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WHO IS FUNNIER ? Top 10 Comedians On CHURCHILL SHOW Who Will Always Make You BURST Into LAUGHTER

Churchill show is the biggest comic show in Kenya with the proprietor Daniel Ndambuki taking center stage every Sunday when NTV airs the show at 8PM. The show has over the years grown into major heights- having hit 100 episodes in February- and given many comedians a platform to grow but among all of these comedians there is always one who stands out among the rest.

Uliza Links had to review the comedians and this is our top 10 list of comedians who will always you burst into laughter.

10.  Proffessor Hamo

With the act of him imitating a professor, Hamo has really come up a voice to reckon with on Churchill show.

9. Zeddy Comedian


Little would one have known that a lady would come on top when it comes to comedy and Zeddy has surely shown that this game can also be run by ladies. She comes at number 9 on Churchill show

8. YY

Who would have thought that a black Michael Jackson would crack you up ? YY has surely shown that continuous efforts and auditions can surely rise up a talent to be the best in the industry.


7. Butita

From his jokes of Kariobangi and East lands Butita has surely mastered the art of comedy and how to make his audience laugh by connecting what happens on the ground with what people can relate with.


6. Rib Krakaz

This will surely be the best group of comedians that will ever grace the the industry. From the days of Naswa to the the stage of Churchill show these comedians are creative and their art of marching and imitating what people do on a daily basis is a true character of comedy that many would always love to see.

5. Njoro

Talking of the stories of his dad fighting with the landlord and with the neighbors, Njoro’s voice in comedy has risen as a guy who would take you from your chair to your carpet when narrating his stories.


4. Sleepy David

Always terming himself as a P.A of Chipukeezy Sleepy David is truly funny. He can pick a trending topic and make a joke out of it. Be it a pastors sermon or a story that everyone has been talking about. Sleepy will for sure always stand out as a great comedian.


3. Karis

“Hambari Ngani” is the intro that Karis would use when he enters the stage and how diverse is Karis such that he can pick a joke from North Eastern combine it a Meru accent and still make the audience laugh.


2. Fred Omondi

Back in the limelight after he left Churchill show to start his show on KTN, Fred Omondi will always be a top comedian as his art is not limited to any location or tribe but he can take you from Kisumu to Nyeri and still make you laugh. He even helps his brother Eric Omondi come up with Jokes when they are brainstorming.

Fred is number 2

fred omondi

1. David The Student

Why lie,  for now David the student is best comedian that is currently huge on Churchill show. Who would have thought that the word ‘stupid’ would become such a big word in comedy and not an abuse. David Student has grown from just being a comedian who can come and give you one or two jokes but can actually take over the whole show by incorporating the audience into it . If Churchill was to leave the show, David Student would surely one of the best choice of a host for the show.

student dav

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On Thursday 28th May, Uliza Links had invited the gospel deejays to pay as a visit as we planned to do an interview that talked about the success of the Kenyan gospel industry and where it is heading. As early as 10 am Dj Soxxy was the first to arrive and after having a brief chat with him we were joined by DJ Krowbar who lead us in prayer before sitting down to wait for DJ Mo and DJ Sadic.

Story by Anita Chiama, Grace Owuor and Editor Eric Okoye. 

gospel deejays post


This would have been just a normal interview talking about how the industry has grown but it was also of great importance to talk about the issues affecting the gospel circle. It’s a fact that the industry has been facing so many battles but these battles are mean’t to challenge us as Christians and at the same time show us the right way to follow.

dj mo sadic soxxy and krowbar

We were later joined by DJ Sadic and DJ Mo and after catching up on how work has been we start the interview :

DJ MO : “We were not that rich so I could not even afford a disc man so I used a DVD player from my home to push my passion for deejaying. My first gigs were at ‘Kandamiza Ukimwi’ programs in Rongai with much much support from my mother,” DJ Mo states

DJ MO and Sadic’s friendship goes way back as they were both part of Spinrage DJs.

DJ SOXXY is 13 years old in this ministry, beginning in Dagoretti High School as part of the worship team after which he was actively involved in missions, where he kicked off with deejaying.  Unlike DJ Mo, Soxxy could afford a disc man and he used it with a bata shoe box full of CDs to kick start his career as a disc jockey. DJ Moz spotted the passion in him and invested in him.


This year marks a decade since the beginning of DJ Krowbar’s deejaying ministry and it has been nothing short of an amazing experience for him. Born again in 2005, DJ Krowbar did not enter the disc jockey industry because he wanted to become one. He had actually joined Homeboyz Production classes with the dream of becoming a music producer but later found himself on the decks.

What do you think about content and why do some artistes complain that gospel deejays don’t play their music ?

DJ Sadic : Deejaying is our ministry and it is our business,  so we need to take it seriously. For the same reason that God requires the best of us, we also need to give our best.  As deejays we can only play music with the right content and quality because God has called us to a higher office and we are HIS ambassadors.


What about Standards, Is there a standard set for music or gospel music at your work place ?

DJ KROWBAR : 80% of the songs we receive do not see the day of light and actually it’s better that way, so that the 20% of songs on rotation, challenge the other artistes to maintain the required production standards set.

Another thing to state is that we are employed by our bosses at established media houses so we do not own the media houses where we work in. There are certain guidelines set that relate to content, maintaining viewership, quality and the target market of the show.


All the same, media is not a determining factor and as tv DJs we are not the key to any artistes success, we are only gatekeepers. As an artiste try and go out of your way and distribute your music taking an extra step to maintain the required standard.


sadic soxxy uliza

Should artistes depend on airplay alone to sell their music ?

DJ Sadic : If you go to Skiza you will find out that the top artiste who has the most downloads is not even from Nairobi or even being seen on tv. Its good for artistes to try and see how they can sell their music better rather than just depending on one or two platforms to generate income be it Groove Awards or Bonyeza.

How challenging is it being a deejay and how do you handle that ? 

DJ SOXXY: Carry your office or music out with the professionalism it requires. Some artistes don’t like correction, when we highlight the mistakes in their music; they take it personally when all we are doing is trying to help out.

How do you maintain your role as a gate keeper and ensure that you make decisions independently, such that you can decide NOT  TO PLAY a song of a friend/relation who is close to you ?  Keeping in mind that you have close relations or friends in the same industry ? 

DJ MO  :  Personally I have many friends and being in the  gospel industry of course friendship has to come first before anything. I have many friends whom I don’t play their songs not because I have issues with them. I expect even when I leave my job on tv i will still be friends with them.

People do not know that we  have a serious bond as deejays and we always sit down and preview new music that we get together.  If one deejay says that he will not play a song then ultimately do not expect another deejay to go and play that song. If we agree to push a song we will do it as a team, and if we decide not to play it then we won’t play it as a team. In deciding this we always focus on content, quality and as gatekeepers there are things we look out for before we play music with the view of where we want our Gospel music industry to go.

Is Kenyan gospel Music an INDUSTRY ? or ministry 

Krowbar : Lets just say the truth, where music is now currently many corp-orates are coming on board to endorse artistes because many people are listening to gospel music. Clearly the angle that companies come in gospel music is on commercial viability.

Where we are now corporates like Safaricom can approach a deejay like Sadic and offer him a job as their deejay not because of anything but because they see that this guy is commercially viable.

The toughest question you are left with as an artiste/deejay is :  “How much do you need so that we can make this happen”.

It is so good to accept some realities on the ground.

We have concerns raised about mentor-ship and people blame the stakeholders for not mentoring artistes. Some artistes sing songs that make you wonder where they get their inspiration from. Is mentor-ship important ?

Krowbar : Mentor-ship is important but as a mentor its a challenge to go out of my way to mentor  an artiste as I have to be guided by the spirit.  Just like in the Bible,  Jesus chose his 12 disciples and not the 12 disciples who chose him.

I will only mentor an artiste if I have purposed to mentor one.

DJ Soxxy : It is very hard to force yourself to mentor an artiste as there are people who don’t want to be mentored. I echo what Krowbar says on mentor-ship because it needs to be a deliberate effort from the person who needs to be mentored. I can meet someone who might need me to mentor him/her and I might find myself wanting to walk with him.

Another thing to mention is that mentor-ship should not only be seen as music related as I can decide to walk with someone on other matters of life like devotion and not just music.

We have had issues with units what do you have to say ?

DJ Sadic : Many people have talked about these units and its an issue that we go through every time. People need to understand that we have many units but the body of Christ is one. The units and denominations be it System unit, Genius or K-Krew should not divide us but unite us because we represent the body of Christ. The moment we realize that these units are meant to unite us rather than divide us then we will gain a lot.

What needs to happen in the Kenyan gospel industry to achieve what GOD called us to do ?

DJ MO : First of all we need content and as we said before lets ensure that we have mentors. It’s also important for artistes to know that we have new technology in media and  as much as we want to push for content it’s also critical that we push for better production and quality. Let’s invest in what we do and in what we believe in so that we can reap great fruits.

Another thing is that whether you are a big artiste or small it’s important to pray and keep GOD first. You might have the right quality , content and production but if you do not keep GOD 1st then you will not go far.

What message do you wish to give those artistes who are coming in the industry?

Krowbar : In gospel music it’s better to consult those people who do it professionally. Don’t just enter into a studio, rather consult with people who have been in the industry because if you don’t you will get played and you will do most things wrong.

Make sure you  know yourself before you enter here as not everyone is here for the right intentions. There are people who will use you and in the end you will get hurt. Not everyone walking saying Lord, Lord , Lord will be saved because there are people who are here for their own gains.

What do you have to say to those people who always raise concerns about the industry, are we going the right way?

DJ Sadic : It’s true that some artistes want to take shortcuts and expect their music to go far. We need to invest in our gifts so that it will make room for us.  We need to work on packaging ourselves as we are in an industry of music. Why shouldn’t Chuchu get a deal on tv if Sarah Hassan can get one ?

Some people have entered the industry for the wrong reasons as Mercy Masika can take a four year break and still comeback with a hit. Others have released like 42 songs and not even one is being played or is a hit. So its good to know our calling and know the direction where our gospel music is going.

At the same time its good to say that focus has shifted in the industry as when we were starting there was no money as we used to do it because we were driven by passion. These days some artistes get in it because thy know that there is something in it for them in the end. We need to check on the reason why we do gospel music because if you are doing gospel music for passion you will last but if you are doing it for quick money then you won’t survive.

The last message to upcoming artistes who have taken over the industry 

Dj Soxxy : My challenge to upcoming artistes  is to be anchored on the rock but geared to the time.  If we are anchored to the rock GOD will lift us up as he will show us the right way not to please people but will show us favor.

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Wonder-Working POWER : Letter to Jesus By 8 Year Old Girl Leads Police To Her Rapist


A letter addressed to Jesus written by an eight-year-old girl and found inserted in her Bible gave the police just enough lead to arrest her rapist in Covington, Kentucky.

Dear Jesus

Covington Police Detective Nick Klaiss recalled this incident which happened in October 2013 as the man charged with the crime finally pleaded guilty to the charges of first degree sodomy, first degree sexual abuse and distribution of obscene material to minors last May 28, a Christian News report said.

“Although 25 years doesn’t seem like enough for the defendant to serve based on the heinous and unspeakable crimes he committed, it saves the child victim from being further traumatised by reliving her nightmare of abuse,” Kenton County Prosecutor Kate Bennett said in a statement.

In October 2013, the police received a call from a Covington-area elementary school following a report that a child had been sexually abused. The teachers presented the investigating officers with a note written by the eight-year-old girl, which had been found in her Bible.

“It was addressed to Jesus, and the note disclosed how the defendant … had been abusing her, and pleading with Jesus to have the abuse stop,” Bennett told a local TV station.

Klaiss said the letter was the biggest evidence that led the police to identify and arrest her assailant, identified as 36-year-old Eric Rivera.

“It was very detailed—the allegations that she put in the Bible—so, in that sense it make the case easier,” Klais said.

The police also questioned the girl who described in detail how she was repeatedly abused by the defendant. The girl also disclosed that her abuser showed her dirty images on his phone and in magazines.

When the police subsequently searched the home of the suspect, they found the exact magazines described by the girl. They also found the pornographic images on his mobile phone that the girl mentioned.

Bennett said that the investigators became emotional when they read the letter the girl wrote to Jesus and which she inserted in her Bible.

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“I Love NEREA By SAUTI SOL” : Renown Gospel Singer Reuben Kigame States

Rarely would a christian artiste embrace music that has been sang by another artiste who is not in the same circle. The church might not agree with that endorsement and even others might go to the step of commenting back on the statement. But renown singer Reuben Kigame has talked about it and even went a step further to express his love for Nerea song that was done by Sauti Sol and Amos n Josh.

Reuben Kigame (c) NairobiNews
Reuben Kigame (c) NairobiNews

It is not often that someone interested in Critical Music Discourse comes across something as beautiful and moving as the song “Nerea”, recently released by the group, Sauti Sol!

nerea amos and josh sauti sol

Sauti Sol is not just Kenyan. It is a coming together of talented young men with as huge a musical background as their future seems to suggest.

“I do not enjoy most of their other songs, and, honestly speaking, I don’t even care for them. But, “Nerea” is a Classic and, in my estimation, it will be in the hearts and minds of Kenyans and music analysts for a long time. You know a good song when you hear one, and its latent legacy drives it on. I must admit that the song even made me drop a tear or two.

So why is “Nerea” by Sauti Sol a special song?

First and foremost, I think it is a brave effort by Kenyans to say something nobody really wants to say; certainly not aloud. It is a candid slap against the practice of Abortion.

The boys do not wallow in euphemistic jargon as civil rights groups do. They don’t call Abortion “a choice”, “flashing” or “reproductive health right.

They use the Swahili word “mimba” whose express meaning no Swahili speaker can miss. “I beseech you, Nerea, not to remove my conception/pregnancy,” the song translates.


But it is that particular line that carries the potency of the song. That line will never die and that line will never be misunderstood. In fact, the life of the song is carried in that line. “Don’t remove my pregnancy (sic)!”

The power of this line is a man’s ownership of responsibility in a pregnancy. It is a powerful line in a world where too many a man runs away from social responsibility when pregnancy occurs. “Don’t remove my pregnancy (sic)” is a powerful idiom of love and commitment.

The man is saying, “I am with you and that child is mine.” This is totally counterculture. In our world that is soaked in errotomania, this line may not sell, and indeed, it takes media houses that are proculture for this song to die.

It is the media that may try to kill it, because it might mean someone selling less condoms and that may be bad for media business. It’s exactly the same reason media do not play many songs advising people not to drink, because they might lose alcohol advertising revenues.

It is noble for Sauti Sol to put that line out there, because it will play its role in inculcating in youth the blessing of responsibility when a pregnancy occurs.

Sauti Sol goes a step farther and repeatedly illustrates through the verses of the song that if Nerea does not abort this child, the child might be Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Miriam Makeba the great singer, environmentalist Wangari Maathai, Wanyama the soccer player or David Rudisha the athlete, Lupita Nyong’o who brought Kenya the glory of an Oscar, Odinga the politician, Rwanda’s president Kagame, Tom Mboya, Jomo Kenyatta the freedom fighter who brought independence to Kenya, maybe an angel in disguise among us, or perhaps Sauti Sol who brings us good melodies!

The point is home: We are alive because we were not aborted. Every leader or professional you see in the place of responsibility is there because their mother allowed them to live.”

There is another reason why this is a big song. At a time when many young people are content with going to a music producer who will give them some Fruity Loops or Ridims and then they sing a line or two over and over again and call it a song, or endlessly fight for celebrity status, awards and airplay, Sauti Sol is all out with excellent acoustic guitar lines, great percussions, bass lines, a great wash of string pads, and, certainly a great melody.

The harmonies are tight and the adlibs tantalizing. The Afro-fusion in the beat is moving and danceable, a good contrast to the serious message. What shall one say of the Lead guitar parts just before the Bridge, whose captivating line at the end of the phrase is harmonized on the higher range to give it real presence, diversity and colour as it crescendos into the Bridge!

And Nerea as a choice of name to represent the average Kenyan girl is not just memorable. It is matched by a creative usage of rhyme on the word “Nitamlea…”. This is quite poetic.

But don’t stop just yet! Sauti Sol fashions a melody that is easy to sing and easy to repeat. It is couched in African passion and “soulishness.” It is an intense melody. It is tearful and entreating. It is sweetly sad. You cannot avoid the melody.

And then they pull out a lyrical trigger: “When God brings a child into the world, He ensures He brings the child’s plate as well!”


In a country where many women are aborting with the excuse, “How will I take care of this child if I keep him/her?” Bang! There is your answer, dear girl: It is not you who has fed yourself to adulthood. God ensured your plate was here. It is not your parent or guardian who ensures you eat and grow.

It is God Almighty, all-knowing! He knows you are alive and if alive He knows, too, that you must eat. “Don’t abort my pregnancy … the Lord will take care of it!” Then again they add, “Lete nitamlea!” (Bring the child to me I will take care of it!) This is both responsibility and love in display. It is like saying, “I am ready for God to use me to raise the child.”



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Airtel Africa Calls for Regulation of Free-To-Call Apps That ‘Eat Into’ Mobile Network Revenue


Airtel Africa is calling for regulation of companies that offer free-to-call mobile applications which, according to the telecommunication company, are costing the company a huge amount of revenue. Airtel Africa chief executive Christian de Faria, said that top service providers that offer free calls to consumers are profiting from resources that mobile network operators provide without paying these network operators for their investments. The fact that these service providers are unregulated also means that they do not pay taxes to the government.

(c) Airtel Africa Ceo, Christian De Faria

Speaking at the Telecommunications Union Global Symposium for Regulators in Libreville, Gabon, Mr. de Faria told delegates, “We are happy with the data revolution that is taking place, but new players are riding on our infrastructure and investment, and yet they are not subject to the same taxes and regulation regimes as operators. We expect regulators to help.” The symposium, that began on Tuesday and ends today, brought together heads of international telecommunication companies and regulatory authorities to explore ways in which consumers and operators can benefit from the emerging digital world.

airtel africa


Mr. de Faria expressed that these services are ‘eating into’ mobile network revenues resulting into losses and subsequent decline of mobile network operators. Delegates in the symposium agreed that there needs to a “leveled playing field” for all operators that will ensure equal competition for operators and telecommunication companies but will also ensure viable investments.



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“SHAME On Us ‘People of GOD’ For Bashing At Octopizzo’s Role At Groove Awards” : Kris Eeh Baba States

It started with a photo of Octopizzo on the red carpet and later it was followed by him being given a platform to present the Groove Awards hip-hop song of the year award at the ceremony.


Octo went further to advise gospel artistes to sing for souls and little did he know that after the event concerns would be raised by gospel industry stakeholders who felt that Octopizzo was not supposed to stand on the podium and award a christian artiste.


Probably the person who should have been asked to comment was Kris Eeh Baba as he was the one who received that award and he even embraced Octopizzo as he gave him the award. Probably this was a moment of conviction for Octopizzo to turn back to the light but it seems the setting was just not the right one as the stakeholders stated.

Kris Eeh Baba speaking after being awarded by Octopizzo
Kris Eeh Baba speaking after being awarded by Octopizzo

Kris Eeh Baba on his part contacted uliza links and stated that he was actually happy that Octopizzo presented the award to him because he not only presented the award but gave a profound word of advice.

I am happy @octopizzo presented me the award. Not because of the award….but because of the message he brought to the people. How many times does the bible have to remind us of the course and the reason for everything? Scriptures zilisema,”If you do not worship God, He will command the stones to do so.” Octopizzo was in the right place with the right message and I quote him,”Gospel artists wanafaa kukumbuka kazi yao, you sing to win souls not to get fans.” If any saved person has an issue with his message, I guess he/she should check his/her priorities.

He might not have been the instrument we expected God to use….but what do we know about God! His ways are higher than ours and His thinking is not our thinking. Moses was a Murderer, GOD USED HIM. David did countless sins, GOD USED HIM. Paul was the worst for persecuting the early Church, GOD USED HIM. OCTOPIZZO IS NO DIFFERENT.

My biggest prayer is Octo sees the light and to know God at a personal level. But with the current bashing for the “people of God”….hata kuokoka ni ngumu. Shame on us.

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29-year-old American Mauled to Death by Lion in SA Safari Park

katherine-chappellA 29-year-old American wildlife conversationalist, who has been identified as Katherine Chappell, was fatally attacked by a lion in a South African Safari Park on 1st June 2015. She was taking pictures of the lion through an open window when the lion suddenly jumped on to the car and attacked her through the window killing her. Her sister, Jennifer Chappell confirmed her identity in a moving statement she wrote on Facebook stating:

“We are broken-hearted to share this news with our friends and family: Yesterday morning, while on a volunteer mission to protect wildlife in South Africa, Kate Chappell was involved in a tragic and fatal accident. Katie was a brilliant, kind, adventurous and high-spirited woman. Her energy and passion could not be contained by mere continents or oceans. She was very much loved and shared her love for life with those she met.
“We cannot thank everyone enough for the kind words and support. It means the world to us during this difficult time.”



Katherine Chappell was a film editor who had previously worked on the TV hit series Game of Thrones and was also a wildlife conversationalist having raised money to protect animals in South Africa. Reports state that the lion that attacked Katherine would be taken to an isolated zoo as opposed to gunning it down it as previously stating.

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Fifa President Sepp Blatter To Step Down : Read His Full Speech of Resignation

FIFA president Sepp Blatter is to quit FIFA.

fifa-boss-sepp-blatter post

The 79-year-old said an extraordinary congress is to be called to elect his successor as soon as possible.

He was only re-elected to a fifth term in office on Friday – two days after the crisis was triggered by the arrest of several FIFA officials in Zurich.

In an official speech published on Fifa website, Sepp Blatter stated reasons why he was stepping down.

I have been reflecting deeply about my presidency and about the forty years in which my life has been inextricably bound to FIFA and the great sport of football. I cherish FIFA more than anything and I want to do only what is best for FIFA and for football. I felt compelled to stand for re-election, as I believed that this was the best thing for the organisation. That election is over but FIFA’s challenges are not. FIFA needs a profound overhaul.

While I have a mandate from the membership of FIFA, I do not feel that I have a mandate from the entire world of football – the fans, the players, the clubs, the people who live, breathe and love football as much as we all do at FIFA.

Therefore, I have decided to lay down my mandate at an extraordinary elective Congress. I will continue to exercise my functions as FIFA President until that election.

The next ordinary FIFA Congress will take place on 13 May 2016 in Mexico City. This would create unnecessary delay and I will urge the Executive Committee to organise an Extraordinary Congress for the election of my successor at the earliest opportunity. This will need to be done in line with FIFA’s statutes and we must allow enough time for the best candidates to present themselves and to campaign.

Since I shall not be a candidate, and am therefore now free from the constraints that elections inevitably impose, I shall be able to focus on driving far-reaching, fundamental reforms that transcend our previous efforts. For years, we have worked hard to put in place administrative reforms, but it is plain to me that while these must continue, they are not enough.

The Executive Committee includes representatives of confederations over whom we have no control, but for whose actions FIFA is held responsible. We need deep-rooted structural change.

The size of the Executive Committee must be reduced and its members should be elected through the FIFA Congress. The integrity checks for all Executive Committee members must be organised centrally through FIFA and not through the confederations. We need term limits not only for the president but for all members of the Executive Committee.

I have fought for these changes before and, as everyone knows, my efforts have been blocked. This time, I will succeed.

I cannot do this alone. I have asked Domenico Scala to oversee the introduction and implementation of these and other measures. Mr. Scala is the Independent Chairman of our Audit and Compliance Committee elected by the FIFA Congress. He is also the Chairman of the ad hoc Electoral Committee and, as such, he will oversee the election of my successor. Mr.
Scala enjoys the confidence of a wide range of constituents within and outside of FIFA and has all the knowledge and experience necessary to help tackle these major reforms.

It is my deep care for FIFA and its interests, which I hold very dear, that has led me to take this decision. I would like to thank those who have always supported me in a constructive and loyal manner as President of FIFA and who have done so much for the game that we all love. What matters to me more than anything is that when all of this is over, football is the winner.

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You Are A Blessing To My Life, LOVE : DJ Soxxy Showers His Wife With Praises On Her Birthday

When Love is the topic of discussion then expect one spouse to go the extra mile of showering so much love to other. The same applies to DJ Soxxy who hosts the Switch show on K24 who went further to celebrate his wife on her birthday on Tuesday morning.


Dj Soxxy showed his romantic side from the decks when he showered praises to his wife as a blessing and a lady who has stood with him in good times and bad times. He captioned :

DJ soxxy ciiku post

“Help me in wishing my super nyako Ciiku Kamau a Happy Birthday. This lady has been a blessing to my life and has stood by me through good and bad times. I particularly love that she loves who i am and not what i am. God bless you love and add you many more years.”

DJ Soxxy and Anne Kamau have now been blessed with one child whom they named Wairimu last year when she was born.


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Mix Genius : DJ SADIC Releases His New Official LOGO



Founder and CEO of Genius Entertainment, Dj Sadic has officially released his brand new logo. DJ Sadic released the official logo on his social media accounts and went ahead to explain the inspiration behind it on a phone conversation with Uliza Links by stating that he has decided to do some re-branding. 

11329740_10152801739155919_7928352357303655975_n (1)


The logo is a sign of a fresh start to Dj Sadic’s brand where he uses the symbol of a dove and a stylus, with the names Dj and Sadic creatively and uniquely put as one under the dove.

“I created the logo firstly to identify Dj Sadic as a Christian and to show that God is the source of my skills. I also wanted to show that music comes from God. With that in mind I decided on a dove. I also wanted to show the musical element and so decided on the Dj stylus.

He goes ahead to say, “I wanted to show that DJ Sadic is unique. I managed to show this uniqueness by writing my name in a unique way – a way that no one else has done before. I was fortunate that DJ & Sadic could be combined.”

Followers on his Instagram page largely appreciated the new logo, stating it as a good work of creativity and encouraging him to continue on with the work of God in his deejaying ministry.

Dj Sadic is the Managing Director at Genius Entertainment which holds other affiliate companies and brands under its name. They include the Genius Deejay School, Genius Records and Genius Wear 254. He is also a Groove Awards nominee in this year’s Groove Awards under the category of DJ OF THE YEAR.

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“My 1st Producer DISCOURAGED Me And Told Me To Focus On FARMING” : Jemmimah Thiong’o

Jemmimah Thiong’o is an award winning gospel singer, a music legend to say the least as her music has cut across different jurisdictions occupied by both the youth and old. Jemmimah had been nominated for Kora Awards in 2004 and double nomination for Kisima Awards in 2007.

Jemimah sauti 1

She is a mentor and probably what many uprising artistes don’t know is that Jemmimah has gone through ups and downs to become who she is today. She had a dream and through the financial challenges she faced at first, Jemmimah never gave up but kept pushing and pushing to sing for GOD Almighty.

Jemimah Thiongo sauti

Jemmimah Thiong’o spoke to Uliza Links and this is what she had to say :

“My mentor in music has been Mary Atieno. She is challenged as you know but she is a very strong woman, very strong, I would say she is 10 times stronger than most of us, prayerful and believes in faith. Evangelist Teresia Wairimu also lifts me up when am down, my husband, children and goodwill friends like R-Kay, J-Blessing, Reverend Kathy Kiuna, Pastor Mureithi, and Victor Mbuvi always encourage me by what I overcame earlier. God uses other people to raise others.”

”My first producer discouraged me.”, She revealed. Her first producer asked her about her tribe, occupation and encouraged her to continue farming instead of doing music because he thought she could not do it but her urge for music never faded. The second producer had a tendency of changing her rhythm and she hated it.

jemmimah thiongo 1

Her friend called Sarah introduced her to R-Kay and that’s when her music just started moving. ”I recorded my first album in my  late thirties while R-Kay was in his early twenties (laughs) and the battles for ‘Mwenye Baraka was fought before it was even recorded. I received that song in a vision.”

“We used to walk with R-Kay from Nairobi’s CBD to Ngong road where he would escort me to Gishagi [rural] buses and he would later go back to Kencom for board a bus to go home and nobody never knew about it.  Nobody knows that story, nobody knows we did not have money,” she narrated.

She emphasized on serving God with passion and not being money driven since money comes and goes.

”Being rich is good and I love riches but have the passion to serve God, wherever God is success in not like pap, God is not like a microwave, I put very cold food in the fridge and in 5 minutes it is very hot and i’m taking it and i’m comfortable, no its a journey,” Jemmimah stated.

Jemimah will be having a live concert called “Inuka African Woman” at Michael Joseph center on 29th May 2015  from 6-9 pm and the entry fee will be Ksh. 1000/- .  She will be backed up by Zidi the band and Mary Atieno.

Call 1511 :  to buy tickets

Jemimah Thiongo cover

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Passion to Profit Tips: What do I say at a Networking Event?

what-do-I-say-red-largeNetworking can be a daunting task especially if you are an introvert.  But that is no excuse to abandon the exercise.  I believe that all behaviors of success can be learnt if one is willing.  Introverts make better networkers by the way, because they listen better.  Only problem is they are so stuck in thinking they are introverts and how much they hate talking to strangers.

Well, last week we looked at the first critical stage of networking which is preparation.  After preparation, you need to step out and go to an event, right? Plan to attend early so that you do not have to apologize for being late when you are introducing yourself.  It is also polite to keep time.  So give yourself ample time to get there. Another benefit for arriving early is that you can get to connect with the other early birds.

Act like the host and not the guest.  The people sitting alone on their phones are also not fond of speaking to people or are shy.  Approach them with a smile and extended hand, that has a way of breaking the ice.  Focus on the other person by asking questions (not like you are in a court of law) but in a conversational manner.  Appropriate questions to ask include – What is your name? What do you do? What motivated you to choose that line of work? How long have you been on that job? How did you hear about this event? Is it your first time? These topics normally can create conversation. Stay away from religion, politics, family, sports (incase you are on opposing teams)  It is ok to move from one person to another as long as you do it politely. If you are shy, it is good to give yourself a target of how many people you must connect with before you settle down, otherwise the little voice in your head will torment you all evening.  When you have a clear purpose and plan of how to achieve it, you mind gets busy at work.

Exchange business cards after striking a rapport with someone and establishing commonality.  You do not have to give everyone your business card, please save the trees!

Plan to stay to the end of the event. If food is served, have consideration for the other guests. Have you been to events and seen people pile up their plates yet they are among the first on the line with no consideration at all for other participants.  Please do not be that person. Ideally stay off alcohol so that you maintain a clear head.

Then comes my favorite part…When everyone is asked to introduce themselves.  The meeting moderator will normally say something like “…now we would like to know who is here with us, please tell us briefly, your name and what you do” Notice it is “what you do” not what you DID! So why do people spend precious minutes telling us about their past? Remember you are to be brief. Focus on what you do! Say both your names, the name of your company and ideally what you do covering your target audience and solution you provide.  My standard response to this questions is “I run a company called PassionProfit where we equipping aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with skills and tools to create, manage and grow successful and sustainable world class organizations” When you look for everyone or anyone you will get no one.

Let’s catch up next week when I will share on what you need to do after the event.  If you are looking for a place to network and grow your business, visit our website and go to the Profit Network tab.

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“No Kenyan Should Die Or Suffer Due To Lack Of Fund” : Mike Sonko Flies Baby Chelangat To India For Eye Surgery

Rough he may be when fighting for the rights of citizens on the streets but when it comes to having a selfless heart Mike Sonko is certainly exceptional. The senator of Nairobi is one man who will be remembered in decades to come for his good heart of giving in order to assist the less fortunate.

sonko browsing post

A few months ago Mike Sonko through his rescue time dubbed “sonko Rescue Team” made headlines when the immediately came to rescue Mzee Ojwang a legend actor who had one of his eyes partially blind. His team took him for treatment and paid for his medical bills.

Many could be wondering what kind of person Sonko Could be? despite helping many like Mzee Ojwang , Sonko and his team are not stopping. On Thursday last week Mike sonko helped pay for a flight to India of a baby girl called  Scandy Chelang’at who was suffering from an eye illness.

Baby Chelangat at the Airport
Baby Chelangat at the Airport

In a statement through his Facebook page Sonko said:

“I am Indeed Happy to have seen Baby Scandy Chelang’at off to Hyderabad -India this morning for her Life Saving Eye Surgery at Basavatarakam indo-American cancer hospital & research institute.
Those accompanying her to India include 2 Sonko Rescue Team Members who have been with her since we took over her case and 2 of her Family Members.(her father and Uncle).

Being our first medical case to be referred to India I personally followed up all the necessary documents on time and wish her a Successful Surgery+Safe Return back home.

I honestly thank you all for your continued Prayers and Support towards assisting Baby Scandy Chelang’at and all the other patients we’ve been assisting through your support especially in regaining their normal life. Indeed through Mkenya Kwa Mkenya Initiative, No Kenyan should die or suffer for long with any curable illness/disease due to lack of funds/support.

I also thank India’s High Commission to Kenya for processing the Visas on time.

Let’s continue putting baby Scandy in prayers. For those still willing to assist you can send any contribution via MPESA PAYBILL: 317082 account name: SCANDY. OR KCB BANK ACCOUNT NAME: BABY SCANDY CHELANGAT MEDICAL FUND ACCOUNT NO. 1169172822 KCB KERICHO BRANCH.”



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ULIZA EXCLUSIVE : Hope Fm Presenter AMANI AILA Shares On Losing His Baby Girl 11 DAYS After Birth

Hope Fm presenter Amani Aila and his wife lost their 11 day old baby girl 3 months ago leaving the family left with little hope to hold on. The baby had been named Upya meaning new but the happiness that the family had been lit up with was to be met with sadness that shut the joy in a snap.

amani aila and wife

It was sad and devastating with condolence messages coming from friends and fans who have interacted with Amani Aila as a presenter at Hope FM.  Losing baby Upya had cut their hearts with so much pain as losing a child that early could not have been easy for Amani and his wife. The baby passed away after she got an infection which they never knew about after her birth. The family had been blessed with a baby boy called Faraja Taji  and had been anticipating to be even more happier with the birth of the second born but it was not mean’t to be.

Uliza Links met with Amani Aila and he shares on the pain he went through after losing his child.

amani sad

Three months on, Amani describes losing his daughter as the lowest point and the hardest pain he has ever experienced in his life.  He explains how deep the pain was to the point of feeling it in the bone marrow but despite of it he thanks God for the grace HE gave him in handling the situation.

“Seeing my daughter’s lifeless body in the morgue and so cold made me break down. I cried seriously,” Amani Aila tells uliza links.

“The biggest challenge I have ever faced is losing my child.That was a big blow. But I thank GOD for giving me the grace to overcome the pain. I was there when the baby passed. I thank GOD because I didn’t complain. I thank GOD because I worshiped him. I thanked GOD because I was able to say that GOD your still good.

 In that moment my purpose was in deed confirmed.

To overcome it what helped me is the urge of wanting to meet my daughter again as I don’t want to lose her forever. So the only way I can meet my daughter is if I remain a child of GOD. I want when that day comes, Christ will present my daughter to me. Christ had his own reasons why he took my daughter.

I remember speaking at the funeral saying that the reasons why I got saved is because I want to be with GOD forever. And another thing that will keep me in salvation is because I want to meet my daughter.

It’s not easy as there are days when I break down completely.

That moment of knowing Christ was really key in my life as that is what has kept my wife and I to keep going. If it was not for Christ I am not sure of we would be able to overcome this blow probably I would have gone into depression.

Picture of Amani Aila expecting their 1st born baby in 2013
Picture of Amani Aila expecting their 1st born baby in 2013


Many in his situation would choose to complain,question God why,get into depression and even think of abandoning the life as a man of God.For this radio presenter this is not the case,he has not given up on serving God he keeps on because he knows one day he will be able to see his daughter once again.

“I have kept hope alive,that one day I will see my daughter again and for that to happen I need to be with God,”he added.

No parent ever imagines that there will come a day that their child will die while he or she is alive. We all hold on to the notion that no parent should ever bury their child as parents who are deemed older are mean’t to die first then  it is the duty of the children to bury them.

“Growing up and playing about in my father’s compound I never thought that one day I would bury my child there.That my baby’s grave would the first in that compound,”Amani added.

Amani also thanks God for giving him a supportive family, friends, relatives, understanding employers who gave him time to grieve and loyal fans who turned up for his daughter’s burial.

“I thank GOD for my family as they have been really supportive. I thank GOD for my friends and relatives. I have very amazing friends who stood with me and did most of the job. I thank GOD for my staff at Hope Fm who kept supporting me,” Amani said. 

Amani Aila At Uliza Links Offices
Amani Aila At Uliza Links Offices


As a radio presenter one should remain calm at all times  no matter what happens while on air be it good news or bad news the presenter should not show any emotion but at the end of the day we are all human such situations may be hard and take strength to separate the emotion of losing a child from work.

“My hardest day of work was the first day I came back from my leave after losing my baby because I was expected to do my job without showing my grief despite the numerous messages from fans for me to be strong,”he revealed.

As it turns out,his wife is very strong and is firmly rooted in salvation like her husband thus finding the strength to brave this loss that some may term as the worst pain a mother could go through.Carrying a baby in one’s womb for nine months and then give birth with so many expectations which will never come to pass would surely take a toll on anyone but in this case she draws her strength from the giver and taker of life.

” My wife is such a strong woman and her being saved has made all this a little bit easier because each and everyday God is helping her to get through this tough time,”he said.



This cheerful and God fearing man is also a musician having released two albums one titled “Nakuombea” released 2005 and “Mara Ngapi” released in 2oo8. He has since released a new video dubbed  “Nitasimama” which features well known artistes in the Kenyan gospel industry such as Alice Kamande, Lady Bee , Dj Soxxy amongst others.

The song expresses his love for God and his firmness in salvation.The song is inspired by how he has lived in both the secular world and as a christian.Through the song he is able to fulfill his passion of seeing more and more people getting saved.

For Amani this is a story of living in the ways of the Lord and always knowing and  keeping in mind that God is the foundation of everything.






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‘Bless The Lord O My Soul’ : Former Drug Smuggler Executed While Singing A Worship Song

The funeral of executed Bali drug smuggler Andrew Chan, who became a Christian in prison and served as a pastor to his fellow inmates, was held at Hillsong Church in Sydney amid emotional scenes.


Chan was arrested in 2005 and convicted of drug smuggling, spending 10 years on death row before being executed by an Indonesian firing squad with fellow gang member Myuran Sukumaran and six others. They were singing the Matt Redman song ‘10,000’ Reasons as they died.

The congregation packed Sydney’s Hillsong Church, reported the Sydney Morning Herald. His brother Michael addressed the congregation and told them Andrew’s experience showed that everyone could change: “Andrew, you used to say that you looked up to me. Now, little brother I look up to you,” he said.

He added that he hoped the campaign that tried to save the lives of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran would continue.

“People deserve second chances. Please don’t let this be about Andrew and Myu but about others all over the world who need your help”, he said.

Other tributes and recollections from family and friends were shared. Family friend Mark Soper read a final message from Chan himself saying: “It’s a day that I’ll arise from my own coffin right now as the words are spoken ‘In Jesus’ name, arise! Or am I just enjoying it too much in heaven and I await all of you up here.”

(c) Christian Today

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What You Need To Learn From The Story of Floyd Mayweather : Eric Kinoti Shares

Lessons from Money Mayweather:

Every year for at least the last five years, Floyd Mayweather has been the highest paid athlete in the world. He earned around $105 million in 2014 alone. That was $25 million more than the second highest paid athlete in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. And perhaps what’s most impressive is that Floyd earned $105 million without a single meaningful endorsement deal. Of the $80 million that Ronaldo earned to be the world’s second highest paid athlete, 40% came from endorsements. But what’s probably most impressive about Floyd’s rise to absolute financial dominance in the sports world is the fact that none of it ever would have happened without one very simple, yet VERY risky gamble back in 2006.
Between 1996 and 2006, Floyd was represented by Bob Arum’s Top Rank Boxing promotional company. In boxing, when you are signed with a promoter, you are basically an employee. You are offered a set amount of money to appear at a fight. The promoter puts up all the money and takes on all the risks to organize the fight. By taking on the risk, the promoter also reaps the biggest rewards. Whatever profits are left over after costs are paid off (including the cost to pay the fighters), would go straight to Bob Arum’s pockets. That’s how Bob Arum is worth $200 million today.

pacman punch

Having a promoter isn’t necessarily a bad deal for a fighter. It’s guaranteed money in your pocket with no risk at all. The only thing a fighter has to worry about is training and winning. Most boxers today work with a promoter. Even Manny Pacquiao. Guess who promotes Manny? Bob Arum.

Back in April 2006, Bob Arum offered Floyd $8 million to fight Antonio Margarito. It would have been double Floyd’s previous highest purse. Instead of accepting, Floyd countered by saying he wanted $20 million to fight Oscar De La Hoya. Arum was stunned. Arum also didn’t think that amount of money for Floyd to fight Oscar would pay off. So he declined and kept pushing the Margarito bout.

At this point, Floyd made the ultimate gamble. After spending 10 years working under Top rank, Floyd had the right to buy himself out of his contract to become a free agent. It wasn’t a cheap proposition. In order to break free of Top Rank, Floyd had to pay Bob Arum $750,000.


It was a huge risk. What if he lost his next match? What if he got hurt and couldn’t ever fight again? At the time, Floyd’s total net worth didn’t quite crack $5 million. A lot of money for mere mortals, but clearly not a lot for someone who changed his middle name to “Money.”

So how did this gamble work out? Well, in November 2006, Floyd ended up earning $8 million to fight Carlos Baldomir. The win drummed up enough attention and hype to warrant a fight against Oscar De La Hoya. That fight took place in May 2007. Remember how Floyd wanted $20 million and Bob Arum thought he was crazy? He ended up earning $25 million on what became the highest revenue-producing fight in boxing history up to that point.

From that point on, Floyd really started raking in serious money. In 2013, he got his own promoter’s license from the Nevada Gaming Commission. That allowed him to launch Mayweather Promotions and become his own boss.

Today Floyd puts on every aspect of his own fights. That means he fronts all the money for an event, including his opponent’s purse. When he fought Saul Alvarez in September 2013, Floyd cut him a $10 million check from his personal checking account weeks before the fight. Floyd also paid tens of millions of his own money to pay for the event space, the vendors, the food, beverages etc. That’s the downside. The upside is when the fight was over, Floyd got the lion’s share of profits. In the Alvarez fight, that meant Floyd walked away with $75 million.
The same math is basically true with the Manny Pacquiao fight. Floyd fronted most of the costs to organize the event and cut Manny a $50 million guaranteed check to show up. By the end of the night, Floyd got 60% of the profits. Normally he would have had100%, but he had to make some concessions to get Manny to show up. But even with “just” 60% of the profit share, Floyd earned $150 – $200 million from this one fight alone.

Floyd’s career earnings are up to $610 million now . For comparison, prior to 2006 when he was still working under Bob Arum, Floyd’s total career earnings were less than $10 million. And to think, none of this would have been possible if Floyd didn’t have the foresight and guts back in 2006 to buy himself out of his contract for $750,000.
So what’s the lesson here? Well, as with any business venture, if you want to get really really really rich, you can’t be under someone. You need to be an owner!

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