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David Kimaiyo Resigns As Inspector General And Ole Lenku Replaced

News Just In
Inspector General David Kimaiyo has resigned after the Mandera Attacks that took place on early Monday morning. The Inspector general had served the police service for over 34 years and on Tuesday evening he submitted his resignation letter to the President Uhuru Kenyatta.

kimaiyo 1

On the other note C.S Joe Ole Lenku was replaced by Joseph Nkaissery who will take over the ministry of Internal Security.

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I Am Madly In Love : Julie Gichuru Celebrates Her Hubby As They Mark 11 Yrs In Marriage

On Saturday Julie Gichuru celebrated 11 years in marriage with her husband Anthony Gichuru who has been more than a friend to her for more than a decade now. The couple who came together 16 years ago before tying the knot 5 years later celebrated the Lord’s goodness in their marriage which has been filled with laughter sorrow and success.

Julie gichuru mr tony

10 years ago on NOVEMBER  29th lovely Tv Anchor Citizen Julie Gichuru said “I Do” to her loving Husband Anthony Gichuru in a colorful wedding that saw Julie Gichuru walking down the aisle with her parents.

“Mr G & I celebrate 11 years of marriage today and close to 16 years together. #MadlyinLove #Thankful
#VeryBlessed #AwesomeLord
Tony and I got married 11 years ago on the 29th of November… What a blessing, what a ride. I am so thankful for our friendship & love and for our incredible family. I pray for many more years of happiness and love. Take nothing for granted, life is so short. Love & blessing” Julie Gichuru posted.

Apart from her being a great anchor , Julie is passionate about family and being a mother means a lot to  her as she says : “Above all we have a responsibility to nurture and grow the younger generation and our primary role is vested in the family unit.” 

julie gichuru family post

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Poor Guy : Cricket ‘Referee’ Umpire Dies After Being Hit By Ball

An umpire and former captain of Israel’s national cricket team died on Saturday after being hit in the jaw by a ball, the country’s cricket association said.

Hillel Oscar.jpeg

His death comes just two days after Australian batsman Phillip Hughes died of a severe head injury after being hit by a bouncer in a New South Wales match in Sydney.

Israeli police ruled out foul play in the incident that led to the death of the umpire, named by the Israel Cricket Association as 55-year-old Hillel Oscar, in the southern port city of Ashdod.

ICA chief Naor Gudker told AFP Saturday’s game was the last in the national league season.
“We’re simply in shock,” he said from the hospital where Oscar was pronounced dead.

“He was an international umpire. He officiated in European championships, he officiated in games in Israel: his future was ahead of him,” Gudker said.

“He was a player for the national Israeli team and he was captain of the national team.”

Police said they were investigating his death.

“We know a ball was hit in his direction, he tried to escape it, he fell – what happened there is still being investigated,” Gudker told AFP.

“The entire Israel Cricket Association and players bow their heads in his memory. He was a wonderful man, cricketer, and umpire,” Gudker said.

(c) Telegraph

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Sad: Homabay Senator Otieno Kajwang Passes Away

Sad News indeed reaching our desks that the renown politician of Orange Democratic Party and the elected Senator of Homa Bay Hon. Otieno Kajwang has passed on.

According to nation media the Homabay Senator Otieno Kajwang’ died Tuesday night after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) spokesperson Philip Etale confirmed the death shortly after midnight.

He said via the phone that the Senator had died at Mater Hospital in Nairobi where he had been rushed.

“Sad to have lost Senator Otieno Kajwang’. It is by the will of God that Senator had to depart from our midst at this time,” he said through a post on his Facebook page.

Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen posted on his official Twitter handle announcing the death of the ODM Senator.

“So shocked that my colleague and friend Senator Kajwang’ has passed on .Will remember him as passionate and eloquent debater. A man full of life and humour,” Murkomen tweeted.

According to the American Heart Association, Cardiac arrest is the abrupt loss of heart function in a person who may or may not have diagnosed heart disease. The time and mode of death are unexpected. It occurs instantly or shortly after symptoms appear.

Ulizalinks joins the family in prayers as they are going through this tough time.

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Kris Eeh Baba Launches An International Anthem Featuring Zambia’s Magg44 And Abel Chungu

Kris Eeh Baba who brought to us Eh Baba , Mmh Baba, Katikia Yesu and lately Dawa Ya Mede has released an international anthem by the name Mimina. Mimina which means “Me and Christ” is a new single by the Erroh president and features international award-winning artistes from Zambia Magg 44 and Abel Chungu.

Mimina POST

From the Red republik studios to Link Video global recording studios the new music vdeo Mimina showcases how the video was well planned in the late hours of the night. With a great song you need a good guitarist and the master record selector DJ Krowbar was in it too.

Bringing great minds of Majik Mike and J Blessing together this was the start of a great project that would be remembered by Kris and his manager.

Watch the video below

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Where Did “Xtiandela” Get All His Followers ? : Xtiandela Shares How He Built His Social Media Brand In 7 Years

While  on twitter you would find a trending topic and when you follow up closely on the trends timeline you would see that the first tweet of the trend was started by one account named “Xtiandela”.

Xtian victoria rubadiri

One cool guy we must say as he is not only creative but he is hard working in all things he does and now he has over 300,000 followers more than most public figures in Kenya.

Xtian Soma

Recently awarded with the most influential twitter personality of the year at SOMA Awards 2014, Xtiandela reveals that his growth was not a walk in the park.

To the point where companies  want to work with him to help market their products!!  Xtian for sure is an inspiration to others on social media.

This is what he had to say about his social media brand
 Building a dream is not easy. Having it, is another case. It’s taken me 7 years (Yes! SEVEN Years) to build mine. The Brand that a few now know as “X-TIAN DELA”.

Building my brand over the years has not been as easy as many think. “X-TIAN DELA” did not just be an “Overnight Internet Sensation”, it took years of planning and sleepless nights (and ofcourse bundles). I had a plan of where I wanted to be and how I was going to execute it.

The plan was so unrealistic..but hey! here, ain’t I? I learnt one important thing, TO GET THE REALISTIC, YOU HAVE TO THINK UNREALISTICALLY. Social Media is a tricky platform. To break though and become a brand that resonates with not a specific niche of people BUT with EVERYONE is HARD. I spend countless hours preparing content, researching and re-planning on how I will always be top of my game.

I sleep at most 4hrs everyday just doing all this. I do a lot of Social Media Listening to know who did what & what is trending. EVERYTHING I post is well thought and planned. Sometimes I have a lot of content but cant post since my brand is NOT in line with that content. I have been forced to learn a few softwares & BUY some like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects to help grow my brand.

(Remember: INVEST IN YOUR BRAND). I invest in people online, I help them grow and they help me grow..THAT’S MY SECRET. Zig Ziglar said “You can have anything in life only if you help enough others get what they want”. HUMILITY is another thing. Humility will open doors that education can’t

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She Has Shared The Stage With Don Moen And Israel Houghton : Now Get To Know Beautiful Songstress “ONOS”

For ONOS, music isn’t just a profession or a hobby, music is her life!!Her sight gives you the impression that there’s nothing more beyond the looks but yet, in the dark skin lies a jewel with a voice so rich and so strong, it would leave you spellbound. Now she has released her new song called high which is off her new album No Limits.

onos bak

Born into a family of six and from the Niger Delta Region, she is a graduate of French and a French translator. Introduced to singing at the tender age of eight, ONOS can best be described as the lady with an electrifying voice, a voice so irresistible with so much vigour and strength; it can light up any atmosphere. Not a novice to the music scene, she has been around for a while, sang in several choirs and groups and is presently a lead vocalist at the House on the Rock Church, Lagos.

onos 1

She is already bringing great dynamism into the music industry and with her life changing music; She has also performed in concerts and singing engagements within Nigeria and the US

She has shared the stage with Gospel Giants like Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton, Don Moen, Ron Kenoly and a few others at The Experience 2010 where she did a remix to her hit song DANCE with Chevelle Franklyn from Kingston, Jamaica and she also sang the National Anthem with Phil Driscoll and Micah Stampley and also a duo performance with Jessica Reedy (of the Sunday Best Fame) at the Corporate Elite Event at the Eko hotel and Suites 2012.

Now she has released her new song called HIGH.


Watch it here :

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Reaching The Un-reached: An African Produces The First Indian Gospel Movie ‘Rupantar’

Bollywood is regarded as one of the largest movie makers in the world and its influence permeates the entire Asian world. For many years before the advent of Nollywood, the movie world in Nigeria was overshadowed by the dominance of the dance and song-filled Indian movies. However, an evangelical or gospel movie segment of Bollywood is never known the way we have the gospel side of Nollywood.

indian movie

Interestingly, however, it can be confidently said this year that Nollywood have walked into Bollywood through the gospel angle. The Mount Zion Film Productions probably becomes the first Nigerian movie-makers to penetrate Bollywood with a gospel movie shot in New Delhi by a modest Nigerian crew, and starred entirely by Indian Christians. This has become a landmark project.

indian film

According to Evang. Mike Bamiloye, President of Mount Zion Film Productions, they were invited to an annual church conference in New Delhi in 2013, during which they caught the divine revelation from God about reaching the people of the land with an evangelical movie that would address the spiritual problems of the people.

Following this divine idea, a relevant inspiring script was written in Nigeria and sent to our partners in New Delhi for review and to fit into the relevant spiritual and social backgrounds of the people. The script was translated by Ashima Batra, a member of an India ministry, Shiloh Global Ministries Inc., who produced the movie. A team of script editors comprising Indian linguists later worked on the script to avoid religious or spiritual controversies. Then, some sessions of auditions were held for Christians and church members who came from different churches within the city of New Delhi.

Evang. Mike and Gloria Bamiloye had gone to the Asian country with their son: Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, who was also in charge of light and sounds, and the cameraman who shot the movie, and their daughter served on the film location as the continuity manager of the project. When they arrived in the city with all the modest filming gadgets – camera,tracks, lights and sound equipment, which all fitted into three fairly large bags, a three-day seminar/workshop on Christian drama and film production was held for all intending casts of the movie, which preceded the 10 days of intensive work on film locations within the city and the slums of New Delhi.

indian movie6


The casts of the movie comprised largely of adults and elderly people with more than six pastors drawn from many churches, all eager and expectant to feature in the first gospel movie in that part of the country.

According to Evang. Mike Bamiloye, the casts had never acted in drama or movies before, but God helped them to act with all their heart and soul. They were all very loving Indians and the slum used as a major location, though very uncomfortable with the strong heat and swarm of disturbing flies, the people living there were very gentle, accommodating and cooperative. Bamiloye said they shot both in the city and in the slum, and “ten days later we finished shooting the gospel movie, Rupantar!”

indian movie 1

The movies stars Bobby Chellappan,  Anjana Sigler, Neha Patel, Pranab Debnath and Shiv Kumar Jena.

He added that his drama mission trip to India and the successful making of the Hindi gospel movie has opened his eyes to another area of drama mission  – “Reaching the unreached in their local tongues”. He said Mount Zion has made movies with Christians in the United States, and in Canada and “I have made movies with believers in Australia, however, those movies were made by Nigerians or Africans in those foreign nations. We ended up ministering only to our fellow Africans in those foreign lands.

indian film 12

“But, since the success of the Hindi gospel movie, which was acted by the Indians for the Indians, addressing the spiritual and common problems of the Indians, all my drama mission’s focus has changed suddenly: I do not have much interest in making movies in foreign lands, acted in English language by Africans anymore.

“Now, I am yearning to shoot gospel movies in Spanish language, acted by the Spanish Christians. I desire to be in China and make gospel movies for the Chinese believers acted by them for grassroots evangelism. I want to make movies in Swedish language acted by the Swedish. I want to create a grassroots implement of revival and evangelism in the form of gospel movies in Korean language for the Korean nations, the Cantonese language of the 60 million Cantonese in China, the Thai language of Thailand,” he said.

“We have successfully made an India movie in Hindi language, what of the over 90 million people who speak Punjabi language in India and the more than 200 million Indians who speak Bengali? In Asia, there are several other major languages that have never seen any gospel movie in their mother tongues, yet, they have churches and missionaries. That is my focus. That is my hunger and thirst. That is my dream. And that is my ministerial campaign.”


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7 Women Passengers Get Raped After Boarding A Matatu Heading To Donholm

The People

matatu mchoraji full

Photo courtesy : Mchoraji

Nairobi public service commuters will be shocked by gory details of a horrendous car-jacking ordeal in which seven women were robbed and raped by brutal gangsters who forced them to take spiked drinks.

The passengers, who were being treated on Tuesday at a Nairobi hospital and three men who were treated and discharged, were subjected to a dreadful attack in which they lost money and personal items, before the women were raped by thugs who commandeered a matatu from the city centre to Dandora estate.

In what could be a scary pointer to a new tactic by carjackers to subdue their victims, once the matatu was brought to a stop at an open field in the crime-ridden estate, each of the 10 passengers were forced to sip a soft drink that was laced with sedative drugs to knock them unconscious.

Some of the women, who recounted the horrifying ordeal from their hospital beds yesterday, said it was sheer horror as they were forced to take some drink that emitted a pungent smell. The ordeal started at the Ronald Ngala street bus stop at about 10pm where four men boarded a Donholm bound 14-seater matatu that already had 10 passengers.

On reaching the Jogoo-Road Buru Buru junction, the driver and the tout said they had to use a short-cut that would take them to Outering Road, through Buru Buru Phase One, to avoid a snarling traffic jam.

“As we protested that the route would be a long detour, the four thugs who sat at different seats in the vehicle pulled out guns and ordered us to shut up. That was when we knew it was a hijack, and it suspiciously looked like the driver and the tout were in it too as they cooperated very easily,” said a victim only identified as Ben.

He added: “We were told they would shoot anyone who tried to raise an alarm. They ordered the driver to head to Dandora. They took us to a dark place where we were ordered to get out of the vehicle one by one. One thug put a gun to the head and another ordered each of us to drink something from a soda bottle. I didn’t know what time I became unconscious.”

One female passenger recounted how one of the thugs was constantly speaking on a mobile phone asking many questions about direction. “He was constantly calling another person on the other end and then he would turn and give direction to the driver, ” said another of the female victims.

The thugs, who seemed to be well conversant with the route, avoided all the areas where they could pass by a police road block. “As we alighted, one thug kept saying, kunywa hii haraka, jaribu kuongea ukule risasi ya kichwa (Drink this quickly, if you raise an alarm you will be shot in the head),” said one female victim.

After sipping the drink, each victim was directed to a compound of a nearby abandoned building. From then, the thugs had a field day as they robbed the passengers of cash, handbags, phones and other valuables. All the passengers woke up on Tuesday morning, naked and feeling drowsy.

Evidence of what had happened was all over as used condoms were strewn on the floor of the building. Residents in the area who started noticing something amiss in the building at dawn gathered and helped the victims.

They were given clothes and shown the direction to a local police post. Nairobi County Commander Benson Kibue and Police Spokesperson Zipporah Mboroki said they were unaware of the incident, though their juniors at Dandora and Buru Buru police stations were fully aware, but could not speak on record.

Some of the victims reported at the Dandora Phase Five police post while some were said to have just boarded matatus without reporting.

One victim was said to have reported at Buru Buru Police Station, but senior police officers appeared keen not to divulge details of the attack. The women said they were helped by a good Samaritan, who took them to hospital. Of the three men, only Ben could be traced. – People Daily

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“Upendo Wa YESU Wanizunguka” : Upendo Nkone Finally Jets In USA For One Of The Biggest Concerts Ever

Renown Upendo Nkone finally left Tanzania for the USA where she will be hosted among other gospel ministers for the International Gospel Music Festival 2014 in Ohio.

Upendo Nkone Columbus

Upendo Nkone arrived at Columbus, Ohio USA last week for the festival which is usually hosted every year in USA by Pastor Donis Nkone of All Nations break Through Church.

Upendo Nkone

Upendo Nkone is one celebrated gospel artiste in East Africa for her songs Upendo Wa Yesu, Mwambie Yesu , Sitarudi Nyuma and Usifurahi Juu Yangu and for sure her ministry will bless many in the USA.

We bless the Lord for Upendo Nkone.



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She Even Sang Ahadi Zake : Marion Shako Had A Great Time In Nairobi And Hanged Out With Celebrated Mercy Wairegi And Nina Njoroge

Celebrated gospel singer Marion Shako has been in the gospel music ministry for years now and one thing that stands out is that till date, her music still plays in the memory of the listener.

Known for her song Ahadi Zake in gospel ministry Marion Shako has been seen as a mentor to many budding gospel singers in Kenya and around East Africa.

marion shako praising

On Sunday 24th August she called in at the House of Grace Church where she dedicated her time to the Lord through worship at the morning service.  She had come to join her sister in Christ Pastor Nina Njoroge who was launching her new album called Asante at the Don’t give up concert.

nina njoroge praising

Later in the afternoon Marion Shako had an opportunity to lead the congregation in worship during the concert and elegantly she did as she sung her known worship music Ahadi Zake. A live rendition is what she presented to the almighty GOD witnessed by hundreds of  attendees who had come to support their sister Nina.

In the midst of all that she enjoyed herself too as she had some light moments with Pastor Nina Njoroge and Mercy Wairegi.

marion nina marion shako mercy wairegi nina

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“Why Did They Not Put Me On Tam Tam Remix ? : Kenn Eddy Krezi Unveils His Beautiful “Mzungu” Wife

Tam Tam remix by Willy Paul and Size 8 is one of the songs that is trending currently as it talks about love and a true woman who comes from GOD. Kenn Eddy Krezi known for his song “Testimony” feels that he needed to be part of the video so that he would testify about the love he has for his wife with other gospel personalities who were mentioned in the song.

kenn eddy krezi new 1

Kenn Eddy Krezi who is away in the United States says that Willy Paul should have called him at least when he was coming back to Kenya. This would have given him a heads up on when to turn up for the video shoot so as he would not miss the video shoot with likes of DJ Moz, Dj Soxxy , DJ Krowbar and DJ Mo.

dj soxxy tam tam

Kenn Eddy Krezi graduated to the marriage life when he was blessed to find love with one beautiful lady from the States. After the pick up lines he got married late last year and was blessed with a handsome baby boy who he terms as the next “Kenn Eddy Krezi”.

Kenn eddy krezi wife

Kenn Eddy Krezi for a fact is one person whom GOD has guided through ups and downs in life and plays a major role in an organisation called Revived by Love Ministries.

Having looked at his story . Should Kenn Eddy Krezi been part of the video or who else should have been included?


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Good Bye Kenya : Video Director J Blessing Leaves For USA

J Blessing who is one of the most creative video directors in Kenya has left the country for the USA. J Blessing jetted out of the country yesterday night as he planned to go and advance his skills in Cinematography.

blessing shoot post

J Blessing who has won many awards and taken many artistes under his wings will be out of the country for the next 4 weeks and will be back by the start of September. He was accompanied to the airport by Chantelle, Mutua, Bahati and Mr Seed.

blessing seed bahati blessing chantelle

Speaking to uliza links he said : ” I am leaving Kenya to go and finish my exams on Cinematography which i had started studying a few years ago. The company will still run, so anyone who wishes to subscribe to our services will be assisted by my company.”

J Blessing will be moving to California,USA where he will get to study and grace the Talanta Awards 2014 set for August.


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A Million For Willy Paul And Gloria : “Sitolia” Video Becomes 1st Kenya Gospel Video To Hit 1 Million Views On Youtube

Sitolia by Gloria Muliro and Willy Paul  is one of the collabo’s that made a great mark in the Kenya music industry till today. 3 years later after its release, the song has continued to receive hefty views on you-tube to the point that it hit one million views this July.

sitolia willy gloria

Sitolia now becomes the 1st gospel video to hit 1 million views on you-tube and how great it is to know that this song was the breakthrough for both Willy Paul and Gloria.

gloria willy paul

Since them singing it both artistes have gone to win major accolades in the gospel industry and were named he Groove Award winners 2013 as male and Female artiste of the year respectively.

A collabo done by Gloria Muliro who had been singing in the gospel ministry for some years then and Willy Paul on the other hand was trying to get ends meet. Now looking back they can say “This Far we have come is truly a testimony”

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10 Things You Need To Know About NTV’s Elegant Host Faith Muturi

You may know Faith Muturi as the Host of NTV Crossover 101 along Dj Mo ,but did you also know that:

Faith Muturi post
1. She won Presenter of the year Extreme Awards 2013. In her tenure, the show won Groove Awards 1012, 2013 & Mwafaka Awards 2013.

2. But did you also know, she is a corporate trainer? She has trained many companies among them; the Coca Cola Global Women team in their visit to Kenya, Kenya Airways Management team, UNIFEM, World Bank, Chase Bank and many others

3. She has traveled to do Corporate training’s, mentor-ship and ministry in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Netherlands and the U.K

Faith & Mo post

4. Faith is the founder and team leader of Simama Outreach- a mentorship program based in Majengo slums. They have been addressing career choices, entrepreneurship, drugs & alcohol abuse, prostitution & raising peer educators. Have ran various training’s, awareness campaigns, concerts and clean ups in the area (2010- present)

5. She has also been an MCee & moderator in numerous events:Conferences, Awards Ceremonies, Fun- Days, Company Rebranding & Beauty Pageants.

6. She is an Executive Board Member at Youth For Christ International- Kenya.

7. She is also a song writer, recording artist & musician and is about to release her second single

8. She is a true combination of beauty & brains- she has an Executive Masters in Organisational Development from USIU.

9. She is not the black forest kind of lady- she is actually not crazy about meat, not even fish or chicken. She prefers simple things like mahamri, chapattis and loves bananas!

10. Faith loves working out- her greatest fete was running 27 laps round a track. Her mantra in life is: Work hard, Play Hard, Love Much & Live for God.

To find out more, check out:

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Kris The Watchman : Kris Eeh Baba Plans To Go Round Kenya, See What He Did In Thika

On Friday 13th June from 7pm it was all glamour and uproar at the MKU CHANCELLOR’S TOWERS when long-awaited KRIS EEH BABA landed in Thika county .

kris eeh baba erroh wear post

The concert dubbed ‘’KRIS EEH BABA LIVE ALBUM TOUR ‘’ kicked off on a high note when a student from MKU well executed the National Anthem in solidarity to the current situation in our Nation , this was followed by a very inspiring Sermon by Pastor Anthony Wachira the Talanta Crew Chaplain .

Dr Ofweneke and Mc Abel kept the crowd cracked up due to their unending funny jokes and interesting activities that involved the crowd immensely .The massive crowd of about 2000 people were kept on their toes by mesmerizing back to back performances by the likes of Benachi , PID , Diddi Kimer , Soc and Pitson.

The climax of the event came when the much-anticipated artist for the evening stepped on stage , this was none other than KRIS EEH BABA, and yes he did not disappoint instead he got the crowd wowed by his energy on stage, great choreography from his dancers Jims N Dims .The chemistry between him and his dancers was out of this world .Kris Eeh Baba left the crowd longing for more and more as he sampled his new music that will be featured in his debut album dubbed ‘’WATCHMAN THE ALBUM’’

Kris Eeh Baba is planning to tour the whole country with the intention of promoting his forthcoming album launch that will be held in Nairobi in December, his next tour will be in Narok County ,his tours are managed by Talanta Crew Management Limited

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