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2014 Was The Most Challenging Year of My LIFE : Betty Bayo Looks Back At The Hectic Year She Went Through

Award winning gospel singer Betty Bayo a few days ago took time to look back at the hectic year that she went through in 2014 after the incident of Pastor Kanyari.


Anyone would love to be seen on the media on a 24 hours basis for the right reasons but for Betty Bayo’s case it was the other way round. She could not believe that her life had gone from a hill to a valley in a span of an hour of investigative series Jicho Pevu.

Being married to acclaimed pastor Kanyari was what made everyone to speak after her husband was allegedly caught live on tape in astonishing acts of using GOD’s word to extort money from his congregation and viewers.

Though a tough year it was for Betty Bayo, she has been standing strong and she publicly thanked GOD for helping her pull through one of the moments that would make a person literally go insane by the number of names you are called for being married to such a man.

Betty Bayo said :

2014 happened to be most challenging Year of my life.. being the talk of the whole nation for the wrong reason …mara eti am clubbing Tribeka mara this mara that….. the devil affected almost everything in my life but the idiot that looser forgot something very important. He did not affect my MIND and my FAITH.. now am facing 2015 with experience and God Has being so faithful ‪#‎smilling‬ . thanks to my fans who supported me all through I pray in time of need my God raise people to stand with u too in Jesus name sema…‪#‎myenglishmychoice‬..

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IT IS WELL : Joyous Celebration To Continue With Scheduled Concerts After Losing Singer “Lihle”

The start of December was of a somber mood after Joyous Celebration choir lost one of their talented singers called Lihle Mbanjwa. The singer who passed on in a ghastly road accident on Sunday  evening, left a big hole in the hearts of the choir members who described her as a sister who brought sunshine in the midst of darkness. In the midst of mourning it was suggested that the choir  should take a break and mourn their own but the family of Lihle suggested otherwise by saying that they should just continue with their performances that were scheduled before the accident occurred.

Lihle Mbanjwa Joyous celebration

Joyous Celebration on that note took the advice and released a statement thanking everyone who is standing with them in prayer and stated that all shows will be dedicated to celebrate Lihle Mbanjwa.

“We appreciate the love ,support and prayers we have been receiving as we go through this trying time as Joyous.We know that with God and all of you on our side,we will make it through.The family of Lihle has decided that the best way to celebrate her life is to continue with the performance that were planned before she passed on.We will therefore do just that.We dedicate our shows including Joyous 19 Recording to the memory of our beloved sister Lihle.So Swaziland fans will be the first to join us this coming Saturday to celebrate her life.

We still request your prayers for the speedy recovery Sabu as well as that of Ndu,Lihle’s cousin who are still in Hospital.” Joyous Celebration stated.

We pray for them in this trying time.


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Gloria Muliro Releases Her New Video “Mapito” In Which She Features As A Model [WATCH]

Gloria Muliro has done something different in her latest single Mapito as she has featured as a model rather than a singer with the aim of directing the viewer on focusing on the message. Few artistes have done this in Kenya with probably Juliani pulling that in his song Utawala that featured different people lip singing on his part.

mapito gloria

Mapito will be yet another single from Gloria Muliro who was recently awarded as Mwafaka Awards female artiste of the year  and is a different tune from her previous songs as it is a slow tempo  inspirational song which can be listened to at any time.

She says :

“In this song I play the role of a parent of two kid whom I raised in pain and struggle. Despite me being a parent I put out the message of another parent who died for us who is Jesus Christ.”

“I decided not to sing in this video as i want the audience to connect more with video script as it is portrayed in the real life situation”

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Get Well Soon : Rose Muhando Had A Surgery And Asks Fans To Pray For Her

Award winning gospel singer Rose Muhando has recently missed a couple of concerts that she was invited to. Many event organizers had wondered what had happened to her but reports from Tanzania say that Rose Muhando has not been well for sometime now.

rose-muhando fb

Rose Muhando who recently released her new single “Facebook” had a surgery on her leg after it had complications with a vein. With the pain increasing Rose had to be admitted at a hospital in Dodoma province and doctors did a surgery on the lower part of her leg.

According to a local newspaper in Tanzania, Rose Muhando said :

“I am not well, I just had surgery on my leg and the doctors had to operate the thumb of my leg. My facial appearance has changed due to the operation and now i just have to stay at home to recover.
I will be going back to the hospital again in the coming week and I urge all my fans to pray for me.”

Rose Muhando has been shortlisted in a prayer meeting here in Kenya this November and its quite unlikely that she will attend.

We as uliza links wish her well in her recovery.

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“He Was A Great Father” : Emmy Kosgei Bemoans Bishop Ben Bahati Who Gave Her A Platform To Minister

Bishop Ben Bahati was a father of many children in the christian ministry. A man who touched not only hearts of children through ministry but left a mark to many established artistes who went through his guidance.

emmy churchill show post

Award winning gospel singer Emmy Kosgei Madubuko is one of the artistes who got a chance to interact with Bishop Bahati back then as he gave her a platform to minister. A host of big crusades in Eldoret he was and through this Bishop was able to impact many life’s through the word of GOD.

“Another great general gone too soon! R.i.P Bishop Ben Bahati.. a great man of God, a mentor n father to many,opened doors for many to minister in crusades and church including me.

You have been a family friend and a blessing to my family..! We thank GOD for giving u to us and the entire world”, Emmy Kosgei posted on her facebook page.

He will be missed for sure as his life was a great journey of beautiful stories in Christ.


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“Tuwape Heshima Aah” : Janet Otieno Leaves For One Of The Biggest Music Contest In USA

Mwafaka Awards winner Janet Otieno on Tuesday evening left the country for the USA where she has been invited to perform and share about her ministry. Janet Otieno will perform at the Africa Gospel Music Contest that will be hosted on different States in USA and will involve different countries from Africa.

Janet otieno post

Janet Otieno is the only representative from Kenya who will be taking part in the contest which has chosen various artistes from different countries. This will another great turn in her music which started years ago when she did a collabo with award-winning gospel singer Christina Shusho who is her friend too.

Janet Otieno Family janet otieno USA

A total of 16 artistes are expected to grace the event which will be hosted at the Cross Over Christian church in Mary Land Ave.

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Gospel Artiste SONNIE BADU Gets Married To His Beautiful Girlfriend And It Was Held In LONDON


Celebrated gospel singer Sonnie Badu known for his song “Baba” got married his graceful girlfriend Ann-Marie Davis on Saturday, August 23, 2014 in what seem to be a record setting wedding.


At one of London’s biggest social gathering in the month of August, the newlyweds Sonnie Badu, and Ann-Marie Davis exchanged vows in the presence of God and over five hundred invited guests in London.

crowd sonnie badu weddingsonnie holds anne Couple-with-officiating-ministers

The colorful ceremony saw the worshiper, singing with the help of a 4-piece orchestra to bring heaven’s down as his bride walked down the aisle.

sonnie badu wife

The ceremony was officiated by Pastor Kingsley Appiagyei of Trinity Baptist Church and blessed by men Of God Rev Dalkeith Amanor, Dr Leslie Buabasah of Christ Faith Foundation, Mama Rita Rita Korankye Ankrah and Pastor Cynthia Appiagyei, Dr Lawrence Tetteh and Bishop Francis Sarpong.

The sermon was read by Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah of Royal House Chapel.

Some other high profile guests included Ibrahim Mahama, brother of the president of Ghana, former Agric Minister, Ibrahim Adams and Black stars coach, Kwesi Appiah.

Ghana Movie Awards, CEO, Fred Nuamah, Bass Management Director, Freddie Annan, and the Managing Director of Vox TV, Rodney Boye Kofi, were also in attendance.

famous actor sonnie badu

The Masters of Ceremony for the occasion were comedians Julius Agwu, Akpororo and Osama.

(c) Courtesy EnewsGh

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Yes I Do : Citizen Tv’s Evelyn Wambui Gets Married To Her Fiance

It was a weekend to remember during the end of August when Citizen Tv’s senior reporter Evelyn Wambui walked down the aisle with her beloved fiance who swept her off  her feet years ago.


Evelyn Wambui finally exchanged vows with with her prince charming Kim Nyaga who used to work on Citizen TV before he left for CCTV.

Photos courtesy of Dennis Itumbi.  


eve2 eve4eve5


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Mum And The CUTE Couple!! : Janet Otieno Takes A Picture With Celebrated DJ Mo And Wife Size 8

Janet Otieno is the new face when it comes to budding women in the Kenya gospel ministry. She recently released a song called Heshima that calls f0r the utmost respect to all mothers in the globe and for a fact the single is touching many hearts.

janet churchill  post

Janet Otieno who was awarded a week ago at Mwafaka Awards 2014 took her #Heshima mood to Size 8 and DJ Mo who are one of the cutest couples we have in the music scenes.

A great moment they had that after hanging out they shared a light moment by taking a cute photo.

Check pic

dj mo size 8 janet otieno


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Back To Class : Joyce Omondi Heads Back To School At The USA And She Is Excited

Award winning gospel singer Joyce Omondi is back to school at the USA  for her 2nd year at the George Town Universit based in Washington DC. Joyce Omondi who had made a return to Kenya in May will be continuing to pursue her masters degree in International Development  for the 2nd year. 
joyce omondi new york thumb post

Joyce Omondi  left Rauka gospel show in 2013 to pursue something she always wanted to do which is studying International Development.  After clearing her 1st year in school she made a return back to Kenya in the month of May 2014 where she launched her new video live on air at NTV called Uinuliwe.

In August 14th she had to leave again as she wasn’t  done with school which was evidenced by the post she shared on face book :

“I bless God for his journey mercies back to the US. Thank you so much to those who have and continue to pray with me. Already missing Kenya  but looking forward to accomplishing what brought me here by God’s grace!”

After landing in USA and sorting her books Joyce later on shared a picture on her 1st day to school which said :

“First day of my second year of grad school! Can’t wait to look back at this picture in a few years and reminisce on the Lord’s goodness “

(c) Joyce Omondi

This will be another learning curve for Joyce Omondi who has been rising in her ministry as a gospel singer.

She said  it was difficult to be away from home when we talked with her when she was away for her 1st year in school and we join her in prayers as she continues to study at George Town University for the 2nd.

“It is difficult to be away from home. School is intensely busy and demanding. It was quite a steep learning curve in the beginning trying to get adjusted. But the Lord saw me through.

Each day is about trusting in Him to strengthen, favor, comfort, and guide. I’m pursuing my masters in International Development at Georgetown University.” 

We wish Joyce Omondi all the best.



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Student Gets SUSPENDED After Saying “Bless You” In Class When Sneezing

A Tennessee student apparently suspended this week for saying “bless you” after a classmate sneezed is calling the reprimand unconstitutional.


Kendra Turner, of Dyer County High School in Newbern, reported the incident on her Facebook page, and has received an outpouring of support.

The high school senior told WBBJ that her computer teacher has a list of banned words and phrases, including “stupid”, “bless you”, “my bad”, and “hang out”.

On Monday, Turner said “bless you” to a classmate that sneezed.

“We do not do Godly speaking in my class,” the teacher reportedly replied.

When Turner received an in-school suspension, she shared her story on social media.

“I stood up for my belief and said I have a constitutional right to speak about My God!!” the teen wrote on Facebook.

“So if any other teacher wants to get on to me for sticking up for my religion then go right ahead [because] in the end I will win [because] I’m doing what God wants me to do!!!”

She then posted a screenshot of the First Amendment – upholding Americans’ freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and other constitutional rights. Another photo shows Turner and other classmates wearing t-shirts that read “Bless you”, “God belongs in my city”, and other Christian messages.

“I don’t care who talks about me or what they say, I WILL stand tall for my God!!!” she wrote on Wednesday.

School officials said the incident is not a religious matter, but a disciplinary one.

“We can’t discuss discipline issues because of right to privacy of students, but I can say there are two sides to every story,” Assistant Principal Lynn Garner told the Dyersburg State Gazette.
(c) Christian Today

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Music Aside, Bring On Football!! : Singer Maich Of BMF Meets With Famous Soccer Coach “Jurgen Klinsmann”

Soccer: World Cup-Belgium vs USA

Jürgen Klinsmann is a German football manager and former player who is currently the head coach of the United States national team. Being one of the respected coaches in the football world, Maich of BMF had a moment of a lifetime to share a word or two with Klinsmann.

maich bmf post

Maich is currently away in the USA where he recently joined the class of leaders in the world who have studied Leadership.  Maich had left the country in August 2012 to pursue something he loves a lot which is the study of  leadership at  South-hills Leadership School in Corona,California and now it seems he is meeting great leaders in soccer. 

Jurgen klinsman maich bmf

On Tuesday Maich shared a moment and took a  picture with the world cup hero Jurgen Klinsmann who has got massive love in USAfor carrying the team to the world cup 2014 round of 16.


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“A Year Ago I Desperately Asked GOD For A Job” : Meet A Kenyan Photographer Who Glorifies GOD Through Photography

As usual we try to bring you stories of fearless influence-rs in Kenya who use the talent they have to glorify GOD. Today we bring you one Johnson Muchiri who says that his main aim is to give back to GOD for his talent in photography.

Muchiri Johnson post

Read his story :

About a year ago, I desperately prayed that God would give me a job; I begged and pleaded with him to answer my prayers. He never let me down; I got a job and I was so excited that I never stopped thanking Him for it. It wasn’t the best paying Job but I was happy that I had something to do. Even with the little income at the end of month I never forgot to pay tithe or take an offertory to church especially on Sunday’s.

I was happy to do it because deep down I knew I was glorifying God, not knowing I was doing it just as a routine and not something that had so much significance in my life. My JD was “take passport photos, print them, trim them and get paid!!”

As time went by, I started getting bored with this routine as my job didn’t seem fun anymore. There was something I wasn’t doing the right way. I had mixed feelings about my Job. I started spending between 3 to 4 hours checking out my friend’s posts on face book and twitter. I checked pages of the famous people I knew and those I had no idea about until one day when I landed on this one page that became my addiction. Ben Kiruthi’s page was exciting, full of color and with so many beautiful photos.

Best photography in Kenya

I fell in love with his photos and found myself going to work very early so that I get more time to check out his blog for any new posts. I convinced myself that I could do what Ben was doing if I put an effort to it. “I realized that there was more to just taking a photo”. I started reading about the great photographers around the world, learning about lenses, different effects and editing photos. I now understood why the camera I had been using for close to one year had so many buttons.

Best photography in Kenya

All along I thought the creator of canon was just complicated. I also found myself attending photography workshops and seminars in Nairobi. My love for photography became stronger and stronger each day. My daily stories were no longer about my work but rather about how I can become a professional photographer.

Muchiri Johnson (6) 1I started sneaking out of office with the work camera so that I could take some photos. I captured anything and everything from animals, to cars and human beings.

I made sure I took at least 5 different photos then I would go home and identify the difference and then try to edit them.


This went on for months until I realized that I hated all the photos I was taking. None looked anything like what I was seeing from Ben kiruthi’s page.


Whenever I looked at his photos, I saw the glory of God being manifested in his work. I couldn’t see myself taking photos as beautiful as his no matter how much I wanted to. At this point God gave me a bible verse from the book of Matthew: 5: 16 that says, let your light shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your father who is in heaven. To me this was evident on my mentors blog. I needed to do this for the Glory of my creator but didn’t know exactly how…..photograph Churches? hmmm, Pastors???…..or maybe I should concentrate my photography on Portraits of Jesus!”

While I was still sulking about how terrible my photos looked, I remembered a verse that my friend advised me to read sometime back, John: 15:5 that says: I am the vine and you are the branches: he that abides in me, and I in him, the same way brings forth much fruit; for without me you can do nothing.

I was once again convinced that no matter what, my work must glorify God. I prayed and fasted for God to help me so that the next time I hold a camera to take photos, they may come out amazing. I had this renewed energy that made me feel so good. I took all kinds of photos; some of which I printed and hanged in my house.

Every photo looked different in a nice way. Much as I hadn’t covered any events or had any photo shoots yet, I had great joy inside me. That Joy made me trust God more. Remember proverbs: 3:5-5, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. This scripture helped me do whatever I did for my Father in Heaven. I dedicated every Image to Him and made sure that what I took was how He would like it.

Best Wedding Photography In Kenya.

Suddenly, my friends started calling me for photo shoots, slowly I became their favorite. I looked up to heaven and smiled because I knew that now I was finding favor insight of God and man. I remember one boring evening, my friend Kenince telling me “Kush, your photography is like a tree growing inside a house and only those in the house can see it. May God blow off that roof for the world to see this beauty”. This gave me more courage and confidence.

After 14 months of employment, it was time to say bye bye and start something of my own. I handed in my resignation and walked home a happy man even if I wasn’t sure of where to get capital from. I started getting texts and calls of people who wanted me to cover their events or to just have photo shoots. I just brim with thankfulness to God for the people who trust me to make their most exciting moments unforgettable. Isn’t this just Absolute Glory to Our Father??

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“Why Did They Not Put Me On Tam Tam Remix ? : Kenn Eddy Krezi Unveils His Beautiful “Mzungu” Wife

Tam Tam remix by Willy Paul and Size 8 is one of the songs that is trending currently as it talks about love and a true woman who comes from GOD. Kenn Eddy Krezi known for his song “Testimony” feels that he needed to be part of the video so that he would testify about the love he has for his wife with other gospel personalities who were mentioned in the song.

kenn eddy krezi new 1

Kenn Eddy Krezi who is away in the United States says that Willy Paul should have called him at least when he was coming back to Kenya. This would have given him a heads up on when to turn up for the video shoot so as he would not miss the video shoot with likes of DJ Moz, Dj Soxxy , DJ Krowbar and DJ Mo.

dj soxxy tam tam

Kenn Eddy Krezi graduated to the marriage life when he was blessed to find love with one beautiful lady from the States. After the pick up lines he got married late last year and was blessed with a handsome baby boy who he terms as the next “Kenn Eddy Krezi”.

Kenn eddy krezi wife

Kenn Eddy Krezi for a fact is one person whom GOD has guided through ups and downs in life and plays a major role in an organisation called Revived by Love Ministries.

Having looked at his story . Should Kenn Eddy Krezi been part of the video or who else should have been included?


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Celebrated Presenter “Allan T” Leaves Home Boyz Radio

Its that time again when a top presenter will be leaving radio to pursue other things in life. Former NTV Cross Over Chart host & current Homeboyz Radio presenter for Trinity Connect show Allan T will be saying good bye for now  to radio as he plans to go and further his studies.

allan t spat

Allan T who is a gospel singer/minister for SPAT with Saint P will be going out of the country to further his studies at the Chris Well college based in USA.

Speaking to Uliza Links Allan T  says : This does not mean that he stops pursuing his passion but its just the start of good things as he plans to grow himself in the word of GOD and ministry when he jets out to study Masters in Divinity and Evangelism at the USA.

Allan T Boat

Allan T was the founder of the gospel show Trinity Connect that takes place on Homeboyz radio every Sunday evening and he hosts it with DJ Gee gee , DJ Sanch and DJ Nyash. Having taken the place of K-Krew at Home Boyz who hosted Cross Over, Allan T is one man you can say has moved from grass to grace in the new “Trinity Connect” gospel show that has come to be embraced by the urban Kenyan sphere.

Allan T who has worked in Homeboyz for 6 years will host his last show this Sunday 27th July but he says the show will still be on and will be run by the rest of the Tri-crew and a new host to be unveiled after he leaves.

He will be out of the country for 2 and half to 3 years and then he will be back to pursue his love for ministry and radio.

We as uliza links wish him well in his pursuit of ministry and GOD’s heart.



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“Thanks For Being There For Me” : DJ MO Shares Why He Is So Happy To Have Size 8 In His Life

DJ Mo New pic

Groove Awards 2014 Deejay of the year DJ Mo has come out to share the love he has for his wife Size 8 also known as Mrs. Linet Muraya. The lovely couple has now been married for nearly a year, and DJ Mo is enjoying every bit of the union under GOD.

size-8-Mo post

DJ Mo and Size 8 were invited for a dinner meeting a few days ago by spiritual dad and mum, Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna and what a lovely session they had with others who graced the event.

The joy could be seen from the award-winning DJ as after the event DJ Mo posted this beautiful message  dedicated to Size 8 showing how he gives glory to GOD for blessing him with a wife.

“Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from God.”

Thanks for being there for me always”

This verse is quite powerful as it says that who finds a wife finds favor from GOD meaning DJ Mo has so much favor from his marriage with Size 8.

We bless the Lord for the couple.

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