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New Change For Artistes : Gospel Artiste Lady Bee Vying For MCSK Director’s Post

In the old era women were always seen to be behind closed doors, possibly in the kitchen as men took the role of going to herd and hunt. Now times have changed as women hold the most prestigious positions in companies and even others are Presidents of different nations in the world.

lady bee de laidy post

Gospel artiste Lady Bee has decided to take that huge step in her career in the music industry. Many artistes have continuously raised issues on how their incomes are mismanaged or better still how the people on top are not listening to their cries. Probably this might be their prayer answered ?

mcsk lady bee director

Gospel artiste Lady Bee will be vying for the position of MCSK director of ‘Nairobi’ in which she will take the role of standing for the artistes rights and seeing how better they can get their returns. Having been in the music industry for over a decade Lady Bee surely has the best experience in terms of knowing how the music industry runs.

Music Copyright Society Of Kenya (MCSK) is set to hold elections for the governing council and on the list of bidders are the likes of Gospel artist LadyBee and Frasha who have particularly set their sights on MCSK’S ‘Nairobi Director’ slot which according to MCSK has 36 aspirants.

To vote you must have been a full member of MCSK by 31st 2014,which means your membership number falls from 1-8393 and your number is your vote

It is a big call and we hope to see how everything unfolds on April 21st.

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[OPEN LETTER] When I Was Watching GROOVE PARTY 2014 My HEART BROKE When I Saw What Gospel Artistes Were DOING

Watching ‪#‎GrooveParty‬ 2014 and it breaks my heart to see some gospel musicians still sagging. Like seriously NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE wants to see your underwear or butt crack. There I said it. If your pants don’t fit you, buy a bigger size. If you want people to take you seriously and adhere to what you saying in your songs, please pull up your pants.

audience groove party

Also PLEASE sing songs with a MEANING, songs that will bring people closer to God, songs with a anointing, songs that will bring healing. Most of this songs are only to HYPE people, when the song is over the person is still the same sometimes even more distressed because he or she didn’t get what they hoped to get from the song.
Seriously and you call yourselves GOSPEL musicians, maybe you should do more research on what the GOSPEL is. You can fool some people but there are people whose eyes have been opened and I WILL LET MY VOICE BE HEARD for the sake if this who are not brave enough. Let what you say align with your actions or vice versa. Music is a ministry which should be taken seriously.
Today I’ll get on your nerves, many of you started well but along the way something happened. You either what to follow the hype trend or changed your focus to money. There are songs I listen to and within 30 seconds, I turn it off. Just a lot of blah blah, boom boom going on in their. Even if you try to incorporate the name of God in there it won’t hide the fact that you didn’t pray before you started working on that project. No wonder some djs don’t want to play some songs.
Get your acts together guys, both make and female gospel musicians. Someone once said, “the midst judgment will be towards musicians because God takes praise n worship seriously.” Don’t you remember that’s why Satan was thrown from heaven? You better start taking God’s work seriously ama utachapwa kiboko.
May the Lord open the eyes and ears of His people. May the Lord forgive us all.

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Now OFFICIALLY Taken : Renown Radio Maisha Presenter Finally Walks Down The Aisle [Photos]

Focused outgoing and humble Radio presenter at Radio Maisha FM, Alex Mwakideu is now officially taken after he wedded his one true love on the last Saturday of the year. 

mwakideu jalang'o post

Alex Mwakideu who wakes up the Kenyan community in his show “Maisha Asubuhi” with comedian Jalang’o Mwenyewe tied the knot on a colorful ceremony that was held at Kenya red cross in Nairobi in 27th December 2014. With Jalangoo leading the way for his main man Mwakideu the day was set to be one to remember for the two who were brought to work together by Standard media group.

Alex Mwakideu And Jalangoo
Alex Mwakideu And Jalangoo

Alex Mwakideu shared his joy on instagram saying :

Wooooaah! Don’t know where to start! 2014 has been real! Started with engaging my sweetheart on the new year eve! Then a beautiful baby girl came on the 9th of March and finally the last Saturday of the year I get married! The church ceremony, the reception, the after party… I simply had the most beautiful day in my whole life! If I could, I would do it again!!!

Alex Mwakideu And His Wife
Alex Mwakideu And His Wife

We wish him the best.



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Gospel Artiste Mbuvi Had Planned To Teach Kericho Resident’s How To Run But Got Another Surprise Instead

Gospel artiste Mbuvi Mbuvi took his Ndukatavye Mundu tour to Kericho “the land of tea” an area which is so famed for raising the best athletes who scoop medals around the world. With all the expectations that he had before performing his new song Ndukatavye Mundu, Mbuvi had planned to teach the congregants a new way of dancing after they win a race on a national level. Perfectly he had planned for the performance but something new was coming on his way.

mbuvi mutui museo

Mbuvi braced and prepared himself for the best stage performance accompanied by Denno of Mbona Mbona and Mr Ndilima but as he was heading to the podium he was surprised with two birthday cakes by the members of the church with his name well branded on top of the cake “Happy Birthday Mbuvi”.

cake mbuvi.

Noticing that he was caught unawares he said, “Shh Ndukatavye Mundu” meaning don’t tell anyone but the camera’s were on point capturing him while receiving his piece of cake.

mbuvi and denno

Mbuvi cutting cake

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NTV Presenter Celebrates Her Birthday By Launching A Song That Celebrates Persons With Disability

For the heart of caring celebrated NTV presenter went the extra mile of celebrating her birthday by doing a song to celebrate persons with disabilities.

faith muturi faith muturi and sammy

NTV CrossOver 101 Host Faith Muturi celebrated her birthday by launching a song with brilliant Sammy Brayo who is a young man born with no arms and one functional leg. Looking at this week being International week for Persons Living With Disabilities the presenter decided to give back on her birthday by doing a song.

Sammy Brayo who featured in the song called Tangaza with Faith Muturi is a young man born with no arms and one functional leg but decided to go against all odds by choosing to live each day with such charisma and happiness.

faith sammy brayo

It is very easy to be in a bondage of self pity accompanied with low self esteem when life seems hard, or when you start comparing others ‘super abilities’ to your own short comings. However for this young boy, He has decided to live a large life full of happiness with no regrets.

This fun filled praise song will bless you off your socks!!



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Sad: Homabay Senator Otieno Kajwang Passes Away

Sad News indeed reaching our desks that the renown politician of Orange Democratic Party and the elected Senator of Homa Bay Hon. Otieno Kajwang has passed on.

According to nation media the Homabay Senator Otieno Kajwang’ died Tuesday night after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) spokesperson Philip Etale confirmed the death shortly after midnight.

He said via the phone that the Senator had died at Mater Hospital in Nairobi where he had been rushed.

“Sad to have lost Senator Otieno Kajwang’. It is by the will of God that Senator had to depart from our midst at this time,” he said through a post on his Facebook page.

Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen posted on his official Twitter handle announcing the death of the ODM Senator.

“So shocked that my colleague and friend Senator Kajwang’ has passed on .Will remember him as passionate and eloquent debater. A man full of life and humour,” Murkomen tweeted.

According to the American Heart Association, Cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of heart function in a person who may or may not have diagnosed heart disease. The time and mode of death are unexpected. It occurs instantly or shortly after symptoms appear.

Ulizalinks joins the family in prayers as they are going through this tough time.

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Final Journey For Bishop : Burial Place For Bishop Ben Bahati Has Been Confirmed

Bishop Ben Bahati’s final journey is set to take place in Kakamega where he will be laid to rest till the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bishop Ben Bahati passed away on Monday night after succumbing to his injuries and the family is making plans for his burial.

rip bishop

The team planning that released the official press release on Thursday afternoon and it stated :

The remaining outstanding hospital bill for Bishop Ben’s treatment is 3.3 million Kenya shillings (or about $38,000). This DOES NOT include the expenses being incurred daily at the funeral home where his body is currently resting or the extensive burial expenses.

We need to raise a total of about 4 million Kenya shillings (or about $47,000) to cover everything.

Friends and loved ones located in Nairobi are all welcome daily to CITAM Valley Road, McBride Hall, from 5 p.m. for a service to come share memories and offer condolences, support, and financial gifts. Tuesday 11th November from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. there will be a special remembrance and fundraising event at the same venue. Please try to come and show your support to the family.

Friends and loved ones located in Eldoret are welcome all day every day at the Spiritual Life Center church to share memories and offer condolences, support, and financial gifts.

Dependent on whether or not we are able to raise enough funds to cover the hospital bill and burial expenses, the plan is to take Bishop’s body to Eldoret Thursday, 13 November. Friday, 14th November it will be taken to Kakamega where the burial will take place the following day on Saturday, 15th November.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us in the private messages on this page and we will do our best to assist you.
Thank you so much for standing with us. It is so humbling.

Other ways to give:

1. KCB paybill 522522 for Ben Bahati Medical Fund, account number 1159109605, Eldoret Branch.

  1. If you are outside Kenya and would like to donate a tax deductible gift, you can do so any of the following 3 ways:

  2. Online here:

2. By mailing a check to Global Field Evangelism, P.O. Box 524, Adamsville, TN 38310

3. By calling the stateside office at (731) 632-5115

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The ‘Down To Earth’ President : President Uhuru Kenyatta Boards A MATATU To KICC

Kenya’s fourth president H.E Uhuru Kenyatta pulled another surprise on Wednesday morning when he boarded a matatu to KICC for the official launch of My 1963.  The CEO of Safaricom Bob Collymore had the honor of riding in the same Matatu with the president H.E Uhuru Kenyatta as he was heading for the official launch of the cashless system from statehouse.

Kenyatta boards bus

From the motorcades and the multiple security guards who usually follow the President, today was a bit different from the norm. The President decided that he would rather ride in the matatu and experience how the system works.

matatu statehouse

My 1963 is a Safaricom initiated cashless system that will reduce physical cash transactions in matatu buses.

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I Got Shocked : Betty Bayo Speaks After Her Husband Pastor Kanyari Was Exposed On Jicho Pevu [VIDEO]


Award winning gospel singer Betty Bayo finally spoke about the actions of her husband “Pastor Kanyari” who was exposed on the investigative series Jicho Pevu. Betty Bayo has revealed that her husband was  not in agreement with her advice in regards to matters of preaching and she has been surprised by the Jicho Pevu revelations.


This is one of the toughest moments for Betty Bayo as she is a christian and a celebrated gospel singer. Betty Bayo would probably be experiencing the toughest moment in her life as gospel minister after her husband Pastor Kanyari was exposed on Jicho Pevu.

She shared her thoughts about the incidents and distanced herself from such acts of Mr. Kanyari who has not shown any respect to GOD in front of men. He is just a man and has an opportunity to change but many Kenyans would not see that.

Watch the video


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Off Goes Blonde!! : Julie Gichuru Changes Her Hair Look, Saying She Missed Black

Citizen Tv News Anchor Julie Gichuru decided to change her hair style from blonde which she had switched to a few months ago.

Julie Gichuru had gone blonde for fun but now she says black is what she feels more comfortable with.

Julie blonde look Julie Gichuru Sunday Live

“Blond was fun, But for now I’m done… Was missing the black, So I’ve gone right back ;D” , Julie Gichuru shared earlier on Sunday before going live on Citizen Tv for Sunday Live news cast.

Julie hair black

Julie gichuru black

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“Mapenzi Yamenogea” : Ruth Matete Shares About Her New Found Love

Award winning singer Ruth Matete has released a new song called Yamenogea which comes after she did Mapenzi as her debut gospel video.  The song which has been done by her record label Spot light media captures the mood of love and brings the listener to the point of its all about Christ.

ruth matete mwafaka post

Ruth Matete in her new single Yamenogea exemplifies how Christ has been there for her and guided her whenever she has found challenges in life.  She also shows how faithful Christ is and how his love is never-failing.

Watch the new video here


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The Young Igi Igi : After The Colorful Wedding Rufftone’s Wife Is Expecting A Baby

(c) Glorious Photography
(c) Glorious Photography

In the coming few months we will be celebrating the birth of a new baby as Rufftone’s wife Krystal Mwaura is expecting a baby. The couple got married a few months ago and it seems they  will be in greater joy when Krystal delivers the new born baby.

rufftone weds 3

Mr Igi Igi/ Rufftone who is a mentor to gospel artistes walked down the aisle with beautiful gospel singer Krystal Mwaura in a wedding that took place at KAG Church in Buru Buru on Saturday 26th July.  Now the couple is expecting their 1st child joining the list of other artistes who have been blessed or are expecting a child.

The photos of Krystal being pregnant were shared by Spyce Magazine which shows Krystal together with her sister in law and friends  in a happy moment at home.

See pics

Crystal Pregant 1 Crystal Pregant

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Act Of Love : Boss Of MOG Takes A Street Boy For Coffee At JAVA Rather Than Just Giving Him 10 Bob

Boss of gospel group MOG showed an act of love this past week when he took a street boy out for coffee at JAVA. Rather than just offering a coin he took the role of hosting the boy in a high table at the coffee house.

boss street boy

You know at times one would pass the streets of Nairobi and ignore the requests of a street child because they feel it’s just normal to ignore but Boss didn’t just pass. Humbly Boss accepted the boy and invited him at Java coffee-house on Kimathi Street which he usually visits with Kenti and Mr Vee.

boss kenti post

Ordering a cup of coffee he did and not just one, but two for him and the street boy who probably just thought of  being given a 10 shilling coin only. But he got an extra gift which he never thought of.

Boss recalls of the days when he was in the same shoes as the street boy, when he had nothing for himself but just what the street offers. This was the heart that pushed him to do an extra ordinary thing for a normal person like us but just that many including me would ignore or push away because of his status.

boss mog post

What a great act of Love.

He shared :

“Meet boss times it doesn’t cost a lot having them on the high table I was there I know how it feels to he neglected and without parents just u and the street a part from offering ua 10 bob u can bring them along”

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“Ebenezer Jiwe Langu” : Kenyans Remember The Late Gospel Icon Angela Chibalonza, 7 Years On

Angela Chibalonza was one of the most talented worship singers we had in our nation not until her untimely death that left many shocked by her passing. Angela Chibalonza is still one of the most highly paid singers in Kenya as her music still sells even though she is not part of us anymore.

angela post

On Monday Kenyans remembered the passing on the Icon who passed away 7 years ago on 22nd December after a ghastly road accident. Many recall the breaking news we saw on tv that the late icon had passed away after their car rammed into a lorry along the Naivasha-Nairobi highway while they were returning to Nairobi from a performance at Egerton University in Njoro. On a lighter side more than 100 students gave their lives to Christ and on the other note we were left shocked by her leaving and not seeing her again just for a while till the 2nd coming.

Her death occurred a week before releasing her latest album, Nimekutana na Yesu, scheduled to take place on 29th September, 2007 in Nairobi.
She left her four-year husband, Elisha Muliri, &their 9-month old baby.

Angela Chibalonza was born on 26th November, 1976 in Congo.  After completing her secondary school education in 1996, she came to Kenya in what she described as a call of God &also to pursue her music career.

As a gospel artist, she released several albums such as;
-Jina la Yesu – 1998
-Mwisho wa dunia – 1999
-Ninapotembea – 1999
-Nimekutana na Yesu (Latest)
She sang in Swahili, Congo &sometimes French.
She died in a road accident on Saturday morning, 22nd September, 2007 with her driver- Kennedy Oluoch &vocalist- Nimrod Makori.

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SAD : Beautiful Kenyan Gospel Singer Was Shot By Thugs In Hurlingham, Nairobi

 Gospel singer Sarah Fanah Hagos was on Wednesday night attacked by armed gun men near her home in Hurlingham


Sarah Fanah is now okay and she shares her story (click to read)

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Diana Hamilton Crowned Female Artiste Of The Year In Africa

Ghanaian international gospel songstress Diana Hamilton was awarded the Female Artiste of the Year, the highest accolade for a female artiste at the prestigious Africa Gospel Music Awards (AGMA) of 2014.

Diana Antwi Hamilton post

The awards ceremony which celebrates achievements in the gospel music sector is in its fifth year and was held at the plush Fairfield Halls in Croydon, London on Sunday the 24th of August 2014.

A spokesperson from Diana’s Management says this came as a shock to her as it was announced just before she went on stage to perform one of her hit singles, “Papa Reigns”.

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