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Prayer Works : Husband To Erica Campbell Of Mary Mary To Be Discharged After He

The husband of Erica Campbell of the gospel group Mary Mary was admitted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after he allegedly complained of chest pains. A few hours after asking fans to pray for him through facebook and instagram Warryn Campbell miraculously got better and the doctor confirmed that it was not as bad as it 1st looked.

erica and warryn

Warryn Campbell who has been playing a vital role in Erica Campbell’s musical journey after going solo from Mary Mary shared a prophetical message of Faith declaring that he is healed through the name of Jesus.

Warry Campbell posted :

Satan we bind you in the name of Jesus! Every ailment, issue & chest pain is subject to the cleansing & healing power of the Blood of Jesus!!! I declare I am Healed Whole & Complete! My body works the way God created and designed it to work! Hey all my prayer warriors! Pray Now!

warryn campbell

This is not the 1st time that Warryn has been admitted in hospital as in April 2008 Warryn Campbell was rushed into hospital necessitating the cancellation of Mary Mary’s appearance at the He Lives event in Bolton, UK on 26th April.

Photo Courtesy : Erica Campbell
Photo Courtesy : Erica Campbell

Warryn was diagnosed with a form of kidney cancer which resulted in an emergency operation to remove one of his kidneys at a hospital in Los Angeles. The operation was successful and the producer reportedly fully recovered after a six-week period.

 Warryn Campbell later got discharged [click to read] 

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After Singing Mama, Bahati Is Now A Baba : Uprising Artiste Bahati Adopts A Child From A Children’s Home

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati has made great steps of passing the baton to the children who are following him by adopting a child at his former children’s home. Bahati who lived most of his life at ABC children’s home had one dream of making the life of children at the home better and he started last Sunday by adopting a four year old child from the home.

bahati speaking 1 bahati singing


“Meet the four-year-old Morgan Bahati. It’s my 1st Sunday with my adopted son from ABC Kenya Children Home. I know it’s too early to be a father but just show some love and wish this kid all the best in his Life and has he starts his education.” Bahati posted in his facebook page.

In most of his interviews Bahati has continuously reiterated that he wishes to make life’s of those who struggle better looking at what he went through in his early  life. Mr Seed’s family took him in as one of their own and he plans to make the life of one child better by sponsoring his education and catering for his basic needs.


Matthew 25:35-45

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’ Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’

These are some of the little acts that Christians need to do while on earth to those people who are in need.

Matthew 25:34
“Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.

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The Day I Said “I Do” : Cute Wedding Photos Of Julie Gichuru ‘The Bride’ With Her Lovely Husband And Parents

11 years ago on NOVEMBER 29th lovely Tv Anchor Citizen Julie Gichuru said “I Do” to her loving Husband Anthony Gichuru in a colorful wedding . The couple who have now they have been blessed with 5 children celebrated the special day by thanking GOD for his goodness in marriage.

julie feeds anthony cake

Apart from her being a great anchor , Julie is passionate about family and being a mother means a lot to her as she says : “Above all we have a responsibility to nurture and grow the younger generation and our primary role is vested in the family unit.”

See her wedding photos :

tony smiling gichuru Julie gichuru bride julie gichuru anthony julie i do

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“Happy Mbathday Churchill” : Wanjiku The Teacher Records A Comical Birthday Video For CHURCHILL [WATCH]

wanjiku 1
Wanjiku the teacher was one of the most celebrated comedians on Churchill Show when it made a return early last year. With the unique class lessons for the audience Wanjiku the teacher did attract a great audience when she performed her act every Thursday evening.

Wanjiku teacher 1

With new opportunities Wanjiku left Churchill Show and much was said of what she had done but it seems the friendship is still there. She showed this by dedicating a special video for Churchill as he celebrates his birthday today , Thursday 30th October.


Watch it below :

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She Has Blessed Many With Her Songs And Now MERCY MASIKA Is BACK With A New Video “This Life” [WATCH]

Celebrated worship singer Mercy Masika is back with a new release named “This Life”. Having been away studying and in ministry Mercy Masika has now brought her new tune after she did Emmanuel back in 2012.

mercy masika sitting

Mercy Masika who is loved by many for her track “Milele” portrays a story of her life in her latest release “This Life”. From primary school to high school the video showcases how Mercy Masika’s journey has been and the challenges faced.

mercy climbing

this life mercy masika






Watch the video below :

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Allan Aaron “Wi Mutheru” Does It Best : Allan Aaron Remixes Lingala Ya Yesu To “Kigooco Ya Yesu” [LISTEN]

Allan Aaron’s break through into the top ranks of music in Kenya came a while back when he released the song Wi-Mutheru which helped him scoop an award at Groove Awards. Later on he met award winning singer Daddy Owen to do Kiriro with Kerrah which got massive airplay till date due to its nature of worship.

Allan Aaron Kigoco post

Now Allan Aaron has made a return with a new track called “Kigooco Ya Yesu”,  a remix of Lingala Ya Yesu which was done by Pitson in the year 2013.  Something probably not seen in Kenya frequently, as Allan becomes one of the few artistes to do a remix  of a fellow artiste in Kenya not to talk of the gospel industry.

lingala pitson

With the same beats and composition Allan Aaron has added a different taste to the song by bringing a bit of comic in the song making it worth a listen.

pitson lingala post

Now introducing Kigoco Ya Yesu By Allan Aaron.


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Mbuvi Mbuvi Brings You The Earliest Christmas Present : “Shhh!!! Usiambie Mtu”

Months after releasing a lovely song “Aningning” that received massive airplay on tv and radio celebrated gospel sensetion Mbuvi Mbuvi is back with another great gospel jam, Ndukatavye Mundu.


‘Ndukatavye Mundu’ is a Kamba word that means ‘do not tell anyone’  in which Mbuvi has uses as the title of the song to teache against doing good only to get praise from others.

The song approves of those who are there for others, not just to be seen by others, but as a character trait. This song also preaches against vices such as gossip and boastfulness that bring our society down.

Ndukatavye Mundu is based on a scriptural teaching done by Jesus found in the book of Matthew 6:1-3. Though scriptural based, it’s a song intended for the society at large since there are certain behavioral changes that a society needs to adopt in order to be progressive.

NduKatavye Mundu (don’t tell anyone)
Ndukatavye…. Mundu X3 (don’t tell anyone)
Ndukatavye Mundu
Kiliilya Kiliilya … kilya (keep it to yourself)
Kiliilya Kililya… Kilya, Kilya (keep it to yourself)
Ndukatavye Mundu


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Celebrated Tanzanian Tv Presenter, James Temu, Ties The Knot

Renown Clouds Tv presenter and blogger James  Temu aka Uncle Jimmy Temu officially left the bachelors club  after he took the bold step of getting married to his better half , Sia Kimaro.

jimmy temu 4

The wedding took place on September 27th 2014 at KKKT Kijitonyama church Tanzania where the newly weds exchanged their marriage vows in front of their family members and friends .

jimmy temu 3

Temu’s wedding comes just weeks after another renown Citizen Tv’s Senior reporter  Evelyne Wambui got married top her lovely husband.

jimmy temu 2

Ulizalinks wishes uncle Jimmy Temu all the best in his marriage.

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“I Love You All” : Dj Mo Thanks Kenyans For The Love Received In His One Year Anniversay In Marriage

Topa De Top dj, Dj Mo is certainly a man full of surprises as you just cannot predict what he is going to do next.

The gospel Dj and husband to the renown gospel artiste Size 8/Linet Munyali did a noble thing after their 1st wedding anniversary celebration that took place yesterday at Villa Rosa Kampiski hotel.

dj mo size 8 groove post

DJ Mo took time to write a thank you message to all Kenyans for the love and support shown to him and his wife after celebrating one of the most special days in his life with friends and family

dj mo hotel celebrations post

In a message on his social media page , Dj Mo said:

“Big shout out to everyone who sent us best wishes today.(1st anniversary in marriage ).. I love you all and thanx again for your great love and support ..May God fulfil your heart desires and for sure may you never luck in Jesus name…not forgetting system unit family for the suprise… and also Villa Rosa kampiski hotel for love,gifts and hospitality today…”

Uliza links once again wishes the couple the very best in their marriage.

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For The Heart Of Giving : Janet Otieno Contributes Food Stuffs To Needy In Ruaraka

Janet Otieno l Jay Deny C

Recently crowned Mwafaka Award winner Janet Otieno was on Saturday 23rd August involved in the act of charity as she donated food stuffs to the needy at Utalii Sports ground. Janet Otieno believes that giving is more important than receiving and on that special Saturday she was joined by L Jay Maasai and Deny C to support the good course hosted by the REF Church.

Janet Otieno Contributes

The Redeemed Evangelistic Fellowship church held a medical camp in Utalii sports club in Ruaraka on 23rd August and what a day this was for those who attended as they got free medical services from the organizers. The event gave the nearby community an opportunity to be offered free medical check up services with the church also holding a Dorcas room at the same time  for contributions to be offered to the attendees.



Janet Otieno l Jay Deny C



Janet and her husband attended the event and were able to contribute food stuffs to the needy who mostly live around Mathare Slums and what a way to show love for those whom are your neighbors.

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SAD : We Have Lost Another Renown Gospel Singer In Kenya Who Made Deputy President William Ruto Dance

The year of 2014 has been quite emotional as we have lost so many icons in our music ministry. Early this week another gospel singer by the name Elijah Murugami “Ngatho-Ici” passed away on Wednesday 27th August after a bad road accident on Tuesday Night which led to the end 0f his journey as a minister of the gospel.

Elijah Murugami passes

Elijah Murugami was known for his song Ngatho- ICI which made him grace so many platforms in Kenya. He was a good man to hang out with as he had so much love to share through his gospel music.

Elijah murugami dance

A close friend to  him by the name Elijah Prince whom they did a song with called Ngatho-ICI remix back then in the year 2012 shared of how he will miss his friend by sharing the following statement :

“I have just lost a best friend in my life ELIJAH MURUGAMI. RIP.. am just out of words. will never forget the NGATHO-ICI remix we did together. i just cant believe your gone.”

With a captivating voice that is rich and soulful, featuring a brilliant, glorious high range and smooth texture, Elijahs spiritual lyrics have dominated FM radio stations for years.   He is well known for  his interpretation of the Bible with songs.

Last year, local gospel ministers paid homage to gospel great Elijah during the launch of his new VCD, in Nairobi. hosting fellow artists, at St Andrews Church.  The celebrations had attracted gospel music’s premier songwriters, recording artists, music industry executives and legends.

Watch below :

We join the family in prayers.


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“I Miss That Man” : Juliani Shares What He Misses About Celebrated Kaberere Who Once Helped Him Get SAVED

The late Peter Kahura Kaberere was a lovely man cherished by many for his heart to serve in the kitchen and in church. Kaberere brought so much joy to people’s life’s and one of such people who  shared a moment with him is renown Christian hip-hop artiste Juliani/Julius Owino.

Juliani post

Award winning singer Juliani on Tuesday evening shared of what he truly misses about Kaberere whom he once called a friend and brother in Christ. Kaberere and Juliani had an amazing friendship such that when he passed on Juliani dedicated a tribute to Kabz as he played a vital role in his journey of salvation.


On his remembrance for Kabz, Juliani shared the following statement  :

“Do you remember how kaberere used to speak and make a mathogothanio conversation and it made sense? I miss that man.”

Earlier in April 7th 2014 when Kabz passed away Juliani dedicated a tribute to Kaberere to his fans showing the connection he once had with our fallen icon in gospel music.

“I knew him as Goodman. I met him when I was still in class five. We shared a mutual Muslim child friend called Feisal. I know Kabs as a GOODMAN, welcoming,warm, funny, Most consistent Christian I know, ambassador of Christ his lifestyle was a clear evidence of this testimony. Without indulging in much details Kabs was a goodman. He never called me Juliani or sijui nini! He called me Atur. The name of my early Christian mentors who helped me get born again and held my hand through salvation. May The good Lord give your wife strength. And when your Kids are all grow up, we will say “Your father was a good man”

Juliani will be having a concert on September 5th at Alliance Francaise.

Juliani Live


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“I AM A DADDY” : DJ Soxxy Is Now A Proud Father

dj soxxy post

Celebrated Dj Soxxy is now a proud father after his wife Ciiku gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The new baby was delivered on Thursday morning joining the new babies born in August.


Dj Soxxy and his wife Ciiku celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and how better for them to be joined by a new family member to mark the year of blessing. The baby was delivered on the wake of Thursday morning and they have named her “Eliana Wairimu” with Eliana meaning “GOD has answered”.

DJ Soxxy was so happy after the good news broke that he only said “Its A baby Girl” when he spoke to us on Thursday morning.

They now join Rosy Ohon and her husband “Musa Faulu” who were blessed with a baby girl early this week on Monday.

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For A Better Course : We Reveal Jimmy Gait’s NEW Manager Who Managed The Celebrated UCHE “Double Double”

Jimmy Gait has found favor since he released his new video Mzuka Huu as now he is set to reach new marks in his music. Jimmy Gait has a new manager named Cecilia Maxwell who has vast experience in music management and was the former manager of celebrated singer Uche who sang “Double Double”.

Jimmy Gait new look

Music requires a great plan and Jimmy Gait has thought about this hence acquired the new services of Cecilia Maxwell. Cecilia had managed Uche for about 5 years now until he moved to USA to pursue his ministry.

Uche-Agu post

Cecilia who was based in South Africa will now run all music business for Jimmy Gait and be the guide for him in his music ministry. She is a mother to one daughter and happily married.

New changes are important in life and this will be a great journey for Jimmy Gait in his music.


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Man City Player “Jesus Navas” Engages With Twitter Fans Using #AskJesus, But Ends Up Being Asked Bible Questions About JESUS

When Manchester City tweeted this morning asking followers to join in a Q&A with Spanish footballer Jesus Navas, using the hashtag #ASKJESUS, they were – probably knowingly – asking for trouble.

Jesus Navas

: Got a question for @JNavas? We’re sitting down with him today so get them in now!

Twitter was soon flooded with tweets aimed at Jesus Christ, rather than the right winger, with plenty querying the details – and limits – of his miraculous abilities:

Others still raised questions about the inticacies of social media with the disciples:

Some wondered whether Navas himself might be better placed elsewhere on the field:

And one wondered whether he should consider other occupations entirely:

Which winger does God prefer, you or Moses?

Can you turn water into any wine you want, or is it just your standard house red?

In the Bible when you asked Peter to follow you, did he ask for a follow back?

You were originally a carpenter yeah? I have some unfinished DIY projects about the house so I’m wondering if you do cash jobs?

MINT ENCORE: “You fed 5,000 people with 3 loaves and 2 fishes. Why couldn’t you bake Yaya a cake?”

can you ask your dad to turn down the sun a bit? suffering here.

How does it feel having more than 12 followers now? @JNavas @MCFC

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Jennifer Hudson: Faith In GOD Helped Me Overcome The Brutal Murder Of My Mother,Brother And Nephew

In a candid interview published this weekend, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson opened up about the brutal murder of three of her family members, and how her faith carried her through the terrible ordeal.

jennifer-hudson- post

On 24 October 2008, while Hudson was touring, her former brother-in-law, William Balfour, killed her mother, brother and seven-year-old nephew in an ‘act of vengeance’ after his wife – Hudson’s sister, Julia – left him.

Hudson later gave evidence at his trial, in which Balfour was convicted of triple murder and given three life sentences.

In an interview with the Observer, Hudson – who shot to fame first as an American Idol finalist in 2005, and later alongside Beyoncé in Dreamgirls which won her a best supporting actress Oscar – offered insight into the aftermath of the tragedy which shook her family, saying her belief in God helped her to keep going.

“I have definitely seen the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows,” she said. “You don’t know how strong you are until you are placed in that kind of moment.”

Having grown up singing in her church’s gospel choir, Hudson insisted that her faith proved to be “the ultimate help” as she and Julia were forced to pick up the pieces.

“We always said: ‘If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it,'” she told the Observer. “There would be no point in faith if it wasn’t tested. My mother always told me no matter how negative your life seems to be, you must always look for a positive.

“That is what I believe a woman of faith should do.”

In memory of her nephew, Hudson and her sister created what they call “Hatch Day”, during which they donate supplies to  schools.

“She [Julia] looks forward to shopping for that, like she used to look forward to shopping for his birthday presents. My nephew was super into education – he used to call himself Dr King. She can pour his blessings on to these kids and keep his memory alive.”

Hudson also shared that she has always wanted to convey emotion in her songs, making them a “testimony” of her experiences.

“Certainly there is a lot of emotion there [in her vocals], but I think I have always been in that kind of space,” she noted.

“What do they say in church? Sing from your heart, because you are singing to God. You know, when I used to sing those solos in church I would go through every line and ask the director: ‘What does this mean? What are we trying to convey here?’

“If you can’t feel the emotion of a song, how do you expect anyone else to? It’s like a testimony in that way,” she added.

“The world is a broad place. Even on my first album I was like, ‘Isn’t there more to sing about in the world? Or to talk about? There is so much more out there to portray…'”

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