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2014 Was The Last For Me : DJ Mo Humbly Bows Out From Next Years Groove Awards

DJ Mo of System Unit has gone public to say that he will not be participating in next years Groove Awards as he plans to give other gospel deejays a chance. Sammy Muraya/DJ MO was awarded as the DJ Of The Year at the 2014 Groove Awards that was held on 1st June by Mo Sound LTD.

dj mo wins post

DJ Mo has now been awarded with 3 awards at the annual Groove Awards which were iniatiated by his mentor Kelvin Mulei. His accoldaes were presented to him in the year 2010 , 2013 and 2014 and on that note he has decided to withdraw himself from the awards and give other Deejays an opportunity to participate in the forthcoming awards.

mo groove machakos

On an interview with the people DJ Mo said :

 I want to thank all those who voted for me. I am very grateful. However, this is my last year. Next year, I will not be participating in the category for best gospel DJ. I will leave it for new and upcoming acts. I am not the first gospel DJ to win the award three times in a row. The first was DJ Moz. Now I want to pass on the banner to others, to help nurture new talent.



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Celebrating Artistes: A Platform For Releasing Gospel Music Videos Launched In Kenya

It has been noted for the past years that most artists struggle to get a platform to launch their new videos. Now there is good news for all the gospel artist in Kenya as SK Blue the CEO of Sakata Media and other stakeholders have come up with a great idea  to bridge this gap.

gospel podium 1 post

A new platform by the name Gospel Podium was launched on 8th of May at the Museum Auditorium . The Podium gave a platform for four relatively new acts to launch their music videos.

gospel podium 2 post

Gospel Podium’s main objective is to offer  knowledge, inspiration and understanding in diverse skills and creativity in music.

gospel podium 3 post

In attendance were artistes,Djs,presenters,producers,Media and Cmo’s 

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Pangani Blast!! : Here Is The Official Police Statement On What Took Place At Pangani Police [Read]

Here is the official police statement on what took place on Wednesday night at the Pangani Police station.

pangani blast post

On 23 April, around 8pm our officers on a 999 patrol vehicle as they were carrying out their normal patrol, saw a Toyota Corolla NZE driving on the wrong side of the road. The occupants were flagged down and questioned what was their motive to drive on the wrong side but by the occupants couldn’t clearly explain.
The officers decided to take them to Pangani Police Station for further interrogation. Two officers entered the car to make sure the suspects didn’t escape, one sat at the rear front and the other at the back, while the remaining officers in the 999 patrol car escorted the suspected car from behind.
On reaching the Pangani Police Station gate, one of the suspect on sensing danger he ignited the IED that had been mounted at the boot of the suspects car. Unfortunately the car exploded killing all occupants including our two officers and two suspects.
I want to assure Kenyans that war against terrorist is still on and we are not relenting. We cannot be cowed by such heinous acts and therefore I fully declare war against any acts of crime in the country.
I mourn the loss of the the two gallant officers who have died in their line of duty as they were defending and protecting our beloved country. I appreciate their good, were it not for them to have intercepted the vehicle, the IED could have caused a huge damage. Their devotion and dedication will forever be remembered by us.
On the same note, I commend the NPS officers countrywide for their commitment in the war against terrorism and I urge them to continue with the same spirit until we win this war.
I call upon the members of the public to share any information with our law enforcement agencies.
God Bless you.
God Bless Kenya.

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Up Close And Candid : Things You Need To Know About Worship Singer “Carol Ngochi”

We had an interview with one blessed praise and worship singer by the name of Carol Ngochi . She is one woman who is dedicated to serve and serve the body of Christ. Read below

carol ngochi post

Who Is Carol Ngochi ?

Carol Ngochi is a born again christian.A gospel musician who is married and have 2 kids.

Why Decide to use the Name Carol Ngochi as your stage name ?

I decided to use Carol Ngochi as my stage name because many people address me by the name Carol wich is short form of Caroline.Ngochi is my husbands name and i decided to pick because its my Surname and its unique.

When Did You Start Singing?

I started singing when i was a small girl in nursery and sunday school. I also sang in primary school and started composing songs when i was in high school.

carol guitar smallHow can you describe your type of music and what message do you usually like to put across ?

My kind of music is praise and worship. I have been a praise and worship leader over 20years. My biggest calling is to lead people in worship so i flow in composing such kind of songs. I believe God is looking for true worshipers who will worship him in truth and spirit.I put across songs of adoration to God ,songs of hope and songs of encouragement.

It seems vernacular songs don’t get a lot of air play these days.. What do you have to say about that

I think its wrong to have such a perspective on vernacular songs. Even in singing there is the language you express yourself best.its only hear in kenya cultures are despised yet we appreciate more songs which we don’t understand the language from other countries.The flow should be felt in a song if it is well done even if  it not totally  understood.. Singers should put translations on videos.

Do you feel like their are challenges these days in selling music ?

There is a big challenge in selling music,especially when the  airplay is poor.

 When did you give your life to Christ?

I got saved 1989 when i was a very young girl in primary school.

Tell Us About Your Music and Albums ?

I recorded my first album 2005 ; it was poorly  recorded so I  didn’t put it in the market.My second album is called HUTIA which is awasome  and has great videos which I recorded in 2012.

Whats future Plans do you have and dreams? ( Whats next for Carol Ngochi )

My future plans in music ;
I am working on  a kiswahili album. and my desire is that my music reaches all the nations of the world.I BELIEVE  I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO REACH THERE.By Gods grace I will make it.

Watch Gutire Tawe By Carol Ngochi


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Eunice Njeri Speaks Of GOD’s Satisfaction In New Video “Unatosha” [WATCH]

Worship singer Eunice Njeri is one blessed lady not to speak of vocals only but also in her ministry as a christian. She has now released yet another worship music video called “Unatosha” coming after she did “Matunda” with Lady Bee and Rebecca Soki.

eunice njeri wanitosha post 1

Unatosha which means “you satisfy me” is a total dedication to GOD for his amazing Grace,Love and Mercy. Eunice has brought simplicity in the choreography of her video to make sure that the audience focuses on the message of the song.

eunice njeri wanitosha 11

Video has been directed by “Lingala Ya Yesu” director called Ken Heman of Eagle Films. (Watch)




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Songstress Betty Bayo Heading To United Kingdom

They say ministry is the way which the word of GOD will be known to the rest of the world. Betty Bayo known for her songs “Siyabonga” “Eleventh Hour” and “Thire” will be expanding her ministry boundaries as she is set to spread the gospel of Jesus in United Kingdom.

betty bayo uk tour post

This will be another tour by one of our own after Willy Paul left for the United States for his “You Never Know Tour”. Organised by Victorious events will Betty be hosted having taken Rachael Pretty, King’ori and Shiru Wa GP before.

Betty Bayo whom was appointed Ambassador for Tambua Afrika an organization that gives re-useable sanitary pads to the less fortunate girls, will be gracing selected locations of UK between March and April. She will minister to Kenyans who live in UK and who have had a great longing to see one of their own.

We wish her well and may she bless many with the word of GOD. For bookings call Victor Benson on 07875570473.

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Oprah Hosts Lupita Nyong’os Mother And Brother At Her Place [PHOTO]

Lupita Nyong’o is one name that has made headlines not only in Kenya for weeks now but the rest of the world. Having played a role of Patsy “a black  slave girl”, In 12 years as a slave this made her to not only connect with  her audience but made her audience fall in love with her. One of her greatest admirers is renown Oprah Winfrey who has not only gone publicly to support the ravishing Lupita but also invited her brother and mother for lunch.

oprah lupita mother and brother post


The lunch took place on Thursday at Oprah Winfrey’s house, which is just days after Lupita Nyong’o scooped an Oscar Award for best supporting actress.

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