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Gospel Singer Kambua Meets With Celebrated Nigerian Actor, Desmond Elliot

It’s one of those days when you are flying out of the country and minding your own business without any attention that you find something or meet someone that captures your eye. Gospel singer Kambua was in that state this past weekend when she bumped into renown Nolly wood actor Desmond Elliot in Atlanta USA where she was invited to grace an event.

kambua desmond elliot

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At Last : Former Harambee Stars Player ‘Osborne Monday’ Has Been FOUND

Harambee Stars player Osborne Monday has been found after 10 men masquerading as policemen stormed at his house and took him on Tuesday Night.

osborne monday

Sports radio presenter Carol Radull tweeted, “#FindOsborneMonday Found at nairobi Area Police St but questions as to why they wouldn’t allow him to communicate with family for 2 days.”

Tusker FC Osborne Monday

Carol Radull's tweet on Osborne Monday

Osborne at the time of the incident was at his home with his son and Mother who had come to visit him but sadly the men did not allow the mother to contact anyone else when they took him.

On a statememt published by Tusker FC the club that Osborne Monday plays for they stated :

One of our own osborne monday went missing yesternight after 10 people riding in 2 probox went to his house and claimed to be policemen. The mother who had come to visit was not even allowed to look at the number plate of the vehicle as all their phones were taken away from them. More news on the same to follow…

The unknown people did not allow his mother to see the number plates of the cars.

According to Nairobi News :

A close friend to the missing player confirmed that the player was taken away in a white Probox that had sealed number plates.

“They were about 20 people who took away Osborn. They claimed to be police and rudely told his mother to look for his son in a police station. We have searched various police stations and he’s not been booked anywhere,” he told Nairobi News and requested to hide his identity for fear of reprisals.

“Tusker FC player Osborne Monday was picked by police officers on Tuesday night from his house.He is missing @JBoinnet ,” tweeted political activist Boniface Mwangi.

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Throwback of the Day : Grace Mwai Back In High School Having Shaved Her Hair

On Today’s throwback we share a photo of gospel artiste Grace Mwai who is quite dazzling with her ravishing hair. Could you imagine not seeing her without the hair ?

(c) Glorious Photography
(c) Glorious Photography

This is a picture of her back in high school with her classmate.

grace mwai highschool grace high school grace high 2

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“It’s Up To You To Define Who You Are” : Pastor Julian Kyula [VIDEO]

Today’s word comes from Pastor Julian Kyula of Purpose Center.

julian kyula



In life’s journey we often label ourselves and others in an attempt to derive sense and understanding. This doesn’t empower, it weakens. Don’t buy into the lie that this is a position of power, it is in fact a position of limitation.Remember, it’s up to you to define who you are. It’s not what they call you, It’s what you respond to.

Posted by Julian Kyula on Sunday, August 9, 2015


Kenyans In Uganda Jostle One Another In Exctiement Of Greeting President Uhuru

A crowd of Kenyans  leaving in Uganda pushed each other in excitement of seeing and greeting president Uhuru Kenyatta. Some wanted to greet him while others just wanted to take a photo of him .

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Gloria Muliro Opens A NEW Facebook Account, All Others Have Been HACKED

Gospel singer Gloria Muliro has opened a new Facebook account as all other pages are not under her control anymore. The pages which you see on facebook under the names Gloria Muliro gospel singer, Gloria Muliro have been posting some weird messages and links and her ardent are advised to ignore them.

gloria muliro owendi

The new page that the artiste now runs is called Gloria Owendi Muliro as shown above. You can ignore the rest of the pages below.

gloria hacked

Even Omba ministries that was being run by the church she used to visit has been hacked.

eric omba hacked

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Watch out for this new video by Tybe.

Tybe Baibz born for greatness

Artist : TyBe Performing “No Worries”
Audio : Richy Bitz/Bitz House Music
Director : Kevin Bosco Jnr
Edit : Steve Hunter

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ONE ON ONE : Harry Ash of Gospel Group BMF, Now Running His Own Clothing Line

When life is about choices and opportunities, you have to grab them as they come. Harrison Ashioya/ Harry Ash of the famed group called BMF is of those rising entrepreneurs who made a choice of starting his own side business as he continues to minister as an artiste.

Harry Ash BMF
Harry Ash BMF

Harry Ash Closet is the new brand that you might have seen on most gospel videos as the business dresses artistes in exchange for marketing on their videos. Long are the days when one would sit on his/her own chair in the office as now everyone is strategizing on how best to reach is or her market.

We sat down with him and told us more about his clothing line and why he decided to go into business.

When did you start business ? 

I started my business from home because there was one time when we wanted to shoot a video and it reached a point where we didn’t have clothes to dress for the video and that’s when I got the idea. My drive was to help artistes look good on videos.

Does you choosing to go to business mean that BMF is not there anymore 

No not at all. We are all involved in different projects at the moment but in the future you will see something from us.


Any Challenges in business

Being an entrepreneur I have gone through circumstances that have made me grow in business. One thing is the issue of working with clients who promise to pay and end up not paying. Another thing is when i have to go and drop my merchandise to clients who are not near my business which is quite costly.

Where is your business located ? 

My business  is located Jamia mall in the CBD,  shop number 5.

harry business

What are the services you offer at Harry Ash closet ? 

We dress most of our clients on video and photo shoots but we have also grown to dress clients who visit events, offices and add to that we do image consultancy and branding of t-shirts.

How do you get your clients and how were you able to establish yourself in business

1.For me when starting I found a ready market as I was in music industry so most of my clients were artistes.


2. Being in the social media space I tend to find most clients from people who follow me or have heard of what I do.


Dreams and aspirations in business 

I hope to penetrate in the corporate world and reach out to new markets.






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OBAMA EFFECT : How The Busy MOMBASA ROAD Looked Like This Morning [PHOTOS]

With the rest of the country expecting President Obama to arrive today in the evening, Kenyans decided to take a pro-active approach to avoid the traffic jam that would be caused by his arrival. 

mombasa road 2

Mombasa road which is usually busy with 100’s of motor cars was not so busy at all as motorists preferred to live their cars at home to avoid any inconvenience that might be caused later in the afternoon.

mombasa road 1 mombasa road

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“Most of us have genius minds, but we are really scared to start something new” Eric Kinoti Of Shade Systems

The founder and Director of Shades Systems Eric Kinoti has so much passion for the youth that he always takes time share positive messages on his social media platforms.

eric kinoti post

The Forbes Magazine Africa’s Top 30 under 30 Most Promising Entrepreneur year 2014 has come up with an article that will be able to help you think outside the box since he believes that everyone is blessed with a creative mind.

My long time friend Gikunda once told me working hard is too overrated. I didn’t understand how working hard is overrated because all I hear and know is that If you want success, you have to work hard and never quit or give up. He told me, most of the young people nowadays keep themselves very busy all day and working really hard on things that don’t matter. He said that it’s not about just working and working hard, one needs to work smart and tactful on something beneficial.

I gave his argument a thought and I realized that this is actually very true. Most of us really work hard, but we work hard on the wrong things. We have our priorities twisted and we work our minds off on things that doesn’t matter. Most of us have genius minds, but we are really scared to start something new or do something out of your comfort zone. Young people come to me with proposals everyday, when I ask them what they are doing differently than the already existing company, they have no answer because they don’t want to go an extra mile. They want things to work within their comfort zone but that’s not how things happen.

Steve Jobs once said, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”
Whatever you do, know are connecting some dots that you can’t connect looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. You have to believe in new things, you need to believe in your abilities and not just keeping yourself busy doing nothing, but actually working something out.

This is a very great week for Africa, and most important to Kenyans. We are hosting Global Entrepreneurship Summit. This means we have so much to offer in terms of entrepreneurship. Let’s keep our spirits high and keep moving forward and connecting the dots. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

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South Africa President Zuma Discharged From Hospital

South Africa President Jacob Zuma was discharged from hospital on Sunday following a procedure to remove gallstones, the presidency said.


“Doctors are pleased with the outcome of the operation,” spokesperson Bongani Majola said in a statement.

“The president will spend the next few days resting and recuperating at home. He will also work from home during this period.”

The presidency announced late on Saturday evening that Zuma had been admitted to hospital.

 The gallstones were discovered during a routine medical check-up about two months ago, Majola said.


Read More : News24

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Erica Campbell Reveals An Atheist Fan Got Saved After Listening To ‘GOD in Me’ In The Club


Erica Campbell, one half of Grammy award-winning gospel duo Mary Mary, recently opened up about faith and purpose while recalling how an atheist fan once got saved after listening to her music.

Photo Courtesy : Erica Campbell
Photo Courtesy : Erica Campbell

In an interview with Rollingout magazine, Campbell, who graces the latest cover, said that propelling people closer to faith through her music is validation from God that she’s on the right track in fulfilling her purpose.

The “I Luh God” singer recalled a time that she and her sister, Tina, met an atheist woman who shared with them that she had found Jesus after hearing their “God in Me” song from Mary Mary’s fourth studio album The Sound.

“Tina and I were doing an event called Women of Faith … this girl came running up to us really frantic. She said that she was an atheist, but she heard “God in Me” in the club, and loved the song,” Campbell told Rollingout. “She said that she went and bought the record, but when she listened to the first song she thought, ‘I don’t want no gospel record — what is this?’ But because she loved “God in Me” so much, she listened to it and at first she thought that maybe she’ll just go to church once.”

She continued: “She ended up going to church and giving her life to God. It changed her whole life. … To me, that’s better than any award, a Grammy, or even a million albums sold. It’s better than the most famous person in the world talking about how much they love my music. To change someone’s life in that way is priceless. I think that’s the kind of stuff that makes God happy. That’s the only reason I do this.”

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Jaguar’s CUTE Daughter Shares A Cake With Gospel Artiste Daddy Owen

The uliza picture today is for Daddy Owen when he was sharing a cake with Jaguar’s Daughter at his album Launch.

DADDY Owen jaguar daughter

Daddy Owen had hosted a list of artistes at his launch on Sunday at Carnivore grounds and even had a well branded cake to mark 10 years of success in gospel music. From Mariga to Janet Mbugua to Eunice Njeri the venue was filled with public figures who had turned up to celebrate with him.


eunice njeri mr tee mzazi mopao jalango dj mo janet mbugua ndichu mariga and xtian

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THANK YOU GOD : Daddy Owen Humbled As Both Gospel And Secular Artistes Turn Up For His AlbumLaunch

Award winning gospel artiste Daddy Owen has thanked everyone who came through for his Vanity album launch yesterday at Carnivore Grounds. The Album Launch which marked 10 year anniversary for him was filled by both gospel and secular was a milestone for Daddy Owen who has grown in leaps and bounds since he did “Shilingi Ya Kenya”.

daddy owen vanity post

“I thank God for my 10 years celebration & launch of my album “VANITY” n to everyone who supported me #X-TENDEDtour,” Daddy Owen shared after the event.

The Likes of Nameless, Mzazi Willy Tuva, Jaguar , Jalango, Janet Mbugua and soccer player Mariga turned up for the event that was filled to capacity at Carnivore Simba Salon.

juliani kenty daddy owen performing mzazi mopao eunice njeri mr tee jalango dj mo nameless janet mbugua ndichu mariga and xtian

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YOU WERE A LEGEND : Mike Sonko, Churchill, Ababu Namwamba And Other Public Figures Mourn The Death of Mzee Ojwang’

Benson Wanjala passed on Sunday evening after succumbing to a pneumonia illness at Kenyatta National Hospital. Mzee Ojwang’s loss hit many Kenyans hard and public figures went to their social media accounts to share their messages of condolence.

mzee ojwang message of condolence


Veteran comedian Benson Wanjau ALIAS Mzee Ojwang Hatari succumbed to pneumonia attack this evening at the Kenyatta…

Posted by Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King’ang’i on Sunday, July 12, 2015

RIP Mzee Ojwang’. You are now in a better place.My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Posted by Maina Kageni on Sunday, July 12, 2015

R.I.P Mzee Ojwang.Greatest Of All Time.

Posted by Jua Cali on Sunday, July 12, 2015

You are a true legend ,we will miss you .RIP Mzee Ojwang

Posted by DJ MO [topa de top dj] on Sunday, July 12, 2015

Veteran comedian / actor Mzee Ojuang is dead. May the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace

Posted by Mike Sonko. on Sunday, July 12, 2015

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Kenya Women Volleyball Team Wins The FIVB Title

Kenya women volley ball team made a new record in the world after they beat Peru to clinch gold in group 3 of FIVB grand prix in Australia today.

Our nationla team beat Peru 3-1 (21-25, 25-17 , 25-22 , 25-23) in the final of the global meet at the AIS Arena.

“We are now on top of the world. For those who have been asking why we never won at this level, we will deliver this trophy to them,” Kenya coach David Lung’aho told Nairobi News after the match.

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