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GOD Bless You All:President Uhuru Kenyatta Thanks Kenyans For Taking Part In The Beyond Zero Marathon

Thousands of Kenyans turned up early Sunday Morning at the Nyayo National Stadium in support of the First Lady’s health campaign dubbed as Beyond Zero.

uhuru kemboi ruto


In January 2014, Beyond Zero Foundation was formed to partner with the government in reducing maternal and child mortality. Spearheaded by The First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta, the Beyond Zero Campaign is part of the initiatives outlined in her strategic framework towards HIV control, promotion of maternal, new born and child health in Kenya.

marathon 8

Available statistics indicate that 108,000 children die in Kenya every year before their fifth birthday, with 65 per cent of them dying before their first birthday.

It is also estimated that there are 72,000 infant deaths in Kenya annually, while 48,000 deaths occur during the first 28 days of life annually.

marathon 3

The first lady led thousands of Kenyans on 8th of March a day that was the World Women Day to run for a good course. Participating in the 21Km Marathon along-side the Deputy president William Ruto , Margaret managed to finish the race after 3:24.55 a time that was faster than last year’s 3:53.05.

As she neared the finish line the first lady sprinted towards the finishing line where she was eagerly waited for by the President Uhuru Kenyatta. The President gave her a very big hug and congratulated her for the impressive run.


Uhuru who seemed so excited during the event to time to thank all Kenyans for showing up for the Beyond Zero marathon. In post the president said:

“Thank you for taking part in ‪#‎IAmBeyondZero‬. God Bless you all.”


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Kuteseka Ni Kwa Muda : DJ Krowbar Reveals How He Borrowed DJ MOZ A T-Shirt To Take His 1st Professional Photo

People come from far and every challenge we go through in life is not an obstacle but a stepping stone for the next level of success. DJ Krowbar who is the main disc jockey for Tukuza gospel show  on KTN is a living testimony of a man who has kept the hope no matter the challenges he went through as a young man.

krowbar new

DJ Krowbar shared a testimony of how he took his 1st professional photo in the year 2008. Did you know that DJ Krowbar had to borrow a t-shirt from DJ Moz of Kubamba to take the photo so as to make his picture a bit more upscale ? .

He said :

This photo was taken in 2008… It was my first ever professional photo shoot… I borrowed DJ MOZ (Kubamba Krew Director) the T-Shirt I am wearing in this photo.

This is to encourage you too keep on being FAT.

F – Faithful
A – Available and
T – Teachable.

The future needs such characters.

dj krowbar throwback

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Laptop Drama : A Man Allegedly Arrested In Nairobi For Carrying A Laptop Without A Receipt

On Tuesday one man by the name Julius Otieno was allegedly arrested for carrying a laptop without a receipt. Activist Boniface Mwangi brought the issue to the light after he got news that Julius was arrested by the police.


Boniface Mwangi said :

“Yesterday Julio Otieno was arrested for carrying his laptop without a receipt and asked for Sh5000. When his colleague Willis Adika informed me about the arrest,l tweeted about it and Willis who was at the police station at that time was arrested and locked up.

We went with the receipt of the laptop at the police post last night but we were told that to go back in the morning. This morning we have been told they have been taken to court.

Julio Otieno is charged with handling suspected stolen property (the laptop his but since he refused to bribe and we tweeted about it,they have charged him). Willis Adika is been charged with “misuse of telecommunication” for posting the arrest on twitter.

Willis didn’t post anything on twitter,he doesn’t have a twitter account and his phone which they confiscated is analogue and he never posted anything on social media. The OCS is called Nyaroche and when we visited the police station we found people who had been held since Friday”

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“Recent Land Grabbing By Connected Individuals Shows That We Have A HUGE Character Crisis ” Pastor M Says

Our beloved country has recently been headlined by demonstrations in the CBD of different counties. This is always caused by actions of certain leaders warranting Kenyans to move to the streets to stand against it. Pastor M of Mavuno believes that the reason why some leaders show acts of impunity is because we are facing a character crisis in our society.

pastor muriithi

Here is his sermon.

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke about the importance of Character as an essential component if you want to position yourself for long-term success. Character has been defined as ‘who you are when no one’s looking’. Another word for character is ‘integrity’.

Recent headlines involving grabbing of school land by connected individuals and arrogant displays of impunity by an elected leader demonstrate the huge character-crisis facing our society. Our ‘outward focused approach’, which is more concerned with PR, spin, and reputation management than on integrity robs us of God’s blessing and endangers our future as a nation.

Character is an essential leadership trait. Even for the very talented, your talents will open the doors for you, but it’s your character that will keep you there for the long haul. Without character, you might still succeed but your success will eventually destroy you!

Do you practice what you preach? Are you known as a person who always keeps their word? Are you humble and approachable to your juniors as well as to those above you in status? Is your brand a true reflection of who you really are?

I don’t ask these questions because I have my act together. I’m not what I’d like to be, but I’m surely not what I used to be! This year, I’m praying God will help me grow more into a leader of character!

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Prayer Works : Husband To Erica of MARY MARY Discharged After He MIRACULOUSLY Got Healed On His Hospital Bed

The husband of Erica Campbell of the gospel group Mary Mary was admitted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after he allegedly complained of chest pains. A few hours later after he posted a message asking fans to pray for him through facebook and instagram Warryn Campbell miraculously got better and the doctor confirmed that it was not as bad as it 1st looked.

warryn campbell

“At 1st I thought I was having a heart attack but it was just gas” Warryn Campbell said in his post after getting healed.

Warryn Campbell who has been playing a vital role in Erica Campbell’s musical journey after going solo from Mary Mary shared a prophetical message of Faith declaring that he is healed through the name of Jesus while on his hospital bed.

Photo Courtesy : Erica Campbell
Photo Courtesy : Erica Campbell

“Satan we bind you in the name of Jesus! Every ailment, issue & chest pain is subject to the cleansing & healing power of the Blood of Jesus!!! I declare I am Healed Whole & Complete! My body works the way God created and designed it to work! Hey all my prayer warriors! Pray Now!”

Now he is feeling better and recorded this message

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The Heart Of Sharing : See What Gospel Singers Emmy Kosgei, Eunice Njeri And Esther Wahome Did During A Road Show In Eldoret

Most companies in the country often give out pens , t-shirts ,caps or wristbands when carrying out road shows in t various parts of the country. A trend that mostly seen as to be  good but common practice.

pamoja road show
Emmy Kosgei, Esther Wahome and Eunice Njeri who were doing a roadshow for the Pamoja Concert in Eldoret, were fully aware of this fact and so they decided to do something a little bit different.

It being a Christmas season the trio decided to share packets of milk and bread with the less fortunate in the area. This showed a true heart of sharing and loving one another irregardless of the status or background.

pamoja concert roadshow 2014

We applaud the Pamoja concert group for the great initiative.


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Julie Gichuru Makes Cover On One Of The Top Magazines In Africa

Julie Gichuru is undoubtedly one of the most eloquent and respected woman not only in Kenyan media but Africa at large. This is seen by the way she attracts a huge Kenyan audience to watch  her shows and the number of invites she gets to host top African forums. 

Julie Gichuru Sunday Live

Besides her prowess in News casting , Julie is as well  know to be a very down to earth lady who usually has the interest of Kenya at heart. She is so passionate for the her country Kenya and has often been on the forefront in advocating for love, peace and unity in Kenya.

I believe these among st many other factors have made her to be a big brand in Africa.

Julie Gichuru drum

This December you can get to learn more about her business, love and family in the well- know Drum Magazine. Julie will be gracing the December issue of  Drum magazine scheduled to be released next week.



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What Happens On Weekends At Nairobi Campus ? : A Student Reveals The SINS On CAMPUS WEEKENDS

Photo : Courtesy

It has been a trend in campus during weekends. Have you ever been curious to know why most of campus students are eager for weekends? Speaking to Uliza Links a student  by the name Raff reveals the truth of life on Campus Weekends.

Have you been wondering why students complain about weekend classes? If yes then I wanna unfold to you the truth. Everyone likes weekends fine, they are good for it helps us keep off our daily chores probably from our workplaces, schools and sometimes our homes. However, to others the weekends, turns to be “good”. Reason being they in turn receive a lot of “goodies”.

It’s only on a weekend in campus, usually starting from Friday morning, where you will see students more busy than usual preparing to leave. Campus parking usually parked to the brim with the luxurious “big” cars. One would imagine that a great event is to take place in the university but, yes great events will take place indeed but far away from campus premises.

If you have had a privilege to observe them as they leave their hostels, dudes and ladies carry laptop bags on their back and small handbags respectively. A shock comes on a Sunday evening or Monday in the morning as they make their way back. Huge shopping bags! Nice, but from where? At home? Mmmmmmh! May be.

Some make their way back home only after semester ends. This has been prevailing in most of our campuses around the country and it has affected many students and their parent’s negatively since some have made it a routine.


They go out every day and their destinations are always pubs and other weird places. They sleep with anybody anyhow and therefore others will never concentrate in their studies and the aftermath, the bitter saying “I wish I knew”, only when everything has gone astray. It is always good to think about our future and more so, to be considerate about our parents, who sacrifice a lot for our well being. Some of parents can even suffer from stroke when the truth about their children unfolds to them.

To Be Continued. Part 2.

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“I Lost My Mum When I Was Young But Spiritually She Still Lives Inside” : Mike Sonko Pays Tribute To His Late Mum

On the wake of Tuesday morning Kenyans were shocked with the news of losing 36 Kenyans in Mandera county after they were mercilessly killed and others be-headed by suspected Al-shabab militants. Mike Sonko joined the rest of Kenyans in mourning the lost souls whom he describes as brothers and sisters and related the pain to the moment he lost his mother on the same day in 1997.

mike sonko

It’s a double tragedy for Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko who lost his mum on this same day when Kenyans are mourning the loss of 36 Kenyans in Mandera.

“Just the other day we lost 28 innocent hard working Kenyans who had aspirations and ambitions, now we have lost another allegedly 36 people in Mandera. Probably you may not feel the pain because your close friend or relative has not been affected, but as long as they are Kenyans, they are our brothers and sisters.

sonko mum

Its a Double tragedy for me On 2/12/1997 I lost my dear Mum Saumu Mukami Mbuvi. I lost my mum when i was a very young boy. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. We will miss you and love you always.You are missed every hour of every day.Your love will light our way. Your memory will forever be with us. I probably wouldn’t be where i am were it not for the sacrifices that she made. She might be gone physically but spiritually she will always live in my heart.God be with you till we Meet Again Mama, I love you.” Mike Sonko shared.

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THIS IS MY STORY : “I Was Forced To Be A STREET KID As My DAD Couldn’t Provide For Us” Gospel Artiste Shares

Life is not as easy as you see it and on today’s feature we share an inspirational story of gospel artiste Gooya who we met  a few weeks ago on the  fateful day when Bishop Ben Bahati sadly passed on. He is known for his song Ni Yesu which brought his music to the limelight but something that people might not know is his journey. How did he become the Gooya that we know now ?

gooya post

Read his story :

In 1982, Martin Guya, known in the music industry as Gooya, was born to his mother who had been believed to be barren. She had been praying for a baby for years and she and Gooya’s father were surprised when one afternoon they heard a knock on their door and found that a man of God they had never met had come to find them. He had been on a prayer mountain and God had told him to go find Gooya’s parents in Kamkunji slum in Eldoret and to tell them that God was going to give them a baby boy who would serve God. The man of God went straight to Kamkunji and asked around until people directed him to Gooya’s parent’s home. The man’s name was Martin, and that is why when his prophesy came true, Gooya’s parents named him Martin.

However, just because Gooya was born through prophesy and a supernatural event, it didn’t make him a perfect child and his life was not easy. His father became an alcoholic and was very physically abusive to Gooya, his mother, and his younger sister. Eventually his father took a second wife and things became much worse. Though he had a good job, he refused to support Gooya’s mom and her kids. The only time he came around was to beat them or to count his salary in front of them, only to tell them they wouldn’t ever enjoy even one shilling from there. Then he would leave them with their hunger and their pain. Consequently, from a tender age Gooya was forced to become a street kid. As a very small boy he was forced to become the “man” of the house and support his mom and sister and make sure they all survived.


They often slept hungry and would survive for days on only hot water and salt. His mother did her best to care for her children, but Gooya’s dad had forced her to quit her good paying job before he took the second wife, and because he had left them with nothing, there was no help or capital to start a small business to sustain them. Eventually they ended up homeless. Gooya’s mother and sister managed to find a place to stay with friends, but the tiny mud house in the slum didn’t have enough room for Gooya to stay there too, so he had to start sleeping on the streets of Eldoret. Gooya dropped out of school so that his mother could use the small money she got to send his sister to school because there wasn’t enough to send them both.

gooya pix

Gooya’s one comfort through all of the pain was music. He would go to a friend’s house and listen to old school hip hop, mostly 2 Pac, for hours and hours and hours and eventually he started writing his own rap music. When he was barely a teenager he started competing in rap competitions in night clubs. He also got a job at a small movie house in the slum that paid him 200/= a week. He used the little money he won and made at the movie house to support his mom and sister to and to rent a small mud house of his own. The house he could afford was literally falling down and when it rained the house leaked all over on the inside, but it was still better than sleeping on the street.
Over time Gooya became well known in the Eldoret secular music scene. But his mom never forgot the prophesy over his life, that he would serve God. She kept praying for him, preaching to him, and sending men of God to preach to him. But Gooya had so much anger and bitterness in his heart and he was hardened to the Gospel. His interest was in the world and in worldly pursuits, even though he couldn’t shake the emptiness and sadness he felt or the fact that he could find nothing to cure it.
One day in 1998 when Gooya was still a young teenager, he was walking home in the afternoon. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Then from nowhere, he was struck by lightning! It threw him up into the air and he saw fire all around him! He hit the ground and though he was in shock, he wasn’t hurt in any way. However, 3 men who had been walking behind him on the path were hit by the same lightning and died on the spot! That incident really shook Gooya and caused him to ask himself a lot of questions. He wondered why God had spared his life when he was just a sinner like those other men who had died. He knew he wasn’t more special than them or more deserving to live, so why had God spared him? God had gotten his attention, but he still wasn’t ready to give Him his life. Around that same time, Gooya was talking to a secular DJ in one of the night clubs. The DJ, who wasn’t born again and who lived a very worldly lifestyle, looked Gooya in the eyes and told him, “You know, you should get born again and serve Jesus with your gift.” Gooya was shocked and didn’t understand why someone like that would tell him such a crazy thing.
While God was doing all these things in Gooya’s heart, one day in 1999, when Gooya was 17 years old, he unintentionally came upon a church crusade hosted by the late Bishop Ben Bahati. Bishop Ben was up on the stage singing reggae music – CHRISTIAN reggae music! Gooya was captivated and couldn’t believe such a thing was allowed in church! Because of it he stayed and listened to Bishop’s message of salvation and during the alter call found himself running up to the front with tears streaming down his face. That day he surrendered his life to Jesus and he has NEVER turned back since.
The next day Gooya was sitting in Bishop Ben’s office, telling him his story and pouring out his heart. Bishop Ben looked at him straight in the eye, gave him a big hug, and told him that he loved him. Up to that point Gooya had never been hugged by a man and had never heard the words, “I love you.” Through Bishop Ben becoming a true father to Gooya, he helped him heal from his anger towards his biological father and to find peace and compassion in his heart for him.
At first Gooya thought it would be more spiritual to abandon his musical gift. Rap was not widely accepted in churches back then so he poured himself into studying the Bible instead. Bishop Ben gave him the training and platform to preach in the church and to do mass evangelism. Gooya was passionate about those things and he had a God-given gift in those areas, but as time passed his passion for music could not be quenched. God started pouring Gospel songs into his heart and his creativity came alive like never before. He went to Bishop Ben for advice and Bishop encouraged him in his music gift. He helped Gooya record his first album and gave him a platform to minister through his music.

In 2003 Bishop Ben sent Gooya to Bible school where he met his wife. They were married in 2006 and since then, by God’s grace, Gooya as recorded 8 full albums and has performed and had his music and videos internationally. His newest album, B.A.D. (Born Again Delivered) is set to be released January, 2015.

His latest single, Fuata Radar (Follow The Radar) is already out on radio stations and it’s video can be seen on T.V. stations all over east Africa.

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“It Is With Utter Shock And Deep Sorrow” : President Uhuru Mourns The Death Of Hon. Otieno Kajwang

H. E President Uhuru Kenyatta has shared a message of condolence to the the family of  Hon. Otieno Kajwang after he passed away on Tuesday night after suffering a cardiac arrest.

otienokajwang post

“It is with utter shock and deep sorrow that I have learnt of the sudden death of Senator Gerald Otieno Kajwang.
Senator Kajwang’s death is not only a big blow to his family but also to the people of Homa Bay County and the whole country which he served with commitment and dedication first as a Member of Parliament, a Minister and a senator.
I will always remember Senator Kajwang as an eloquent debater, a patriot and a nationalist.
Indeed, it is hard to comprehend how the cruel hand of death has so suddenly snatched Senator Kajwang from our midst. He was an energetic, jovial and an extremely pleasant person to deal with.
The death of Senator Kajwang reminds us of how fickle human life can be. It is, therefore, difficult for anyone of us to find the right words with which to express ourselves at such a sad time.
In this difficult time of mourning, I convey my deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to Senator Kajwang’s family, relatives, friends and the people of Homa Bay who he served diligently.

I pray the Almighty God gives you all the strength and courage to bear the tragic loss.
May the Almighty God rest his soul in everlasting peace.” President Uhuru shared. 

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) spokesperson Philip Etale confirmed the death shortly after midnight. He said via the phone that the Senator had died at Mater Hospital in Nairobi where he had been rushed.


We will miss the Senator for his political prowess and for his family we keep them in our prayers.

How long we live in this world is never known but we just need to live right and Keep Jesus in our hearts.

What message do you have for the family of Otieno Kajwang ?


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Double Double : Uche Is Back With A New Song “The Glory”

Uche Agu is back yet again with another spirited track dubbed ‘The Glory’. The Glory is a single off Uche’s latest album – The Glory Experience, to be released later this year.
Uche-Agu post

Pst. Uche released the song live on Hot 96, Inuka with Dj Moz and Kambua ealier today.

As the title suggests, the general message of the song is the Glory of God coming down to His people. Uche’s yearning for God’s glory manifested in His church is palpable. When God’s glory comes down, He has an agenda to save, heal, revive, love, bless and fill His people. Uche poses a sobering question with this song: Are you ready for the glory? This song, like a good number of Uche’s songs, has the potential to be a praise and worship anthem as well as an international hit.

Uche Agu is originally from Nigeria and is currently based in South Africa. He is well known for hits such such as My God is good ooh (Double) and Solid Rock. He initially did Double Double with Joyous Celebration and he treats us to a remix of the same in the new album.

The Glory serves as an able introduction to The Glory Experience album that will leave Uche’s fans anticipating for the new album and subsequent tours.

For the djs who have not yet received the single, send a request to

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Music Aside,Leta Jembe : Benachi Visits His Grand Mother In Shaggz and Heads Straight To The Shamba (Photo)

I have learned so many things from my mother about the right upbringing, the right values, value for money, value for elders, for family members. I think these things only a parent can teach you. This is exactly the same things the soft spoken gospel artist Benachi seems to have learnt from his parents.

benachi final

Benachi who is loved by many because of the content in his songs just to sample a few Nitembele, Nifinyange and Mwanake  decided to put music aside and engage himself with something different. The talented artist  traveled upcountry to visit his grandmother whom he has so much respect for.

Just like a good son is expected to do Benachi did not just sit down upon his arrival instead he took his grandmother to the shamba and reminded himself on how to dig using a Jembe.

Watch his latest jam Nitembele

See lovely photo of him and his grand mother.

benachi and mum post

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“Reasons Why CHRISTIANS Should Be Careful Before Joining The Team JUDGING ‘Pastor’ Kanyari” : Pastor NINA

“Pastor Kanyari should go to hell”. This would be the first statement that you would here from a christian who watched the investigative series on Pastor Kanyari.


Action should be taken against him so as he may change but judging him and sharing all this jokes might in a way affect the church.
Pastor Nina Njoroge believes that the church should be very careful before joining in the team of judging Kanyari. It’s quite sad to see a pastor doing such actions in public but we need to be careful she says.

nina njoroge post

There will always be Jicho Pevu’s before Christ, during and after Christ. Nothing is new under the face of this earth.

Don’t be shocked at stories like Kanyaris because trust me, there are many others under cover. However, it brings me to my point.

There are still great Servants of God out there who are not perfect but truly serve the flock with a true reverence for God. As a Church we ought to look at this story very carefully.

The enemy is not on holiday so as a believer, don’t be caught up with sitting on the judgement sit. Instead let us promote love in Christ. Some have even concluded that they are no longer going to church.

Jesus Christ is why you are born again last time i checked, unless otherwise. Let’s uphold God’s servants in prayer as they have been there for you when you were lost, broke, divorced,experienced death in your family, they wedded you, bailed you out financially, prayed with and for you etc.

Think of your Bishop, pastor, Rev. whatever you call them and see Christ still at work. Read your Bible and pursue God for yourself……Rem….there is still a remnant that fears God.

I’m sure as we are sited together with Christ, Jesus is not laughing or whats-upping or face-booking jicho pevu.

If you are in Him and He in you, you should be hurting because the body is hurting.

Let us wake up!!!!

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Jimmy Gait Reveals That He Only Needs ONE Thing, Check It Here

Award winning gospel singer Jimmy Gait has come out to share what he really needs in his life as an artiste. In his new video called “Neno Moja” Jimmy Gait has revealed that his major need is having GOD speak in his life and everything will be fine for him.

jimmy gait barua

Jimmy Gait has gone inspirational in his new song “Neno Moja” coming after he released “Mzuka Huu” that brought so many gospel artistes together. Neno Moja which means one word applies to the listener who is going through troubles in life and is need of  a helper.

This song would go further to bring the listener to a moment of worship and prayer.

Many would say that this video is simple and I believe that simplicity is what matters in a gospel song.

Watch it here



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The Night That Was : [IN PICTURES] Thousands Gathered Together To Worship GOD At AFLEWO 2014

Thousands of Christians from across the country and representing several African nations thronged the Winner’s Chapel on Friday for an all-night praise and worship event filled with color and celebration.

Aflewo screen

Here’s part of how it was like.

Photos (c) Click photography

Pastor Lizz AFewo worshipers Aflewo Pr Julian Aflewo Audience aflewo sacreen 1 aflewo Ivlyn Aflewo myles aflewo 2014

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