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YouTuber Wode Maya and Miss Trudy Get Married

Wode Maya and Miss Trudy formalised their union on September 10, officiated by a Ghanaian pastor

Trudy’s dad got emotional and sobbed uncountably after his daughter officially married the lover of her life on the date that is close to their family.

The lovebirds, popularly known as TruMaya were gifted a two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartment with a Kenyan real estate owner

The YouTubers have been together for over three years and have been serving couple goals, globetrotting together

YouTubers Wode Maya and Gertrude Awino Juma, aka Miss Trudy got married on the day Trudy lost her mother.

Watch video below

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GOD of Evelyn : After 10 years Evelyn Wanjiru is Expecting A Baby

Gospel minister Evelyn Wanjiru is expecting her first child with her husband Agunda after waiting for 10 years. The award winning artiste broke the news to her fans today on her social media platforms by stating that GOD finally answered her prayers.

As I write this, my eyes are full of tears. I have been waiting for this season for 10 years in my Marriage. A blessed womb, God has fulfilled
His promise in our lives. ” I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him” 1 Samuel 1:27
I pray for every couple almost giving up
Look at us and see what the Lord has done.
Friends and family I tell you; There’s a distinct difference, anybody can be a father but it takes a special man to be a DAD. This man right here is a gift from God to me .I don’t know who needs to hear this but I was hungry enough to wait for that promise to be manifested in my life.
You don’t get what you pray for, you get what you’ve waited for, “because those who wait upon the Lord are like Mt zion they shall mount up with wings like eagles.”
While we were waiting We kept on singing Praises to Him, we kept on encouraging others yet we were also asking God questions.
” where are you ? Until when, how many more doctors shall we see?”
Then I would hear a voice saying ..Get encouraged. The measure of your Temptation is equal to the measure of your Blessings.
So fight your battle delightfully for after every Test there is a Testimony and after every Victory there is a Prize.
Evelyn had faced so much pressure from fans and followers who had made this topic a big thing :

“I am hopeful that we will get children and we believe it is just a matter of time. It seems to bother other people a lot, though. We used to get pressured by friends about it but they have given upon us. Fans, though, are a different story.” Evelyn had shared on a previous interview

Today the story is different as the couple celebrates the birth of a new child.


Agunda and I have come to realize that God has a track record of keeping His word.
This season, may even the angels testify of your breakthrough. Change of your status! Change of your name! Change of your circumstances! Change of your story!


Watch the new revelation below and share your comments below



Christian Music

Kenyan artiste writes a special letter to Kanye West

Hip hop artise Jefro Katai who was famed for the foundation of Mad Love Lounge in Kenyan music industry has dropped another masterpiece in a dedication to Kanye. 

“Letter to Ye” is a lyrical artpiece dedicated to legendary producer, rapper & fashion mogul Kanye West. Its written and performed by Jefro Katai from Kenya & Tana P from Malawi.

It touches on Ye’s artistic journey as well as matters to do with family & faith. We pray that the song will be a blessing to Mr West as well as the listeners & viewers.

On a statement to his fans Jefro stated :

Today is a special day in my calendar because my new album #GodLifeAndHiphop is debuting on streaming platforms and it’s 1st music video #LetterToYe (Kanye)

Kenya Gospel Music

After Zora : This is what Madiba and Princess Farida Have Done

Blessing Lungaho is an esteemed actor in Kenya film series scene. Having starred in the recently concluded Zora, fans have been quite inquisitive on what the actor will be doing.

Madiba Zora and Princes Farida
Blessing Lung’aho


The actor and gospel minister Princess Faridah have collaborated in a new project that will be a blessing to those who love music.

Named Maisha ya Ufalme, Blessing Lungaho has featured in this new music video that you can watch below and share your comments or reactions below

You can check the book written by Princess Faridah

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Justin Bieber Releases Surprise Gospel EP

Superstar Justin Bieber surprised his millions of supporters on Easter Sunday by releasing his first-ever gospel EP titled Freedom,

The pop star took to social media on the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ to announce the release. 

He shared the word “Freedom” typed on an iPhone notes app, which happens to be the EP’s cover. The caption reads, “Freedom on all platforms.” 

According to Christian post, The six songs on the record include collaborations with artists like Beam, Brandon Love, Chandler Moore, Pink Sweats, Tori Kelly and Lauren Walters. Each song features a strong Christian message, including one track that features mild language. 

Freedom also features some emotional prayers and declarations from Bieber himself.

In the song “We’re In This Together,” the 27-year-old singer is heard praying over his listeners.

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Now Introducing Fresh Talent In The Kenya Music Industry ‘DENNY-C’

Dennis Ndauwa Wambu, popularly known as Denny-C, was born on May 22, 1994 as the first born to a single mother in a family of two boys in Narok and was raised in the Majengo suburbs of Narok.

denny c post

He discovered his musical talent while in class six of his Primary School education and went on to nurture his skills through performing at the local church and gospel extravaganzas within Narok with fellow age mates. At this period he won several awards and certificates at concerts within Narok, inspiring him to further his skills and explore higher grounds.

He has now released a new track called ‘WINNIE’, a true-story based narrative about a young girl misled by poor decisions to give in to the overwhelming pressure of society. The audio is produced by one of the best audio producers in Kenya R kay and Video by Gad Gado of Reyo Films International.



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Nigerian Actor Osita Iheme “Pawpaw” Loses One of His Vehicles In A Nasty Road Accident


Nigerian actor Osita Iheme lost one of his transport vehicles at a gruesome road accident in Nigeria. The actor who is renown around the continent for his role in the movie of “Aki and Paw Paw” regretted the loss but on the other hand thanked GOD because no lives were lost.

“Just lost this from my line of transport business. Thank GOD no life was lost but money. We’ll work for another and replace it. GOD is the Greatest,” Osita Iheme captioned through his Instagram account. 

osita car

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The OLD Gospel : Here Are 10 OLD Kenyan Gospel Songs That Still Hit Till Today And Will Draw You To WORSHIP

I give myself Away so you can use me. This is a line in the lyrics of Mcdowell in which he surrenders all in his singing while worshiping GOD.

Worship is powerful as it is giving God the best that He has given you.

worshipers Aflewo

We look at some of the songs done in the last 10 years but though their videos are not of good quality the songs still have that connection with a listener who has never met Christ.

He moved from there to the mountain east of Bethel, and he pitched his tent with Bethel on the west and Ai on the east; there he built an altar to the Lord and called on the name of the Lord. —Genesis 12:8


10. Ahadi Zake – Marion Shako

9. Natamani – Eunice Njeri ft Kaberere

  1. Sitarudi Kuwa Vile – Hellena Ken


  1. Angela Chibalonza – Ebenezer

  1. Reuben Kigame – Enda Nasi

  1. Ila Wewe – Billy Frank ft Sheila and Mercy Wairegi

  1. Inuka Mteule – Florence Mureithi Ft Billy Frank

  1. Eunice Njeri – Umeniweza

  1. Liseme – Sarah K

  1. Solomon Mkubwa – Mungu Mwenye Nguvu

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My name is Kathy Praise a born again Christian and a Kenyan citizen by birth. I am happily married to one husband, Eric Nsabumuremyi a Burundian. I was born as a seventh born in a family of eight, four girls and four boys.

I started singing at a tender age of five in the Sunday school at the Anglican Church where my father is a Priest. It was at this age that I got inspired by the South African gospel queen Rebecca Malope after watching her performance on TV. My brother who was then in a choir could come home with tapes of popular musicians like Angela Chibalonza which helped me develop my talent. I loved singing so much such that I could entertain every visitor who came visiting my parents by singing a song while standing on the table. I also could practice singing in front of a mirror to imitate musicians.
I attended Lariak Primary and Gatero Girls School in Nyahururu. I sang in the choir and in high school I became a choir mistress and even after form four I continued singing in my church choir and latter became a worship leader in the same church.
After high school, I asked my parents to enroll me to a music school but they refused because they wanted me to do other careers and so I ended up in the Kenya College of Insurance Nairobi in the year 2009 where I pursued a Diploma in Insurance.
In the year 2011, I got myself a job at a leading Insurance Company as a sales person where my earnings were based on commissions only for every sale made. It was not easy but that was the only job I could get to try save some money for my recording. Ten months down the line I managed to get some money for which I used as a deposit for the recording of my first album Nang’a with ten songs;- Hakuna Kama Wewe, Ningwendete (I love you Lord), Malangoni, Nihurumie, Nitakutukuza, Neema, Mfariji, Rafiki, Nang’a and Mfinyanzi.
I finally got great support from my parents who funded for my video and I was able to release the video for the same Album in January 2013. I have faced challenges as well in the distribution of my music in the market and the media but I believe I have a long way to go and the journey for my music ministry has just started.
I am currently working on a second Album which will hit the market very soon. I love serving God and my inspiration is mostly based on the word of God. I am humbled that God has found it worthy to use me for His glory and I love to worship Him.

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Now Meet The Family Of Renown Bishop J.B Masinde [Photo]

Bishop J B Masinde of Deliverance Church is a happy man who is blessed with a great family. Having marked 30 years at DC Umoja and 40 years in ministry we now share about the family behind this great man of GOD.

bishop jb masinde post

Bishop J.B Masinde is the senior Pastor and founder of Deliverance Church Umoja, which he founded in 1984. He is married to Persiah Muthoni Masinde and together they have five children namely Joy, Joan, Peace, Phillipa and Paul. He has two grand children Nicole and Christian by Steve & Joy Mdivo.

J B masinde family

Hot This Week Kenya Gospel News

Are You A Talented Artist? Check How You Can Get A FREE Studio Recording

I believe there are some many talented young men and women out who have been blessed by God with great voices but unfortunately they might not be able to realize their dreams due to numerous challenges money taking the biggest share. Thank God a great offer is here for you.


Celebrated Video producer Billy Frank known to many as a humble  down to earth prolific worship leader, recording artist among st other titles under his name has come out  in support of  all the talented uprising artist who have been finding it hard to get to the recording studios.

billy frank us 4

Billy Frank who is an award-winning gospel producer is searching for that talented uprising artist who cannot afford to pay studio fees to record their song.He wants to help them record a song in studio without them worrying since he will bear the total cost as long as he artist proves to him that he/she has the ability to sing.

It will be even more interesting as he will  give  room for the ultimate winner  to record a song with a producer of  his/her  choice as long as the producer is known to be good .

Do not be left out if you are an uprising artist the great offer is on lets see who will be selected.


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10 Things Mercy D Lai Has Never Told You

Nimekubali Ebenezer Nakungoja are some of the songs done by Mercy D Lai who is an amazing worship singer and also a Groove Awards Winner.

mercy lai post

2013   has been a great year for her not talking of her winning an award but also she will be launching her 2nd VCD album this October.

What are some of the things Mercy D Lai has never told you ?

When Was She Born ?

Mercy D Lai was born in 1985 by a young couple Mr&Mrs Nicholas Nzuve living in Kibwezi.

When Did She Start Singing ?

Mercy started singing in church at a very young age because her mother was a pastor.

Whats Her Relation With Pastor Wilfred Lai ?

Pastor Wifred Lai is her Father In Law as she is married to the pastor’s son David hence the name “Mercy David Lai”.

Her Favorite Song in Her Album ?

Ebeneezer is her favorite song because its her personal life testimony.

My First Album 'Ebenezer'

Which Hip -hop song does she Love ?

Sir By Eko-dydda is one of the songs she has publicly sang the lyrics for.

Which Artiste Does She Admire ?

She looks up to the Late Angela Chibalonza, Christina Shusho , Emmy Kosgei, Kambua and Sara Atieno

Most Memorable Moment As A Gospel Singer? 

In a crusade when she was ministering 230 people gave their life’s to Christ.

I Love To Cook

Mercy D Lai loves to cook and she is very good at it.

She Feature’s Her Sister In Her Videos

Mercy D Lai has a close relation with her sister and she comes as one of the few artistes to feature their blood relations in the music videos.

Who Would She Love To Do A Collabo With ?

She would love to do a collabo with renown Tanzania worship singer Christina Shusho

I am Planning To Have A Band

Mercy D Lai is planning to have her own band and would be going to weddings and perform.

How Do I Make My Money.

Mercy makes her money in church through music sales and not yet doing performances.







Lyrics : Najua Hutaniacha By Makena



Nilikuwa natafuta rafiki atakaye kuwa wa kudumu
Nilikuwa nimekosa tumaini kwani binadamu hubadilika kama kinyonga
Tangu nikupate Yesu, sitafuti tena. Upendo wako unanipa nguvu.
Nikiwa nawe Yesu, nitaogopa nani, nitaogopa nini eeh

Najua Hutaniacha, pawe na shida pasiwe
Wewe ni mwaminifu milele
Najua Hutaniacha, pawe na shida pasiwe
Wewe ni mwaminifu milele

Tena nikapata marafiki kadhaa
Punde shida ilipoingia nao waliondoka
Nikalia, mpaka nilipokumbuka kuwa kuna rafiki asiyebadilika
Tangu nikupate Yesu, sitafuti tena. Upendo wako unanipa nguvu.
Nikiwa nawe Yesu, nitaogopa nani, nitaogopa nini eeh

Najua Hutaniacha, pawe na shida pasiwe
Wewe ni mwaminifu milele
Najua Hutaniacha, pawe na shida pasiwe
Wewe ni mwaminifu milele

Murungu Baba imbijie untiintiga
Nontu nuiji ntiumba niinka
Inkumenya utiintiga kwiina thina na gutinayo
Baba ni mwitikikua magiita jonthe
Inkumenya utiintiga kwiina thina na gutinayo
Baba ni mwitikikua magiita jonthe

Najua Hutaniacha, pawe na shida pasiwe
Wewe ni mwaminifu milele
Najua Hutaniacha, pawe na shida pasiwe
Wewe ni mwaminifu milele


Lyrics Alert!! Mungu Baba By Rufftone And GSU

Here are the lyrics of Mungu Baba by Rufftone.

Mungu Baba twaomba, 
uilinde nchi yetu 
tuishi kwa umoja 
Chuki si tumalize, 
tusameheane tupendane 
Ni wewe Mungu pekee
Mungu Baba twaomba, 
uilinde Kenya yetu 
tuishi kwa upendo 
Chuki si tumalize,  
tuungane tushangiliane
Ni wewe Mungu pekee 

Now me say Love, love, love one another
Oh Kenyan youth me say now love one another
Me say serve, serve, serve one another
Oh Kenyan youth me say now serve each other
We are the leaders of today, we are the kings of today
We are the princes and the queens of now
We are the ones that the Lord has chosen yes
We are the ones with the power today yes

My home, my Kenya, my land
My residence, my president
My town, my city, my crown, my love, my joy, my pride
Amen, Amen, Amen


Raundi hii wasee nawashow
Tusipochunga vision 2030
Itakuwa vision 3020 

Maombi, amani, upendo, umoja
Maombi, amani, upendo, umoja eh


A Tuvuke Peace initiative and the National Youth Orchestra




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