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Kenya’s Prison’s Holding More Inmates Than Their Required Capacity.

Kenya’s prisons are holding twice their capacity!

General Isaiah Osugo who is the Prisons Commissioner said that the prisons have 56,000 inmates in 118 facilities meant for 27,000 prisoners. At an event organised by the Rome-based Committee for Training And Agriculture, Osugo said the problem is made worse by the changing trends in crimes.

The staff of prisons are also running on a shortage of facilities. The staff needs 20000 houses whereas there are currently only 5000 houses for 19501 staff.

“Kenya inherited the colonial structures and practices in totality, therefore perpetuating the same system of treatment of prisoners,” Osugo said

The prison’s department has adopted an open-door policy where participation of stakeholders in the criminal justice system is encouraged.

The increase in inmate capacity can be attributed to the rise in number and forms of crime in the country. Terror attacks are at an all time high. Only yesterday, a police officer turned rogue on his colleagues in a Kapenguria Police Sattion killing more than five police officers.

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Nakumatt Set To Open New Branch In Meru County.

Kenya’s largest supermarket chain, Nakumatt will set up shop in Meru County. Their new branch which is expected to be complete by August, will be at Fusion Capital’s Greenwood City Mall. Nakumatt has so far opened over 50 branches in Kenya and its neighboring countries.

The building will comprise a shopping mall, apartments and an office block and is to come up on land that is now occupied by Pig and Whistle hotel, which is the oldest hotel in Meru. Nakumatt Holdings will be the anchor tenant.

The mall will be four stories of 150 shops.Some retailers are already preparing to move into the mall. The retailer, with the support of their business partners has been actively enhancing the customer experience to meet the various needs of their customers.


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Uhuru and Modi sign arrangement to assemble East Africa’s top cancer hospital

On Monday, Kenya marked a multi-billion shilling deal with India to assemble East Africa’s largest Cancer Hospital. The project is set to begin one year from now, in a move that places human services at the focal point of political relations between the two countries.  The hospital will offer chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplants and advanced surgery.

The plan was first mentioned during President Kenyatta’s visit to India last year. The two presidents have agreed that they will give priority to the construction of the hospital, which when completed, will save Kenyans the burden of flying to India for cancer treatment.

Cancer is the third leading killer disease in Kenya after pneumonia and malaria. Despite the number of cancer related deaths, Kenya is still struggling to equip its hospitals with the necessary facilities to battle the disease. Most households in the country can not afford the treatment and as a result, many lives that can be saved, are lost to this disease.

Mr.Modi said that India would help Kenya turn into a regional medical center through a mix of financial and specialized help.


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KQ Employees Retrenched In Company’s Bid To Cut Expenses.

Kenya airways (KQ) has sent home 80 of its employees. This comes as a first phase of staff reduction that the airline announced in March, stating that they are planning to lay off 600 of its employees as an attempt to cut its wage bill by upto 2 Billion Kshs.

The carrier has a workforce of approximately 4,000 employees, with a wage bill of Sh16.9 billion as of the end of March 2015.

Kenya Airways announced its biggest ever loss in 2015 of Sh25 billion and has since been looking for ways to turnaround the business. They appointed U.S consultancy firm McKinsey to draw up the restructuring plan dubbed ‘operation pride’ expected to save the airline Sh20 billion. In 2015, the airline announced that it had to take debt to pay its workers. They further announced a half year loss of Sh11.9 billion.

The airline has teamed up with various workers’ unions to ensure that they carry out the exercise within the law, and to ensure that it goes on as smoothly as possible. The laying off of staff was set to kick off in May, but this was delayed due to the 10 billion funding from the Africa Export Import Bank, which they received late.


Kenya Airways’ Chief Executive Mbuvi Ngunze,stated that the exercise fits within the airline’s recovery program, that has also seen the reduction of the fleet size. Other than cut costs, the retrenchment is expected to increase staff productivity.

They are expected to announce their full year results at the end of July.


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Lionel Messi Sentenced To 21 Months In Prison For Tax Evasion.

Lionel Messi -Argentina and Barcelona footballer-  has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for tax fraud though it is highly unlikely that he will serve any jail time. In Spain, nobody who gets prison sentence of less than 2 years in Spain, for first offence, ever does any jail time.

messi messi

Messi is likely to serve this time under house arrest.

His father, Jorge Messi, was also given a jail term for defrauding Spain of €4.1m (£3.5m; $4.5m) between 2007 and 2009.

They also face millions of euros in fines for using tax havens in Belize and Uruguay to conceal earnings from image rights. During the trial, Lionel Messi claimed he “knew nothing” about the management of his financial affairs, because he was busy “playing football”.

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Opinion: Should The Law Devise Harsher Penalties On Hate Speech?

Despite the fact that MPs have severally been caught inciting communities against each other, none of them has been jailed for it. The court summons the suspect, hearings are held and they walk away scott free; searching for the next meeting where they can air their inciting remarks. It has angered Kenyans, especially because it is the same same ministers caught in the act over and over again. In this regard, it appears that the law is too lenient on hate speech related cases.

pev 207

The hate speech tendency has trickled down to the youth of the country. Social Media can attest to this fact, with several posts and tweets that are suggestive towards a certain community in the country. It  clearly seems that we have forgotten so fast. These were the same things that preceded the worst violence seen in the country in 2007.

Moses Kuria and Nakuru MP Kimani Ngunjiri were summoned yesterday by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) over allegations of hate speech remarks. Moses Kuria’s name is not new to the ears of Kenyans over matters of his words being caught on the wrong side of the law.It is reported that while addressing a crowd in his local dialect at The Kasarani Stadium on Sunday, Kuria called for the assassination of Cord leader Raila Odinga. He denied the charges.

His counterpart Kimani Ngunjiri was captured on video telling a group of youth to ensure that members of a certain community leave Nakuru Town and its environs “immediately”.

5 other MPs have been summoned over similar allegations. They include:- Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu, Timothy Bosire– Kitutu Masaba, Johnstone Muthama– Machakos Senator, Suna East MP Junnet Mohammed and Kilifi County Woman Representative Aisha Jumwa.

Inspector General Joseph Boinnet said police were probing the two video clips implicating Kuria and Waititu, warning that no one will be spared for using hate speech.

These allegations come amid a tense political atmosphere ahead of next year’s general elections. It is the concern of many Kenyans that if things continue this way, 2007 Post-Election Violence will repeat itself.

Is our law protecting such individuals? Should stiffer penalties be designed to deal with such allegations?

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Bahati Makes History as First Gospel Artist To Be Signed By Top Studio.


Kuchukuchu singer Bahati has made history as the first Gospel Artist in Africa to be signed by Cocacola Studio. The hitmaker had earlier hinted to his fans that he is about to do something new for Kenyan Gospel.

“And Before We go to Sleep… The Journey Of Taking Kenyan Gospel to the World Just about to Start….”

He broke the news through his social media pages saying;

Sweet Hearts😊😊😊. Now Guess Who is the First Gospel Artist Africa to be Signed by CocaCola COKE STUDIO AFRICA.”

His fans received the news well and wished him all the best in this new venture. He will be recording alongside Nigerian artiste Kiss Daniel.

The Coke Studio will introduce him to different artists from around the world as well as expose his music to a bigger audience. Bahati has been under much criticism for releasing music with secular artists. The Coke Studio has so far seen performances by secular artists. The fact that Bahati is now going to be sharing a stage with them; leaves the question as to whether it will positively or negatively affect his ministry.

Despite all the down moments that his music career has faced of late, including the decision by the Groove Awards Panel to leave him and Willy Paul out of any 2016 nominations; he still continues to rise, taking on one challenge after the other. He has proved to be good at his work, as only the best of the best make it to Coke Studio.

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I was stuck in the rut of porn and masturbation for a long time. I was born again, serving in Church and even leading Bible studies but I was living a double life. I know there are born again Christians out there who want to get out of the same rut but are too afraid to talk to someone about it. How did I get out? I think a more important question is “How did I get in?” You cannot fight an enemy you do not understand. And part of understanding the addiction of porn and masturbation is knowing its anatomy. Plain and blatantly, porn and masturbation is a lust problem. The reason I was struggling is because I was lustful. You must realise this: that an unbeliever who is lustful is in that state, primarily, because they are not redeemed.  A believer who is lustful is in that state because they are not renewed. Being redeemed is to b converted to Christ. Being renewed is to be conformed to Christ. I was redeemed but my mind was not renewed by truth. And so I was deceived.
Before porn and masturbation was an issue, my major tussle with the Holy Spirit was my movies and series in my laptop. They had sex scenes and half naked women but I saw no need to be so strict about them because after all, I was doing pretty well with my spiritual disciplines. Today, it looks like this: Watching Scandal but reading my Bible. Following Game of Thrones but praying every day. Going to catch Deadpool but leading a Bible Study. Indulging in Empire but remembering to fast. Making out with my girlfriend but condemning homosexuality. I didn’t get why other Christians were so uptight on these issues. I was doing both and I was okay. The important thing is balance, right? I told myself that I wasn’t like those weak Christians who watched one episode and struggled. I was strong, I said to myself. Little did I know that the smooth tentacles of deception were sucking me into sin.
1st Corinthians 10:12 says “Be careful if you think you are standing lest you fall.”
I thought I was standing not realising that my arrogant pride was fuelling the deception. The queer thing about being deceived is that you never feel deceived; but that’s part of the deception process. Deception aligns with sin which often resonates with our hedonistic emotions; so you may feel in love with your girlfriend but that feeling does not stop fornication from being a sin. In the same way, one may feel hungry but that does not make stealing food justified. Beloved, you know you are deceived when you find yourself asking how close to sin’s border you can get instead of asking how close to righteousness you can get. When you find yourself justifying the sinful yet you still insist that you are walking with God, be warned. And as I delved deeper into my sin, my entertainment grew more lewd, my boundaries with other girls grew more blurry, my relationship with my godly girlfriend grew more tense.
C.S. Lewis once said that sin is the suspicion that God is not good. Lewis is right. This is how sin thrives. Eve was deceived because for a brief moment she was made to believe that God was not good; that He was hindering her from the best. And in our deception, God’s ways seem repulsive, outdated, impractical and burdensome and so we violently and passionately go against what he commanded. Beloved, each time we fail to heed God’s commands it is because we had already accepted in our minds that God’s plan is not good or God himself is not good. And if that deception is rife, Beloved, we have bigger problems than the consequences of sexual sin. Paul says in 2nd Corinthians 13:5 that is it possible in that rifeness of thought that we are not born again in the first place. In that verse we are asked to test ourselves and see if we are genuinely in the faith. And that is the ultimate deception, Beloved; to think of oneself regenerate while still being dead in one’s sins and transgressions. To stand before Christ on Judgement Day with a beaming proud face only to be told, “I never knew you.”(Mathew 7:21-23). Beloved, are you deceived? Or in simpler terms, are you fighting God’s word?
My slow fade towards pornography began. I got addicted to masturbation and my walk with God suffered. My mind was filled with filthy thoughts and I saw every woman as an object to satisfy my lust. One was never enough. I was severely tempted to sleep with some of them but the grace of God held me back always. I kept saying that this was the last time I would fall into sin but i found myself back at it. I tried to stop and I couldn’t. The struggle raged for months. I was trapped. The worst part of it was that I was in a relationship; the guilt was consuming me like cancer! I kept saying I was in control but deep down I knew I was the puppet. I kept quiet about my struggle and it felt like my bones within me wasted away. I did not want people to think “Ernest, the great guy from Church who quotes scripture was a hypocrite!” When a follower of Christ struggles with sexual sin, there is a depressing feeling of hopelessness that follows. In my struggle, I never imagined that the day of victory would come. I would cry every time and say to God that I’m sorry and that this was the last time but I would fall back, chronically. It is unfortunate that when it comes to sexual sin our lives are often reactive than proactive. Truth is the antidote against deception and it helps us make proactive choices. But when truth is rejected, the disease takes a toll and we realise we are in a disaster only when the consequences set in. My consequences did set it. It was at this point of disaster that I saw that God was good and my heart was evil. It was at this point when I not only understood with my mind but also with my heart that the plans he has for me are good.  Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD; plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future.”
Masturbation and porn were not joy-givers; they were joy killers despite their momentary pleasure. They left me empty, unspiritual and useless in the faith. Since I realized I had been deceived I began to read the truth of God’s word. God’s word had a character similar to me. She was a woman but she possibly had a sexual conundrum as well. He name was not given. The writer only identifies her as “the woman at the well.” In John chapter 4, Jesus meets a woman at a well. The woman has had five husbands and the man she is living with is not even her husband. She has been in and out relationships and she has no soul satisfaction. She offers Jesus literal water from the well. Jesus does a counter offer; he proposes to give her living water that will quench the thirst for her soul. Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:13-14. Like the woman at the well, all our souls are craving for that living water. That living water is a relationship with God. It gives us acceptance, identity, security and purpose. Beloved, the most fulfilment comes from the fount of living water. Lust is a craving for sin and for deliverance to take place you must smell the living water and have a craving for freedom and righteousness. It hit me hard that the core reason I was struggling was because I had a misplaced joy. God was not my delight. He was my Saviour but he was not my delight. Watching a TV series seemed to thrill me more than meditating on a few Psalms. Catching the latest movie thrilled me more than sharing the Gospel. I had lost my first love. If I could retrace my delight, I could get my deliverance. All other earthly delights demanded me to serve them but God was the only delight who served me by dying in my place on Calvary. I fell in love with my Creator again and I took the first step in delighting in him; I obeyed his word in Proverbs 28:13 that says “Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.” (NIV). I confessed my sin to God and to a group of believers.
Delight in God: Confess to God
When we don’t confess our sins to God, our souls decay. We ought to stop blaming the person who sent us the porn link. We ought to stop blaming all who we think are guilty and take up responsibility for our sin. Psalm 32:3-5 says “When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long. For day and night your hand was heavy on me; my strength was sapped as in the heat of summer. Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity. I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the LORD.” And you forgave the guilt of my sin.”(NIV)
Delight in God: Confess to people
Next, confess to people. But people ask, “Must I confess to someone? Can’t I just confess to God?” I know sexual sin is shameful, Beloved. But it is also darkness and it needs to be exposed to light for it to be defeated. Beloved, this particular sin needs to be confessed to God’s people because it thrives in secrecy and lack of accountability. We must confess to fellow believers and overcome the fear of judgement because that is the place where the Lord has placed our healing. See what James 5:16 says “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (NIV). I found healing and restoration in the Body of Christ. I was too guilty to pray; the prayers of the brethren restored me. Too many of us are hell-bent on the bad stories and ignore the countless good stories of confession. God is not changing his mind about James 5:16, Beloved. Confess and you will find healing. True believers with God’s love abound in the Body of Christ.
Confessing your struggle is like flicking the switch in a dark room. The darkness not only scatters but you also see how messed up the room really is. In silence, you can deceive yourself that the problem is not that big, especially when the world makes fun of pornography and jokes about lewd matters. When you expose your darkness, God has a way of showing you how dangerous the path you’re treading on is. This is necessary because a believer who remains quiet in their sinful addiction can be taken over by it until they have no control. It takes a step of humility to admit that you are failing. It’s not the overwhelming addiction that keeps us tied down; it is our pride to admit the problem. If we don’t confess, the clutches of lustful addictions, especially pornography and masturbation can weigh down the follower of Christ to the point of depression. Once we confess, the Lord will awaken our desire for our spiritual disciplines. You enjoy doing them because you relate with God as opposed to ticking them for having done them religiously.
Delight in God: Gouge out your eye
Jesus said in Mark 9:47 that if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out. Divorce the source of lust. It has many facets- ending a relationship, changing your friends, deactivating social media accounts, etc. What is the eye that causes you to sin? Jesus says to gouge it out. For me, my sinful eye was popular TV series. When I was delivered, I have never returned because no matter how innocent those TV series seemed, there were always laced with subtle sexual scenes that fanned the flames of lust. Here is where the real test of following Christ comes in, Beloved- counting the cost. And it asks us this: Is Christ so great a delight that we can do away with our entertainment? Is Christ so great a delight that we can do away with our boyfriend? Is Christ so great a delight that we can do away with our Instagram? Or is our entertainment, boyfriend, girlfriend, social media that draws us to sin greater a delight than the one who bore our sins? Don’t be fooled by your disciplines, like I was. Many Christians are practising their disciplines but are not getting delivered from these lustful entanglements. Why? Because despite reading the word, praying and fellowshipping with other believers, they are also keeping bad company and watching lustful media that is not “necessarily pornographic” politically-correctly speaking. God’s rule in eternity is a Kingdom, not a democracy; political-correctness for many believers today is simply sin dipped in chocolate. The core is still sin. People say “Ernest, you’re being too extreme; it’s never that serious.”  And I ask them, “How extreme and serious was Jesus Christ when he bled on a Roman cross for me?” He died for me; I shall live for Him.
I pray that helped, Beloved. Though much more can still be said on this.
This above read is a testimony from blogger, speaker and author Ernest Wamboye.
Read more from Ernest Wamboye here.
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Patience Ozokwor puts aside Acting to engage in Evangelism.

Popular actress, Mama G, has quit her acting career to fully involve herself in evangelism. Her decision to engage herself in ministry came after she went into 21 days fasting,during which she was convicted about her life, dressing, make up and dreadlocks. The Lord revealed to her, how she will be His voice all around the world, and how people’s attention will be diverted from her image as a Nollywood actress to The Gospel of Christ.


She narrated that the Holy Spirit has not directly instructed her on whether or not to quit her acting, but she has not shot any movie since this encounter in January. Despite being away from the screens, she testifies that though she used to get an average of 1.5 Million Naira (758,421 Kshs) weekly from acting, God has miraculously been providing her daily bread.

Patience has said that she will no longer be referred to as Mama G, because that was her name when she was in the world. She received negative reactions from her daughter was against the change in her dressing and brother who called her to confirm if she was mentally sound.

Ozokwor is a famous Nigerian actress, who is famous for the roles she plays as an evil character in her movies. She has appeared in more than two hundred films between 1995 and 2012. She and her husband had three children. Following her husband’s death, she adopted a fourth child.


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Gospel singer Mercy Masika has brushed aside reports that she was involved in a grisly road accident. The singer who exclusively spoke to Uliza Links stated that she is out of danger and came out un scratched after  her car was bumped into by another car while on transit on Saturday morning at 2 am.

mwema by mercy masika

Mercy Masika who has hit the marks with her new song Nikupendeze was  travelling with her husband to Thika for a gospel award when surprisingly they got thumped into by another car of gospel artiste, Dominic Kinyanjui.

Reports had later stated that Mercy is fighting for her life but she brushed the rumors by saying that the accident wasn’t that serious on her side but it’s the car that got badly damaged.

Possibly the pictures that surfaced online of her in hospital and the car condition could have been the reason why blogs thought that she was badly hurt.

mercy masika christmas

Having been cautious after the collision, the couple and the other driver were taken to Agha-khan hospital where they both had a check up and were cleared.


Mercy Masika later performed on Sunday at Pure Praise Family Concert at KICC. She is okay, just shaken.

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Size 8 Reveals the Name of Her Baby During a Surprise Baby Shower

Gospel Singer Size 8 recently did reveal the name of her baby during a surprise baby shower that was organized by her family and friends in honor of her unborn daughter. 

size 8 22

With no doubt the name of her baby  is certainly fancy and quite unique not to disappoint, as it has been the trend for new young parents to give their children fancy names.

The singer who is married to DJ Mo revealed their baby’s name during a short speech session during the baby shower and her is what she had to say.

“I have surely been through a lot, running in and out of emergency rooms, but it was all worth it! I cannot wait to welcome baby Ladasha Belle to our family!” She divulged.

Size 8 also had the opportunity to share the inspiration behind naming her baby  Ladasha Belle and she said, “Ladasha means Blessing, and Belle means Beautiful! She is our beautiful blessing and she will always be our constant reminder of God’s grace in our marriage life.” she added.

We here at Uliza Links wish the beautiful couple all the best as the await to welcome their  new born Ladasha Belle into their lives.


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Gospel Artist Grace Mwai Lands a TV Job

Royal Media Services having announced its plans to start vernacular TV stations, a first of its kind in the country. The station management revealed that plans where already underway to have some of the stations such as Ramogi,Inooro, Musyi  and Chamgei TV station kick-start the project.

grace-mwai-churchill 2

The first station that is expected to go live today is the Inooro TV station that will be broadcasting in Kikuyu will  unveil some of its faces and content.

Among the many faces to be unveiled is gospel artist Grace Mwai who is famed for her hit song “Kirathimo” and is certainly not a stranger to many.

Grace Mwai will add another feather to her cup as she is will be hosting a gospel show on Inooro TV.

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IMELA, IMELA : Celebrated Singer Nathaniel Bassey Is Coming to KENYA

Gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey who is known across the continent and the world for his song IMELA ft Enitan Ibada is coming to Kenya. It is reported to that Nathaniel who usually plays jazz will be in the country in the coming month for a concert that will be held at NPC Karen.

nathaniel bassey worshipping

Nathaniel Bassey’s music was inspired when He saw Dr Panam Percy Paul, a prominent Nigerian gospel music icon in concert over twenty years ago and since then, His passion for music has grown and translated into various musical experiences.

In a worship experience dubbed Imela worship experience brought to you by SHANGWE PARTY AND HILLS OF HOPE MINISTRY Nathaniel Bassey will be singing LIVE in Kenya at NPC Karen on November 22nd with Eunice Njeri performing before him.

imela experience


The tickets go for Ksh. 1000/- advance and Ksh 1500 at the gate.

One more time watch IMELA.

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Jadudi Returns Home

Emmanuel Otieno popularly known to many as Jadudi came to the limelight after a social media campaign to raise funds for him to undergo a surgery in India at Apollo Hospital in Chennai after he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. The campaign  saw Kenyans contribute generously towards his treatment with Shs.6.1 surpassing the initial amount of Shs. 1 million being raised.

jadudi 2

The 23 year old Nairobi university student had initially shared his story with one of favorite writers Steve Biko and appealed to him to create awareness about the tumor on his blog Bikozulu.

He later on wrote to him and informed that his tumor had got out of hand as it had over grown and his family had run out of funds for his treatment.

In collaboration with the Director of Africa Cancer Foundation Zawadi Nyong’o the two started a social media campaign in a bid to raise money for his treatment. The campaign saw an overwhelming support from Kenyans as within two days they had to bring it to an end as they had surpassed the Shs. 1 million target.

Through social media Kenyans were kept informed of the medical progress that Jadudi was making while in India.

And after successfully undergoing the operation and treatment he is expected to return home today as Zawadi Nyong’o to took to social media to once his return.

Here is the tweet as it read

Happy New Month I can’t think of any better way to start October than to welcome #Jadudi back home! Yes #JadudiReturns today.




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Passion To Profit Presents THRIVE October Edition on 3rd October At Intercontinental Hotel

Passion to Profit a company that has established itself as an expert in business coaching in Kenya have a solution to those entrepreneurs/businessmen who are lost in the dark world of ‘which way do i take’ to convert ad retain clients.

passion profit oct post

If you are an entrepreneur/business owner who is interested in building your business to a greater level then visit the Passion to Profit event on 3rd October at Intercontinental Hotel.

Event cost is Ksh. 2000/- in advance and Ksh. 2500/- at the gate

Exhibitors pay 5000/- (members) and 10,000/- for (non-members)


BENJAMIN LUTA  ,Brand Strategist

ESTHER MAINA , Sales Expert 

STELLA MUNENE, Customer Service Expert 

Moderator : Frida Owinga

For more information call : 0707112002




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My TOYS : Young Kenyan Billionaire Darshan Chandaria Showcases His Poshy And Upscale Cars

Darshan Chandaria the group CEO & a shareholder of Kenyan business powerhouse Chandaria Group together with his father, Mahesh and brother, Neer, is positioning Chandaria  group as one of the notable industrial success stories in the region.

darshan chandaria post

Darshan on Sunday took to his social media to inspire his followers on which cars they would like to have in future.

Sundays are perfect to enjoy your toys, well that’s true for me and cars! What’s your dream car?”

darshan chandaria car

Darshan Chandaria is the director at Chandaria industries which is a flagship of Chandaria group with several other industries in Tanzania, Uganda and India.


And there is more. He’s also a member of Young Presidents to organizations (YPO), African leadership Network, and African philanthropy forum amid others. This has taken him to many countries like Lagos, Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong in an aim to interact with many other youth coaching them on life.

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