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The Best Is Still Coming : FACEBOOK Team Will Be In Kenya For The Biggest Entrepreneurs Boot Camp

Global giant Facebook will be in the Mara!

Facebook desk


Ever wanted to hear more about how facebook has stood out as a giant in social networking and how best they generate leads of sales to over 1 billion users every month ? Well if you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one then this is the place for you at the 2015 Entrepreneurs boot camp that will be hosted by Forbes top 40 under 40, CEO Erick Kinoti.


Facebook will be represented by Hicham Zaraket who joined Facebook around five years ago and is now working in the Services and Sales Team for Small and Medium Businesses across Europe,
Middle-east and Africa.

Hicham Zaraket focuses on building and scaling Facebook’s advertising support team. He recently launched callback support in the UK market which will soon be available in other markets.

Hicham holds an MSc in Strategic Marketing from Cranfield University in England, a law degree from the Lebanese University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration from the American University of Beirut.


“Facebook is already an important part of people’s lives in Kenya, and they are committed to connecting people and being a platform where Kenyan entrepreneurs can connect with consumers and grow their businesses,” Ebele Okobi, Facebook Head of Public Policy, Africa.

ebc 2015

Facebook has partnered with 2015 Mara Accelerator Entrepreneurs Boot Camp and Hicham is one of the speakers. Register today and get a chance to interact with Facebook Team and know how to use Facebook to scale your business.

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Staff of an NGO Involved in a Job Scam Arrested

The top officials of an NGO that is reported to have duped thousands of Kenyan job seekers were yesterday arrested by the police for allegedly obtaining money from Kenyans through false pretence.

ngo scam 2


The NGO is said to have lured about 20,000 job seekers countrywide by purporting that they will offer them jobs with lucrative salaries with the lowest paid staff earning around Shs.70,000.

The NGO officials who had organized for an official launch of the organization at the Karasani Sports Stadium held last Sunday, that saw thousands of job seekers streaming into the venue, claimed that they working with the Ministry of Devolution with an aim to eradicating poverty in the country.

However, it emerged that the Government neither the Ministry were aware of the existence of the NGO which was  found not yet registered  and had no funds to sustain the large numbers of recruits it had recruited.

According to NGO Coordination Board chief executive Fazul Mahamed,the NGO known as Sub-Saharan Africa Safe Promotion Foundation-International (SSASP), was operating illegally.

The officials who will be arraigned in court will changed with three counts that of collecting money under false pretence, operating without legal documentation or registration and purporting to have the ability to employ a large group of Kenyans.

Kenyans have been warned to be on the alert so as not to fall prey to such scams.




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After 8 Months Size 8 Releases Her New Video “Afadhali Yesu” [WATCH]

Gospel singer Size 8 has finally released her new video,Afadhali Yesu, nearly 8 months after she did Jemedari that was launched  at Groove Party in Kasarani on 31st December 2014.

afadhali 5

Here is her new video Afadhali Yesu which is a personal story of how her life changed when she put her trust on Jesus rather than men.

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Umenifanya Ning’are : Christina Shusho Unveils Her New Look As She Goes NATURAL

Award winning gospel singer Christina Shusho unveiled her new look as she called in on a professional photographer to capture the new classy look of her.

Doesn’t she look lovely ?

shusho swag 3 shusho swag shusho swa shusho natural 1 shusho natural

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“At One Point I Felt Like BACK SLIDING But Something Made Me NOT To” : Gospel Singer Reveals

Go tell the righteous it shall go well with them.

shinel wanja

When I got born again it got to a point and I asked myself seriously aint it better to backslide and live like other people did.I looked at neighbour of mine who wasn’t even born again “prosper” in her life.
I started to ask God why was it happening I hadn’t read bible so well.

shinel wedding

I didn’t know it said don’t admire their ways so I seriously admired her ways.
Then one day the HolySpirit the awesome teacher whispered to me this verse ‘dont admire the ways of wicked soon they will be cut off’.

This changed my life of Christianity, are you there looking at the wicked and saying I would better have remained there, in the club, in sin, in drugs in prostitution.HolySpirit just whispered to me to tell you it shall go well with those who fear God.

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My Names are John David Ogolla a.k.a Johnydave born and raised in Korogocho.

I got born again in the year 2007 and two years later I discovered that God had blessed me with the gift of singing leading me to join the praise and worship team at Tumaini Church in Korogocho.

john dave post

When I Started Music

I officially became a professional recording artist in the year 2011 and since then I have released 3 songs but currently the one on the music charts and on rotation is yakale yamepita.


I am determined and focused to make sure that the message I have impacts positively the current generation all over
over the world

john dave kenti


For Music recording contact Richy Bitz of Bitz House Music on 0725 503 460

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“I Met JESUS In A DREAM” : Former Muslim CLERIC Converts To Christianity

A former Muslim cleric who converted to Christianity after meeting Jesus in a dream was abandoned by his family and brutally beaten. He now says his faith taught him how to forgive.

ramadan muslim

In an interview with World Watch Monitor, Tofik (not his real name) described his training as an extremist Muslim cleric in West Africa. As a young man he was taught to hate Christianity, and he and his fellow pupils “went to the nearby town and met believers. We beat them and then attacked the church.”

“Our teachers would tell us every time there was a new church in town and we were told to go and attack the people and destroy the church. So that’s what we did,” he explained. Many students burnt Bibles, but Tofik says something stopped him from joining in. He even kept a Bible for many years, not knowing why, though he says he “now understand[s] it was God holding my hand”.

After further training in Saudi Arabia, Tofik returned to his hometown and became a prominent Imam, leading the construction of 16 new mosques. He forbade the preaching of Christianity, but eventually became got involved in an interfaith tree-planting project. It was around that time that he had a dream about Jesus.

“There was an incident in 2002 where I had a vision from the Lord early in the morning around 3 am. In the vision I saw Jesus very clearly telling me to follow him,” he said.

“I asked the person who was calling me to follow him, ‘Who are you?’ He said, ‘I am Jesus Christ’.”

After going back to sleep, he saw Jesus again. “Jesus appeared saying ‘It’s Me, follow Me. When you follow me you will pay a price, there will be persecution in your life, but in the end you will be victorious. I am with you,'” he recalled.

He says he learnt to forgive those who harmed him, however. “The Bible became my weapon. I travelled many places to preach and teach about the Christian faith,” he explained.

“The voice of Jesus himself spoke to me in my dreams about persecution, so I knew it was going to come and was ready. For those who destroyed my household, I was initially involved in prosecuting them at court but later I said ‘no’ and chose to forgive them, and leave it in the hands of the Lord, so the people were released.”

Tofik also stressed that he’s found “some good” in persecution.

“In Isaiah God says, ‘Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make everything new and you will rise up when you wait on me.’ So when I face persecution I know that God will do new things and that this is not the end. That my life will not end here.”

Courtesy of Christianity today.

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TD Jakes Tells Braxton Sisters To Go Back To Christian Roots; Sisters Response Will Inspire You

Bishop T.D. Jakes urged the Braxton sisters to go back to their gospel music roots while spiritually counseling the family through recent trials. The women responded with a beautiful acappella rendition of the Lord’s Prayer.

“I want you to come back to your roots,” said Jakes to Tamar, Toni, Trina, Towanda and Traci “Braxton Family Values.” “God gave you a voice! Sing! Sing something for me. Just take me back home for a minute.”

The sisters heeded Jakes’ words and stood together to harmonize the Lord’s Prayer.

After the quick worship session, witnessed by Jakes and the Braxton parents, Michael Braxton Sr. and Evelyn, Trina reflected on how music brings her and her sisters together.

“I think it was really smart of Bishop Jakes to ask us all to go back to our roots and sing. Especially because when we get together and we sing, and we sing for real, our sisterhood just seems to automatically mesh together again once we’re together and singing,” said Trina

The performance brought their mother to tears and elicited an inspirational response from Jakes.

“That’s what families do,” said Jakes to the Braxton sisters. “We can laugh and love, and lift each other up. That’s how we survive. You can’t stop doing that. I don’t care who did what. You’re still family.”


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Bahati Lands Safely In USA And Is Ready To Bring Down Kansas City

Mama’s Kid ,Bahati ,has officially landed in the United States of America for his promotional tour that is to kick-start on Friday 31st July in Kansas City.

The award-winning singer shared the information about his performance in Kansas City to his fans on social media saying:

“Just Landed in KANSAS USA Ready for the my First Performance this Friday.”

In another post shared today in the morning he did not forget to thank his fans:

“Good Morning Family,Msijali apaa ni Jioni.. Thanks for your Prayers.. I landed in USA Safe. So this Friday we Begin with Kansas City.”


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WORD OF THE DAY : “Discovering GOD Is Discovering Self”

Today’s word is brought you by Mr Tee, a gospel artiste, a pastor and a mentor in the gospel industry.

eunice njeri mr tee

Discovering God Is Discovering self, when you get to know whom you are you will know who you are….when you know who you are you locate the divine treasures invested in you….a young man one day ran from his enemy and decided to be his uncles shepherd but when he met God and had a burning Bush encounter he went back to the same enemy he was running away from his name is Moses.


He would have died as a shepherd in Sinai desert but in him was the deliverance of the Egyptians one of the greatest leaders in the world….when you dont know who you are you will become who you are not….have a blessed day….zile meditation za Mr T

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How I Earned My Ride on ”The Beast” : Auma Obama Reveals

The sister of President Obama stole the show during Obama’s visit for the last 3 days when she became the 1st Kenyan to board the Beast which is only boarded by the first family.


She revealed how she got the opportunity to board the luxurious VIP vehicle during thee presser statement by President Obama at Kasarani.

According to Nairobi News, Twenty-seven years ago, she recalled, she picked up Barack Obama from the airport in an old Volkswagen Beetle.

Obama was coming to see his family in Kenya.

Obama, she recalled, had been a humble man who rode in an old car with her from the airport, even though it kept breaking down.

He slept in the camping bed in her flat and they ate githeri, omena, chapati and sukuma wiki, she told the audience.

She referred to him as “my brother, your brother and our son” who did not get lost despite staying in the US.

Auma said she had reservations about Obama running for president, “but he told me when he took up this job that he had read the job description very, very carefully”.

When President Obama arrived on Friday, Auma rode with him in the official US presidential limousine, popularly known as the Beast.

He was paying her back for the ride in the Beetle, she said.“Twenty-seven years later, what did he do? He rode with me in the Beast, but do I say?” she joked.




Obama Mania : Now Introducing Obama Perfume

It is evident that the coming of U.S President Barack Obama has created so much excited in the country from the day of the announcement.

It started by people naming their kids after Obama so after Obama institutions were created and now we finally have a Obama perfume.

The perfume was spotted in one of the shelves of Uchumi supermarket.


Wow! what else do we expect to see?

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BE INSPIRED : Meet Mogi Moggs Who STANDS At Imax EVERYDAY Selling CD’s And Makes A Living Through It

As he walks into the room you can tell he is a man of purpose and direction. Aside from his tall built physic, there is a certain warm vibe he brings with him into the room. Dressed in simple clad, he takes a seat and positions himself; he is cool, calm and collected. Just as clear as day, there is more to what meets the eye when you look at him.


Daniel Ramogi aka Mogi Moggs describes himself as a minister of God through music. Music has always been in his heart since he was young and though the 32-year-old had always been a Christian, it was his deep love of Christ that led him to pursue gospel music.


Most of you have seen him standing outside IMAX movie theater on Mama Ngina Street in town selling CDs; he is there every day without fail selling his music. His persistence and perseverance is a unique quality that you don’t see everyday especially in today’s world. But still he manages to make it to IMAX everyday and I couldn’t help but ask him why.

For him, it’s not about making a quick dime, it’s about touching people’s lives through his music and the word of God. It’s about connecting with humanity on a personal level and for him, even though he may go home without selling any CD, making someone happier through God is an achievement in itself.

“When you have passion for something you will always do it with all your heart and I love talking to people on the streets so I just wake up every morning and tell God ‘I will seek your kingdom first”, he explains.


“In 2000 I decided to rededicate my life to Christ through music. I decided that this was the time I should start working for God”, he continues.
It is his belief that the best way he can serve God and spread the word of God is through music which he adds is his God-given talent. As he began his work as a minister of God he decided to get to know and understand God better by studying in Theology in 2010 at Kingdom Academy. He acknowledges that the course was not easy since he had to juggle his studies, his music career, paying his fees and talking to people at the same time. But continues to assure me that the only way he made it through that period was through God, “God works in mysterious ways”


As we continue to chat about his inspiring story I couldn’t help but ask him how his decision to do Christ’s work through talking to people has shaped or changed him over the years. The fact that he willingly goes to interact with people on the street is quite challenging and to some extent disheartening because not everyone would be receptive to the message he is trying to put across.
As a man of the flesh his faith in God and in his mission is tested often however, he calmly laughs it off, “Talking to people has taught me about patience and long-suffering. It has taught me about the fruits of the spirit. It actually strengthens my faith”. He continues to demonstrate that faith in God and hope in humanity are unshakable forces once you establish them within. His upbeat personality, especially when it comes to his faith in God and his tenacity is quite encouraging to hear. There is only one thing he regrets about his mission, “I should have known sooner. But now that I know, I thank God!”, he laughs.
Most Gospel musicians tend to use other channels like music production companies to sell and promote their music in order to reach a wider audience. He however decided otherwise since he felt that he doesn’t get the rewarding feeling he gets when he talks to people.


Despite the fact that he sells his CD’s to the public, the idea of seeking commercial success using the word of God especially in today’s music terrain is something he disagrees with and therefore decided to choose a different path. “I tried selling my music through production companies and radio stations but I felt that they wanted to control the sound I make for their own profit which is something I did not want. The music should be about depth”.
The gospel industry is an industry that suffers a lot from this since most radio stations are interested in playing music that is ‘dance-able’ or has a ‘popular sound’ and they tend to ignore music that has content. It was his belief that there are a lot of musicians out there who have music that has content but go unnoticed or even rejected because of this. It is through talking to people on the street that Moggi Mogs managed to get the right channels and the right connections to promote his music but at the same time maintaining his own type of sound.
He describes his music as old-school and urban with a deep reflective tone as far as the lyrics are concerned. “When I do music I do it to reach a certain type of people. My music is about food for thought,” he illustrates. He has done two albums so far and has even done collaborations with other gospel artistes such as Up to Me featuring Dee His music videos reflect on his fellowship and he encourages people to pursue their God-given talents.

My View

As I had mentioned, Mogi Moggs is an exceptional person who redefines what it means to be faithful, determined and positive. Whenever you happen to pass by Mama Ngina Street, take some time and have a chat with him. Chatting with him is more fulfilling than you might think. He is proof that faith can move mountains, that God is real in the flesh!


What do you think about Mogi Moggs and should other Kenyan artistes embrace his lifestyle ? Comment below

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“You Are An INSPIRATION” : Governor Evans Kidero Congratulates Senator Mike Sonko

Governor Evans Kidero congratulated his counterpart Mike Sonko ahead of his degree graduation that took place on Friday. The Governor who has reportedly found it hard to work with Senator since both were elected to office showed the other side of life by sending his message of praise and goodwill to the Senator who graduated with a degree in Business Administration. 


Governor Kidero celebrated Mike Sonko as an inspirational leader who has walked a long way to reach his goal :



“Congratulations are in order Senator Mike Sonko as you prepare to graduate this coming Saturday! You have walked a long way to reach this goal. You are truly an inspiration and demonstration to all that hard work and dedication does pay,” said Kidero on his Facebook page.

Sonko in his part didn’t go deep to comment on the matter but made it clear that he was not graduating because he plans to vie for the office of Governor in 2017 elections but reports say otherwise. By graduating with a degree the Senator has now met the requirements of Section 22 that allows any candidate for the position of Governor to be a degree holder.

“I want to tell my constituents and Kenyans in general that I’m not graduating coz I want to become the Nairobi Governor. I’m not graduating coz I want to please voters in Nairobi to vote for me,” Senator Mike Sonko stated.


What’s your take. 

Do you think Senator Mike Sonko will vie for the 2017 elections ? and is he a good leader ?

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Moses Kuria Walks Out On A LIVE Interview With CITIZEN TV’s Hussein Mohammed, Kenyans React

Controversial politician Moses Kuria walked out on a live interview on Citizen Tv after journalist Hussein Mohammed put him on the spot to give an answer about the inciteful speech he allegedly made while speaking to his constituents in Gatundu. 

moses kuria

“”I was taken out of context. To understand you have to see the full footage of my speech. You show Kenyans what they want to see, You took some prejudiced footage,” Moses Kuria said before storming out of the interview.

Kuria said the video was 45 minutes long stating that the full video must be played for Kenyans to know what was truly said.

Hussein Mohammed
Hussein Mohammed

Kuria who has in the past been accused of hate speech and incitement, addressed groups of youth who were dressed in NYS uniform in Gatundu using a mix of vernacular and English.

“That is why I told you to come with your pangas. It is not for slashing only. A man like that (who opposed NYS) should be slashed,” Kuria said in Kikuyu.

Embedded image permalink

In the two-minute video clip posted on Facebook, the MP allegedly tells the youth that the pangas they are holding are not only meant for slashing grass, but also for slashing those opposed to the NYS.

News anchor Hussein Mohammed during the interview had insisted on playing the video but Moses Kuria insisted that the video had been edited with intention of spoiling his name as a politician. No sooner had Hussein  told his director to play the clip to verify the statement than Moses Kuria had left the studio leaving Hussein Mohammed surprised if not astonished.



#TheBigQuestion #MosesKuria reminds me of that student in high school who everyone avoided including teachers, the principal even the BOG

— Shaffie Weru (@ShaffieWeru) July 14, 2015

Opinion : 

Whats Your Take on Moses Kuria storming out of the interview on Citizen Tv  ? 

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“I Have Been His Fan Since I Was A Youngster” : President Uhuru Mourns The Death of Mzee Ojwang

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday morning  joined the rest of the country to mourn the sudden loss of renown actor Benson Wanjala who was famously known as Mzee Ojwang. H.E Uhuru Kenyatta mourned and celebrated Mzee Ojwang at the same time by saying that the country has lost a teacher in comedy whose role will never be forgotten.

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta


In a speech shared through his verified facebook account President Uhuru said :

Mama Kayai and Late Mzee Ojwang
Mama Kayai and Late Mzee Ojwang

I have learnt with great sadness about the passing of Benson Wanjau, who was better known to all his fans in Kenya and beyond as Mzee Ojwang.

Mzee Ojwang lived a full life of great artistic accomplishment. His role as Mzee Ojwang is unforgettable and iconic. His devotion to that character and role was exemplary. Through it, Wanjau educated, informed and entertained Kenyans with unparalleled dexterity. He taught without sounding preachy, informed without boring anyone, and entertained without becoming trivial.

Wanjau devoted his life to the development of his legendary character and, whether with his troupe or alone, became a much-loved national figure. He also inspired a long line of comedians and actors who seek to replicate his feats.
Without a doubt, family television will not be the same without the promise of Mzee Ojwang regaling the nation with his antics.

National holidays will suffer the loss of a long-standing figure of unstinting reliability in delivery. The entertainment industry will grieve a man of simple but ferocious loyalty to his trade, an inspiration and role model to countless aspiring stars, and a pillar of the industry.

Mzee Wanjau, as Mzee Ojwang, was our Nation’s kind teacher and gentle critic. He taught us through his ever-green comedy, that we are never perfect, but that learning from our mistakes and waking up to our folly places us on the redeeming path to continuous improvement. I have been a fan of his since I was a youngster. He showed Kenya how to take itself more seriously by laughing at its own reflection in the mirror of drama which they hold before us.
He and his colleagues memorably demonstrated that the finest art and entertainment does not have to shed its social purpose. Rather, it is possible for artists to delve deeper into our condition and strive to help us seek the answers we all yearn after.

He charmed many generations of Kenyans from all walks of life by completely embracing a new ethnic identity and showing that our struggles are not unique, and that there’s much more that unite than divide us.
I looked forward to socialising with Mzee Ojwang and other artistes during the opening of the refurbished National Theatre. My sadness is greater for the knowledge that this will not happen. On behalf of my Government and the people of Kenya, I extend words of comfort, encouragement and condolence to the family, colleagues and friends of Mzee Wanjau.
A great artist has taken his final bow. We salute him. A legendary Kenyan has gone to rest. We wish him a fitting farewell. May God give you the strength to bear his passing, and may his soul find eternal rest in God’s kingdom.

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