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Did You Know The World’s Worst Kept SECRET ? : Henrie Mutuku Shares


I would like to let you in on the world’s worst-kept-secret; Angels walk amongst us! Yes they do. Of course we do not see them, but that’s because we are looking for extra-terrestrial beings with shimmering white robes, brisk wings and perfect glowing faces. It’s probable that a new operational policy from heaven requires its personnel to camouflage, blend in and look more like … well regular human, a parent for instance.

It could very well be a spouse, a child, a neighbor and .. yes please.. that stranger next to you in the mat, on the jam, class, restaurant, street, plane and ..ehh… one of those, very useful …public sanitary….ehh… facility. So now, they are likely to be dressed in jeans and sneakers or fitting Giorgio Armani suit. They may be looking sharp, crisp and polished or maybe rugged, beaten and a bit under the weather.

They cut the posture of a successful mover and shaker or forlorn, lonely stranger eking out a living from the sun-scorched, concrete paved harsh street of Nairobi’s downtown. It’s possible they have an ELLE Magazine cover face or the-rest-of-us kind of faces. Look for them amongst royals and equally, in the midst of paupers. It probably you, reading this! You just don’t know. And so, the writer of Hebrews offers one of those do-not-forget invaluable counsel ‘Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.’ Hebrews 13:2 (NIV).

There is a passage in Romans 12 that I have come to appreciate all the more for it teaches on what character and attitude we should aspire to as Christians. Indulge with me verse 13 if you will. It urges us to share with God’s people who are in need and to practice hospitality. We are to be given to hospitality. Our propensity should be towards receiving visitors (familiar and strangers) with a heart of generosity, joy and openness.

We all know how we would like people to receive and treat us, including those meeting us for the first and probably only time. We want respect, kindness, generosity, friendliness, compassion and like. We feel great when others anticipate us. I’m reminded of an old woman who to this date wakes up to make sure there is a pot of tea in her fire place, anticipating unannounced visitors showing up at her door without an appointment. What if I…we would at the very least have a jug of water and a clean glass for our visitors.

Water safety Plan 3

If driving, maybe give a lift or stop at the zebra crossing and let the angels on foot cross safely. If at a restaurant, show some boldness and secretly pay the bill of the loner in a corner (it rhymes praise God! loner in the corner), If in a Matatu, give a no-strings-attached compliment to the angel sitting next to you.. something about her hair…, You can simply call you folks and let them know they have been angels to you, and …Actually, given that I hold no monopoly of good, decent ideas, I now challenge everyone reading this to contribute ideas on how to be hospitable to the angels swarming all around.

Henrie Mutuku post


Take care to receive those who approach you with kindness and generosity, going the extra mile to really listen to their needs, spoken or unspoken then go on, host some angels this week!

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  1. True persecution will come to us but the Lord will deliver us, the worst kind is the one that comes from people supposedly born again, I have encountered that a lot lately.

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