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Janet Otieno and Papa Dennis Crowned 2015 Mwafaka Awards Female And Male Artiste of The Year

The 2014 Xtreme Awards Artiste of the year, Janet Otieno scooped this year’s best female gospel artist of the year at the 5th Mwafaka Award that went down over the weekend at KICC. 

janet and papa mwafaka 2015

The gospel singer who is just two years old in the industry came to the limelight when she released the hit song ‘Napokea Kwako’ a collaboration with Tanzania’s gospel artist, Christina Shusho that really propelled her career in gospel music and saw her win her first award at Mwafaka 2013 for collabo of the year.

janet otieno mwafaka 2015

Janet Otieno has also been nominated for the prestigious international award,the Sauti Awards in Atlanta,USA recently held in August this year.

Bagging the award for the best male artist of the year was Papa Dennis, the’ Injili’ hit-maker singer. Papa Dennis was nominated along other seasoned gospel male artists such as Bahati and Willy Paul.

Papa Dennis who has already made a name for himself, has collaborated with big gospel artists such as Daddy Owen for their hit song ‘Foundation’.

The gospel artistes were also nominated for two other Mwafaka Awards with Daddy Owen, for Collaboration of the year award and Video of the year award.

The Duo, Papa Dennis and Janet Otieno who posed for a picture together were elated thanking God and their fans for the support they had received.

Through her Facebook status, Janet celebrated her win and prayed for all who have supported her to be blessed.


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“You Are A Wonderful Gift To Humanity” : Former Hot 96 Presenter Writes A Beautiful Message To Judge Ian Mbugua [Read]

Former Hot 96 Radio presenter Queen Ndinda has been sharing  tributes to people who have been great friends in her life for 19 days now. Taking into account her friends from childhood she didn’t forget to remember people who have inspired her in life and Ian Mbugua was one of them.

queen-ndinda-kambua-post 1

Queen Ndinda dedicated a beautiful piece to Ian Mbugua who she terms as a friend and a beautiful gift to humanity. Read below

Ian Mbugua post
Photo Courtesy : Muturi Kanini

I don’t even know where to start because I cannot find words to describe your awesomeness. I am not talking about Judge Ian but Ian my friend. 
You’re the coolest person I know so far believe it or not. You have been nothing but a real friend and inspiration. You’ve helped me many times in putting my life in order. All the advise you have given me has worked perfectly well.
I celebrate you for being REAL. You tell it as it is! Your sense of humour is something else and you always crack me up when we start talking in many crazy accents. You always Keep your word and you’re a disciplined time keeper. You do as you say unlike many people.
You’re caring and loving to all that are dear to you ( I am a witness). You’re a great dad n husband.
Thank you for playing a great role in making me and many others out there better people. Thank you for always helping me in times of need. Thank you for making me believe in myself. Thank you for making me break some unhealthy habits.
Only God can repay you. You’re a wonderful gift to humanity and I pray that God elevates you in all dimensions of your life. Keep being YOU because YOU are awesome!

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Who Said Mzazi Can’t Dance? : Mbuvi Teaches Mzazi Willy Tuva How To Dance [See Photos]

Mbuvi just released his new song Aning Ning Dance and he has decided to embark on spreading the Aning’ Fever to everyone he meets. This week he took the “Dance fever” to Citizen Tv presenter Mzazi Willy Tuva and check if Mzazi could be able to handle it.

Mbuvi Mzazi post 1

On his surprise Mzazi actually proved that he is way better and did the Aning’ dance better than Mbuvi. See photos

mbuvi mzazi 3 mbuvi mzazi 2 mbuvi mzazi 1


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Terrorists Kidnap 4 Christians At A Church Service , Ukraine

On Sunday, June 8, 2014, during a festive service in honor of Trinity Sunday, pro-Russian separatists kidnapped parishioners of the Transfiguration Church in the embattled city of Slavyansk located in the Donetsk region. This was the news reported via Twitter by fellow parishioner, Tatyana Lysenko

terrorist post

“Ruvim Pavenko, Albert Pavenko, Victor Brodarsky, and Vova Velichko – these brothers were just kidnapped directly from the service in Transfiguration Church and taken to the former offices of the Security Service of Ukraine in Slavyansk,” says the report.

The militants who have taken over Slavyansk and are establishing their weapon emplacements around the city are also utilizing the premises of the Orthodox Churches.

“Blindfolded and bound parishioners are being used as human shields,” wrote Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on June 7.

“The security forces are not conducting military operations in the residential neighborhoods of Slavyansk,” says an ATO speaker.

Under the framework of the antiterrorist operation, the military does not use weapons against the civilian population. This was a statement made on June 8, 2014 by ATO Vladislav Seleznev, the head of the press center, on the TV channel “112 Ukraine.”

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Top American Comedian In A Critical Condition After A Grisly Car Crash

Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after being involved in a six-vehicle accident in New Jersey early Saturday that has killed at least one person, American local authorities said.


The 30 Rock star was riding in a limo bus when the accident occurred, say police. The limo bus overturned at the New Jersey Turnpike. “The limo bus is the only vehicle that overturned,” says Sgt. Gregory Williams a police man in  New Jersey Police station. “Looks like one of the tractor-trailers may have rear-ended that limo bus, but that’s preliminary at this time.”

The crash occurred after Morgan performed at the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Delaware. The fatality may have been another passenger in the limo bus.

Morgan has four children, including an infant daughter with wife Megan Wollover.

Our prayers go out for his speedy recovery.


Props: Yolanda Adams

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Lovely Kambua Spends Time With The Gifted Moipei Quartet [Photo]

Worship singer , Tv and Radio presenter Kambua spent her Madaraka day with the talented and blessed sisters of The Moipei Quartet.The five joined several other Kenyans  including among others  our president Uhuru Kenyatta , Deputy president William Ruto, First Lady margaret Kenyatta, Mrs Rachael Ruto , Government secretaries at the State House Gardens to celebrate one of the special days in Kenyan history, Madaraka Day.

kambua moipei quartet post

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7 Things God Wants To Bless You With

No matter what you currently think about God, He really does have a strong desire to bless you. And here are 7 ways He blesses His children everyday:

praise_lifted_hands 1

1) God wants to help you see things from heaven’s perspective.

As human beings, we tend to view things from earth’s perspective rather than heaven’s perspective. After all, this is where we live right now. It’s all we know. But God isn’t limited by anything because nothing is impossible for Him. So when pressure in your life feels like it is crushing the hope right out of you, look up. Remember the One who left heaven to rescue you. And ask the Lord to breathe a fresh breath of spiritual insight and a wholesome vision into your being. It can make all the difference in the world.

2) God wants to give you joy in serving others.

No one wants to serve others if their heart is filled with selfish desires. And by nature, that tends to be the direction our heart gravitates. But God changes that focus when He comes into our life. He not only makes it delightful for us to worship and serve Him, but it also becomes a joy to serve others. Go figure. That is opposite of the way many people live, but it is so much more fulfilling.

3) God wants to give you peace in every situation.

 While God doesn’t promise His children an easy life on earth, He does promise to be our source of peace in every situation. In other words, Jesus never once said that Christians must carry the cross of anxiety, fear or worry. Those things are not part of God’s plan for His family, even when He allows His children to go through suffering and persecution.

4) God wants to give you encouragement right now.

God never discourages His children, ever. And God never wants His children to be burdened under the weight of discouragement. God wants to lift your spirits right now. He can fill you with hope and He can drive away the dreadful feelings of doom and discouragement. Just knowing how much God wants that for you can be a huge step in the direction of genuine encouragement.

5) God wants to fill you with an appreciation of His love for you.

If you don’t know deep in your heart how much God loves you, life can be pretty dismal. But when you embrace the truth that God sent His only Son to save you from your sin, things take on a whole new perspective. Understanding that God is for you and not against you is a huge deal. And as your heart is filled with an appreciation of God’s goodness to you, the result is a steady flow of peace and joy within your soul.

6) God wants to teach you how to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.

Until we learn how to take our thoughts captive, we get dragged around by every little thing that distracts us or tempts us. It is only when we learn how to control our thoughts that we start to experience the peace God wants to give us moment by moment. And while there will still be some setbacks in the crucial area of “thought management,” life is much more pleasant when our thoughts are in line with God’s goodness and God’s will for our lives.

7) God wants to bring you safely home to heaven one day.

God wants you in heaven so much that He sent His only Son to die on the cross so you could be saved. Your life on earth will have many challenges, but heaven on the other hand will be perfect. Allow this glorious truth to fill your soul: God wants to spend eternity with you. Those who trust Jesus for salvation are those who know the ultimate blessing of God.

So would you like to have God bless your life today and forever? If so, you can come to the Father through the Son right now and start to receive these 7 blessings immediately. Go for it. You will be glad you did.

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Meet The World’s Poorest President : Find Out Why

Kings Live in palace while Presidents Live in “houses” and not just normal houses but fully furnished classy houses with tight  security. This does not apply to President Jose Mujica who is the President of Uruguay since the year 2010 now claimed to be the world poorest President.

Worlds-Poorest-President-post 1

Jose donates more then of 90% of his $12,000 per month salary to benefit the poor and to help small entrepreneurs.  If we need more of anything in this world, it would be more people like this!.

This man doesn’t put value on his appearance or clothes.  He is criticized for his posture and clothes, but Jose puts more value on other things in life instead.

Before his presidency, he was a guerilla fighter for Tupamaros, which acted like “Robin hood.”  They literally robbed evil banks, gun clubs, and other businesses to give to the poor. He truly believed that his value was not in gaining more money, it was in the wellbeing of his country and people.  He was imprisoned 2 times for a total of 14 years and shot 6 times after an escape attempt, But he still continues to fight for the people even in his high office now as president of Uruguay. 

This is where he lives, on a farm with his wife and dog.  He is also working to change the fancy presidential house into a museum that pays honor to past presidents.  There’s no reason for money, fame, and a nice place to sleep when you can be humble and live on a farm.  This president lives the life!


His part-time farming job, keeps him aware of the struggles and life that most other people of his country go though. He also grows and then sells flowers from his farm. You can see him frequently driving his old 1987 Volkswagon Beetle. He doesn’t need a fancy Bentley, because he doesn’t care about having an extravagant appearance. His people are what matters and what matters are his people.



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The Young Julie : Check How Julie Gichuru Used To Roll Back In High School Days [Photo]

Citizen Tv News Anchor Julie Gichuru has been in the media industry for 12 years now moving from different stations to now where she is. Her early life is an interesting one too as early in secondary school she switched schools too. While in Form 2 Julie convinced her parents to transfer her from the local 8-4-4 system to a GCE boarding school and she joined Imani School in Thika for Form 3 and 4. 

TEDx Nairobi 2010: Julie Gichuru

Not so different I must say but her dreams were valid then at Imani School in Thika. Probably she wanted to do something different because she studied law and Masters in Business Administration later on but for sure Julie is living her dream in media.

julie high school post


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Comedian DJ: Dr Ofweneke Proves That He Can Be The Next Big DJ

Lovable Churchill Show comedian and Mc Dr Ofweneke has officially added another title to his name. He has now earned a new name dubbed “Comedian, DJ, Mc, Dr Ofweneke” this being  after he showed his prowess  not as a comedian or Mc but as a Dj.

dr ofweneke

Ofweneke who is currently in Eldoret for the groove camp tour as an Mc alongside Mc able took advantage to become the Dj of the night in the absence of the mix genius Dj Sadic.

Dr ofweneke Dj post

He even went further to take a photo of himself deejaying just to show them how its done. Apparently Dj Sadic came across the photo and has promised to follow comedian Ofweneke tomorrow in Eldoret.

dj sadic post

I am actually seeing this being a battle of the “dj’s” on the decks tomorrow in Eldoret Groove Camp Tour.

Catch up with Dj Sadic live in Eldoret as he will keep you entertained throughout.

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The Genius At The Decks: DJ Sadic Officially Joins “The 100 Club”

They call him the Mix Genius and now he has set a new mark as his total number of fans has reached 100. DJ Sadic has joined the club of gospel public figures in Kenya who have clocked 100,00 likes on facebook.

groove nomination sadic rubadiri

DJ Sadic has joined worship singer  Gloria Muliro (102,000 likes)  and NTV cross over 101  disck jockey DJ MO (103,000 likes) who were the only two to have over 100k likes on facebook.

Starting small is one thing as it later grows to become something big just as the parable of the Mustard seed in Mathew chapter 13.

sadic fb

Social media has created interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and network. This is so amazing to have gospel ministers with more likes as it helps in spreading the word of GOD to masses.

Other artists to nearly reach that will be Kambua who is at 92,000 likes.

Watch his mixtape below



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My New Look!! : Songstress Kambua Shaves Her Gorgeous Long Hair [Photos]

Successful women = short hair.

This is the new trend that women try to keep up with as they move from long hair. Our beloved sister Kambua Mathu has joined the list of that trend as she shaved her long hair to give herself a new look.

kambua corture


This took place just weeks after she hosted the “This Is My Story” concert at Nairobi Baptist Church in which she was spotted wearing long hair. Since then she was inolved in family meetings as she planned for the last send off for her late dad professor Manundu.

this is my story post

The new look I must say brings this beautiful lady and sister in a different way and its something that doesnt give one alot of work to prepare. Let’s keep it short ladies. Right ?

(c) Betty
(c) Betty
(c) Betty
(c) Betty

Kambua now joins the list of women with short hair including Lupita Nyong’o , Margaret Kenyatta and Widow to Nelson Mandela Graca Machel.

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Adorable Janet Otieno [Napokea Kwako] Has Put New Standards In Her Music [WATCH]

Janet Otieno is one delectable lady who has so  much passion to spread GOD’s word. She was once spotted in the gospel music scene when she released her official debut single called “Napokea Kwako” with Christina Shusho. The same year became a success as she was invited to headline the annual groove party 2013 with Christina Shusho at the Safaricom Kasarani Stadium.

janet otieno post

After releasing two more singles “Uniongoze” and “Ni Wewe” Janet Otieno has come yet again with a new single called “Mtafute” which speaks of why we should search for GOD.


Showcasing a person who has so much going on in his/her life Janet shows that theirs only peace in GOD. She really does stand out as unique artist and probably she has just hit the spot where always wanted to reach.  Watch the video which has been directed by Tiger and audio by Still Alive.


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Fare Thee Well Kabz : Hundreds Turn Out As Peter Kaberere Is Laid To Rest

The day that we would all say our final last respects to our brother Peter Kahura Kaberere came on Friday 11th April 2014.  Kabz was laid to rest 5 days later at Lang’ata Cemetery after he met his death at his car wash on Sunday 6th April.

kabz casket post

We will miss him for his heart of worship and most definitely for his great zeal to serve. These were some of the words that were echoed at his Memorial Church service at Citam Valley Road where Hundreds came to give the final send off to the brother who we once shared a meal with.

Among others who attended the Memorial and Burial service include : His Family, Daddy Owen, Bishop Kiuna , Kathy Kiuna , Bishop Teresia Wairimu , Mc Jessy , Big Ted , Jalang’o, Boniface Mwangi , DJ Mo, DJ Sadic, Dj Soxxy , Deejay Celeb , DJ Sanch, DJ Touch , Grace Mwai , MOG, Mr Vee, Wilbroda , Jimmy Gait and Gloria Muliro.

The service was a quick one, as Christian believers know that death is a  stage in life and after it theirs eternity.  This only took period of an hour as Kabz was laid to rest later in the Afternoon.

Emotional it was as friends and family started to tear when the casket was lowered and this is the point where it really kicked. It was really sad but hopeful at the same time as Kabz lived a large life in Christ as his wife Njesh had shared a day earlier.

We will miss him , but the thing that we should learn from Kaberere is that we have to live right and be the true servant as GOD wants.

RIP Kaberere.


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See Billboards Put Up By Muslims Saying “Muslims Love JESUS” [Photos]

A series of billboards in Ohio is stoking debate and controversy as they claim to create a conversation about religion

ask-a-muslim-billboard post

According to Columbus resident Kenneth Tour, who practices the Islamic faith, the billboards are paid by “” in an effort to spark discussion about religion. The website is run by Omar Mosque, which believes “clearing up the many misconceptions about Islam will make this world a better place.” Other messages from the billboards include “Muslims love Jesus too” and “A Muslim is someone who submits to God’s will.”

Dave Daubenmire of Christian ministry Pass the Salt plans to organize a rally in response to the billboards.

ask-a-muslim-billboard (1)

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Mercy Wairegi Ruth Matete And Hundreds Gather To Worship GOD At FNL Worship Experience [Photos]

In early January 2014 worshipers  gathered at House of Grace Nairobi for an awesome time in God’s presence.  They came together with great expectation and an appetite to worship our Lord and Savior at the dubbed “Friday Night Live Worship Experience”.

wairegi fnl post

This is usually a special Friday dedicated by the House of Grace Church led by their pastor David Muriithi and his wife , where congregants get an opportunity to wholly worship GOD. On January the edition was a special one too as among others to lead worship at the church were Mercy Wairegi , Mwenyehaki , Nina Njoroge and Joy Ambale.

The word of GOD speaks of worship in  Psalm 34:1-3

I will praise the Lord no matter what happens. I will constantly speak of his glories and grace. I will boast of all his kindness to me. Let all who are discouraged take heart. Let us praise the Lord together and exalt his name.”

See photos

david muriithi mocha joy ambale crew wairegi fnl rosy ohon fnl fnl congregation mwenye haki fnl nina njoroge fnl fnl ruth matete fnl mercy wairegi

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