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Facebook Apologizes for Suspending Christian Mom Over Post on Homosexuality

Online networking giant Facebook said Thursday that it made a “blunder” by suspending a Christian video blogger’s record after she composed a post about the Bible’s judgment of homosexuality.

Facebook as of late solidified the general population Facebook page of Elizabeth Johnston, an Ohio self-teach mother of 10 who runs the prevalent blog and Facebook account “The Activist Mommy.”

“Th“e Activist Mommy” Facebook record was solidified on Feb. 9 in view of a remark Johnston posted more than six months back that refered to entries from the New Testament and Old Testament, including how Leviticus expresses that homosexuality is a “contemptible” sin and a “horrifying presence.”

The remark, which incorporated no verbally abusing, was essentially Johnston’s discourse because of another Facebook client, who had remarked on one of Johnston’s recordings and contended that Christians are posers for denouncing homosexuality.


Johnston got a message from Facebook saying that the post being referred to was evacuated on the grounds that “it doesn’t take after the Facebook Community Standards.” Additionally, her record was solidified for a time of three days.

After she recovered access to her record on Feb. 12, Johnston distributed a post disclosing to her supporters that her Facebook account had been solidified. The post incorporated a screengrab of her unique Bible editorial and the message that she got from Facebook. She closed the post with the hashtag #FacebookCensorsBible.

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Akothee angered by Women’s Rep poster

The flamboyant singer’s fans are fixated on a Jubilee poster doing rounds on social media that states she’s running for women Rep in Migori County in 2017, the same county where her mother is the Women’s Rep.

“The devil is at it again,” she captioned the photo on Instagram.“Now am not selling women pictures to Europeans, now am vying for the Migori women rep. Let somebody warn this person trying to push me to the wall to be careful. Am not a politician, I don’t know any tail or head of politics, I am too young to be stressed.”

The singer warned the rumor mongers that politics will never be her thing. She said getting married, fashion and getting more kids are the things currently in her mind.


“Don’t give me a shoe that isn’t meant for me. leave me alone, let me put on my bikinis & enjoy my life, bring this poster down and give the seat to your sister or cousin, 2017 I want to get married, give birth , finish my degree & release an album , so please leave me alone. No politics & let this be the last trial of your 2 cent fame. Am out!” she continued to say

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“I Have only ONE Gospel Song Since 2014” : Bahati Confesses About His Gospel Music

Bahati has confessed that as a gospel artiste he has only one gospel song since 2014 and personally he feels that he has not represented gospel music as expected from his calling. Bahati opened up after the recent comparison of gospel artistes to secular artistes who have released ‘gospel’ songs.

bahati wyre rabbit

“I personally feel & accept that as “BAHATI” I have not Represented Jesus & the Gospel Music as God expects. I know this might not be the best Platform to Speak about this but We all Know that The Public has Lost Trust in Us Gospel Musicians.”

Bahati had previously released Kuchu Kuchu, Maria, Lover  among other songs but he feels he has contributed to muddling the name of JESUS.

Can we all agree that The Saints & the Streets don’t See God in Us anymore??? Yes we Can’t Ignore the fact that the Church is Complaining that’s why “NONE” of our Urban Gospel Songs can be used in Praise & Worship Services. I feel Guilty & Sorry for Contributing in Devaluing THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST- God Says if We don’t go back to What He called us to do GOD WILL AS WELL RAISE STONES to Praise Him & in a better way than we Can. YESSSS GOD CAN REPLACE US IN A MINUTE‼️

God has given us Supportive Media Personalities, DJs & Loyal fans but we have let you down. Our Focus has been making Hit songs, Scandals & Headlines and we are not Proud of Our Lord God & Savior JESUS CHRIST. Yes We Forgot the “CALLING” and Ministry… I personally feel my Last Gospel Song was “BARUA” in 2014 nanimechangia Sana kupaka Jina la Yesu Matope… LORD PLEASE FORGIVE ME 🙏 Some People might see this as Self Crucification but NO!!! God says clearly in 1ST JOHN 1:9….

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‘The Enemy of Gospel Music Is Inside’ : DJ MO shares after ‘Tiga Wana” Rebuke

Just a few days ago, Size 8 and Willy Paul released a new song called ‘Tiga Wana’ and the song has been met with a lot of criticism especially on social media. Size 8’s husband Dj Mo has come out to defend gospel artistes citing that the word of God remains the same.


“Watu wangu vipi – I mean this from my heart. We are living in a day and age when throwing mud at others makes our hands feel cleaner. A generation of Christians with PHD pull him or her down syndrome…. The enemy of the church is the church and the enemy has succeeded to make believers turn against each other and to do whatever it takes to make sure neither of them rises.” he wrote on his instagram page.

He continues to say that, “ I have been on the forefront in advocating for content in music and that will not change anytime but am also of the school of thought music is an art, it’s about expressing the same idea in a creative yet entertaining way to capture the intended audience. The children of Israel in the wilderness complained to God when he fed them with manna everyday they asked for meat and another day bread (Numbers 11:4) they were tired of one meal….the generation out there won’t feed on worship songs alone and I’m a greater lover of worship and praise songs… they want the word packaged in different ways….Paul said when he went to Rome he did as the Romans to win a few.


There’s no way we will win the world unless we package the gospel in a more appealing way to their hearts….we continue to fight creativity in advancing the gospel the world is getting even more creative to push the agenda of the enemy. I thought when Ngori, Ayaya (beats), Katikia yesu (coz of attire), kapungala, kuchukuchu ,and others came out n everyone was criticising…they had a problem Thitima came out and its scripture after scripture n the criticism was the same…. Wait a minute if you meet a person with a problem with everyone then it’s the person with a problem.




We can’t keep tearing every song down just because it’s not in our preferred style or wording. Today I want to go into record as the only gospel deejay that supports and will continue (no matter what) to support creative packaging of the gospel through music, maintaining content, maintaining the sweetness of music as an art n going down to reach the intended audience…(whether young or old)

Finally to the entire gospel ministry let’s not be our own enemies, I’ll tell you the truth the enemy of gospel music is inside not out there….. I believe in constructive n positive criticism. That’s the only way we can all grow…let’s not kill our wounded soldiers, let’s not be quick to judge others and pull them down because we disagree with their way of doing things… In all things let’s always remember the kingdom we claim to represent is founded and rooted in love….with a little love for one another we will propel each other forward than we press each other down.

Enough said….having supported so many uprisings Djs and artistes, well known artistes, deejayed and represented God in many biggest gospel n secular concerts have come to know that our God is fun ,I love you all and Jesus loves you even more ,thank you for your great support always” –Dj Mo -System unit.

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‘I know who I am” singer is in the country: photos.

Nigerian acclaimed singer Sinach of the gospel hit song ‘I know who I am’ is in Nairobi. The gospel singer is in the country for the Praise Fest Kenya: Sinach Live Concert happening on 26th of November 2016 at CITAM church.
Here are pictures of her arrival.











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Mixed reactions on social media over “Tiga Wana” hit song

The gospel duo, Willy Paul and Size 8, is back with a brand new song called ‘Tiga Wana’, a smashing gospel hit song released on Monday evening. The duo were recently awarded at the recently concluded Mwafaka Awards 2016 released the song which can be translated to mean Stop Playing Games. Willy and Size 8 have a way of bringing out the gospel in a way in which it will capture the attention of their target audience.

When Willy Paul did the song ‘TamTam’ featuring Size 8, people were all over talking of how good the song was. Everybody from small kids to the older generation were singing to the song, from the clubs to matatus to weddings “TamTam was just the song everybody wanted.

Willy Paul has been posting and talking about the song on social media and different people are having different reactions towards the song with those who understand and appreciate that type of music encouraging them to keep up the good work. Here are some of the comments and reactions from people.

Ney Cole Willy I remember you said in a Tv interview you won’t do local collabo you are going international ,wat happened now????…stop bragging young man

Suzan Suzzy I have a better idea…. For all Willy’s haters,why don’t you leave his page.
I Think it will be more relief than seeing his updates n boiling with rage..just a thought Jesus said n I quote “If you know you have never committed any sin,be the first to cast a stone’

Patrick Ngacha Blessed to bless willy Paul your music do bless me each an every day u gona sing keep on rolling each an every now and then blow blow,ur really talented keep the fire burning

Wacha Ujinga Nani At least with size 8 featured in it i am convinced it will be gospel. Not the mabintiree sijui fanyaree that you sing

Mercyric Wacheke Will that be gospel? Can you respect God if not us please. Stop confusing the Christian music industry.

Odongo Dalton I don’t see anything to smile about that picture. …gospel ya Kenya imekuwa show off sasa na mashindano I miss the gospels of yesterday

Mary Wangeci Do you know the meaning plz? Is it a gospel song?

Docter Kinus if this song does not sound the way ud want it to then its not for you…
Mercy Masika/Gloria/Kambua have their listeners so as willy… take this song to Highschooler they will relate 1000% So if its sounds off to you sorry wrong channel and about dress code who really cares?Are you God? Is diamond satan? RIP Gospel??because of this song?Stop being stupid! listen to something else who brought you to willys channel in the first place. Atleast willy and Mama wambo are doing something with their talents what are you doing with yours?

Raphael Onyiego Willy Paul is like Justin Beiber, You don’t like him yet you listen to his tracks back to back. This one here is killer, we gotta agree on that

Enoch Mwendwa If you want a sermon listen to a pastor. Willy Paul and Size 8 are entertainers who happen to be Christians. Just enjoy the music and Tiga Wana. Dope dope dope music this is.

Devance Music God have Mercy!!! If you don’t stop, repent and seek God’s guidance, then you shall be answerable to God for misleading His generation. They know the word (Bible) but they are not living as the word says. The fire that will burn hypocrites is still being worked on to be more hotter!!!!!!!

Whats your take on this song?

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Kenyans React after Trey Songz gives 50 Dollars to a Street Kid in Nairobi

Renown singer Trey Songz has been the talk of the week after he jetted in the country for Coke Studio shoot. The artiste who made his first headline by boarding a Matatu took the news to a greater length when he gave 50 dollars to a street kid.

Trey Songz

“This little dude was alone with his empty cup in busy downtown Nairobi and he just looked at me and smiled as we were walking.

I gave him the equivalent of like 50 dollars.

Then I asked him if I could take a picture with him.

Something about how big and beautiful his spirit was, while holding an empty cup put a lot of things in perspective for me. Overwhelmed with gratitude in these moments. Love my people so much ” Trey Songz shared.

50 dollars which is equivalent to Ksh. 5000 in Kenya, according to Trey was a sign of saying ‘I am touched by your situation but I am willing to help’ but to some of his followers in Kenya and in the world it felt like it was such a small gesture. Trey should have done better they said.

Amanda Louise Yes 50dollars is ALOT to that one child but surely if you cared you could do more to bring him out of poverty and having to beg on the streets. 50dollars is not alot to you I’m sure..

Joe Kenya I hope you ain’t trying to put out the image which guys from white dominated countries do, if it was from bottom of the heart then God bless

Zura Said Ali Honestly, most Kenyans ignore these kids..I included…so for you to stop,help n go to the extent of asking, if you could take a photo, is such a biiiiig deal..Thank you..thank you for reminding me what’s most important.

Karen Wairimu It was wonderful what you did trey and hope you continue doing good things to those who need it. People too dont get it twisted, we all aint poor and starving in kenya! Just like every other counrty there are the rich, middle class and the poor… my country is beautiful and amazing.


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‘Money or Gospel’ : Mixed Reactions After Gospel Artistes Perform At Jubilee Party Event

The issue of politics is quite a big topic in any part of the world and even greater when it concerns the gospel of truth, way and life. This was the topic of discussion from Friday after gospel artistes performed and ‘endorsed’ the grand Jubilee party merger launch at Kasarani.

Bahati performing at the jubilee grand merger alongside 1st lady Margaret Kenyatta

Is it wrong ?

People would raise their feelings and opinions whenever gospel artistes would be seen to perform in not so godly events e.g betting launches, Coke Studio, lottery events, clubs and even political rallies. Even though they have a point in this matter, how would a gospel artiste make money in an industry that is demanding, competitive and at the end of the day that is the only job/means of survival for the artiste ? Isn’t it like a normal worldly job as for a lawyer who is born again  and will still defend another person even though they know their client is on the wrong ?


The Launch

President Uhuru and Deputy William Ruto at the launch of the Jubilee Party
President Uhuru and Deputy William Ruto at the launch of the Jubilee Party

Jubilee party made the conversation to arise on Saturday 10th September by making gospel artists to be the headline of their performers in Kasarani. Willy Paul, DJ Mo, Rufftone, Mbuvi, Size 8, Mercy Masika, Anastacia Mukabwa and Bahati (who stole the show on Saturday) would usher the merger that was thronged by thousands of youths from different parts of the country.

Within the span of the event comments would be seen on social media questioning the actions of the artistes. Here are some of them :

Amkanji Thomas : Gospel artists in Kenya are also for sell..thy follow fat envelopes which Jubilee gets from dubious means

It’s a pity to see how these Gospelartists are drawn into Kenya‘s dirty political scene

Collins Orono

Rafton ati mungu amesema…Sasa gospelartists is it Jubilee ama gospel

Siku hizi gospelartists wameacha kueneza neno …sasa ni jubilee God forbid

At the end of the day a section would be seen to speaking from ‘political background’ but do they have a point or it doesn’t matter on what platform a christian artiste performs on ?

In a conversation with one gospel artiste in Kenya he shared that he regretted not performing at a political rally in 2013 because at the end of the day, opinions don’t pay bills.

On the same note in the year 2014 Christian music artist Mandisa explained why she decided to skip out on secular grammy awards ceremony even though she won two awards in absentia.

“I have been struggling with being in the world, not of it lately. I have fallen prey to the alluring pull of flesh, pride, and selfish desires quite a bit recently,” she wrote on her Facebook, including a reference to 1 John 2:15-16.

“Don’t fall in love with this corrupt world or worship the things it can offer. Those who love its corrupt ways don’t have the Father’s love living within them. All the things the world can offer to you—the allure of pleasure, the passion to have things, and the pompous sense of superiority—do not come from the Father.”

Later on Sunday we had a conversation with a renown Kenyan video director who stated that he is not in support of christian ministers who stand up to support political parties publicly. He rather shared that it’s better for one to have their standing in private rather than use their platform of ministry to endorse a political brand.

What is your take ?

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