Deejay Celeb Devotion : Having GOD Sit “Next To Your Place”

Our segment of sharing devotions from our brothers and sisters in the word so that they may encourage you and also build you in Faith.

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We feature a new devotion from Dj Johni Celeb ( a co-host of  The Switch on K24 with Dj Soxxy and Deejay Sanch.  Its such a blessing and hope it encourages you.

Read below:

Lately i have been hanging out with two cool high energy boys (Bulamu and Seo) who have helped refresh all my childhood memories…from riding bikes…playing with toys…it has been one road through memory lane.

One particular trick or game which i have been really enjoying is playing football with them and as usual they are doing it like we used to back in my days…if  you  couldn’t kick the ball or sensed the opponent was too close for you to get a clear shot.



You would pick it by the hands and run away and the chase would ensue for some minutes before the game continued…the highlight of the day during my time was when i would go back home and before i got into the house i used to have this spot in our compound i loved sitting and examining my wounds from the match and apparently my dad would at times come by and sit next to me and help clean my wounds and apply antiseptic, elastoplast among other things.

This few minutes of him attending to my football inflicted wounds were some of the best times i have had with my dad and there was this extra ordinary feeling of safety and wellbeing that i used to feel by just having my all knowing dad sit to the next to me place and attend to my wounds.

At times i would run away because of the pain i imagined i would feel but he would chase me around the compound and sit me down and attend to my wounds and fix them…

this memory of my dad sitting next to me and sorting out my wounds has reminded me of how our Heavenly Father actually loves on us all the time including the times we feel frustrated, in pain, disappointed, including the many times we run away from him, He seems to never gives up on us, His Love chases us wherever we go until He finds us and sorts out our mess.

This reflections have made my prayer different. i have more than once found myself inviting God to come and sit “To the next to me place” and just be with me through all situations…when am low, discouraged, frustrated, sad am finding comfort in asking Jesus to just come and hang out with me and sit to the next to me place because just like my dad i know he will sort my wounds and at other times he am finding Him doing more than my dad did.

He has become a best friend, one who i can tell all my pain, frustrations, disappointments, fears, complains and at times my doubts. I have been having a refreshing time just conversing with God on the real as a best friend who most of the time i visualize as sitted to “the next to me place”.
May this be your desire to have Jesus sit “TO THE NEXT TO ME PLACE” and just hang out with Him and share all that’s in your heart with openness of heart as David did in Psalms 31

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