matter what happens while on air be it good news or bad news the presenter should not show any emotion but at the end of the day we are all human such situations may be hard and take strength to separate the emotion of losing a child from work.

“My hardest day of work was the first day I came back from my leave after losing my baby because I was expected to do my job without showing my grief despite the numerous messages from fans for me to be strong,”he revealed.

As it turns out,his wife is very strong and is firmly rooted in salvation like her husband thus finding the strength to brave this loss that some may term as the worst pain a mother could go through.Carrying a baby in one’s womb for nine months and then give birth with so many expectations which will never come to pass would surely take a toll on anyone but in this case she draws her strength from the giver and taker of life.

” My wife is such a strong woman and her being saved has made all this a little bit easier because each and everyday God is helping her to get through this tough time,”he said.



This cheerful and God fearing man is also a musician having released two albums one titled “Nakuombea” released 2005 and “Mara Ngapi” released in 2oo8. He has since released a new video dubbed  “Nitasimama” which features well known artistes in the Kenyan gospel industry such as Alice Kamande, Lady Bee , Dj Soxxy amongst others.

The song expresses his love for God and his firmness in salvation.The song is inspired by how he has lived in both the secular world and as a christian.Through the song he is able to fulfill his passion of seeing more and more people getting saved.

For Amani this is a story of living in the ways of the Lord and always knowing and  keeping in mind that God is the foundation of everything.






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Heart BREAKING : Hope FM Presenter of Shangilia ‘Amani Aila’ Loses New Born Baby, 11 Days After Birth

When a baby is born greater joy befalls the husband and wife as they welcome a new member to something we call family. But when a baby passes on it brings great sadness to not only the family but the whole village.

amani aila and wife

Celebrated hope Fm radio presenter who hosts Shangilia show every weekday from 1-4pm is mourning after he lost his 2nd born baby just a week after being born. Amani had celebrated the birth of his baby girl on 7th February when his wife delivered on the day of perfection, but little did he know that a week later they will be going through another journey of being separated from the baby.

amani sad

Baby Upya was admitted in ICU today [Wednesday] after she fell ill and Amani asked his friends and fans to pray for her but 2 hours later he broke the news that she is no more.

He said :

“Upya has gone to be with the Lord.We thanks God for the 9 months and the 11 days. ”

This is really sad for the family of Amani Aila and his wife whom he described as a strong lady after she delivered the baby 11 days ago.

“Praise be to God of Abraham Isaac an Jacob,On the seventh day of the second month of the year 2015 the Lord has blessed me with a beautiful daughter,Upya Faridi..”


Please join us in praying for the family.

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