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A research done by “INSEAD”, a French business school has ranked Kenya the sixth most Internet-ready country in Africa. The report released at this year’s World Economic Forum put Kenya at position 86 globally ahead of Nigeria, Egypt and Ghana, which have previously been ranked higher.

Cisco which is a Global IT said that becoming digital requires a responsive IT model, and the ability to rethink core processes for the digital era. The report measured networked readiness of 143 countries globally against 10 parameters. They incorporated political and regulatory environment, individual usage, business and innovation environment, affordability and infrastructure.

The report also stated that Kenya has effectual law-making bodies and developed policies relating to electronic commerce, digital signatures and consumer protection on the use of ICTs. The government has been belligerent on network connectivity in Kenya. The report recognizes ICT as a vital pillar to economic and social augmentation on its 15-year blue print which is Vision 2030.

Most African countries have made great steps in connecting regions to the Internet to the ease service delivery and processes. However, Cisco said that Africa still has great potential. They added that lack of access is depriving Africans of the opportunity to take full advantage of e-learning as well as online financial, data and health services.

“Africa can make massive strides in connecting more citizens and bringing about positive social and economic change by improving its networked readiness. With political will and commitment from the private sector, progress can be made in bringing the benefit of ICTs to more people,” said Robert Pepper, the vice president Global Technology Policy at Cisco.

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Hosting OCTOPIZZO At Groove Awards Was A WRONG Move : Renown Gospel Artistes State

Hip-hop artiste Octopizzo was a major topic of discussion on Monday morning after he was given a chance to award the Groove Awards hip-hop award to the best gospel artiste in that category.


Probably this was a way of reaching out to him as a secular artiste but this did not go well by a section of Christians who felt that the move was a bit too far.

From Lenah Ochieng who was part of Zaidi ya Mziki to Mr Tee who has been known for speaking his mind, the opinions raised were more of questioning the actions of Groove Awards in letting a secular artiste take the role of awarding a gospel artiste in a setting that is termed christian and holy.

Mr Tee stated :

What’s your take when gospel awards are dominated by secular artists…
Some help me understand

When scripture is quoted and affirmed all u say is amen…..and no one is fighting mo sound or groove it’s protecting what we fought for and building gospel ministry….trace the history of gospel music from content to passion n u will see how fallen it is….if u came the other day we understand u

While Mr Tee just put it so open Lenah of Zaidi Ya Mziki went straight and hit the nail on the head by saying :

Groove Awards have done it again not nominating some deserving gospel artists on the basis that they have “messed” yet on the same stage they give octopizzo a chance to present an award for gospel artists what irony is this?Really?? are you kidding me?The worst part of it is that if you address such issues they say you are judging them.

There isn’t anyone judging you;but when what you believe and what you do dont match up then ubhave simply judged yourself.

The comments that came in were kind of divided with others supporting Octopizzo and groove awards while others totally disagreeing with the choice of him as a guest.

Vickie Zet Victor i was wondering too, where did the sense of worship and praise go…
Kenyans we have to go back to the drawing board, you mean we adore mothers songs than HOLY,HOLY IS YOUR NAME…

Prosperity Fay Wa Mbuguah It surprises me too, gone are the days when gospel was respected n done only by trully born again Christians, people have shamelessly turned gospel music into a money making project without the fear of God in them.

Samuel Nyala Infact the organisers/arent serious/or its that they dont understand the true meaning of gospel?/WOKOVU FIJE FIJE/THAT ALL THEY R/i guess

MC Neb I think Jesus would be more than happy to see that we are examples, that doesn’t rule out there are weeds amongst the Gospel Ministers. Another thing lest we forget God can use any vessel to put across a message, for instance Octopizzo of all the people Rebuked Gospel Artists. oooh and let’s focus on building the kingdom, one body many parts

Said Abdulrehman Cidco can we read the word. You are salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? nuvine otieno otieno and lenah ochieng the taste is not there coz is not about my LORD JESUS anymore is about being in the limelight and not being the light to world

Njesh Wa Qabbz Read all these comments…let me just say this…it is easy to say things and point fingers when you ain’t a part of it…there is so much that entails for the awards..there is a criteria for being nominated eg u have to submit your song and not every artist submits..Lenah Ochieng the hosts of Groove are a call away incase of anything..but unless you are wearing a shoe you don’t know where it pinches…Octo said something profound..that gospel artists should write songs that will make people follow Christ and not get fans…so lets all carry out crosses…God is love.

Nettie Oyugi What pains me is that people in the secular industry can boldly stand and ‘advise’ gospel artists to focus on God in their songs…even they know that some of those gospel songs are seems to me the secular artists already know the truth, perhaps better than gospel artists…no? Ian Mbugua put it rightly..’decrease that God may increase’..Octo said more or less the same thing? So who is evangelizing who?

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WILLY PAUL : I Thought I Should Have Won Groove Awards But GOD Had Other Plans

Award winning christian artiste Willy Paul, on a humble note celebrated every winner who bagged an award at Groove Awards 2015 and urged for continuance of the spirit of ministry and unity.

With many of his fans awaiting for him to win at least one award, Willy Paul reiterated that though he is human and would have liked to win it was important to let GOD’s will be done before his own preferences.

willy teddy b groove

Willy Paul’s song with Size 8 called Tam Tam had over a million views and still failed to win any award while Bahati’s song Barua scooped 3 awards with the fourth award crowning him as the best male artiste of the year in 2015. Though it would have been nice for Willy Paul to scoop an award for his hard work Willy Paul promoted the heart ministry rather than competition and love for self.

Bahati was crowned male artiste of the year
Bahati was crowned male artiste of the year

Willy Paul through his facebook page said :

“Morning, its a wonderful day that the Lord has made… yesterday a lot went down… winners were crowned and those that didn’t win like me were there to support them… congratulations to all the groove awards … I thought I would win ata moja…. but guess I was wrong God had other plans.. we are all human being’s and we’ve got feelings so sometimes when things dont go the way we expect, we get hurt, but the spirit is to always keep working hard…. I thought I worked hard last year together with size8.


Guys please lets keep the love and ministry
tuendele na Huduma.”

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Thankful to GOD : Sheila Mwanyigha Recalls Surviving A Car Crash That Left Her With 19 Stitches

When looking at her facial expression every weekday on AM Live show on NTV rarely would one notice that Sheila Mwanyigha was involved in an accident years back. Rare would be the best word to describe that as Sheila is always jolly and even her nasty accident a while back would not steal her joy.

sheila mwanyigha post

Sheila recalled on the day when she survived a car crash that left her left eye stitched 19 times and little would one notice the effect on her face. She shared a picture that tried to show the scar which has already healed but thanked GOD for her life on the same.

She said :

A car crash left me with this scar from 19 stitches on the corner of my left eye. I shall not complain: look what an accident did to ‪#‎LeftEye‬
‪#‎ThankYouGod‬ ‪#‎AliveAndLiving‬. ‪#‎WearingMyScars‬

sheila mwanyigha

Her followers on facebook got a little bit worried when she posted it but she clarified that the accident actually took place a long time ago.

“It’s barely visible and it happened a while back. I just want to encourage you to keep going no matter the scars you carry. God is still looking out for you!”

Life is something we have to cherish as not every person gets a chance to live again from an accident and Sheila recognizes that fact hence thanks GOD for hers.

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Machakos County is in the news again for all the good reasons. Machakos Level 5 District Hospital has been upgraded. Its facilities have been improved and it can now be defined as an ultra-modern Kenyan referral hospital. Commander in Chief, Uhuru Kenyatta was in attendance of the Level 5 hospital’s launch that took place on the 27th of May.


“I am pleased with the commitment the National Government has shown towards provision of modern equipment to our hospital, “Dr.Alfred Mutua stated on Machakos Government’s official website.

The refurbished hospital is expected to contain modern equipment, qualified personnel, a Renal Dialysis Centre, an ICU, fully equipped theatres among many other upgraded services.


A ten bed dialysis centre is expected in the upgraded hospital to provide renal services to patients. This comes a few months after kidney patients sued the government due to lack of dialysis machines. The Machakos County Hospital will be an addition to Kenyatta National Hospital as among public hospitals in Kenya which offer kidney dialysis services to patients. Plans are underway to construct a cancer centre and a private wing.

Machakos governor through the Machakos County Website, pledged to transform the hospital into a proper health care facility that is clean, efficient and reliable. He was shocked to find that the hospital did not have adequate consistent running water contributed by a broken down tank. He immediately ordered for the fixing and upgrading of the tanks.

866 million of development funds was allocated to the county in the 2013/14 financial year. It was spent on 3 sectors, water, health and roads. The Machakos County Project Implementation Status Report indicates that most of the money was used in upgrading 32 community hospitals and health facilities in the county.

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‘How Many Times Have I Told You’ : DJ Mo Decides Not To Speak To Size 8 For A Week

Award winning gospel deejay Sammy Muraya/DJ Mo has decided not to speak to his wife Size 8 for a period of one week. The gospel deejay who hosts Cross Over 101 on NTV has made a decision to go cold on his wife after he found her cladding his hat, shades and t-shirt which he had already told her not to.

dj mo size 8 groove post

Jokingly DJ Mo took to his facebook page where he made it clear to the public that he has for a week decided not to speak to Size 8 until she stops wearing his clothes. He reiterated that this has been happening for a while now and he is seeking for advice as he goes cold on Size 8.

dj mo size 8 punishment

“Now I get back home to pick up something and gets her wearing my snap back ,t-shirt and shades….advice on what I should do to her…I have told her not more than enough times…
I won’t talk to her this week …,” DJ Mo captioned.

His fans on the other hand decided to support his decision but stated that it’s important to forgive her.

My homeboy.when she do that she feels nice.anaskia poa na mali ya bwanake.kwa hivyo plz muongeleshe na umpende zaidi

Christine Joy just give her a kiss n smile then tell her sweetheart your so beautiful n your a gift from up above!!!!

Steve Mtua then wear her clothes too

Kate Mymo Kim it’s called love……whenever she does that n u r not around…..then u find her…it’s an indirect means of communication.she is simply telling u she misses u,wants ur arms around her..n all,be happy n love her back like nobody’s business.

Lewy Lèqùè She is mixed up..thats what happens when you date a get mixed time she will be on fire baby


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I Had A Shoulder Injury But I Had To Fight : Manny Pacquiao Says After Losing To Mayweather

Filipino ring icon Manny Pacquiao revealed he was battling a right shoulder injury on Saturday in his unanimous decision defeat to Floyd Mayweather. Pacquiao said he hurt his right shoulder in training camp some three weeks before the bout, an injury severe enough to have him considering postponing the “Fight of the Century.” “But one week before the fight my shoulder was getting better and better,” Pacquiao said of his decision to go ahead. He had hoped to receive an anti-inflammatory injection before the fight, which he said he had done with the approval of the US Anti-Doping Agency during training camp.

pacquiao shoulder

But the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which oversees boxing in the state, denied permission for the shot. Pacquiao, who had promised an aggressive, active attack, actually threw fewer punches than Mayweather — 435-429 by CompuBox statistics. “I cannot use my right shoulder a lot,” he said. “The fight was still good. But what we wanted to do we couldn’t do because of my shoulder. “In the third round I I already felt the pain in my shoulder. When I threw a lot of combinations I had to back off because it hurt.”

pacman punch

That said, Pacquiao said he didn’t want to make excuses for a defeat that saw him fall to 57-6 with two drawn and 38 knockouts. “But he’s fast – he’s a good boxer,” Pacquiao said. “Give credit to him — he won tonight. “I did my best, and my best wasn’t good enough,” he added. Mayweather had little sympathy.

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“I Ask For Forgiveness To Those I Have HURT” : DJ MO Says After Getting A REVELATION

Award winning gospel deejay, Sammy Muraya/DJ MO on Saturday went public to show that he is human and can commit wrong by asking for forgiveness from anyone he might have wronged in his career path and life. In the same light the disc jockey officially forgave anyone who has hurt him in one way or another and stated that he is doing this after getting a revelation.

DJ Mo at Pioneer Convention
DJ Mo at Pioneer Convention (c) Artisque Photography

DJ Mo in his own words portrayed how Christians try to live in a way that suits them and try to ignore things written in the Bible that are itching to their ears.

I officially forgive everyone who have ever hurt me because I am doing it for my own sake …I also stand to be forgiven If I have ever wronged anyone ..just got this revelation now after realizing how Christians read the bible n quote ONLY the verses that the favors them. We count so much how many times we forgive. God doesn’t count how many times He forgives us.

DJ Mo in his note exemplified how GOD forgives regardless, unlike humans who have to check the situation to forgive. He also pleaded with his followers to embrace love and ask for forgiveness to those people they have hurt in their life.

GOD CANNOT forgive you if you haven’t forgiven genuinely …God forgives regardless but Human beings we do too much manipulation and bitterness towards those who have wronged us.
God will never forgive you your sins if you can’t forgive -period
(Mark 11:25)

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FULL LIST of 2015 Groove Awards Nominees

Groove Awards nomination night was hosted at Arboretum Grounds with several artistes gracing the occasion. Here are the nominees.

Esther Wahome At Groove Nomination Night
Esther Wahome At Groove Nomination Night

Bahati Kenya
Pastor Anthony Musembi

Evelyne Wanjiru
Loise Kim

Southern Africa Artist
• Abel Chungu -Zambia
• Benjamin Dube – South Africa
• Joyous Celebration – South Africa
• Magg 44 – Zambia
• Pompi – Zambia
• Rebecca Malope – South Africa

Song of the Year – Nyanza Counties
• Bi Uneye Gima Yesu otimo – Moureen Awuor
• Jerusalem Dalawa – Mark Odera
• Olemo – Christine Otieno
• Omorembe Toe – Fenny Kerubo
• Ong’e Ngamoi- – Muthoka Evaline
• Wasud Nyime – Emma Omonge


  1. TamTam – Willy Paul Msafi and SIZE 8 Reborn
  2. Matunda – Eunice Njeri& Lady Bee
  3. Mimina – Kris Eeh Baba
    7,. MFALME MKUU – Kanjii Mbugua

Abba – Jay General
Crossing Over – Redemption ft. Guardian Angel
Goso – jfamkenya
Delilah – Hopekid

Song of the Year – Nyanza Counties
• Bi Uneye Gima Yesu otimo – Moureen Awuor
• Jerusalem Dalawa – Mark Odera
• Olemo – Christine Otieno
• Omorembe Toe – Fenny Kerubo
• Ong’e Ngamoi- – Muthoka Evaline
• Wasud Nyime – Emma Omonge

Song of the Year – Central Counties
• Experiment – Betty Bayo
• Gichuri – Milkah Njambi
• Maithori – Sammy Irungu
• Ndiari Mwega – James Wanyoike
• Ngai Wa Itereri – Shiro Wa GP
• Tutigukurumana – Grace Mwai

G10 nominees.
Annie the DJ
Dj 21
Dj Frank
Dj G-Jo
Dj Mzito
Dj Tabz
Hype Ballo
Hype Guda
MC Kelly
MC Timeless Noel

Song of the Year – Eastern Counties
• Aning’ning’ Dance – Mbuvi Mbuvi
• Ikomanone – Wilberforce Musyoka
• Katiwa – Justus Mielo
• Kiss Kya Yutasi – Elizabeth Clipper
• Mwinire – Ameru Crew
• Ndumbule – Michael Mutuku

Western Africa Artist of the Year
• Frank Edwards – NGR
• Lara George – NGR
• Mercy Oheema – GHA
• Nathaniel Bassey – NGR
• Sinach – NGR
• Solomon Lange – NGR

Barua – BahatiKenya
Jemedari – Size8Reborn
Kereka – Dkkwenyebeat
Sifa – AliceKamande
New Song – Tybe
Tam Tam – willypaul Ft. Size8Reborn

Gospel Radio Presenter of the Year
Amani Ayila – Hope FM
Dj Ruff – Ghetto Radio
Eva Mwalili – Milele FM
Jay Njoroge – HomeboyzRadio
Joyce Gituro – Pambazuka
Lawrence Thuku – Truth FM

Am Blessed – HopekidHk
Kibali – Florence Andenyi
Mtakatifu – Frank
Mungu Mkuu – Evelyne Wanjiru
Rauka – Kanjii Mbugua
Shekinah Worship – Pastor Anthony Musembi

Song of the Year – Coastal Counties
• Maombi – Anthony Musembi
• Nisaidie – Mercy D Lai
• Rafiki – Michael Yena
• Tuma Roho – Japheth Musila
• Tunakuabudu – Marion Shako
• Yesu Ameniona- Martin Murunga

Dance Group of the Year Nominees
All Stars
Gospel Warriors
Jims and Dims

Song of the Year – Rift Counties
• Ebeneza – Edna Lotole
• Ematatui – Pst Joyce Mumeita
• Erripoto Enkai – Charity Tajeu
• Kongoi – Lillian Rotich
• Nyumbani – RuriSambili

Didimia – keleletakatifu
Inaweza – Dj Lapoze
Mimina – KRISERROH Ft. Magg 44 & Abel Chungu
Opportunity Remix – Falenzy & Friends
Tonight – Recapp
Zongelela – SOCkenya

Song of the Year – Western Counties
• Khumuichomie – Florence Andenyi
• Kusieve – Anne Kamsa
• Ndakhuyanza – Pamela Wandera
Ndakhuyanza – Timothy Kitoyi
• Sandizaga – Linet Njoora
• Yohana – Geofrey Kwatemba

Gospel Nite Live – GhettoRadio
Gospel Sunday- Milele FM
Pambazuka – RadioCitizenFM
Mwamba Radio Show – HomeboyzRadio
Shangilia – Hope FM
Tukuza – Radio Maisha

DJ of the Year
• DJ Krowbar
• Djggactivist
• djruffkenya

Camp David
Fidel Atondola
Florence Andenyi
Godson Jawabu
Innocent Persons
Ruth Matete
Saint Stevo

TV Show of the Year
Angaza – KBCChannel1
Ntvcrossover101 – ntvkenya
Gospel Sunday – CTV
KTN Tendereza – KTNKenya
KTNTukuza – KTNKenya

Eastern & Central Africa Artist
• Christina Shusho – Tanzania
• Coopy Bly – Uganda
• Exodus – Uganda
• Father Micheal – Uganda
• Gaby Kamanzi – Rwanda
• Rebecca Soki – Congo
• Sarah Nkutile – UG
• Solomon Mkubwa – TZ
• Wilson Bugembe – UG
• ZB – TZ

Kibali – Florence Andenyi
Mfalme Mkuu – Kanjii Mbugua Ft. Enid Moraa
Mtakatifu – Frank
Mungu Mkuu – Evelyne Wanjiru
Maombi – Pastor Anthony Musembi
Unatosha – Eunice Njeri


Barua – Bahati
Delilah – Hopekid
Heshima – Janet Otieno
Kilele – Pitson
Liwe Liwe – Guardian Angel
Mtakatifu – Frank
Mwanake – Benachi Ft. Kaberere
Mwema – Mercymasika
Tam Tam – willy paul Ft. Size 8 Reborn
Unatosha – Eunice njeri

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“CELEBRITY Life Changes A Man As It Kills The Real You” Bahati Praying That He Remains Humble

Christian singer Bahati is praying for humility in his music career  as he states that celebrity life is not as simple as people see it. Having rose to fame in just a year in music Bahati has become one of the most loved artiste’s in both  christian and secular spheres and in all these he is praying for a humble heart as he has noted that such a life changes a man to another.

bahati eldy

Bahati believes that prayer is the only thing that help him put his act together as even though he rises as an artiste he still needs a humble heart so he can serve as a disciple of JESUS.

bahati machakos

Do you know why I always say Put me in your Prayers??? Do you know why I try to be Myself despite the Person I am???…. Because Every Blessing behind it runs pride. Celebrity Life changes a Man… It kills the Real you. Because Glory was Made for God Alone.

He went further to ask his followers to pray for him as he aims for giving all glory to GOD and not himself.


And Today & Everyday as you kneel Down always remind to Say my name in your Prayers. It’s my sincere Desire even as God elevates Me… to always remain Humble in heart … to always be the Same Kid He took from NOTHING !!!! 

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A Pastor And His Wife Narrate How They Narrowly Escaped Bomb Blast In Nigeria

pastor 1

Wife of  a Nigerian Pastor, Avanti Jonas of Hephzibah church in  Abuja Nigeria narrated how she and her husband escaped the bomb blast that happened on 26th  June 2014 that left not less than 21 people dead  . 

Speaking to the media the Pastors wife said:

“Indeed we serve an awesome God!I and my husband were right in Emab when the Bomb exploded!I was in the car while he was in the plaza,our truck as you can see in the pics was parked in front!how I came out of the car is still a mystery,all I did was shout “JESUS JESUS”.
I came out of the car running in confusion,all the cars around me exploded,pple around me roasted in seconds!I was looking for my husband….”

  The pastor had already started mourning his wife, crying uncontrollably at the sight of a corpse which looked like his wife until he saw the watch on the woman left wrist, he was later convinced the corpse was not his wife.
 Meanwhile, the wife too was so confused and thought her husband had perished in the bomb blast but as fate would have it, they finally saw each other and gave thanks to the Almighty.

 See photo of their truck after the blast.  

truck blast pastor post

We thank GOD for saving their lives.

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Young Master Record Selector: Dj Krowbar’s Daughter Takes Over From Him

krowbar 11Gospel spinmaster Dj Krowbar , popularly known as the Master record selector  has decided that its time to prepare early for his cute daughter Toria’s take over.

The legendary dj who is a father of two has started teaching her first-born daughter on skills of deejaying. Krowbar has been and still is a mentor to many dj’s including among others Dj Joe Mfalme and Kenthadj.

Being one of the best dj’s of our time we believe he is going to make a Toria a good dj.

toria krowbar

What say you?

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“I Belong To Jesus” Brazilian Soccer Star “Kaka” Reveals

kaka i am second post

Soccer megastar Kaká (real name: Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite), who has won every major soccer award there is including being named the FIFA World Player of the Year, says it’s all about being first place when he’s on the field but there is someone in his life he would gladly lose to.

“I use a few phrases to let people know a little bit about who I am,” says Kaká in an I Am Second video posted ahead of the opening of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil Thursday evening. “One of them is I belong to Jesus, which is a phrase I always wear on a shirt during the most important moments of my professional career.”

 watch I Am Second Video:

Kaká, who has a habit of pointing two fingers up to the sky to thank God after a goal – which brings to mind for many Americans Tim Tebow’s signature “Tebowing,” or his kneeling with his fist to a bowed head to thank God for a touchdown – says his religious t-shirt and finger pointing is “simply to tell the world that I belong to Jesus.”

kaka i belong to jesus post

In the second half of the I Am Second video, Kaká says in the soccer world he is always competing to win and be first place. But when he meditates on God’s word, it becomes apparent to him that “Jesus [is] in first place.”

“Because even though I am playing against others, and it is important to get there and win, I believe that Jesus is much more important than all of that,” says the 32-year-old soccer star.

“In my whole life, Jesus is in first place,” he says. “That’s why I put that inside my cleats, Jesus in first place, because that is how I think.”

Kaká is Brazilian and he is a devout evangelical Christian and is a member of the Sao Paulo-based Rebirth in Christ Church. His wife, Caroline Celico, was a former pastor at the Reborn in Christ Church, joining the church after she began to date the soccer player. During the 2005 FIFA Confederations Cup final, Kaká and some of his teammates on the Brazil team wore t-shirts that read, “Jesus Loves You.”

Kaka and Brazil players

Kaká will not play on the Brazil team this year during the World Cup , with sports news reports commenting that Brazil’s coach Luiz Felipe Scolari opted for a younger squad.

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(Open Letter) Comedian Eric Omondi : “As Kenyans We Have A Way Of Killing Talents We Don’t Support Our Own”

eric omondi post

Top Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has come out to share his thoughts on the current situation of the “un supporting nature” for our own talents. Eric Omondi in his words termed the support as not helpful and in his words he said no one will believe in your children until you do, KENYA.

Eric Omondi’s two cents come after their has been an ongoing conversation on lack of local support of local music on radio stations and tv stations. He believes that its time we come out together to embrace our culture and support it more.

wallace eric omondi kamande

See also : “I Am Concerned About The High Intake Of Naija Music In Our Radio Stations” DJ Moz Shares 

On his facebook page he posted :

“Hey my name is Eric Omondi…am a comedian. God has been good to me…His favor and Grace has enabled me to achive alot. I have managed to travel to a few countries because of talent. Now one thing that stands out about Nigeria, South Africa and the United States(some of the countries I’ve been privileged to visit) is their culture…The culture to support their own…They have away of encouraging talent and we have all seen the results. My beloved countrymen have away of killing talents, we don’t support, we hate, we criticise…We all rise up in arms whenever one of us either ‘fails’ or tries anything new…recently i was once again heartbroken when our own Sauti Sol were nominated for the MTV awards…We didn’t vote, we didn’t wish them well…We ridiculed them on twitter as Nigerians and South Africans celebrated their own…no one will believe in your children until you do, KENYA.”

What Say You ?


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The New Voice In Town : Meet The New Beautiful Face That Was Unveiled By Top Gospel Station Truth Fm

Gospel station Truth Fm finally unveiled their new voice and is none other than Tess Libanze. Teejay Libanze who has once hosted KTN’s Tukuza show in Mombasa was a radio presenter at Baraka FM but moved on to pursue her personal interests before Truth Fm came calling.

teejay libanze post

Tess Libanze joined Truth F.m on Monday 2nd June and will be their drive time radio presenter for the evening drive show called “Truth Express”. The show which airs every Monday to Friday from 4 p.m to 7 p.m usually dedicated good music that keeps you going while on traffic.

teejay libanze tukuza

We wish her all the best.

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Michelle Williams, Beyonce & Kelly Rowland Do A Gospel Song “When Jesus Says Yes” [Listen]

destiny child

Destiny’s Child songstress Michelle Williams released a new Christian contemporary single Monday, featuring DC members Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland, called “Say Yes.

“Say Yes” was produced by veteran producer Harmony Samuels, and delivers an inspiring message of the power of Jesus. The catchy chorus states, “When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no.”


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