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“I Used To PRAY That One Day I Will Meet CHURCHILL But GOD Did More” : Comedian Chipukeezy

Renown comedian Chipukeezy who is part of Churchill show and a Radio presenter at Kiss 100 is a young man full of thanks and praises to the Lord.

Happy birthday Chipukeezy
Happy birthday Chipukeezy

Chipukeezy is thankful to the Lord for answering his prayers more than he had asked for. Looking at how far GOD has uplifted Chipukeezy he never forgot to go back to his knees and thank GOD for making him meet his mentor Mwalimu Kingang’i who is the host of Churchill show.

chipukeezy and churchill

Chipukeezy was introduced in the public limelight by Churchill and slowly as you watched the show you would notice that Churchill kept pushing him higher and higher so that he can grow to be a voice to reckon with in the laugh industry.

Having had that opportunity to start the show with Churchill every Thursday on each live recording Chipukeezy slowly grew to become one of the best comedians in the country.

A couple of months passed and Chipukeezy was to be invited to host the Big Breakfast on Kiss 100 with Caroline Mutoko making him move from the stage of comedy to the radio booth where he still is till today.

He thanked GOD on this great journey by stating this :

“I had asked He is my Bo$$ my colleague, my friend, my mentor!

I used to listen to & watch him on tv and prayed God to one day meet with him. Instead God did more than I asked for he gave me a comedy opportunity and the rest is history,” Chipukeezy stated.

“I later discovered that he was Mwalimu Kingangi on Classic 105 then I started praying God to bless me with a radio job God was kind enough to give me a radio job a place where i can see my mentor daily!

In the book of mathew, God said ask and it shall be given pray God and he shall answer your prayers. Don’t tell me that am lucky am blessed. I used to pray and God answered my prayers #mungunimwema”

Prayer is the key and Chipukeezy did get his answered.

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The Unthinkable : Collins Injera Signs A 9 Million Shilling Camera After Scoring His 200th Try

Kenya superstar Collins Injera celebrated his 200th try on the World Sevens Series by taking out a permanent marker from his sock and signing the ball.

injera marker


It was a pre-planned move – you can only guess how uncomfortable it must have been to have that marker next to his leg as he waited for his 200th try – but he then walked over to sign a camera. It is a practise seen in tennis but little did Injera know, the players sign a protective cover instead of the lens itself. The lens – now permanently marked with Injera’s autograph – costs in the region of £60,000…

camera signed

According to World Rugby, ‘the cameraman was far from impressed… the lens that Injera signed (with permanent ink!) costs around £60,000’.

injera signs ball

The try took Injera, who is third in the all-time list of scorers in the sport, to within 30 of leader Santiago Gomez Cora of Argentina.

He said afterwards that he was hoping to catch Cora and become the all-time greatest – although if he does, cameramen everywhere will be worried.

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CONGRATS : Henrie Mutuku Celebrates Her 1st Anniversary In Marriage

For real the wedding of Henrie Mutuku was one of the most simplest but exquisite wedding ceremonies you will ever attend as it was filled with harmonious melodies of accapella and hymns to usher the marriage spirit.

Henrie Mutuku

It was one of the surprise weddings of the christian circles, very few people knew that it was taking place and even very few people attended at the wedding was an invite only. Later on Uliza Links published the story and every one went like : ‘Wow did that just happen without us noticing ?’.


Now one year later Henrie Mutuku is looking back at the special day that she bid good bye to the dating life to become the wife of his one true love, Charles Njau whom she had been dating for years. On April 21st she walked down the aisle and said I do and now she is walking on a journey that will be filled with Love for the rest of her life.

Time does fly but GOD blessings are new every morning.

Congrats to Henrie Mutuku

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“When I Started GROOVE AWARDS, It Gave Me A 1.5 MILLION Debt” : Founder Of Groove, Kevin Muley

Kev Muley is one of the down to earth CEO’s I have ever met not because he is a christian but because he will do anything to get the job done. From manual work he will make his hands dirty like any other employee to make sure that the set up is okay and ensure that nothing is left out of the picture.

kevin mulei  post

With all the success that people see at Groove you would easily think that Kev Muley had an easy road but not so fast Kevin Muley has seen it all. Not to talk of fighting the big giants in the industry to finding himself with a debt of 1.5 million , Kevin Muley had to go through all that to establish himself and become relevant in the industry.

stage groove 2 post

In an interview with the Standard he spoke of how far he has come :

Groove Awards was a means of exposing and appreciating those who serve and minister for the Lord. The first year had great response; the second year, however, landed me in a Sh1.5 million debt. Nothing I had planned worked out. I was 23 then.

kev mulei rwanda

I found giants in the industry. I had to decide to whether to fight them or raise the bar. I chose the latter and I ensured all events were done excellently. As a result, we grew and are now opening a branch in Rwanda.

Kev Muley later took a break after incurring the debt and he left the country to re-invent on how better he will grow Groove Awards and set a bar.

kev mulei and janet post

I took a break and left for the US where I took time to reflect and reinvent. I got a clear vision and more ideas. I returned home a year later as a businessman.

 I concentrated on providing sound and visual systems for events. I took up Groove as a side hustle, but it turned out better than most of my ideas. I, therefore, put together a team and started working on it. The ideas we have unveiled to date, including the Groove Camps, Groove Tours, are from what I got when in the US. Groove is now mega.

Little did he know that what he had planned for would actually make a great change in the gospel industry. Now groove is the biggest awards in Kenya having passed the others that existed at that time when he was starting.


Groove Awards will be celebrating 10 years this year since its inception in 2004.

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[IN PICTURES] : The Super Eagles Fail To Fly Against Iran In 1st World Cup Draw

The first draw of the World Cup – and a goalless one at that – leaves Bosnia and Herzegovina even more likely to qualify from Group F behind favourites Argentina if they can avoid defeat to Nigeria in Cuiaba on Saturday.


The reigning African champions knew that this was arguably their best chance of a first World Cup win in eight attempts going back to 1998 when Iran also celebrated their solitary victory over the USA, but neither did enough in a disappointing encounter.

article-2659372-1ED3622500000578-687_634x513 article-2659372-1ED361B400000578-105_634x417 article-2659372-1ED3604600000578-622_634x460 article-2659372-1ED34F1E00000578-794_634x413 article-2659372-1ED34F5F00000578-874_634x444 article-2659372-1ED34F1500000578-103_634x398


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Look at Bahati Back Then When He Was In Primary

Bahati Throwback post

Do you still have those photos of yourself back then when you were maybe in Primary or Secondary School? If you still got them I think you should go back and check them out to see how innocent you looked like. Male artist of the year Bahati traced back his photos and uploaded one while he was still in primary school.

bahati primary


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Dj Joe Mfalme Receives A Gospel Album From Kanji Mbugua

Worship leader at the Mavuno church Kanji Mbugua has awarded Capital Fm’s dj, Dj Joe Mfalme a copy of  his new worship album Rauka.

dj joe mfalme kaji album post

Kanji  was being interviewed at the Capital Fm’s studios by Maqbul , Renee and Dj Joe Mfalme where he talked about his new album “Rauka” . “Rauka” album by Kanji has also been written by Alice Kimanzi, Richard Njau, Charles Rigga, Robert Kamanzi and Githiomi Kirangi. It’s audio produced by Robert Kamanzi popularly known as “R Kay” and Aaron Rumbui.





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SAD: Boko Haram Kills 45 Nigerians After Pretending To Be Village Preachers

Members of Nigeria’s militant Islamist group Boko Haram entered a local village Wednesday and killed 45 people who gathered around the suspected attackers after deceiving them into believing they were preachers.

boko haram post

The attack occurred in the north-eastern city of Maidugur where the gunmen, dressed in military-style uniforms lured the group by telling them they wanted to speak to them about “the righteous path.”

“They came to our village… and lied to us that they had come to preach to us and when almost all the villagers had gathered, another set of insurgents emerged from nowhere and opened fire on the congregation before we all scampered for safety,” survivor Kallamu Bukar said,according to Nigerian news outlet Vanguard.

Following the deadly assault, Boko Haram gunmen destroyed mobile phone towers in the region, delaying news of the attack and set fire to several nearby houses and shops before burning down a Roman Catholic Church and a government office the following day.

The Maidugur attack came after Boko Haram gunmen killed at least 200 people in four villages throughout the state of Borno on Tuesday, where they dressed in military uniforms and convinced residents that they had come to provide protection after an earlier attack days before.

Several states including Borno, Adamawa and Yobe have been under a state of emergency since May 2013 as efforts to force Boko Haram out have not been successful.

The terrorist group, whose English translation means “western education is forbidden,” promotes a version of Islam that prohibits Muslims to take part in any political or social activity associated with Western society.

Insurgents have killed thousands since the group was founded in 2002, according to BBC, and they continue to increase their violence against civilians on an almost daily basis, because they believe local vigilante groups are assisting the military. Furthermore, Boko Haram has increased their revolt since it made international headlines with the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls in April.

President Goodluck Jonathan, who has been criticized by nationals for his slow response to the group’s wave of attacks, is currently working alongside the Nigerian military to free the girls.  However, forcibly doing so could be dangerous and possibly prompt more kidnappings.

According to Doyin Okupe, Jonathan’s senior advisor, the military actually knows where the girls are.

“… You just cannot storm a place like that,” Okupe said, according to a CNN report. “I believe that by God’s grace, we are very near the end of this whole unfortunate saga.”

The United States and other international leaders have offered Jonathan help as they are concerned about the possibility of further turmoil in the country which is now considered Africa’s largest economy.

Source: Christianpost

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[Video] Teacher Wanjiku Is Off To Brazil

Former Churchill show comedian Wanjiku the teacher who has been under  radar for sometime now is ready to represent  the Kenyan teachers at the 2014 world cup in Brazil.

wanjiku the teacher post

The comedian teacher has decided to leave for the world cup games that are scheduled to start on Thursday 12th June , a time that the students in school really need her most. She  is fully aware off the implications of her actions and therefore she has sent a message in for of a video to the KNUT secretary-general Wilson Sossion.

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Now We Didn’t See This One Coming : DJ Soxxy Turns Into A Priest [Photo]

dj soxxy post

DJ Soxxy is one of the most funny emcee’s we will ever have in Kenya as he will never cease to amaze us. Now after he pulled an Akorino wear at Groove Awards 2014 with Victoria Rubadiri, DJ Soxxy has now decided to take his game a little bit higher as he has now played a role of a  priest in an upcoming video shoot.

soxxy akorino post







DJ Soxxy will be featuring in Mr. Ndilima’s new wedding music video where he will be playing the role of preacher in the script which was directed and shot at Cool Breeze Gardens. See photo below :

(c) DJ Soxxy The Priest And Sax Player Gerriey Wainaina
(c) DJ Soxxy The Priest And Sax Player Gerriey Wainaina


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Donnie McClurkin Donates Over 625,000 Dollars In Jamaica

McclurkinPastor and gospel recording artist Donnie McClurkin donated over $625,000 in medical supplies  to benefit Jamaica’s public health sector.

Jamaica’s Health Minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson received the donation, which amounts to over $6 million in Jamaican dollars, during a press conference and expressed appreciation on behalf of the government while noting that the supplies will be distributed on a demand basis to hospitals and health centers across Jamaica.

McClurkin, said the act of kindness was made simply because he loves the island and its culture, has been known to make large contributions to humanitarian causes in the past.

In 2010, he decided to donate all funds from his 50th Jubilee Gala Celebration to the Haitian earthquake relief efforts of Feed The Children, World Vision and Operation Compassion.

McClurkin’s donation to Jamaica was made in partnership with his New York-based congregation, Perfecting Faith Church.

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Pray For His Family: Dj Celeb Loses His Dad

celeb kubambaGospel DJ/VJ  Dj Johni Celeb is bereaved after the passing of his loving Father. DJ Celeb who is a disc jockey and host on K24 got the unfortunate news on Friday 6th June just a few days after he played the red-carpet host at the 2014  Groove Awards.


DJ Celeb and his family will now be planning on the arrangements of laying his Dad to rest and we will give you more deails as to this.

John 14:1-4 “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way to where I am going.”

Please pray for the family.

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Celebrated Idi Amin Actor Joseph Olita Passes Away

(c) Mzazi Willy Tuva . On The Left, Joseph Olita Right Dj Flash
(c) Mzazi Willy Tuva . On The Left, Joseph Olita Right Dj Flash

JOSEPH Olita famed for acting as Iddi Amin in various movies is dead.

Olita died at about 11am at his Pap Oriang village, Siaya district on Monday.

His relative Sipross Odero said Olita had high blood pressure on Sunday night which worsened in the morning leading to the death.

Speaking on the phone with the Nairobi Star , Sipross said Olita’s body has been removed to Bama Private Hospital mortuary.

Sipross said the incident occurred barely days after Olita buried his mother Regina Oduma on Saturday.

Olita is survived by one wife and several children, and grandchildren.

He was famed in acting the Rise and Fall of Idi Amin film and Mississipi Masala.

His in-law Peter Onyango alias Onyiso, said Olita was a charming and loving relative who was loved by all and sundry.

(C) The Star

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UK Here I Come : Eunice Njeri Heading To United Kingdom

Victorius events is here yet again to present to you another UK tour and this time its Eunice Njeri. Eunice Njeri will yet be another Kenyan artiste to grace United Kingdom after Shiru wa GP , Rachael Pretty , Betty Bayo among others.

Eunice Njeri post 1

Eunice Njeri will start her tour to United Kingdom just when Groove Awards season of voting will be coming to an end. The tour is set to kick-off on 29th May and is set to end on 30th June 2014.

For more info call 07930649850,

Eunice Njeri Tour Uk post

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DJ Moz Leads Thousands To Kneel In Prayer For The Nation In Machakos [Photos]

K-krews DJ Moz has played a vital role in the gospel music industry for more than 14 years with established artistes terming him as a father and uprising one’s calling him as a great father.  His role in ministry was exmplified on Sunday 25th May at Machakos people’s park where he led thousands who knelt for the sake of our nation in prayer.

moz rufftone post

This is a course that was started online last week Tuesday with  K-krews Njugush Waiguru pushing for a hash-tag branded #OnMyKnees4MyNation.

Surprisingly many Kenyans embraced it as soon as the 1st tweet was posted and for sure it trended to the rest of Kenya showing that Kenya is prayeful country and its only GOD who can heal/protect our land.

(c) Gerriey
(c) Gerriey

prayer Machakos post

Later on Sunday Moz left for Machakos’s peoples park where he was joined by another mentor called Rufftone ampng other artiste’s to push for Prayer for the Nation.

The thousands who turned up for the Groove Tour at Machakos People’s Park felt obliged and joined the prayer session that was led by DJ Moz.

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On My Knees 4 My Nation: Gospel Artists Go On Their Knees To Pray For Kenya

Kenyan Gospel artists have come together to pray for our lovely nation  this coming after the so many attacks that the country has faced in the recent past.

artists rauka post

Our country Kenya has faced several attacks after the attack on Westgate Mall in September 2013. The  continuos attacks on the country have led to the loss of  lives and scores left with injuries going by the reports given in the latest two attacks one along thika road and in Gikomba market.

njugush on their knees post

This and so many other reasons have made gospel artists to go on their knees to pray for the country. The artists were hosted on Rauka show on Citizen tv by Njugush and Enid Moraa withtheir main mission being to pray for Kenya. Later on they graced the Switch Tv show on K24 where they shared the same message of prayer.

artists on knees rauka

Artists such as Eunice Njeri, Mwenyehaki, Ambassada , Danny Gift , SK Blue among others went on their knees in  the morning show and prayed to God to help protect our nation from the enemies.


Uliza Links joins in the prayer for the country. We are One

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