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I LOVED IT BUT : Pastor Decides To Sell His Prized CAR For Charity Which He Had Bought With His 20 Yr Savings

A Welsh pastor waited and saved for 20 years to buy the classic car of his dreams. Now he has decided to give it away to raise funds for charity.

pastor car

Clive Owen, pastor of Wellspring Christian Fellowship Church in Langstone near Newport in South Wales, and married with two daughters and four grandchildren, had vowed never to sell the 1971 Gilbern Invader Mark II he bought in Bournemouth last year.

His mind was made up on his latest visit to Israel seven weeks ago, when he was at the main hospital in Tel Aviv. A little baby from Syria had just come out of the operating theatre. “As I looked at him he just gave me the most beautiful smile. I thought to myself, I’ve got to do more for these children. I thought, what do I love more than I love the life of a child? The answer was, nothing, not houses, cars or reputation, nothing. I went home and went walking, and thought, I will give the car away.

“I love that car. I waited 20 years for it. But if we don’t practise what we preach, they are empty words. Christmas is a greedy time. We call it greedmass. On one side of the line, people have more than they want. On the other side, they have nothing. At this time of year we must take stock of what we do. If we say, all for God, it must be all for God. If one person in the world realises by my selling my car that perhaps they can do something good, sell something, give something away, then it’s been worth it. My heart will rejoice and I won’t be sad.”

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Inter-Religious Harmony : Pope Francis Visits A Mosque, Removes Shoes And PRAYS Silently

Pope Francis prayed silently alongside a senior Islamic cleric in Istanbul’s Blue Mosque on Saturday, in a gesture of inter-religious harmony in a country bordering the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

Pope Francis and Grand Mufti Yaran

Francis took off his shoes as he entered the huge mosque, before bowing his head in prayer for several minutes, facing Mecca and standing next to Istanbul’s Grand Mufti Rahmi Yaran, in what a Vatican spokesman described as a joint “moment of silent adoration” of God.

A similar act by his predecessor Pope Benedict in 2006 drew criticism from conservative Catholics and some Muslims.

Several hundred people, many of them tourists, watched from behind police barriers as the pope then walked to the nearby Aya Sofya museum, once the Christian churchHagia Sophia.

pope removes shoes

A group of school children waving Turkish and Vatican flags chanted “Long live Pope Francis” in Italian as the Muslim call to prayer rang out across the Sultanahmet square, the heart of Istanbul’s historic quarter.

“We must show respect for each others beliefs. God willing the pope’s visit will help in this respect,” said Halil Ibrahim Cil, 24, a hospital worker from Istanbul.

“We want to practise our religion in peace. We want people to understand Islam. We don’t want war.”

Islamic State insurgents have captured swathes of neighboring Syria and Iraq, persecuting and killing Shi’ite Muslims, Christians and others who do not share their ultra-radical brand of Sunni Islam.

The Blue Mosque, known officially as the Sultanahmet mosque, opened in 1616 and is the most famous in Turkey. Its popular name is a reference to the fine blue Iznik tiles in its main prayer room.

Francis was later given a rapturous welcome by Istanbul’s tiny Roman Catholic community when he celebrated a Mass in the city’s Holy Spirit Cathedral. Several thousand people from a Catholic population of around 53,000 packed the small building and others watched from an outdoor courtyard.

(c) Christian Today

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No More Hair For Dafari : Singer Dafari Daf Shaves His Mo-Hawk And Goes Bald

Dafari Daf decided that it was to time to make a change on his hair looks by shaving his Mo-hawk. Dafari Daf who is known for his song “Big GOD” visited his barber recently and asked him to give him a different shave from the usual. 

dafari daf post new

After posting a photo on social media some of his fans and friends were surprised by his new look saying he looks very different from the ‘other’ Dafari but he does look good still. 

Dafari without hair



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(Open Letter) Comedian Eric Omondi : “As Kenyans We Have A Way Of Killing Talents We Don’t Support Our Own”

eric omondi post

Top Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has come out to share his thoughts on the current situation of the “un supporting nature” for our own talents. Eric Omondi in his words termed the support as not helpful and in his words he said no one will believe in your children until you do, KENYA.

Eric Omondi’s two cents come after their has been an ongoing conversation on lack of local support of local music on radio stations and tv stations. He believes that its time we come out together to embrace our culture and support it more.

wallace eric omondi kamande

See also : “I Am Concerned About The High Intake Of Naija Music In Our Radio Stations” DJ Moz Shares 

On his facebook page he posted :

“Hey my name is Eric Omondi…am a comedian. God has been good to me…His favor and Grace has enabled me to achive alot. I have managed to travel to a few countries because of talent. Now one thing that stands out about Nigeria, South Africa and the United States(some of the countries I’ve been privileged to visit) is their culture…The culture to support their own…They have away of encouraging talent and we have all seen the results. My beloved countrymen have away of killing talents, we don’t support, we hate, we criticise…We all rise up in arms whenever one of us either ‘fails’ or tries anything new…recently i was once again heartbroken when our own Sauti Sol were nominated for the MTV awards…We didn’t vote, we didn’t wish them well…We ridiculed them on twitter as Nigerians and South Africans celebrated their own…no one will believe in your children until you do, KENYA.”

What Say You ?


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Farewell : Nation Media Group’s Nairobi News Officially Shuts Down

Not so happy when a newspaper shutsdown but it happened on May 21st 2014 when Nairobi Newspaper decided go off the market. This was caused by little advertising on the newspaper with little sales the official press release stated.

FAREWELL- nairobi news

The newspaper was launched by NMG after another  Nairobi newspaper   had been launched, but it now seems that it will no longer be on the streets of Nairobi.

On their official statement they stated.

Today, May 21, 2014, we say farewell to you, dear reader.

This is the last issue of the newspaper which you have come to love.  It’s the final, emotional step in our short but action packed life. Good ideas are driven by inspiration, but their ultimate survival is determined by business. Our brave efforts at breaking new ground in Kenyan journalism have foundered on the rocks of crippling economic times.

Little advertising and slow sales growth at a time of rising costs made Nairobi News survival impossible.

November 20 last year seems like only yesterday. Such has been our whirlwind life of enterprising journalism – improbable exposes, dramatic pictures and a refreshing menu of human interest features telling you the story of the city.

With our captivating blend of simple writing and bold headlines, we reached out to the ordinary Nairobi resident. We spoke to ordinary housewives and adventurous teenagers, and we brought new energy into the reading choice of Nairobians proud of their home city.

Thank you for standing by us and keeping the faith. So long, we are gone but Nairobi lives forever.

Adios Nairobi News.

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Pat Maich Of BMF Shares : “When Grenades Are Exploding Left Right And Center, Lets Not Allow Fear To Creep In”

In times like this when everything seems to go wrong with our security we need to be prayerful that GOD will watch over our city. For Psalms 127:1 says :

maich bmf post

“A song for pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem. A psalm of Solomon. Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the LORD protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.”

Here are some words of encouragement shared by Patrick Maina of gospel group BMF.

“Fellow Kenyans,good morning. It is at times like these when grenades are exploding right,left and center and loosing many of us that we must not allow fear to creep in.

This is a tactic that the enemy always uses because he knows that once fear grips us,we loose hope and thus become weak when fighting him. We must let these cowards know that we will stand together as a people and that nothing can or will ever divide or make us fearful.

We are not cowards, we will not run and hide, we will face them and because God is on our side we will defeat them. We cannot loose hope and so let us remain vigilant and together we will defeat the enemy. God bless you and may God bless Kenya.”

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Uhuru Congratulates Margaret For Being The First “1st Lady” To Finish A Marathon

We are used to having the same types of  Marathon races year in year out including among others Ndakaini half marathon and the standard chartered  marathon that usually have a big turnout. This year things are happening a bit different after the 1st Lady Margaret Kenyatta championed the “Beyond Zero” Campaign  by launching her marathon dubbed as the Margaret Kenyatta Marathon whose aim was to reduce preventable maternal and child deaths.

Margret Kenyatta ensured that she did not just launch the marathon but also became part of team that was competing in the marathon. Amazingly she did not just start and stopped after a few meters as many might have predicted rather she ended up finishing the entire race thereby  making her the first “1st Lady” in the world ever to finish a marathon.

President Kenyatta who was among the many Kenyans who attended the marathon was deeply moved by her wife’s great display of leadership in finishing the race . He publicly congratulated his wife and thanked Kenyans for turning up in large numbers for the event and supporting the campaign.

See what he said:

 I could not be prouder of Margaret for running and finishing the marathon today, the first by a First Lady anywhere on the globe. She did this as part of her Beyond Zero campaign whose goal is to improve maternal health care, and to buy mobile clinics to ensure that many of our people have access to important health facilities. Thank you all for the support you showed today. God Bless you all.


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Kelele Takatifu,Christ Cycoz,Dee & Winky Daily To Clean 40 Churches

The young talented hip-hop artists are on one of kind missions probably different from what we are used to called “Safisha Tour”. The artists include Kelele Takatifu and the hip-hop clean up crew which include Christ Cycoz Dee Winky Daily among others.

safisha tour post

They will be hosting a tour aimed at passing the gospel to the young generation as they equip them with knowledge of how to live a “clean” christian life. Many teens have had a great struggle in living a “clean” christian life as they end up falling for the passions of the world which is something that these artists will be talking about.

The tour which will be held in 40 Churches will be starting on Sunday March 9th. Among others supporting this great initiative is Full House DJ’s and Fragile Nights.

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Emmy Kosgei Writes A Heart Warming Tribute To Her Mother On Womens Day

Tributes are statements of honor to compliment someone special in one life and mostly they are shared on special occasions.


Emmy Kosgei Madubuko took the opportunity of the special occasion on Saturday March 8th “International Womens Day” to dedicate a heart-warming tribute to her mum.

emmy kosgei post

Mothers are like stars as the love for their children will always continue shining deep inside their hearts. Emmy Kosgei mother Mrs Jeruto Kosgei  is one of the special mothers in Kenya who has shown exemplary love for her daughter “Jemutai”.

emmy kosgei mum and dad


She has not only stood by her daughter Emmy Kosgei during her challenges but has also takes the task  of caring for the children at Hope Academy, a school opened by Emmy.

On that note Emmy Kosgei came out publicly to share a lovely tribute to her mom who has shown impeccable strength of a woman. Emmy says :

On this special day I celebrate one woman who has made a whole difference in my life,a pillar,prayer warrior,given me full support n true demonstration of strength of a woman! She also takes care n mothers my little kids at hope academy .. N a mother to all .. Rev.,Mrs Rose Jeruto Kosgei ..I love u mama!!! U r one in a million .. We celebrate you ,Help me celebrate my mum! As I celebrate u n urs as well… God bless them!! 

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KTN Tukuza Hosts DJ Krowbar & Anto Ndiema Pull A “James Bond” In Mombasa [Photos]

Having watched the James Bond series of films and novels one would rarely overlook the fact that  Q Branch has given Bond a wide variety of vehicles with which to battle his enemies.

BOND speed boat


Among the most noteworthy gadgets, Bond has been equipped with is the Speed Boat in which Tukuza Hosts DJ Krowbar and Anthony Ndiema had the opportunity to ride on Saturday afternoon in Mombasa.

anto ndiema krowbar post

DJ Krowbar and Anthony Ndiema who will be hosting their Sunday Tukuza Show at the White Sands Sarova hotel took some time off by trying to test their level of skill on riding a speed boat. They did really try to pull some “stunts” probably comparable to the “James Bond” in them.

See photos.

ndiema speed boat


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