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7 Useful Keys To Unlock Communication In Your Marriage

Communication is absolutely vital to human existence, and God desires for us to communicate with each other in a way that will solve problems, build relationships, and bring glory to Him.

Marriage-proposal 1

What are the basic purposes of communication? Why is it so powerful and important? One of the most significant purposes of communication is to solve problems and build relationships. In marriage, communication is the single greatest factor in working through problems. If you’re not dealing with problems right now, communication is the single greatest factor in building and strengthening your marriage relationship.

I once talked with a woman who told me that she and her husband were getting a divorce. “We have never really talked,” she said. She then made a statement that has echoed through my mind over the years. She said, “You know, Pastor Davis, since we decided to get a divorce, we have finally started talking. We have talked more in the last week than in all the years of our marriage. If only we could have talked like this for the last few years, I don’t think we would be getting a divorce at all!” I strongly suspect that she was right. Communication not only builds relationships, but it helps solve problems in those relationships.

There is so much frustration in homes and families because of failure to adequately communicate. I’ve had young people say to me, “My parents won’t talk to me.” Parents, it isn’t our impression of how much we are communicating with our children that matters; their impression is what counts. It’s a wise father and mother who don’t rely on just spanking, grounding, or grabbing car keys, but who know how to grab a child’s emotions in a heart-to-heart conversation.

One of the greatest family crises that can develop is communication shutdown. All other crises inevitably erupt from it. Once communication has shut down, it is often painful and difficult to get it started again. And when it does start up, it will often begin with conflict that causes people to run away instead of staying with it. Any time there is a problem, the solution is not less communication; the solution is morecommunication. The problem will not work out if you just walk away.

It has been said that communication is to a relationship what blood is to the body. As the blood flows through the body, carrying out impurities and bringing fresh cells and life, so communication regularly carries out the impurities of a relationship and causes the whole relationship to be fresh and new and alive.

Since it is so vitally important to families, how can we make sure that we are communicating effectively? I’d like to share several practical steps.

Discover, Learn About, and Show Interest in the Interests of Your Spouse and Your Children

This principle is found in Romans 15:1-2. It says we “ought . . . not to please ourselves . . . Let every one of us please his neighbor . . . to edification.” Find the interest of your spouse and get interested in it. Maybe it’s gardening or sewing, the stock market or computers. Perhaps it’s hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, carpentry, cooking, quilting, singing, or playing an instrument. There are hundreds—even thousands—of possibilities.

You may have heard this statement before, but let me share it with you right here:You’ve got to be interested if you’re going to be interesting. In other words, if you want to be interesting to someone, you’ve got to take interest in the other’s interests. Look for it. Discover it; learn about it. By doing so, you create an area where two people can connect and begin opening doors for communication.

Listen with Your Entire Being

Isaiah 55:2-3 says, “Hearken diligently unto me . . . Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live.” That word hearken, the Hebrew word shama, means “to listen intelligently, to pay attention.” This is distinct from the simple act of hearing; it means listening on purpose. The phrase incline your ear is the Hebrew wordnata. It means to stretch or bend. It implies that you are doing something to cause yourself to yield. When we listen, we need to do it on purpose, intelligently, with our entire being.

In a previous article, I mentioned a study on the total message in communication. The researchers found that words make up only 7% of the total message. Inflection and tone of voice make up 38%, and body language and facial expressions make up 55%. If you’re not really paying attention when your spouse or child is talking to you—if you’re hearing their words but not looking at them and really listening—you will only get a small percentage of the total message. It’s vital that we give our full attention to our spouses and children when they are talking to us.

Watch for Opportunities to Praise, Honor, and Reverence Your Spouse, Parents, and Children

Twice in the Psalms, we’re told that praise is “comely.” Putdowns are ugly. A young man should never put down his sisters. Why? Because he’s training himself to do the same thing to his wife someday. Some young men use putdowns because they appeal to their carnal natures, to their egos and sense of importance. In a distorted way, it makes them feel like a big man. But if you really want to be a big man, be humble and praise others. Putdowns are ugly, but appropriate praise is beautiful, proper, and fitting.

I shared with a young lady how important it was that she honor her father so that she would know how to reverence her husband. Why is that so important? Because I have never seen a woman able to steal away a man whose wife was reverencing him. I’ve seen it tried and have watched it fail, because the reverence of a wife creates a powerful connection of communication that draws him to her and protects him from other women with wrong motives and wrong attitudes.

Plan Times and Settings Just to Communicate

Purposely set time aside just for communication. Have a date night with your wife just to talk. Men, we may not feel like we need this, but the truth is we need it more than we think we do. Deliberate communication brings balance to our lives. And your wife needs it because it gives her a feeling of intimacy, closeness, and oneness with you.

Husbands, when you cut off that communication or do not allow your wife to share her feelings, you’re doing more than simply not listening to her. You are cutting her off as a person. You are starting a dangerous and destructive process, causing her to feel more and more like an object, instead of like the most important person in your life.

Parents should also make times to communicate with their children. The older your children get, the more important this becomes. Too often, as children enter the teen years, communication between parent and child diminishes. It should be the opposite.

Plan times and settings just for communication. Too many families don’t sit down and have meals together, or if they do eat together, they’re watching TV while they do. Make an effort to have family meals as often as you can. It’s one of the best opportunities you’ll have to communicate.

Watch For — and Accept — God-Given Opportunities

As parents, it’s easy to feel too busy to take time out of the day to communicate with our children. But we need to realize that God sends opportunities that we need to take advantage of. I walked into the house one day, and one of my daughters came up to me and said, “Dad, would you like to see the dress I just bought?” Now, looking at clothes isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do. But listening to my daughters is. I took the time to listen to how she had found the dress and the good buy she had gotten. We weren’t discussing anything of earth-shattering importance, but it was a good opportunity to talk and build our relationship. Too often parents tell their children that they’re “too busy right now” or are too self-absorbed to notice the everyday opportunities for communication that God sends their way.

Now, there’s a balance here that we need to achieve, especially with younger children. Children should know that they can’t come barging in at any time and expect their parents to drop whatever they’re doing and give the children their full attention. They need to be trained to be respectful, polite, and considerate. At the same time, parents need to recognize the difference between a child being rude or disrespectful and needing training or correction, and a child simply needing the parent to pause and communicate.

Ask Questions

Go through the Gospels and notice that Jesus, the greatest communicator who ever lived, not only taught and answered questions, but asked questions. We need to ask questions of our children. “How are you doing today? Have you been praying like you should? Did you read your Bible today, son? How do you feel about such and such? Do you know that Dad loves you?”

I could give dozens of questions to ask your children, ranging from simple questions about everyday life to those that touch on the foundational issues of who we are and what we believe. “Why is it important to put things away? Why should we pay bills on time? What did the sermon you heard at church say to you?” Questions open doors for communication, and they not only help us learn more about each other, but cause us to think through important issues.

Learn to Draw Emotional Word Pictures

This is especially important if you’re having difficulty communicating with a certain person. The goal of drawing emotional word pictures is to communicate in such a way that you reach not only the person’s mind, but the heart as well. This works with both men and women, but especially with men. You want to grab his heart in such a way that he can’t get away from it. A profound example of this concept is found in the Bible in 2 Samuel 12.

In the previous chapter, we read about the biggest failure in the life of King David—his adultery with Bathsheba. In an attempt to cover up what he had done, David arranged for Bathsheba’s husband to be killed in battle.

In chapter 12, God sent Nathan to David. Nathan was something of a spiritual adviser to David, and in this chapter, he comes to reprove David for what he has done. He begins by telling a story that contains a compelling emotional word picture.

There were two men in one city; the one rich, and the other poor. The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds: but the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb which he had bought and nourished up, and it grew up together with him, and with his children.

Notice that every word here is building the emotional impact. Nathan continued with the story:  “It did eat of his own meat, and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom, and was unto him as a daughter.” David, who had spent his youth as a shepherd caring for sheep, could closely identify with the poor man and his love for that lamb.

And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man’s lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him.

We see the emotional impact this story had on David in the next verse: “And David’s anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the Lord liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die.” Nathan’s reply to David, as a follow-up to the powerful emotional word picture he had just drawn, brought the point home in a way that nothing else could have done: “Thou art the man.”

The key in drawing an emotional word picture is to find a person’s interest, if possible something close to his heart, and then draw a parallel between that and whatever situation you’re dealing with. The power of Nathan’s words came from the fact that David could so closely identify with the poor man in the story. He knew what it was to care for lambs. He had put his own life on the line to protect and defend his sheep. The terrible cruelty of the rich man, who wasn’t content to draw from his own immense resources but instead chose to steal and kill the poor man’s lamb, came to life for David in a  powerful way. When Nathan drew the comparison between David and the rich man, David finally realized the full weight of his sin.

If you’re having trouble communicating with someone in a critical area, especially if you’re trying to work through some problem or difficulty, try to find an interest and create an emotional word picture around that interest. Anything this person is able to closely identify with is good material. It might be a hobby, career, childhood memory, or accomplishment. Find a parallel between the interest and the current situation, and create an emotional word picture that will grab the other’s heart and help him or her understand your perspective on the issue at hand.


Communication is truly the foundation of relationships, and our ability to communicate is one of the single most significant factors that will determine the strength of our families. By remaining aware of our opportunities for communication and implementing some basic principles, we can strengthen our families and experience the joy of truly fulfilling relationships.



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KARUMBA AT 10 : DJ Krowbar Marks 10 Years As A DJ And Gets Surprised By His Wife On TV

From a dj competition back in the day, DJ Krowbar was destined for purpose when he defeated the elite deejays that time to be crowned King of other deejays.

His journey had started before that competition with a series of trial and error to become a professional was a process for DJ Krowbar,  who celebrates 10 years today on his birthday.

krowbar new

DJ Krowbar knew that this day would be special when he graced his show but little did he know that he would be surprised by his best friend, now his wife Joy Karosh. A woman that Krowbar loves with all his heart and has stood with him since the days when he used to walk from one destination to another just to make his work known.

DJ Krowbar joy

In a brief surprise that started with a song by Anthony Ndiema on the Tukuza Show, Krowbar saw his wife accompanied by friends and his two baby girls singing the birthday song. Carrying a cake on one hand anda mic on the other hand, his wife celebrated DJ Krowbar as someone whom she loves and appreciates so much for what he does on KTN every Sunday.

krowbar and joy post

Getting emotional, DJ Krowbar broke down with the chills of having a wife who keeps making him appreciate marriage and what love is all about.

Joy had posted her tribute to Krowbar before that by stating :

“Today as my super amazing husband celebrate his birthday and his 10th anniversary in the ministry as a Dj, I want to take this opportunity and Glorify God for this far he has come, Babe have been a blessing to very many people, you have walked your talk and I am so blessed to call you mine, in this new season, May God favor and blessings be your portion, may you live for him till your last breath.

I am looking forward to so many great years ahead with you. You are the best, you rock and i love and appreciate you. Happy Birthday/anniversary my sweethubby”

DJ Krowbar has been seen as a mentor to several upcoming deejays including the likes of Ken The Deejay who plays on Tukuza whenever Krowbar is not around.

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May You Inspire More Souls : Suzanna Owiyo Celebrates Yvonne Chaka Chaka For Being A Phenomenal Woman

In this life you will meet amazing people who will be of great influence to your life. One of them is Yvonne Chaka Chaka who has been a great friend to Suzzana Owiyo and Africa at large through her passion of empowering and inspiring lives.

suzzana post

Suzzana Owiyo looking back at how far she has come with Yvonne Chaka Chaka decided to shower her friend with ‘birthday love’ by sharing a note with her.

yvonne chaka chaka

‘Happy Birthday to a dear sister Yvonne Chaka Chaka. May you have many more blessings & may you live to inspire more souls.‪#‎Celebrating‬ ‪#‎PrincessOfAfrica‬. Africa is where our heart lies.”

Considered a role model throughout the African continent, Yvonne Chaka Chaka has demonstrated compassion for others throughout her career. Yvonne has taught literacy, promoted the rights of women, and never stopped to work to protect children everywhere.

As UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador against malaria, and also Ambassador for Roll-Back Malaria (sponsored by the World Bank, United Nations, World Health Organization, and other institutions), Yvonne tirelessly campaigns for medications and bed nets that will help to end malaria — a preventable and curable disease that kills 3,000 people in Africa every day.

Suzzana Owiyo’s birthday message just shows how much she is inspired by Yvonne.


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71 Year Old Indian Nun Asks God To Forgive Men Who Gang-Raped Her Inside A Catholic School

A 71-year-old Indian nun, who was gang raped by robbers last Friday night inside a Catholic missionary school in eastern India, is reportedly asking God to forgive the men who assaulted her.

Demonstrators shout slogans as they hold placards during a protest outside a church in New Delhi

A group of bandits raided the Convent of Jesus and Mary School in West Bengal on Friday and reportedly tried to assault another woman inside the school. The aging nun, who remains nameless, tried to prevent the men from attacking the woman.

The Times of India reports that the men locked the nun in a room while two other members of the church and a security guard were tied down to chairs in a separate area. After the three of them were tied up, the bandits went into the room where the elderly nun was being held and gang-raped her.

The men also ransacked the school, ripped apart a Bible, destroyed a bust of Jesus and stole cash, laptops, phones and other belongings.

After the four victims were discovered inside the school on Saturday morning, the nun was transported to the Ranaghat Hospital where she was treated for her injuries, according to the Times.

A mother of one of the school’s students who went to visit the nun at the hospital explained that she and other visitors were astounded to hear that the nun was more concerned about whether or not her attackers were forgiven, rather than her own physical state.

The Times reports: “Visitors could not hold back their tears when she prayed that the men who harmed her be forgiven.”

“That’s the greatness of spiritual soul like her,” the woman said. “But all of us want the miscreants behind such heinous crime to be arrested and given exemplary punishment.”

The hospital’s superintendent, Atindranath Mondal, said the nun was also deeply concerned with the safety of the school and its students. Mondal explained that the nun kept saying, “Dil mein dard hai (my heart is broken).

Distraught over the physical attack against the nun, citizens in the Nadia district of West Bengal shut down schools and shops on Tuesday and protested over what they perceive to be police inaction in regard to justice for the nun and school.

“We have called for the shutdown of businesses and shops in this town to support the nun … and the immediate arrest of the culprits,” Samiran Paul, a cloth merchant and spokesman for the local business association, told AFP. “We can’t imagine such inhumane torture on an elderly nun who devoted her life to service of humanity. It’s a shame on us.”

The school’s surveillance cameras captured six men in their 20s scaling the school walls. The video footage has reportedly captured the faces of at least three of the men.

Three days after the crime, key suspects are believed to remain at-large even though local police have detained at least eight individuals who they suspected as culprits. None of detainees faces, however, matched the faces of the men caught on video.

Although no arrests have been made, Nadia District Police Superintendent Arnab Ghosh told media outlets that five people are still being held in connection to the crime.

“CCTV footage showed that six men, aged between 20 and 30, scaled the boundary wall round 11:40 p.m. and entered the school and disconnected the telephone lines,” Ghosh explained. “At least two of them were armed and the rest were carrying burglary tools. In the chapel, a holy scripture was found torn and … a bust of Jesus was broken.”

A reward of 100,000 rupees has been offered for leads to an arrest.

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Dr. Manu Chandaria To Be Honored With A Lifetime Achievement Award

The prestigious 2015 StartUpAfrica Lifetime Achievement Award will be given to Dr. Manu Chandaria for his life-long commitment to youth empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Dr-Manu-Chandaria start up africa

Dr. and Mrs. Chandaria have tirelessly committed their lives to ensuring that the youth are prepared and equipped with tools and skills to make them tomorrow’s job creators and Startup Africa will be honoring him this Thursday at Intercontinental hotel from 6pm.

The award will be presented to him during the 2015 Entrepreneurs Awards Gala, an event that gives us an opportunity to bring together the true pillars of our community for both networking and the exchange of well- earned wisdom.

Dr.Manu Chandaria is the Chairman of the Comcraft Group in Kenya. He’s engaged in work covering many aspects within the framework of a joint Indian family with business interests in over forty-five countries and a workforce numbered in thousands globally.

The purpose of the Awards is two-fold.  First, they provide national and international recognition to entrepreneurs, whose successful businesses and achievements contribute immensely to the local, national, global economies as well as to their communities. And second, they are vital to future economic development and prosperity and ensure that entrepreneurs are encouraged and cultivated.

To book a ticket to the event click here or call : 0722 160172


Event Tickets Purchase Options

MPesa: Ksh. 5,000 per person

Make payments to:

All Around Corporate Promotions Limited

Pay Bill No. – 222111

Account No. – 065000007704

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It Looks So Real: Amos And Josh Receive An Amazing Portrait From A Fan

They’ve maintained consistency and relevance ever since they left as the 1st runners up in TPF six competition. Amos and Josh a Kenyan musical duo has had a great run in music from its inception in January 2014.

amos n josh real

The humble brothers who sing Afro pop/Afro Fusion plus gospel elements have grow to see themselves performing at big events in Kenya and as well meet renown personalities in the gospel industry and entertainment field at large. Their growth in music has also seen most of their songs played in top radio and tv stations in Kenya.

kambua n amos&josh

Clearly it is this rapid growth that made Joe Tooner one of their fans to come up with this amazing portrait of them.

Check it out:

amos n josh portrait

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Happy To Be Back : Maich Of BMF Is Back In The Country, He Reveals What He Has Been Up To

Patrick Maina famously known as Patmaich BMF is back in the country after being away for more than a year in pursuit of a leadership course that he did in United States of America. Maich who formed the fourth stone in the hugely talented gospel group called BMF revealed that he is quite delighted to be back in the country after a journey of faith that has blessed him in many ways.

maich bmf post

Maich shared :

So happy to be back home. The last year and a half has been a journey of faith that has blessed me in unimaginable ways. Been so many places, met so many people, established so many new friendships and made so many memories.

Who would have thought that a simple guy from Mathare could be blessed with so many friends and such opportunities? So pumped to be back with my family and friends and so excited for what God is going to do through BMF music .

The look on all their faces when they saw me was priceless, the surprise worked better than I thought. Never let anyone try to convince you that anything is impossible, you can be anything you want because God’s power is already at work within you. I love you all.

bmf kenya post

Maich had left the country in August 2012 to pursue the study of  leadership at  South-hills Leadership School in Corona,California and he finally graduated at the school in May 2013 in which he was awarded  with a certificate of Leadership.

Maich believes that his journey has just started as he said it will enable him to have a positive impact on our beloved Nation.

Speaking to uliza links Maich after graduating he said :

“Life is a relay and our responsibility is to run our course dilligently so that when the time to hand over the baton to the next generation comes, we will do so proudly. I’m excited to come back home, reunite with my BMF bros and Godwilling play a small part in helping our country move a step closer to being a great country that our children and the next generations will be proud of.”

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Ndinda The Plumber : Former Hot 96 FM Presenter Finds Herself A New Job After Leaving Radio

Former Hot 96 fm presenter Joyce Kyole has found herself a new job after leaving radio in 2013.

queen ndinda post


Joyce Kyole a.k.a Queen Ndinda who was a co-presenter with DJ Moz and Kambua on Inuka gospel show, got herself busy by engaging in plumbing early this week when a leakage got out of hand.

Queen Ndinda who is a go getter and a never give up kind of lady couldn’t just sit down and watch her house being filled with water but rather decided to be a plumber when her contracted plumbers failed to help her solve the leakage problem.

Majestically she took to the roof and there she was in her new job that she might start offering services for very soon.

ndinda the plumber

She said :

I went to check what was causing water leakage from the tank and I found it! Self made plumber huh!! We called plumbers and none of them diagnosed this problem. There was so much leakage I had to act.

queen ndinda kambua poste called plumbers n none of them diagnosed this problem. Yesterday there was so much leakage I had to act

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DIGITAL PRAYER : House Of Grace Church Launches App That Allows Members To Send Prayer Requests Virtually

House of Grace Church that is based in Nairobi near T-mall are happy to announce an APP that will make things easier for its church members.  With everyone going digital in this era House of Grace Church didn’t want to be left out as they took a turn to bridge the gap of communication.

House of Grace Nairobi post

The application which is run on Android allows any mobile user to :

1. Register his/her details so that you never miss out on the opportunities and events in Church.
2. Receive message of the day- Word from the Bishop!
3.You will be able to send prayer requests confidentially to the church’s Pastors to pray for you or guide you through tough situations.

The APP is available to anyone and everyone even members who are not part of HOG.

Download free on Google Play Store and prepare your hearts to be blessed!


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Calls For Prayer As People From THE HOLY LAND Suffer

Christian Today

Two Irish bishops are calling on the faithful to pray for Christian families in the Holy Land affected not only by war but the most violent winter experienced by the region in decades.

west-bank post

Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly and Bishop Ray Browne, who went to the Holy Land last week as part of a delegation promoting peace and respect for human dignity, said they were deeply affected by the living conditions of people in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

“We have all seen the images on the television news and read the column inches in newspapers and magazines but when you are there in person – meeting families whose lives have been devastated, who don’t have a roof to put over their heads, basic food to put on the table, and are witnessing children dying of exposure – you very quickly come to realise just how deeply distressing the situation is for the people of Gaza,” they said in a statement released by the Irish Bishops’ Conference.

The prelates further said that the faithful should open their hearts to the cries of the people in Gaza and other areas, who are suffering amid the devastation surrounding them.

“We encourage Irish faithful to continue to pray for the suffering people of Gaza, specifically the diminishing Christian community which is caught in the crossfire of conflict. We take this opportunity to thank everyone for their on-going and generous support for Trócaire’s work in the Holy Land and, while acutely conscious of the challenges facing the budget of many Irish families, we humbly ask that this support would continue,” they added.

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After Working With Joyce Omondi : RIGGA Proves That He Can Truly Sing By Releasing A New Sizzling Single

Gospel singer Charles Rigga has now proven that he can truly sing and rap at the same time by releasing a new single titled Fruit. Fruit is his new official single after featuring in Joyce Omondi’s song called Nifiche and for a fact its epic and a blessing to someone in need of guidance.


“Fruit” Written & Performed by Rigga
Lyric Video produced by Laka Nyaga for Dorky Pictures ( )
Audio Production by Jaaz Odongo for Sound Mind Kenya

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Will Love You Forever : Former KTN Anchor Bonney Tunya Weds His Beautiful Girlfriend [IN PICTURES]

bonney tunya
Former KTN news anchor Bonney Tunya finally said goodbye to the bachelor side of life by wedding his one true love Grace who is video editor at KTN. The two lovely love birds said “i do” at a colorful wedding ceremony held at St. Julians center Nairobi in the presence of family, friends and colleagues.

See photos (c) Nairobi Wire 


Grace-2 Grace-8 Grace-7 Grace-4 Grace-6

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Bahati,Emmy Kosgei, Dj Mo & Dj Sadic Send Their Condolence Messages To Odinga’s Family

The untimely death of the first son of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga ,came as a painful and shocking  news to many Kenyans who had viewed him as to be a potential future leader.

“It is with profound sorrow that my wife Ida and I announce the untimely passing of our eldest son, Fidel Castro Odinga. We thank you all for the outpouring of messages of condolence and solidarity at this time of grief. May the Lord rest my beloved son’s soul in eternal peace! We shall give further communication in the coming days. RAO”.This was the message posted on Raila Odinga’s facebook page hours after the demise of his son , Fidel Castro.



“It is very painful and sad for a parent to lose his or her son” this is one message that was shared across by many prominent persons in the country this including among others Deputy President William Ruto and venture capitalist Heshan Desilva.

Many celebrities and politicians took time to send  their condolence messages through the social media platform , gospel artists Bahati, Dj Mo, Dj Sadic and Emmy Kosgei included.

Here is what artists from the gospel family had to say:

Fidel odinga

Bahati: My sincere condolences to the family,relatives and friends of Hon Raila Odinga and Mama Ida Odinga following the death of their son.. May our Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief. RIP FIDEL.

EmmyKosgei: R.i.p fidel.. our condolence to hon.Raila odinga and his lovely wife Ida. Our prayers are with you
.. may God comfort you!

Dj Mo: RIP Fidel Odinga
May the God of all comfort, comfort the family of RailaOdinga in this hour of grief. We are praying for you. Shalom!!”

Dj Sadic: My Deepest Condolences to Hon. Raila Odinga, Mama Ida Odinga and the entire family during this trying time. R.I.P Fidel Odinga!!!


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POLE MY BROTHER : President Uhuru Visits Raila Odinga To Console Him After The Death Of His Son [PHOTOS]

The loss of Fidel Odinga, Raila Odinga’s first born son has grabbed headlines for the last 24 hours after he passed away at his home in Karen after a night out with his friends. With the cause of death not clear as per now it must be hard for the former prime minister to easily accept that he will not see his son again and the president as a friend decided to visit him to console him.

Uhuru consoling Raila Odinga
Uhuru consoling Raila Odinga

The President who has been seen as a major political rival of Raila decided to show what stands between politicians when there is no politics and its Love.

The president posted :

Consoling former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, his wife Ida Odinga and widow of the late Fidel Odinga, Lwam Getachew Bekele, when I paid them a visit at their Karen home.

President Uhuru Consoles Fidel's Wife
President Uhuru Consoles Fidel’s Wife
Uhuru writing a message of condolence
Uhuru writing a message of condolence
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HELP MAURICE : 12 Yrs After Playing The World Cup , Kenyan Cricketer Maurice Odumbe Is Living As A POOR MAN

In 2003 when Kenya was playing Srilanka at Nairobi Gymkhana, the stadium was filled with thousands of elated Kenyans who couldn’t imagine how we beat Srilanka in a world cup. A team that was made up of Steve Tikolo , Collins Obuya , Kennedy Otieno, Martin Suji , Ravindu Shah and Maurice Odumbe was the reason behind that success on that year.


A scandal popped up after that and Maurice Odumbe a well known cricket player and former captain of the Kenyan team, was banned from playing cricket for five years for allegedly flouting the ethical and professional rules of the KCA and ICC.That would be the moment that Maurice would move from class to grass.

According to business daily.

Maurice filed an application for judicial review in our Kenyan High Court against the Kenya Cricket Association, the ICC and the presiding judge at his trial.

In his application for judicial review he sought to have our High Court review the decision made by the ICC (through KCA) by having our high court quash the decision made.

He prayed for an order of certiorari and prohibition. An order of prohibition would prohibit the KCA and ICC from banning him from playing cricket therefore effectively restoring his status.

The main ground in support of his application was that the KCA is a public body and therefore its decisions were susceptible to review by the court via judicial review.

The respondents put up a protracted argument arguing that both the KCA and ICC are private bodies and therefore not susceptible to judicial review.

Decisions of private bodies, it was argued are not in the court’s domain.


Fast forward to 2015, Maurice Odumbe is not that same cricketer who would park his car at the prestigious parking lot designated for cricket players arriving at cricket grounds. He is a poor man living like a beggar. His once called upscale life is no more.

Fashion Watch analyst Robert Burale is one of the public figures who caught up with him and he was so moved by the state in which Maurice Odumbe is living and he has started a campaign to help him.


He shared  :

“Sad afternoon. ..I bumped into my old friend Maurice odumbe…. once the best cricketer in this side of the world..he put Kenya in the map..every newspaper was ODUMBE THE BEST. …ODUMBE THE MAN. .but now he is left to wallow in desperation and living like a beggar (his own words)…and he tells me that IBRAHIM BILALI the former boxer is even worse..DO WE FORGET OUR HEROES,??? SAAAAAAD. (I put up this post in Maurice’s presence) LETS HELP HIM”


This begs the question, are we good at enjoying the fun while our players win medals for us and in the long term we do not go back to check how they are living ?

Let’s help Maurice.

Email us if you wish to help : or whatsapp 0727041162



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FOREVER IN LOVE : KTN Anchor Yvonne Okwara Tied The Knot To Her PRINCE Named Andrew

Yvonne Okwara at True Love Photo Shoot (c)

Famously known for hosting the news segment called Check Point on KTN, Yvonne Okwara finally checked her way out from being single when she exchanged wedding vows on Saturday 6th to her loving boyfriend called Andrew. Andrew Matole who is a veterinary surgeon by profession has been the mystery man who stole Yvonne Okwara’s heart for sometime and he confirmed his true intentions today when he said “I DO” to her.

yvonne okwara weds
(c) Boniface Mwangi

News of Yvonne Okwara’s wedding was made public a week ago by her close friend Dennis Itumbi who wished her the best in marriage live on air after an interview on KTN. With a surprise smile she couldn’t imagine why Dennis had to do it? but most of us knew that the news was true as Itumbi and Yvonne have been friends for long.


On Saturday morning Yvonne Okwara finally confirmed what Itumbi had said when she elegantly walked down the aisle in a colorful ceremony that was held at Crown Plaza Hotel in Nairobi. The groom Andrew Matole who is a director/surgeon of The Andys Clinic couldn’t imagine how beautiful his bride was but with a huge smile he waited patiently as she was escorted by her parents from the main entrance of the hotel.


With so much joy he received her at the aisle and when they exchanged their well written vows, they were  welcomed with a huge celebration of the crowd that had gathered to witness their union in marriage that would unite them in love forever.

How great is this for the wedding lovers who have now witnessed two celebrity weddings simultaneously, a day after Teacher Wanjiku got married to her best friend Victor Ber.

We wish her all the best.

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