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Julius Yego: I am Here to Stay

Kenya’s javelin gold medalist,Julius Yego has refuted claims that he has received Shs. 1 billion from Qatar to ditch his Kenyan citizenship and start competing for the Arab country.

Julius-Yego 2

The javelin champion noted that these were just mere rumours as no country had so far approached him with such an offer.

The sports man who arrived yesterday in the country after competing in the just concluded IAAF World Championships in Beijing China noted that money was not everything and he would not cherish the idea of ditching his citizenship for Qatar.

He also noted that the unending tales of Kenyans being tortured in the Middle Eastern countries is quite disheartening and many coming back as destitutes gives him no reason to even consider such an offer.

The 26 year old, popularly known as the YouTube athlete, after learning the javelin sport from the internet. He has remained a sensation to many as unlike the other sports men in Kenya, who are traditionally runners, he chose the field event which is unpopular in the country.

Thus making his win to be  of so much significance to the country and will go under the history as no other Kenyan  has won or participated in the event at his level.

According to the IAAF rules, even if he agreed to trade his citizenship for the Arabian nation he would not be eligible to compete for the next three years.

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While You Are Busy On Whatsapp : Meet A 13 year old CEO Who Made 20 Million In SALES

He is only 13, but he has accomplished more in his short years than most have by 30. His bow ties have produced $200,000 in sales, and he has five employees on payroll which include his mother and grandmother. Not to mention, he has been celebrated by Oprah’s O Magazine, Steve Harvey and mentor/FUBU founder Daymond John.

moziah bridges post

His name is Moziah Bridges and he is the CEO of Mo’s Bows. The teenage fashion designer started his company in 2011 at the tender age of nine when he asked his grandmother to teach him how to sew. He took her scraps of fabric and began making unique bow ties. Not long after, Mo’s Bows began selling to local stores and online.

A year later, Moziah Bridges is riding high on his successful business venture with the help of his mother Tramica Morris. He has since sold $200,000 worth of his handmade bow ties and various other men’s fashion accessories and has seven employees, including his mother and grandmother.

On his website Bridges explains his passion for making bow ties saying, “I like to wear bow ties because they make me look good and feel good. Designing a colorful bow tie is just part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place.”
And as his vision is becoming actualized, the Memphis native went a step further into philanthropy.
“I made this bow tie called the Go Mo! Scholarship Bow Tie and 100 percent of the proceeds go to help kids go to summer camp because I feel like it’s good to help the community and that’s what I’m doing,” Bridges said.

Bridges appeared on Shark Tank in 2014 to pitch Mo’s Bows to potential investors. He had to choose between accepting $50,000 for his innovative idea while sharing royalties with Kevin O’Leary, or have John as a mentor. The young businessman chose John’s influence over money, and so far the decision has proven to be a wise one.
With John, he attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York and impressed big names in fashion with his sophisticated demeanor and dapper style. What more could they expect from a kid carrying a briefcase? Bridges’s experience at Fashion Week garnered a phone call from Karen Katz CEO of Neiman Marcus. Mo’s Bows are now sold online at Neiman Marcus and Cole Hahn. His neckwear retails at around $50 and are available in 15 states, Toronto and the Bahamas.

He is very hands-on with the creation of Mo’s Bows. He chooses the design of each tie and his style is a myriad of polka-dots, bold stripes, funky paisleys, and sports themed ties. His sports ties opened a seat for Bridges at 2015 NBA Draft where he served as a fashion analyst for the draftees.
Moziah Bridges’ success is certainly engineered by his mother’s support. “You don’t have to wait until you’re older,” his mother Tramica Morris said. “If you have a dream and you have a passion, we say go for it.”

When is he older, his future with Mo’s Bows will be expansive. “I see Mo’s Bows adding neck ties, pocket squares and other accessories for men,” he wrote to FORBES. “I also want to get enough money to start a cool kids clothing company that has nice blazers and pants for kids who like to look good like me.

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Roots Hair Saloon to Host the 1ST ever Natural Hair Styling Competition

The First ever natural hair event is going down on the 16th of this month at the M’C Millian Library Grounds along Kimathi Street and will be hosted by Steve Roots a  top natural hair stylist,who is  famed for styling hair for celebrities, and owns of The Roots Saloon.

roots natural

Rocking natural hair is the vibe in town and  in a bid to celebrate the beauty of natural hair,the top hair stylist aims to create awareness of the need to embrace natural hair dos and the natural hair products.

The event dubbed My Natural Hair Kenya will see a host of hair experts tackling various issues on hair,hair product usage and styling. The team of experts will include Tole Shuma , a Brand Ambassador  from Dark And Lovely, Muli Musyoka, a trichologist who will tackle matters on hair and scalp and Celebrity locticians.

The other activities lined up for the day will include sampling of roots natural hair products, showcasing of various natural hairstyles and a styling competition. The highlight of the occasion will be the crowning of Mr and Miss Dreadlocks Kenya with a special performance by Makadem.

The hair styling competition is expected to open its doors from 12pm- 6pm with no charges at the gate.

The other key sponsors of the event will be Dreadlocks Kenya, Dohty Family Entertainment,System Unit, Genius Entertainment and Roarke & Bartley.

Do Save the date.





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Kenyan Gospel Artist Celebrates First Birthday As A Married Man; Shares Photo Of Himself As A Toddler

Christian singer Gerriey Wainaina who got married one year ago celebrated his 31st birthday on Friday 7th August 2015 in a cool way buy sharing a photo of himself as a toddler.

gerriey owen wife post

No one could have said that years later he will grow to achieve great things he has today. See caption below:

gerriey wainaina post

All glory and honour go to GOD.

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A Radio Presenter Campaigning Against Corruption Shot Dead LIVE On AIR

Brazilian radio presenter Gleydson Carvalho was gunned down in a studio as he broadcast live yesterday. Two gunman burst into Radio Liberdade FM in Camocin, in north east Brazil, overpowered a receptionist and an engineer and stormed into the studio where Gleydson was talking to his listeners and shot him five times, three times in the head and twice in the chest. The killers left in a motorbike.

brazilian presenter carvalho

An hour before he was killed, the DJ had been campaigning against corruption. He was known for his long-standing campaign against government corruption. He’d even received death threats while on air

“They came to the station’s facility and said that they had to make an announcement,“ Herbert Silva, a local police chief, said of the killers.
He added that the the culprits have been identified.
“We’re going to find them soon because they don’t have water, money, food and they are in a region with a lot of sun, rocks – almost a desert.”


Bahati Writes A Deep Letter To Rabbit Requesting Him To Crossover

The was an uproar from Christians on social media  immediately Bahati released “Kuchu Kuchu” his new single that featured secular artists Rabbit and Wyre. Some felt that the song lucked the message that would make someone struggling with sin be saved and wondered if it was indeed a gospel song  while others said that Bahati should be left to work with anyone as long as he is preaching the gospel.(Read)

bahati wyre rabbit post

Bahati explained that people look the outward of people but GOD looks at the heart and that is the reason why he decided to partner with the two top secular singers . He testified in a message shared on his Facebook page, on a personal experience he had with one of the singers called Rabbit whom he believes will one day crossover to sing gospel song.

He captioned:

The first time I had this Song ‪#‎KAFIRI‬ I thought for a Moment Rabbit had started singing Gospel Music. It’s one piece that made me think of People differently. In the Bible 1st Samuel 16:7 …though Us men look at the Outward appearance, the Lord looks at the Heart. And for so Long this bro has always been in my Prayers. I happened to Meet King Kaka’s MUM two Weeks ago Just b4 the release of ‪#‎KUCHU_KUCHU‬ and One thing she testifies is Rabbit has grown in Church as a God fearing Child.”Ken ndio alikua anachora Zile Picha za Yesu amebeba Msalaba zakubandika Sunday School” I can well Remember her words. “Naniumuambia aimbe wimbo za Kanisa” But I told her God’s timing is always the Best and in God’s time I know he will Crossover. I have Testimonies from Different people, Fans & even Producer to Our New Release; that Rabbit could ask for time to Pray b4 the Recording Session. I know People view it Differently. Some May Come up to Judge but remember Romans 3:23 …all have fallen short of His glory.No Man is righteous. For King Kaka; all I know is God is smiling He heard your Voice in a Gospel song for Every Dad rejoices getting a Message from a Son.And Romans 8: 16 His Spirit bears with me that You’re a Child of GOD!!! My Prayer is after this Song Your Relationship with GOD will never be Same Again”



Should Rabbit listen to this call from Bahati?


Leave your comment below

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Donnie mcClurkin Celebrating 9 Years Anniversary

Legendary gospel singer Donnie MucClurkin’s radio Show Celebrated nine years of success on Saturday 18th July 2015.

donnie-mcclurkin post

McClurkin and his team had this to say to their fans:

“This month is our 9 year anniversary of The Donnie McClurkin Show. Big thanks to you the listener, T&T Creative, Gospel singers, radio stations that carry the show, and the list goes on and on. You made this possible and we at the Donnie McClurkin Show thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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300 Passengers Injured In A Train Crash

It is reported by paramedics who spoke to BBC that  about 300 people have been injured in a collusion between two trains in Johannesburg South Africa .


The train crash took place near Booysens station Johannesburg yesterday  at around 7:30 Pm Kenyan time (17:30 GMT).

The south African agency fire crew are still searching for passengers who were trapped inside the carriages.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.


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Manny Pacquiao Visits And PRAYS For A Woman Who Has Been Sentenced To DEATH

Christian Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee recently went to Wirogunan prison in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to visit condemned overseas Filipino worker Mary Jane Veloso, who has been sentenced to death for smuggling heroin to Indonesia.


Christian Today reports, Veloso has claimed innocence over the act, saying she has been framed by alleged trafficker Maria Kristina Sergio, her live-in partner Julius Lacanilao, as well as an unidentified African man.

Philippines President Benigno Aquino III appealed to Indonesian President Joko Widodo to grant Veloso clemency, and so did Pacquiao, just two days before her scheduled execution on April 29 this year.

Widodo appeared to have heeded the pleas made by Aquino and Pacquiao as he ordered that Veloso be spared from execution that day.

However, her fate still hangs in the balance since her execution was just deferred to help Philippine authorities prosecute the brains behind the drug trafficking syndicate that used Veloso as a drug mule.

During the boxing champ’s visit to the detention centre where Veloso was awaiting her fate, she was moved to tears upon seeing the Pacquiao couple. Pacquiao did his best to offer her words of comfort and inspiration.

They said a prayer together. This was captured in a photo Pacquiao posted on his Instagram account (@mannypacquiao). “Praying with Mary Jane Veloso. Please keep her in your prayers,” he said in the caption.

Jinkee also shared similar pictures on her Instagram account (@jinkeepacquiao). “When I (prayed) for her, tears (flowed) in my eyes,” she wrote.

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“I Will Take Harambee Stars To The WORLD CUP” : Gor Semelang’o

With all the issues the country has gone through in matters soccer, the savior as he sees himself, Gor Semelang’o states that he will help the national team reach the World Cup.

The Harambee stars have only reached the world cup once, through a tour that was sponsored by the president, and Gor Semelang’o feels that he is the guy that will actually make them play at the world cup and not just watch.

gor semelango

The Harambee Stars have never qualified for the world cup before but have had numerous attempts to qualify only to lose at the 2nd round when put in the same group with giants of soccer in Africa. Their failure has always been directed back to the management who have been accused of not putting the right channels to help the team qualify for the world cup.

Photo Courtesy (c)
Photo Courtesy (c)

Speaking after the CHAN qualifier match between Kenya and Ethiopia,  Gor lamented that it was a pity that Kenya kept fumbling against their rivals, considering that the country has a superior economic might and pool of sporting talent in comparison to our regional rivals,  The standard reports.

I believe the national football team should be featuring at both CHAN and Africa Nations Cup tournaments,” said Gor.

Gor further challenged the incumbent to show what he (Nyamweya) has done for the national team.

Whereas Nyamweya took Stars to watch the Fifa World Cup, I will ensure that Kenya plays at the World Cup instead of just flying in to spectate,” Gor promised.

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Hope Fm Presenter’s Song Ranked First On Citizen Tv’s Rauka Countdown

Renown Hope Fm presenter Amani Aila’s  new song “Nitasiamama” was voted as the number one song today on Citizen TV’s Rauka show .

amani sad

The presenter was so delighted by this news and had this to say to all that voted:

“Let me take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for voting for my song Nitasimama in Citizen Tv,Rauka and making it number one .May God bless you.Thank you Team Rauka.”

Nitasimama is a great worship song that has powerful message that will make you stand and push the ministry of GOD.

In an interview we had with him in the month of may Amani said that through the song he is able to fulfill his passion of seeing more and more people getting saved.

“This is a story of living in the ways of the Lord and always knowing and  keeping in mind that God is the foundation of everything.”

Watch “nitasimama” video below:

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Legendary Gospel Singer Reveals Obama Will NOT Come To Kenya As Planned.Could She Be Right?

Celebrated gospel singer Hellenah Ken who is known for “Mambo Yakibadilika” believes that the U.S president Barack Obama will not visit Kenya as scheduled. She revealed that GOD has given her power to plant and uproot and therefore she has personally cancelled Obama’s visit to Kenya.

Hellenah 5

“Personally l canceled the visit of Obama to Kenya. And l know he will not come. God has given me power to plant ad uproot. I say again Obama is Not coming to Kenya.”  Hellenah captioned on her Facebook page.

Will this come to pass?


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Floyd Mayweather Stripped of Title That He Won Against Manny Pacquiao

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. was awarded the WBO welterweight title when he defeated Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao on May 2, but it was announced Friday that the 38-year-old megastar was stripped of the championship because of a lack of compliance.

Floyd-Mayweather-Manny-Pacquiao-Boxing-556398’s Dan Rafael passed along news of the decision after the committee’s vote on Monday. Rafael was the first to report on July 3 that the World Boxing Organization would likely take back its 147-pound belt from the undefeated Mayweather.


According to Ryan O’Hara of, Mayweather declined to pay the $200,000 sanctioning fee for the title by the deadline. Also, he decided against vacating the WBA and WBC junior middleweight titles, which was necessary since boxers are not permitted to hold world championships in multiple weight classes, per Chris Williams of

After his huge victory over Pacquiao, Mayweather initially expressed his desire to vacate the titles he won, according to’s Brett Okamoto:

I don’t know if it will be Monday or maybe a couple weeks. I’ll talk to my team and see what we need to do. Other fighters need a chance. Give other fighters a chance. I’m not greedy.

I’m a world champion in two different weight classes. It’s time to let other fighters fight for the belt.

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Amazing : A Car Smashes Through Roof Of A House And No One Gets Injured

Early this morning Residents of Kwamakhutha town in Durban , south Africa woke up to an unbelivable event after a car surprisingly smashed through the roof top of a house  and fortunately people in the house escaped un-hurt.


car carsh 1
c Lindaikeji

The driver of the car reported that he drove over a ramp causing his car to overturn and crash-land on the roof of the house.Apparently there was someone sleeping in the house but he escaped un-hurt.

carcrash 2
(C) LindaIkeji
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“GOD Bless You, My Mainest” : Gospel Singer Kambua Celebrates Her Dignified HUBBY On His EXCEPTIONAL Day

Gospel singer Kambua Mathu celebrated her husband on his birthday and went further to shower blessings upon him as she thanked GOD for their marriage.

kambua 1

Kambua and her husband Jackson Mathu have been married for 3 years now and it’s really noteworthy to see her celebrating what marriage is for her.Kambua-Hubby2

“Happy Birthday to my mainest! God bless you as we count the years together! #birthdaylove #junebabies #foreveryoung” , Kambua captioned.

Kambua said “I Do” to pastor and businessman Jackson Mathu at a wedding garden at the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club in the year 2012.

kambua wedding


The couple exchanged their vows at a garden wedding overlooking the artificial lake at the golf course.

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“Without PEACE These Beautiful Angels Will Not Go To School” : Naisula Lesuuda

On Saturday Nominated Senator Naisula Lesuuda advocated for peace after participating in a forum that took place in Isiolo county and Laikipia county. On her agenda Naisula spoke of the importance of peace and in a picture that she took with two little girls Naisula stated that peace was the only key to the children’s education.

naisula lesuuda kids

Even before she was nominated as a senator Hon. Naisula Lesuuda had a passion to promote peace in a region which has called home. Coming from the North Naisula Lesuuda has continuously seen her community battle for personal effects but she has continued to stand for peace as she believes a great good will be achieved once all is calm.

“The last two days together with other leaders from North Rift we were in Isiolo and Laikipia Counties. On the agenda I have been on even before my nomination. There are times I am almost discouraged to agree that indeed peace is elusive but the satisfaction that it is the right thing to do until it is finally achieved keeps me going.

Everyday I pray, I work for the North to be peaceful so that we can embark on ensuring in a few years we will be referred to as “Previously marginalized” By focusing on Development. Without peace these beautiful angels and many others will be out of school and it negates all we all work for and aspire. So I refuse to tire or give up.”

Naisula Lesuuda runs a foundation called Naisula Lesuuda Peace Foundation (NLPF) which is a Non Governmental Organization started in April 2013; whose objective is to create, strengthen & support peace, promote empowerment of youth & women and above all advocate school funding for vulnerable children to educate them and fight poverty!

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