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Nyeri Archbishop Retires 33 years later.

Catholic archbishop Peter Kairo has retired after serving for 33 years. Archbishop Kairo, 75, says that he has reached retirement age.

“I have reached retirement age, which is 75, but I cannot leave a vacuum and I am waiting for a replacement from Pope Francis,” he said after presiding over the burial of Fr David Mucheke. He said that he has written to the Vatican informing them of his retirement and that he will be leaving the office immediately a replacement is found.


The Archbishop had served as archbishop for Muranga for 14 years, then Nakuru for 11 years and in 2008 he was posted to Nyeri where he has served for 8 years.

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Governor backtracks to mother party after moving to Jubilee Party

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy says that he has not quit the Amani National Coalition (ANC) and says that he is yet to decide where to go to come the 2017 elections. According to News 24 , The governor admits that he has in the past stated that he is willing to leave the ANC but that it has not happened.

Governor Timamy was present together with 40 leaders who joined the Jubilee Party over the weekend.He says that at the moment he is simply concentrating on building his Lamu county.


“I have not made any political move and I will not be making any soon,” he stated. According to the governor, he is still not in any position to give details of what comes next. “Politics will begin in 2017 but in 2016, we are thinking of improving the lives of the day to day people,” he added.

Lamu MP Athman Shariff has already stated that he will join the Jubilee Party ahead of the 2017 polls.

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GOD IS GOOD : Ex-Street Boy Who Sang ‘Mwema’ By Mercy Masika Gets Full Scholarship

It all started with a viral facebook video where young boy Bradley was seen singing to Mercy Masika’s hit single Mwema. Now the kid is singing all the way to an academy after a guardian by the name Daizy Kayech took him in from Kisumu where he was residing.

Bradley who sang Mwema by Mercy Masika
Bradley who sang Mwema by Mercy Masika

Ms Kayech on Thursday gave an update on Bradly writing:

“Today marks a new beginning for Bradley. He is favoured to have been accepted at Sankofa Academy-Syokimau on a 100% scholarship basis. He is privileged to be under experienced teachers who formerly worked at peponi school, Makini,Braeburn & Agha Khan.

If you can get your child to this school, that will be the best decision you will ever make. Their curriculum is well thought out. Much Appreciation Sankofa Academy-Syokimau -Syokimau for opening your doors for Bradley. God in heaven will bless you.”


Kisumu resident Lisa Liz recorded a video of a young boy singing Mercy Masika’s song -Mwema and uploaded it to her Facebook page with a quote, “Could someone tag Mercy Masika?

The talented 9 year boy is TREDDY BRADLY, a class 3 pupil  at Kondele Primary School. Despite coming from a struggling family backgroundand missing many class sessions, Brad is a smart, intelligent & talented kid who has usually maintained the top  5 position in every exam, since enrollment. He is the second among 3 siblings (they are 3 boys, and he is the middle born)with eldest 11 years and last one 5 years.The 3 siblings,their alcoholic parents together with their grandmother live in the same house and she (grandma) fends for them all. The grandma operates a stall in Migosi area.

Nine year old Bradly is joining class three at the academy as he goes on with the recording for the television show that he is a finalist in.


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Full list of the Mwafaka Awards nominees

The Mwafaka awards nomination night took place on tuesday 6th September at the Kenya National theater, here is the list of nominees in the various categories.






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Former President given a clean bill of health

About two weeks ago, former president Mwai Kibaki was flown to South Africa for treatment after falling ill at his Muthaiga home.

The former president was discharged from hospital on Monday after undergoing a neck surgery and only goes to the hospital for medication only.


A source who spoke to the Standard revealed that doctors at the Netcare Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg have given Kibaki a clean bill of health following a neck surgery he underwent two weeks ago.

He is expected to jet back to the country this weekend after doctors said that the wound on his neck has healed completely though he is still under medication.
We wish him a quick recovery.

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“You can Now Return and Replace Your OLD Kenyan Shillings Note” : Central Bank

The Kenyan Central bank has communicated to Kenyans that they can now return their old shilling note they have and replace it with a new one. This communication was shared by the CBK after a certain 50 shillings old note went viral on twitter.

Kenyan Shilling
Old Kenyan Shilling Note

“The Bank is not obliged to exchange any damaged currency. Any banknotes and coins presented for exchange will be carefully examined by the bank. The bank may seek to know from the presenter of the damaged currency as to how the notes and coins were damaged,” a statement shared on CBK’s official website read in part.

Be that as it may, CBK noticed that the harmed or mangled cash ought not be intentionally ruined, must be bona fide, ought to be more than a large portion of the genuine size and consistent and ought to likewise hold up under no less than one complete serial number.

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Songstress Wangeci Mbogo Nominated In Top Australian Awards

Wangeci Mbogo known for her songs “Yesu Jemdari” and “Apewe Sifa (Bwana wa mabwana)” has been nominated as a finalist in the Australian Musicoz awards 2016, in the International category.

Wangeci-Mbogo post

This is her 8th International Awards nomination, having won 4 of these International Awards (1 American, the Newsome Awards and 3 Australian i.e. Hardrush Independent Music Awards and the Australian Independent Music Video Awards in 2009 and 2012).

Kindly vote for Wangeci on the attached link:

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Gloria Muliro Set for ISRAEL Major Tour

Award winning gospel artiste Gloria Muliro will be leaving the country for a major tour in ISRAEL. The tour dubbed Twende Jerusalem will be happening this week with a total of 20 Kenyans travelling to the nation alongside Gloria Muliro.

Gloria Muliro
Gloria Muliro performing Ndio Yako during Groove Tour 2016

Israel has for years been close to Kenyans with many associating with the great nation in the Bible. 3 couples will be renewing their marriage vows on this trip that will give a fulfilling experience on the journey of JESUS and Israelites who escaped from Egypt.

Gloria Muliro. , Gilad Milo at the Samantha Bridal Expo
Gloria Muliro. , Gilad Milo at the Samantha Bridal Expo

#TwendeJerusalem is a tour that will change the face of Kenya. The travelers will visit the footsteps of Jesus Christ in ten days. They will also sail using the Boat Jesus calmed the storm on, see the Hanging Church, See the mountain that Jesus and his disciples prayed among many Mathew, Mark, and Luke stories.

Gloria Muliro, is a Kenyan Gospel musician and songwriter. She debuted in 2005 when she released her first studio album titled Omwami Aletsa.


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Ezekiel Kemboi announces retirement

Ezekiel Kemboi announces retirement after winning bronze and later on being disqualified from the Olympic Games men’s 3,000m steeplechase on Wednesday.

Kemboi who finished third on Wednesday in the 3,000m steeplechase finals, said he has had enough of the track and was calling it quits. “I have retired from running,” is all Kemboi could say as he walked fast away from the journalists at the mixed zone.


He was not ready to entertain further questions from the journalists who were keen to know more about his retirement.

He was the reigning two-time Olympic champion and originally finished third in Wednesday’s race won by his compatriot Conseslus Kipruto.

Kemboi was disqualified from the Olympic Games men’s 3,000m steeplechase on Wednesday for stepping off the track, promoting France’s Mahiedine Mekhissi to bronze.

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Here’s Why NTV’s The Trend Will Remain Friday’s Preferred Show Over Any Other.

The ambiance that surrounded 10pm on Kenyan TV changed after Larry Madowo was invited into our sitting rooms with his interactive, informative show- The Trend. The show covered the viewers who would rather sit in on Friday nights, switching through the local TV channels.

The Trend with Larry Madowo is described as a “variety entertainment and viral video show that broadcasts live twice on Fridays. The ‘first service’ of the show airs at 9pm and the ‘second service’ is live from 10pm. Viewers of the show find a place where they can meet the internet’s most talked about topics for fun, an unpredictable look at arts, music, technology and cats.”

Recently, a competing TV station borrowed a leaf, and began a show at 10pm on Fridays. A few weeks into the show and the differences between the two shows are as clear as day.


Now, here is why The Trend should remain as ‘thee’ show to watch on Friday. It is a show that is decent. You can sit down, from the long week, with your parents and tune in to NTV, and comfortably involve yourself in Larry’s topics of the day as well as laugh at his ‘jokes’ with your folks. I don’t know if your family sits to wait on The Top 5 videos of the show. Besides that, it can be noted that Larry is keen on making sure all context of the show,is within the boundaries of moral standards.

The other show airs at the same time on a different TV station. I watched the show for the first time and couldn’t sit through it. Yes, it may have good content, in terms of entertainment news and all, but every time the music came on, I flinched in my sit fearing for the worst. It bothers me that the show has an audience that is possibly between 18 and 25, who are excited about the idea of being on TV showing their ‘not so decent’ dance moves to the viewers. I understand that it may be what part of the society wishes to see. I mean, Friday nights are for clubbing and dancing the night away right? (Wrong!)

I am not blind to the truth that such behavior is what is being tolerated, with moral standards declining and all. But it is by no means acceptable for it to be encouraged. While the media may be free to decide what their definition of ‘moral’ is, the fact remains that they should be at the forefront of discouraging certain content. We are in a generation that copy pastes nearly everything seen on the TV and Instagram posts. I’m pretty sure we’d raise a better generation if all they had to copy paste from our TVs and blogs is positive moral content, that builds character instead of encouraging the opposite.


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Video: Please Help Us Find This Boy?!

This young boy stole the hearts of many, when a video of him singing a cover of Mercy Masika’s Mwema went viral on the internet. Mercy Masika has noted the talent in the boy’s voice. She has therefore taken the extra step towards requesting you, the public to help her find the young boy who she hopes to mentor, alongside Still Alive Studios where she produces her music.
Kindly call 020 525 2798, with the boy’s whereabouts.

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Renown gospel singer Taji/Susan Kimanzi who is known for ‘Heaga Hinya’, Imani and sings in afro fusion/gospel genre is back to the music limelight.

taji alice kamande

The singer who is married to super producer R-Kay has made a return with a new gospel song known as MWAMBA meaning ‘Rock’.

In gospel no one actually leaves because ministry is a lifestyle and not limited to music alone. Though in music industry standards when an artiste takes a break and releases a song after a year its termed as a comeback.


Taji in this new song Mwamba performs it in style of Rumba, with a little help for Congolese King of Gospel Rumba Joshua Tshiyombo.

Taji has been working on album which will soon be released (possibly at the year end).

taji post

Watch the song below

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Plans Underway To Kick Out Matatus From Nairobi’s CBD

The first phase of a plan to remove matatus from the Central Business District (CBD) will commence in September will mark the beginning of the first phase of an exercise to remove matatus from the Central Business District(CBD). Nairobi County deputy governor Jonathan Mueke said the decision came after a negotiation with matatu owners to get alternative space before removing them.

“We sat down as stakeholders and agreed on getting a permanent solution to the matatu menace as they turned the city pavements to parking bays and agreed to come up with alternatives,” said The Deputy Governor.

Earlier, Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero ordered for the removal of matatus from the CBD. This directive was met by a lot of resistance from matatu owners and shareholders because there was no instruction as to where they would relocate to.

The termini outside CBD will include Murang’a Road, Desai Park, Hakati-Bus Station road, Pumwani, Gitanga, Ngara, Park Road and Muthurwa.

The termini will be used by all matatus from upcountry “which have no business getting into the city.

Matatus coming from Central Kenya will be expected to end their trips at either Murang’a Road or Ngara.

The Machakos Country Bus stop will hold matatus coming from the Eastern side of Nairobi and Coast. Matatus coming from the Western side of Nairobi, will turn at Museum Road and end their journey at Ngara.

Matatus from Thika will stop at Globe roundabout or Desai Park or Pumwani.

Tom Mboya Street, Luthuli Avenue, Mfangano Street, Accra Road and Latema Road have been turned into matatu parking bays.

“You cannot expect a person to come from Muthurwa bus terminus to the one in Ngara by foot. The county will allow buses to move around, from one corner to another to transport these people,” said Mr Mueke.


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Education Stakeholders Criticize Sossion’s Suggestion Of Mobile Phones In School.

Education stakeholders have come out in sharp criticism against Sossion’s suggestion that schools should allow students to carry mobile phones.  

The stakeholders criticized him saying, that instead of promoting learning, mobile phones in schools would instead add to the problems that have recently rocked the education sector.

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers Secretary General Akelo Misori said that Sossion’s move was uncalled for, especially at a time when the education department has so much to deal with. “A school is not a market place where everyone is allowed to do what pleases them. It is an institution where there must be order,” Mr Misori said.

Kenya’a education sector has been battling to calm issues one after the other; from the exam cheating to school strikes to indiscipline cases. Sossion was of the idea that mobile phones in schools will promote ICT education among the youth.

“Kenyans should not be misled that cheating is being aided by parent visit to schools in third term or phones or even phones while it is common knowledge that people at the Examination Council are behind leakages,” Sossion said. “Learners are being held back from breaking new grounds by being denied to utilize technology and it should be given priority so that the country can move fast,” he added.

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Death Toll Rises To 84 After Horror Terror Attack In France.

France President announced an extension of a State of Emergency by three months after, a truck drove into a crowd at Bastille Day ceremonies late Thursday in Nice. President Francois Hollande has called it an act of terror. The attack happened on Bastille Day, a major holiday in France. Victims of the crash had been watching fireworks on the beach when it happened. One witness said the truck driver appeared to accelerate toward his victims. According to French authorities, the driver was killed by French police.

French President Francois Hollande, in a live television address to the nation earlier today, said: “We cannot deny that it was terrorist attack.”


A witness gave an account of what happened at the scene:

“All we see is this truck along the boardwalk, just ploughing through people, just bodies getting hit and people running in all directions,” Tony Molina, who witnessed the attack from his apartment, tells CNN.

“We watched in disbelief.”

He added that following the crash, there was a “barrage of gunfire.”

“There were families just laying down, crying next to these bodies. Then they had to clear the area out. The bodies say there covered up.” 

Earlier reports said that 77 people had been killed. Recent reports from the French Interior Ministry have cited that the death toll from the attack in Nice has risen to 84.

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Traffic Jam Expected In Nairobi Next Week.

Nairobi residents should prepare themselves for major traffic snarl ups on roads leading to the Central Business District next week.

This warning comes ahead of the UN Conference taking place from July 16th to July 22nd. The conference will be held at the Kenya International Conference Center (KICC).

Kenya will host a total of 23 heads of state and 7,000 delegates. The event, which is held once in every 4 years, will bring together heads of state and government, ministers and prominent contributors to the business world and civil society. Their main agenda will be to discuss issues related to global trade and economic development.

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