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ME TEACHER!! : 2.7 Million Books Distributed By The Ministry To Kenyan Primary Schools

The ministry of education distributed a total of 2.7 million books to pupils studying in over 23,000 schools around the country. The initiative which is called Tusome Literacy Programme is meant to aid students with books in a time where learning skills is direly needed.

Primary school students
Primary school students

Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang said the project is aimed at improving teaching and learning of the two subjects.

“It targets 5.4 million children in Class one and two to increase their competencies in reading and writing by the time they join Standard Three,” said Dr Kipsang.

“The intervention will benefit our children a great deal,” Dr Kipsang said on Monday when he hosted United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) representative Sandra Barton.

A report by Uwezo, a program of Twaweza Communications, titled Are our children learning? says less than seven out of 10 Kenyan children aged 10-16 have mustered standard two literacy and numeracy skills.

It also shows children from poor households consistently show lower learning skills.

The Sh4 billion Tusome Early Grade Reading activity is sponsored by the Agency for International Development of the United States and DFID.

(c) Daily Nation

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After 2 Great Seasons of Sugar & Spice, Joey Muthengi Leaves Ebru Tv

Former radio presenter at Capital FM Joey Muthengi has left Ebru Tv.

Joey Muthengi has brought the curtains down on Sugar and Spice show that she hosted at Ebru Africa Tv for about 2 seasons.

blessing joey 2

J Blessing Talks To Joey
J Blessing Talks To Joey

Pitson and Joey Muthengi

Joey on the show brought several artistes and public figures who had the opportunity to not only share their stories but at the same time try some cooking skills. Now she has decided to pursue her passion for entertainment and probably go back to radio after the management team decided not to support the vision of the show.

bahati joey cook

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for a great 2 seasons of ‘Sugar & Spice’ on Ebru Africa TV. It’s been a joy hosting the show and a pleasure meeting such eclectic guests and personalities on a daily basis. While I would have loved to continue on as your host, certain recent developments have prevented me from doing so.

Pitson and Joey Muthengi


Sadly, the management with whom I had worked with since September of 2014 made it clear that they were no longer supportive of my vision for the show, thus I saw it fit for us to amicably part ways.

In the 2 years that I have spent solely exploring the world of television, I have come to realize that my passion indeed lies in several fields of entertainment. I am thereby looking forward to a future which allows me the freedom to make a return to my original love of radio when the proper opportunity presents itself,
Thanks again for your continued patience and support throughout this journey.

Peace & Love,


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CHRISTIANS And Gospel Artistes REACTIONS On Whether OCTOPIZZO Should Have Been Part of GROOVE AWARDS

Octopizzo was named by Mo Sound LTD as one of the guests who would aid in awarding the list of winners at the coveted groove awards. With groove awards being seen as a christian event a number of Christians were left surprised by the move while others being inspired by the move of bringing a secular artiste closer to the light.

Probaly Octopizzo would have thought of his decision to get born again but at the same time its an entertainment event so little impact would the platform have on his walk as a christian.

octopizzo groove

Octopizzo on his part did his job at Groove as he was able to award Kris Eeh Baba as the hip-hop artiste of the year and at the same time rebuked artistes who sing for their own interests and not for GOD’s interest. His speech was profound in the setting where the gospel industry is fighting over what is content and what is not but not everyone was for it. “Octo should not have been part of Groove Awards”, the ones against it said.

Kris Eeh Baba speaking after being awarded by Octopizzo
Kris Eeh Baba speaking after being awarded by Octopizzo

Kalekye Mumo So true… People here are judging based on nothing. That so-called secular artist could have been so blessed by attending the event that he is currently changing his life. Just because I don’t have the calling to spread the gospel like a Christian musician doesnt mean I cant sing and praise God or be among people who do. Jesus walked among the theives, murderers and tax collectors that they may know him and become saved. Only God can judge. As for those claiming clothes make a Christian… you have a lot to learn. Even God has swagg

Joash McOpiyo very sad. a secular musician presenting an award to a gospel musician? there cannot be a competition between gospel and secular. the other day i was disapointed with adawnage the band on the#trend when they agreed to back nyota ndogo as she sings. this was crazy. lets know who we are in christ jesus

Princess Maa 2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? Someone answer that second verse is 1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” (some people are already deceived are u one of them?).my third verse is 2 John 1:9-11

Kenn Eddy Krezi I guess you are just bitter bro.The Main essence of the GOSPEL is LOVE.Ask yourself what Jesus would do If He was groove awards and Octopizzo wanted to appreciate!!? Would he go to Facebook and say this?
Just because Octopizzo to you is a sinner doesn’t make you any holy.He is still God’s child and a sinner,and so is me and you.
Again I repeat the gospel is about LOVE.

Kagendo Njiru Lydia Ndwiga maybe he and many other’s don’t know where mosound offices are located I presume. This conversation reminds me of the sinful woman annointing the feet of Jesus with perfume. ..and a similar conversation began round that table…no wonder the story is in the Bible..Religion and rules set by men to please their flesh, same old story. ..Christ came to save the lost. if you ain’t one of them then He did not come for you.

Ćiirú Karanja Everybody saying different things but didn’t Jesus also mingle with Tax Collectors,people who didn’t believe in the kingdom.We are no better than the people of the World.And who came up with this Secular and Gospel divide.There’s someone in that Secular world as you put it who lives an exemplary life than most of you who are commenting.Before judging look into your life first Now you can throw those stones at me

Deejay Kagz I don’t ever rememba an year Groove awards ended with out queries…Their is something fundamentally wrong with this awards and i agree with both of you to some level but allow me to speak also as a pioneer in the gospel industry…It is time we stopped covering personal ideologies and thinking’s behind the word of God.I Do not believe in alot of the rules for groove awards i find them judgmental and who are we to judge??

Secondly this event started out with a great cause to honor excellence in the Gospel industry but now it looks to me like its there to honor the needs of its sponsors lets impress the sponsors and build a platform for ratings and money streams via mobile tune downloads ad country wide sold out concerts…What happened to the days when ministry was a thirst for God and the Holyspirit but not a show of glitz and glamor.

OK we are to reach out to the lost i agree that was Jesus’s main ministry on earth but if it is not about the ratings and money pullers for the sponsor what business really did Octopizzo have at the awards?what message were we pushing that youth of the world aspire to be like him?

Shish L C Wanjiru I don kno why pple lyk to justify sin by sayin u r judgin or u who is pointin it out is not holy…..who is a believer? Someone who has accepted he is a sinner and acknowledged Christ as th deliverer n saviour. A non believer is th opposite. Let me ask a question….if say a free mason said they want to come appreciate gospel music at groove wud they hav been welcome?

Ndela Ladu Make me understand how sharing an alter for God with a sinner is love again? Christ went to their houses he didn’t invite them to stand and speak in the synagogue.

Joyce Mwah-ngee Let’s extend grace to others in the same level Jesus Christ extended to us

Nettie Oyugi What pains me is that people in the secular industry can boldly stand and ‘advise’ gospel artists to focus on God in their songs…even they know that some of those gospel songs are seems to me the secular artists already know the truth, perhaps better than gospel artists…no? Ian Mbugua put it rightly..’decrease that God may increase’..Octo said more or less the same thing? So who is evangelizing who?

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GOD HAS EYES : Meet The Matatu CREW Who Transport The DISABLED Without Charging Them EXTRA

Every single day, they pick up disabled persons from ABC Place, Westlands at their places of work and drive them to their homes at normal bus fare rates. On a different scenario at a different stage and at a different location another person with disability is being charged more or even ignored but this matatu crew are not like that.

matatu crew


According to Nairobi News, Josphat Mwangi a matatu driver and James Njau a conductor, voluntarily offered to be transporting the National Council of Persons with Disability staff whose office is at ABC Place to Nairobi CBD and to Kinoo at no extra cost after seeing the struggle they were going through crossing the busy highway.


The two have been taking time off during the city rush hours for two years now, to ensure the staff with varied degrees of disability get back home after work with no hassle.

“They usually drop the ones living in Kinoo right outside their houses and this has helped the staff members to be motivated at work since at the end of the day they are assured of safe transport home,” said Dr Sankok.

“We at the council have persons with disability forming half of our staff and some were resigning after few months of service because of transport challenges that would see much of their income spent on transport,” said the council chairman Dr David Sankok.

Dr Sankok says that for a long time he was unable to find an institutional solution to the transport crisis that was facing employees before some ‘God send Angels’ came to his rescue.

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It’s Been A Great 6 Years : Edith Kimani Leaves KTN

News anchor Edith Kimani has left KTN. Edith Kimani broke the news today in the afternoon where she stated that she will be leaving the news desk for another station called DW-TV.

edith kimani post

From the days we saw her working so hard on the Presenter show on KTN Edith Kimani stood out as a voice to reckon with in the media industry. Winning the Presenter was not an option and when she did most of her followers were delighted to see her chosen as the best of the other participants with Karani. Now sadly her journey at KTN has come to an end a few days after another two Presenters from the reality show were starting their new jobs at KTN.

Edith Kimani on a tweet stated that she will be leaving KTN for DW Tv where she will be working as the East African correspondent. Possibly covering any news that relate to East Africa.

Her departure though shocking will leave many fans of her saddened but at the same time praying for her goodwill as she takes the next challenge in her life.


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‘If the Thoughts That Enter Your Mind Don’t Bring Peace … It Ain’t GOD’ : Michelle Williams


Williams, 34, appeared on BET’s “Lift Every Voice” recently, where she spoke about her decision to help people get free in their own lives after getting personal on her fourth solo album Journey to Freedom.

michelle williams album

“How (much) more transparent can I be with consumers to let them know the process to being free from whatever is keeping you from being your best, whether that’s procrastination, the wrong relationships (or) low self esteem? What can we do to get free from that and really live good healthy lives?” Williams asked host Fonzworth Bentley on “Lift Every Voice.”

“A lot of us aren’t living to our full God given potential. Lets get free from hurt that was probably done to you in the past.”

The singer revealed she has been hurt multiple times in her life, including facing a depression in 2012 that dates back to when she was 15 years old.

“I thought it was growing pains. I thought ‘oh I just like to be by myself,’ but there were things going on around me, disappointments,” Williams recalled on the show. “A lot of things that I saw with my eyes, a lot of things that I heard with my ears really hurt me. I carried that into my adulthood.”

While Williams admitted she did not want to deal with her issues for years, she didn’t realize that also meant she was not healed from certain situations. Years later, she sees the importance of both prayer and seeking professional help if people are having a hard time dealing with depression.

The singer said it’s important to recognize when negative ungodly thoughts enter the mind in order to stop them.

“If the thoughts that enter your mind don’t bring peace, happiness (or) joy, think on those things that are from above. If they’re not (going) to take you above, that’s not of God,” Williams said on the show. “So you need to shake yourself and say ‘boo … get out of your feelings, because it’s you. That ain’t God.'”

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9 Surprising Things You Need To Know About Night Running

A Night runner  is one who runs at night, acts/looks like a vampire, or is just a little insane.The nocturnal practice of running around communities is  Closely associated with witchcraft, it sometimes involves running with tamed wild animals for security. Families who engage in it are often both shunned and revered by their communities for their supposed “magical powers”.

After closely following up on the recent story of night runners in Homabay county we decided to come up with 9 reasons you probably did not know about night runners.


1. It is a sport.

Running is a kind of sport that one exercises his or her body through. When you run you sweat a lot and that is a good activity of stretching your veins and nerves. Running also avoids blood clot hence smooth flow of blood. Night running can be categorized because there are those who do it for sports and those who do it to harm others. Some people prefer running at night because of the silence as part of meditation and sport.

2. It is a spirit.

Night running can be categorized in two ways. It is either you are doing your normal sport thing or there is a spirit driving you and not your natural physical strength. There is an evil spirit that tends to control you and according to my research, that spirit can awaken you from your sweet sleep and you can do the un imaginable things.

3. It is inherited.

Some people inherit night running from their ancestors. Talk of innocent generation who don’t know why and how they do it but just find themselves in the act anyway. It is simply because their ancestors used to run at night and so they are the inheritors. It cant just leave them. It is inbuilt.

4.It is a lifestyle.

Night runners make it a daily routine in their lives to run every night, if they don’t do so they feel sick. They are addicted to it and it is part of them it is hard to do without it in their lives.

5.It Fears Visitors.

According to some traditions, night runners do not do their magic when visitors are in their homesteads. It is a shame and if found night running their is a price behind it. The Luo customs have it that you have to dig a pit latrine or give away a goat to the person who caught you in the act.

6.It is a form of security.

Many say that running at the night scares away thieves who steal during the night. It is true. I have heard of cases where a thief had to hide after seeing a night runner. This is what happened: the thief was on his mission to steal from a neighborhood and when he met head on with the night runner, both started running. The thief thought the night runner was chasing after him whereas the night runner was running for his life thinking that he would pay the price of being found in the act.

7.Traditions behind it.

According to Luo customs and traditions, a night runner should not be killed. If you kill a night runner and he or she dies, you will also be a night runner. The same way if you kill a thief, you become a thief. They are to be punished only but not to be harmed. There is also a tradition that if a woman is married to an ancestry of night runners, she cannot give birth not unless she does the exercise of running at night.

8. It is dangerous.

That evil spirit that drives you to run can make you sustain injuries that you never expected and you may end up bleeding and losing a lot of blood. Some of the night runners run bare footed and it exposes them to infections like jiggers as well as natural thorns having their way through your feet.

9.It is evil and Nonreligious.

The Holy scriptures of the Bible does not support any evil act from evil spirits. Everything should be done in the light and legally.You can ask yourself why night runners fear running in the broad day light instead opt for night time when everyone is peacefully asleep and in the thick dark. Some of the actions they do scare many people who in turn cannot have a peaceful night e.g throwing stones on top of the roof and throwing feaces to anyone they come across.


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In the year 2013 July 23 to be specific, we set a goal of hitting a million more readers when we hit the  million mark. Now we can gladly report that Uliza Links has been able to surpass the target in the shortest time possible as now your read is part of 2 Million reads that we have on our website.

2 million read uliza links

First we would like to thank GOD for helping us reach where we are now and thank each one of you who is currently reading this now. It’s not an easy task to wake up every morning as early as 4 am and write a story so that you can read.

2 million uliza links co ke

This mark of 2 million would not have been achieved without you dear readers who have kept coming and coming to read constructive news that we share every single day. As you have noted we are not so focused on sensational stories but we more focused on content as we believe that by promoting good many lives shall be changed and Kenya shall be a better place to live.

We thank GOD that till today we have remained positive with no rumors or scandals on our website.

Now we want to thank YOU reader/follower for reading our website for the past 2 years since February 2013 or if you came later we still say thank you. In addition to that we would like to thank the following who have helped us to grow from one level to the next.

Julie Gichuru , J Blessing , Heshan De Silva , Gurvin Bassi, Mary Njoki , Njesh Wa Kabbz, Faith Muturi, Hilda Wellah, Wilson Muirani, Jeff Koinange , Kris Eeh Baba , Mzazi Willy Tuva , Alex Mwakideu , Eric Kinoti , Size 8 , Lady Bee, Scepta , our Link Girls , Link Family and all our ardent followers of #TeamPurpose.

Credit also goes to our writers who include : Henrie Mutuku , Frida Owinga , Shellie Letema , DJ Krowbar and our current team of Maurice, Grace , Elizabeth , Angela and Anita which is pushing our brand.

Lets make this grow to greater heights  #TeamPurpose.

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Julie Gichuru : “Putting Christ At The Center Of Our Lives Is The Key To Understanding”

Today we share an inspirational quote from Citizen Tv news anchor Julie Gichuru who shares on the aspect of having Jesus Christ at the center of our homes and lives. Is having Christ that important ?

Julie Smiling

Julie Gichuru shared this on her facebook page :

Putting Christ at the centre of our lives, & our homes is the key to understanding and therefore recognising & appreciating ‪#‎Grace‬.

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Man Chains Himself At Kenyatta National Hospital Protesting Lack Of Medical Equipment

Wanjohi KNH
Wanjohi who chained himself at KNH

A 38 year old man chained  himself on a tree outside the emergency unit of Kenyatta National Hospital yesterday  protesting lack of medical equipment. The protester whose name is David Wanjohi wanted more radio therapy machines for cancer patients at the referral hospital.

David Wanjohi had visited the facility just like any other patient on Tuesday morning and later he reportedly went on to chain himself on the neck to a tree outside the emergency unit. Wanjohi then set up banners to proclaim this urgent need for more radio therapy machines for cancer patients at the referral hospital and later added another banner announcing a hunger strike to rally support for the purchase of the equipment.

Wanjohi protesting lack of equipment
Wanjohi protesting lack of equipment

In March this year,the radiotherapy treatment at the hospital had been suspended for a week after the limited two radiotherapy machines at the facility broke down.

Radiotherapy, which is a required treatment for  over 80 per cent of all cancer cases, is offered only at one public hospital, KNH, at a cost of Sh 500 per session.

One of the machines was repaired and treatment resumed though some of the patients had to wait longer for their treatment as the repaired machine was more suited to offer radiotherapy to cervical and prostate cancer patients.




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Hope Blackwell Is Coming To KENYA

  • Founder Back to the Garden Ministries.
  • Author of 5 books.
  • Has a weekly broadcast on Truth Fm.
  • Will be ministering at Nyayo Stadium on 6th June, Queen Esther’s Generation.

    Evangelist Hope Blackwell.

International Evangelist, Intercessor, Missionary, Author and teacher of God’s word Hope .D. Blackwell is coming to Kenya in June to minister to many among them women who undergo challenges in life such as high poverty level, gender based violence, the married and unmarried among many topics she will share.

On June 6th, all roads will lead to Nyayo National Stadium as Hope will be ministering to women from 11am to 5 pm. You don’t want to miss the singles package Hope will tackle as well as the married couples package which will be addressed  vividly by Evangelist Andrea .T. Watts of Church of God USA who will accompany Hope.The theme for that day will be ‘Woman take back everything the Devil Stole from you’.

Hope is the founder ‘Back to the Garden ministries which was initiated in 2003. She is an author of 5 books; The Back to the Garden Purpose Series (The Man, The Woman, & The Marriage) all published in 2003, The Essentials of Effective Evangelism written in 2008 and used for Evangelism training in local and global churches, and most recently, The Purposed Woman, Transformational Truths for Purposeful Living, published in March 2012.

Born in Norfolk, Virginia in the United States of America, Hope gave her life to Christ in her early twenties and her her unique testimony of deliverance and healing from many strongholds from her youth, is evidence of the power of Jesus Christ to save, heal and transform everyone who believes, desires and responds to his call. Hope’s greatest desire is for people to experience the unconditional love of God through believers and be drawn into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, where they are delivered and grow up into healthy and victorious disciples until his glorious return.

In December 2013, she launched ‘Wisdom Speaks Radio’, the Ministry’s global internet radio station which reaches people globally around the clock with quality christian programs and music, prayer and the call to salvation. She also has a weekly broadcast on Truth Fm Radio called ‘Insights’.

”The anticipation of seeing my brethren and their beloved families is building as we pack up crates, weigh things, and pick up last minute items! I will be with so many of you all and my covenant brethren since the beginning years who I love with all my heart Bishop Turere, Apostle Albert Kinyanjui,  Pastor Josphat Mamet, Pastor George Juma Adongo, Pastor Samuel Kariuki Mwangi and the queens of Queen Esther’s Generation with Pastor Esther Obasi-ike and Pastor Prince Obasi-ike and the RCCG-Solution Center Family! Also will be with my beloved Israel Ezekia and Profesa James Mahmi!!!!!We can never forget our beloved Golden Castle Tots with Dr Bramwel Siku and Abigail Siku! OH! Kenya nakukosa sana! Nakupenda!In the words of Apostle Paul, “Kwa maana ninatamani sana kuwaoneni ili nipate kuwagawieni zawadi ya kiroho na kuwaimarisha”! Romans1:11.”, Hope posted on her face book page last week.


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10 Steps To Walk Away From An Abusive Relationship And Moving On

  • What is an abuse.
  • Avoid early death and old age
  • Accept and move on.
  • Causes of abusive relationships.
  • Solutions to walking out of  them.

An abuse is the use of something in a way that is wrong or harmful. An abusive relationship is a kind of union whereby one person suffers the most instead of gaining or benefiting from the relationship itself. An abusive relationship is never healthy since it can lead to cases of stigmatization, death, suicide, fear, low self esteem and loss of hope.

relationship issues

Some of the reasons why some people stay in such like relationships are because of poverty, religious beliefs, single parenthood, embarrassment, pressure and believing it is normal. However one should walk out of an abusive relationship because at the end of the day you need to protect your future. Will you die by leaving the relationship or will you like to take the risk ?

Avoid your early death by loving and respecting yourself then others will.

Many couples love complaining that the opposite partner has weaknesses that cannot be solved or maybe they have just refused to change. If an abuse becomes a habit, it will be very difficult to stop it. The best thing to do is walk out.

Forms of abuse include : emotional, financial and physical abuse. One major factor that causes these to take place is the act of being desperate and you feel like it is your partner alone that can work out solutions for you. You fear your friends knowing that a celebrity is slapping you everyday and your excuse for your red cheeks that used to be moist are that the kind of facial creams you use nowadays are expired! You are being abused.

Causes of abusive relationships start with a small misunderstanding that later develop to arguments and comparison of intelligence based on matters education, one starts feeling disrespected yet expects to be obeyed. It is also caused by dictatorship and family backgrounds. Abusive relationships cannot be treated they can be managed by simply loving yourself and going your way.  It is also noted that in today’s world both parties are involved: Men and Women. The following are steps on how to quit an abusive relationship:


The most important thing in life is to always admit that there are things which you cannot handle or manage. They are just beyond  your control and no matter how much you have struggled with them, you do not see your hard work bearing fruit. Accepting that you have a weakness helps you to know more about yourself and professionals will help you out. Accept that you are being abused and you have no say over it.


Bring it to their attention that you have been patient enough with him or her and can no longer take it. If he is the kind of furious person, hide and disappear, go to a far place maybe to one of your strict family members house that he cannot reach or fear  seeing. The world is nowadays digital and you can block his contacts from your mobile phones. Deny him any chances of seeing you or meeting you because he can convince you to come back. If he is the changing kind of a guy make sure you distance yourself from him and see if he is willing to change.


There must be that one or two persons that you can share your secrets with in your life. Find them and explain your situation. Listen to their genuine advice and weigh what is best for you. Of course the caring ones will tell you to leave and find another option. If some tell you to stay it will be for the obvious reason to weigh your partner and give him time. Be wise.


You have a bright future ahead, do not allow him or her to frustrate you because he or she is well off. Never be controlled by abuse. It is the worse feeling ever. Do not make him feel like he owns you and you cannot do without him. If for sure your life is in God’s hand and man cannot determine your destiny. It was never meant to be so don’t go on forcing it in the name of ”lets give it a try once again”, because you are giving yourself physical torture and the sooner you realize it, you are worn out and old. People will start walking away from you.


Most people fear moving on with life. Forget about the luxurious wedding you did and how it made news in the TV, whether he was a celebrity or not, how will you manage it financially without him?, that shame of going back to your mother’s house and your community making you the gossip of the year, don’t forget the church will talk. So? Will they talk forever or are you the first one to go back to your  family? Face the Goliath and God will also help you. Be courageous, read the Bible, change your church if you cannot manage the stigmatization and sleep a lot. Go close to funny friends who can crack your ribs, laugh laugh laugh.


Don’t be so rushy with another relationship or commitment. You can have as many male friends as you want who can give you moral support but don’t be so easy to give them your heart. Study him critically and be honest with yourself. Don’t be carried out by simple surprises that happen when the sun rises but when the sun sets they are no more. Have a walk with God and let him control your emotions. Talk little and listen keenly to advices from your parents. Lastly listen to your right conscious and the voice of the Holy spirit.


Listen frequently to stories from people who have gone through the same ordeal because truth be told you are not the first neither the last to have faced such an experience. However, don’t be surprised that yours was a minor occurrence and theirs big ones. We get encouraged by our friends’ problems since we realize ours were at least than theirs. Surprisingly you will one day be encouraging another person on the same. The next time you engage into another relationship you will be well  informed.


Forget about him, that he ever existed and broke your heart or tortured you. Forgive and forget, pray for him or her, and leave revenge to God. You will realize that with time you have fully recovered and you no longer suffer jealousy at the thought that he may be dating someone else since it is none of your business you get to sympathize with the next person your ex torturer is currently dating. There must be that one special person who can make you happy. Joy comes in the morning and life must continue.


There are some things that human beings don’t understand why God let them happen. It is at such times that people question God a lot and even doubt if he ever exists and if he does why go through hell on earth? Well with time you have learnt that God had a reason and that ,man was never yours and you have to let go. The best part of it is when light comes into your eyes and it is dawning in you that men are not the same. Anyway such like things makes you strong in life and you emerge to be victorious.


It is high time that you one day met your former abruptly all of a sudden. Don’t get shocked how he has lost weight. He sees you with your new guy and how your life has improved and he is like is this for real? Yes it is for real because he was just a path you had to path by to your destiny. Also known as preparing way for the coming Messiah!!! You feel refreshed and ready to face life again this time more careful and charged up. Don’t forget, self respect is paramount.




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Happy Mothers Day : Reasons Why Mothers Need Encouragement

When Mary was asked by Gabriel to become the mother of the Messiah, she risked her life with the commitment, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said” (Luke 1:38). Her Son would later say to his Father in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Not as I will, but as you will” (Matthew 26:39).


Is this the pattern of history?
Moses was raised in the pagan culture, traditions, and religion of Egypt. And yet because of his spiritual mother, he never forgot his God or his people, and one day led them to their Promised Land. Samuel’s mother, Hannah, was fervent in prayer, trusting God for a son. She gave that son back to the Lord. And he became Israel’s last judge, first prophet, and great spiritual leader.
Paul said to young Timothy, “I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also” (2 Timothy 1:5). Is it not true that what their mothers were, their children became?
Does the pattern continue across history? The mother of Nero was a murderer, as was he. Of the 69 kings in France’s history, there were only three who were truly loved and respected by their subjects—the only ones reared by loving mothers. Sir Walter Scott’s mother was a woman of education and a great lover of the arts. So was he. The mother of George Washington was known for her integrity of character, as was her son.
Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” John Newton’s mother prayed for her wayward, sinful son, until he came to the Amazing Grace of which his hymn testifies. (Tweet this)
Our ministry exists to equip and encourage Christians to change their culture for the Kingdom. No one deserves such encouragement more than mothers. W. R. Wallace noted, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” If yours is such a hand, would you ask God for the wisdom and strength to lead your children to their Father? If you’re not a mother, will you encourage someone who is?

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Joyce Meyer : Four Tips To Become A Great LEADER

Everyone want’s to be the best in something but to become the best you have to put effort and time. Televangelist Joyce Meyer outlined some of the best tips one can use to become a Leader.

bad leader

1. Spend time with God, not just for God

It’s easy for church workers, and anyone in a leadership capacity, to replace spending time with God, with working for God, Meyer said. Church leaders in particular are so often caught up in meetings and prayer gatherings that they forgo their own intimate time with Jesus. The first thing for every successful person – whether that’s as a parent, business owner, employee or in ministry – is that God, and time with him, aways comes first.

2. Be vulnerable

Transparency is key to real leadership, Meyer continued. “It’s great to tell your success stories, but it’s even better to tell the things you’ve had a hard time with; the things that didn’t work out well for you.” It’s important not to expect those you’re leading to grasp things straight away, either, she said. It’s about “not only talking about where I’m at, but what it took to get here … be vulnerable with people, tell them the truth, and don’t expect them to be in a year where it took you four years to get to.”

3. Embrace diversity

“I would have gone stark raving mad as an employer, even of Christians, had I not learned that we’re all different, and God did it to us on purpose,” Meyer said. She explained that her and her husband are quite different in nature, as are many married couples, and the same is true in a work setting. “Even as an employer, I can’t make everybody be alike,” she said. The key is to embrace diversity, and acknowledge difference as valuable. “You have to help people find the right spot for them – there’s nothing worse than someone being in a position where they’re elected to do something they’re never going to do.”

4. Love freely

Living out Jesus’ command to love one another as he loves us is “the single greatest thing we need in the Church today”, Meyer concluded. “God loves us, and he wants us to love him back … and let that flow through us to other people.” She said that even after being a Christian for a long time, she wasn’t as happy as she knew she should have been, and became convicted of her own selfishness. Leaders often fall into the trap of making their ministry all about them – how big it can grow, and how many people come to hear them talk – she said, but it all comes down to people, and how well they know they are loved.

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The 3rd WHITE Wedding : Evangelist Paula White Gets Married Again

Evangelist and author Paula White quietly married rock guitarist Jonathan Cain over the weekend.



White shared photos of the ceremony on her Facebook and Twitter pages on Tuesday.

The pastor was formerly married to Dean Knight and Pastor Randy White, and has one son, Bradley Knight. Randy, also a megachurch pastor, offered congratulations to his ex-wife.

“I am so happy for Paula & Jonathan,” he wrote on Facebook. “I pray they have a great marriage and do great works for the kingdom! I said I would never marry again until I made sure Paula married someone else . Bless them both and support them! #‎RandyWhite‬.”

paula-white-wedding-05 paula-white-wedding-04 paula-white-marries-jonathan-cain

Cain, 65, is a member of Journey, and wrote their iconic song “Don’t Stop Believin’.” He has also performed with the bands The Babys and Bad English. Cain’s marriage to Paula is his third, and he has three children from a prior marriage.

White leads New Destiny Christian Center in the Orlando metropolitan area, and hosts a television show, “Paula White Today.” The programme is produced through Paula White Ministries, and appears on several cable networks.

According to got questions, marriage is a lifetime commitment. “So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate” (Matthew 19:6). God realizes, though, that since marriages involve two sinful human beings, divorces are going to occur. In the Old Testament, He laid down some laws in order to protect the rights of divorcees, especially women (Deuteronomy 24:1-4). Jesus pointed out that these laws were given because of the hardness of people’s hearts, not because they were God’s desire (Matthew 19:8).

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“Nasiwezi Jizuia” : MWEMA By Mercy Masika Has Taken Over RADIO, TV, MATATUS And Now RIVER ROAD

Wako Mwana Ukamtuma Duniani Kisa na Maana, Tupate Uzima Jamani. Ishara Kwamba Unanipenda Zaidi Ivyo Nishaelewa Sifa Nitakupa Zaidi.

These are the words that Mr Vee thought about when he was writing the 1st verse of Mercy Masika’s new song Mwema that has attracted such a huge media rotation since it was released in December 2014.  It was probably just another well written song by Mr Vee but now 5 months since it was released, the song has now hit over 90,000 views making it a contender for the song of the year at Groove Awards 2015.
mwema by mercy masika

Just a few weeks after it was released Uliza Links felt the need to promote the song as the song of the week as at that time it was important to share what we felt was right content for our readers. On a low key it got a thousand of views but little did we know that a few months after featuring the song on our blog that it would become one of the biggest songs in Kenya now being played on most platforms.

While walking across the streets of River Road you will be surprised to see how the song is being played by different music vendors.  The song has literally taken over the playlist in Nairobi as the continuous requests that hit radio and tv contact lines is just amazing.

Probably even Mercy never saw this coming but the blessings that have come from it is just remarkable. Now the continuous rotation has not only brought so much praise to Jesus but has also brought Mercy Masika back to the limelight after she went below the radar since releasing Emmanuel.

Now looking at how the song is being requested on most tv and radio stations it portrays how a good song will always ‘hit’ the greatest mark even if you have very limited resources. The video is not that classy, has no dancers or effects but the message of the song just sinks into the soul of someone who is seeking Christ showing that content is what matters in a song and not the striking expensive video as Pitson said in Lingala ya Yesu.

Glory has to go to GOD in this truly and for one more time we share the song with you.

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