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Sauti Sol release ‘kuliko jana’ music video

Due to public demand, sauti sol have bowed to the pressure and have released a video to their hit song ‘kuliko jana’ in which they feature Redfourth Chorus.

In a statement Sauti Sol said that, “Kuliko Jana is a very special song to us. It was inspired by our journey and the everlasting mercies, love and favour God has shown us through out despite our shortcomings.”

Bien of Sauti Sol explains the meaning of the song, “It means the steadfast of the lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end – they are new every morning”.

Watch the video below.

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Trace launches new T.v channel

TRACE is proud to announce the launch of a brand new channel, TRACE Mziki, which is set to be the home of the best urban East African music.

TRACE Mziki will serve as the premiere destination for East African music lovers, featuring videos of the best contemporary East African music hits as well as exclusive specials and documentaries. From East African Hip Hop and R&B, Afro Pop, Gospel, Reggae and the best Video Mixes, TRACE Mziki has them all! TRACE Mziki will also broadcast a selection of the best of “rest of Africa” and international urban acts that are massively popular in East Africa.

This new channel will offer viewers the biggest hits and music videos from established and emerging artists from all of Eastern African countries. Viewers can also expect shows such as Guest Star and a series of popular Top 10 themed programming.


TRACE’s CEO, Olivier Laouchez, said: “This channel is a reflection of TRACE’s continued commitment to promote East African artists and to localize our music channels in the major music hubs of Africa. TRACE Mziki is 100% made in Swahili and English by our East African team and it will greatly contribute to the development of the Eastern African entertainment industry.”

TRACE’s Senior Vice President and CEO for East Africa, Steve Agutu also said “As TV goes global, it is also going local as people want to see more and more of their own content. This channel goes a long way in bringing East African music to the world and it is indeed a proud moment for us at TRACE and in East Africa”

The new channel will be aired on DStv channel 323 and will be available on Premium, Compact Plus and Compact tiers.

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Our Human nature

There was a construction site manager, or as we like to call them foremen, who was on the forth floor of the building they were constructing. As he was doing some rounds, he noticed some cracks on the wall that needed repair and since he could not go all the way down to the ground floor he decided to call one of the workers from way up there.
The foreman tried to shout the workers name but he could not hear so he decided to try something different. He took small stones and started throwing them close to the worker but every time the worker would simply look at the stones and ignore them.


The foreman decided to try something else, he took a 100ksh note and threw it next to the worker, the worker picked the 100ksh and put it in his pocket without looking up. The foreman then took a 200ksh note and threw it next to the worker who picked it up and put it in his pocket without looking up again. The foreman took a 500ksh note and threw it next to the worker who again took it and put it in his pocket without looking up. The foreman then took a small rock and hit the worker on the head and the worker looked up angrily shouting and abusing the foreman then he walked away.
Moral of the story is that God always blesses us with alot of things no matter how small they are but we never seem to remember to look up and thank Him but when we find afew set backs in our lives we are quick to look up and blame it on Him. We should learn to be thankful to God for every little thing He provides to us.
Blessed week ahead.

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President Uhuru’s son donates money to church

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s eldest son, Jomo Kenyatta, last weekend was in Narok county for a church fundraising for Engape Women Group.

download (1)

The fundraising that took place in Nairage Enkare in Narok South saw Jomo contribute one million shillings to the church. He was accompanied by his sister Ngina Kenyatta, his younger brother Muhoho Kenyatta, Narok governor Samuel Tanui and other local leaders.

He brought joy to the residents of the area with his contribution as a total of approximately 5 million shillings was contributed towards the women groups of that area.

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Renown Actor Mzee Ojwang’ Has Passed On

Mzee Ojwang/Benson Wanjau is dead.

The renown actor who had recently been admitted in hospital to save him from his predicarment reportedly passed on today at 8pm after succumbing to Pneumonia illness at Kenyatta Hospital.

mzee ojwang

MzeeOjwang’ was rescued by Senator Mike Sonko from his home on Thursday and taken to hospital where he will be having a surgery on his eye which has developed complications. His former workmates followed him on his journey to recovery and even though they were happy with what Sonko Rescue Team had done they raised their feelings on what KBC had done to MzeeOjwang’ after 40 years of hard work.

mzee ojwang speaks ojwang hospital

Mama Kayai said that she is saddened with the news and now she is just mourning.

We celebrate Mzee Ojwang’ for being a great icon in the acting industry and for being a great role model to many actors. 

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5 Critical Steps To Plan A Worship Service : Gospel Singer Billy Frank

Have you ever had a difficult time planning a worship service ? Planning to know the starting point or the end point ?

Renown worship singer Billy Frank has revealed some great steps to planing a great worship service.

This is my answer concerning how to plan for a worship service most of which have collected from my experience and time at All NBC having to plan the service every week you learn something and my past has been of great help with this.crafting an effective song list and flowing in the Spirit. is one of the most important things we need to understand. We want to be organized, but we also want to follow what God is doing in the moment.

Billy Frank new

Great worship leaders plan powerful setlists, but also follow the Holy Spirit, wherever He may lead. God wants to speak to us in our planning. We want the band to be ready with arrangements, transitions, and keys. But we also want to be ready to change course, should the Holy Spirit emphasize something other than what was planned so let me quickly just share kiasi few things that i follow when planning and getting ready for the service…

billy frank us 3

-Am listtening to a preacher as i work this he is talking about man and vision he just mentioned something (God will stop growth where there is no management-whatever you dont manage well you loose it)THATS A GOOD POINT RIGHT THERE_ANYWAY THATS JUST A BY THE WAY AND MY CAPS LOCK ARE NOT BEHAVING WELL TONIGHT….yeah we are back….ok so here we go.

  1. Prepare people for the spontaneous.This applies to both your band and your congregation. If your congregation is not used to spontaneous worship, don’t just drop a bomb on them and expect them to sing their own songs, dance, and wave banners with joy. It’s a little awkward if you’ve never done it. Instead, teach them how (maybe not the banner thing) have never done it too but you understand what mean..

  2. Have the service planned and if you can 3 weeks in advance. I used to think planning was un spiritual and lame. It was for those who didn’t have enough talent to just wing it and be awesome but Let’s face it. Sometimes we don’t “feel” the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we can hear a pin drop in the room because no one is engaged. For those moments, it’s nice to be prepared. And who’s to say the Holy Spirit can’t anoint your planning? Who’s to say God only moves in the spontaneous moments? Craft a worship set that flows, potentially reflecting the theme of the day. Work out (and practice) your transitions, whether musical or vocal. Rehearse your band. Take responsibility for the worship and work hard. It’s no excuse to blame “lack of preparation” on “flow”.

  3. As worship leaders, we can sometimes feel our job is done once we plan and rehearse our set. Then we go on autopilot and crank it out. Song to song to song. I always challenge myself to focus beyond my plans in worship. Many times I don’t notice band mistakes because, in the moment, I’m not focused on the band. I’m thinking, “God, what are you doing right now? What do these people need to do? What do they need to hear? What do they need to declare?” It’s a beautiful thing to become more pastoral in your worship leading.

  4. I know, it can be scary. The song is over. The keyboard pad is continuing, and…what now? Too often we worship leaders try and fill in all the space with another song, another word. Allow space. Allow the moment to breathe. Every time I’ve experienced breakthrough in a worship service is when I’ve allowed space. Wait upon the Lord. Try and discern what He is doing.
    Sometimes I’ll be silent. Sometimes I’ll sing a spontaneous song. Sometimes I’ll say something. The point is, when you allow space, it gives people freedom to engage beyond the songs. Don’t rush through your transitions. Honor and enjoy the Presence of God.

5.Be on the same page with your pastor. He may have certain preferences that are different than yours. Submit. Serve the vision of the house. Maybe your idea of “flowing” is not something he’s comfortable with. Honest conversations between you can go such a long way. I would imagine your pastor wants God to move. He wants more than just a sing-a-long.

My pastor isn’t a musician or a worship leader but he’s taught me so much about worship because he knows his congregation. He knows what he’s called to do. He’s helped me relate more effectively. Make sure you adopt his vision and values. You will grow and so Don’t just crank through a well-executed songlist. Anybody can do that. But nobody can lead worship like you do – your heart, your sensitivity, your unique way of directing attention to the Savior. Go and do that.

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“I NEVER Thought I Would Win An OSCAR, The Feeling Was SCARY” : LUPITA NYONG’O Reveals

  • Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o is in Kenya to advocate against killing of elephants for the wild aid initiative.
  • Though her focus would have been directed to matters of ivory, Lupita in her speech shared how winning the Oscar felt like.
  • Lupita Nyong’o had never purposed or even thought of wining an Oscar award but she did and that’s how her life turned around.
Lupita at Kempinski Villa Rosa On Tuesday Morning
Lupita at Kempinski Villa Rosa On Tuesday Morning
(c) The Star
(c) The Star

At the breakfast briefing at Kempinski Villa Rosa Lupita encouraged budding talents to keep on with their dream as a dream will turn to a reality if one keeps believing.

“I never dreamt of winning the Oscar. The feeling was very scary… It was scary to win with my first performance,” she said.

Lupita Nyong'o at the Oscars 2014
Photo courtesy : oscars 2014, lupita nyongo after winning the award

Lupita said her family has been her biggest source of support and inspiration.

My mother supported me in my early years. We all have a role to play in supporting the local art scene,” Lupita said.

Lupita-Nyongo wears a Light Blue Prada Dress at Oscars 2014

Lupita’s journey will be remembered as a journey of struggle to success as at one time she never knew that the skin she disliked so much would make to be the most beautiful woman in the world. In her speech reported by essence magazine Lupita Nyong’o revealed that she even tried to negotiate with GOD to give her a light skin but his ways seemed to have been different from her ways.

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy

“I remember a time when I too felt unbeautiful. I put on the TV and only saw pale skin. I got teased and taunted about my night-shaded skin. And my one prayer to God, the miracle worker, was that I would wake up lighter-skinned.

The morning would come and I would be so excited about seeing my new skin that I would refuse to look down at myself until I was in front of a mirror because I wanted to see my fair face first. And every day I experienced the same disappointment of being just as dark as I had been the day before.

I tried to negotiate with God: I told him I would stop stealing sugar cubes at night if he gave me what I wanted; I would listen to my mother’s every word and never lose my school sweater again if he just made me a little lighter. But I guess God was unimpressed with my bargaining chips because He never listened,” Lupita said.


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Isaac Mwaura Ties The Knot And Takes His WIFE To Meet President UHURU At State House

Hon Isaac Mwaura finally walked down the aisle on Saturday morning when he exchanged vows with the love of his life, Nelius Rwamba. The nominated MP who is of the CORD coalition later gave his wife a special treat by taking his her to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House.

isaac mwaura wed 3

Isaac Mwaura married his fiancee of 5 months Nelius Rwamba at Green Gardens grounds off Kiambu road in a ceremony that was graced by his party leader Raila Odinga.

“Most men do not commit because they are undecided, they are usually waiting for some kind of sign to warrant the commitment,” Isaac Mwaura said when speaking to the Star News paper.

isaac mwaura wed 1isaac mwaura wed

As a special treat, Mwaura and his wife were hosted at State House by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Mwaura was accompanied by his friend John Kiarie, a former Dagoretti Parliamentary aspirant on an ODM ticket.

isaac mwaura wed 2



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On Thursday 28th May, Uliza Links had invited the gospel deejays to pay as a visit as we planned to do an interview that talked about the success of the Kenyan gospel industry and where it is heading. As early as 10 am Dj Soxxy was the first to arrive and after having a brief chat with him we were joined by DJ Krowbar who lead us in prayer before sitting down to wait for DJ Mo and DJ Sadic.

Story by Anita Chiama, Grace Owuor and Editor Eric Okoye. 

gospel deejays post


This would have been just a normal interview talking about how the industry has grown but it was also of great importance to talk about the issues affecting the gospel circle. It’s a fact that the industry has been facing so many battles but these battles are mean’t to challenge us as Christians and at the same time show us the right way to follow.

dj mo sadic soxxy and krowbar

We were later joined by DJ Sadic and DJ Mo and after catching up on how work has been we start the interview :

DJ MO : “We were not that rich so I could not even afford a disc man so I used a DVD player from my home to push my passion for deejaying. My first gigs were at ‘Kandamiza Ukimwi’ programs in Rongai with much much support from my mother,” DJ Mo states

DJ MO and Sadic’s friendship goes way back as they were both part of Spinrage DJs.

DJ SOXXY is 13 years old in this ministry, beginning in Dagoretti High School as part of the worship team after which he was actively involved in missions, where he kicked off with deejaying.  Unlike DJ Mo, Soxxy could afford a disc man and he used it with a bata shoe box full of CDs to kick start his career as a disc jockey. DJ Moz spotted the passion in him and invested in him.


This year marks a decade since the beginning of DJ Krowbar’s deejaying ministry and it has been nothing short of an amazing experience for him. Born again in 2005, DJ Krowbar did not enter the disc jockey industry because he wanted to become one. He had actually joined Homeboyz Production classes with the dream of becoming a music producer but later found himself on the decks.

What do you think about content and why do some artistes complain that gospel deejays don’t play their music ?

DJ Sadic : Deejaying is our ministry and it is our business,  so we need to take it seriously. For the same reason that God requires the best of us, we also need to give our best.  As deejays we can only play music with the right content and quality because God has called us to a higher office and we are HIS ambassadors.


What about Standards, Is there a standard set for music or gospel music at your work place ?

DJ KROWBAR : 80% of the songs we receive do not see the day of light and actually it’s better that way, so that the 20% of songs on rotation, challenge the other artistes to maintain the required production standards set.

Another thing to state is that we are employed by our bosses at established media houses so we do not own the media houses where we work in. There are certain guidelines set that relate to content, maintaining viewership, quality and the target market of the show.


All the same, media is not a determining factor and as tv DJs we are not the key to any artistes success, we are only gatekeepers. As an artiste try and go out of your way and distribute your music taking an extra step to maintain the required standard.


sadic soxxy uliza

Should artistes depend on airplay alone to sell their music ?

DJ Sadic : If you go to Skiza you will find out that the top artiste who has the most downloads is not even from Nairobi or even being seen on tv. Its good for artistes to try and see how they can sell their music better rather than just depending on one or two platforms to generate income be it Groove Awards or Bonyeza.

How challenging is it being a deejay and how do you handle that ? 

DJ SOXXY: Carry your office or music out with the professionalism it requires. Some artistes don’t like correction, when we highlight the mistakes in their music; they take it personally when all we are doing is trying to help out.

How do you maintain your role as a gate keeper and ensure that you make decisions independently, such that you can decide NOT  TO PLAY a song of a friend/relation who is close to you ?  Keeping in mind that you have close relations or friends in the same industry ? 

DJ MO  :  Personally I have many friends and being in the  gospel industry of course friendship has to come first before anything. I have many friends whom I don’t play their songs not because I have issues with them. I expect even when I leave my job on tv i will still be friends with them.

People do not know that we  have a serious bond as deejays and we always sit down and preview new music that we get together.  If one deejay says that he will not play a song then ultimately do not expect another deejay to go and play that song. If we agree to push a song we will do it as a team, and if we decide not to play it then we won’t play it as a team. In deciding this we always focus on content, quality and as gatekeepers there are things we look out for before we play music with the view of where we want our Gospel music industry to go.

Is Kenyan gospel Music an INDUSTRY ? or ministry 

Krowbar : Lets just say the truth, where music is now currently many corp-orates are coming on board to endorse artistes because many people are listening to gospel music. Clearly the angle that companies come in gospel music is on commercial viability.

Where we are now corporates like Safaricom can approach a deejay like Sadic and offer him a job as their deejay not because of anything but because they see that this guy is commercially viable.

The toughest question you are left with as an artiste/deejay is :  “How much do you need so that we can make this happen”.

It is so good to accept some realities on the ground.

We have concerns raised about mentor-ship and people blame the stakeholders for not mentoring artistes. Some artistes sing songs that make you wonder where they get their inspiration from. Is mentor-ship important ?

Krowbar : Mentor-ship is important but as a mentor its a challenge to go out of my way to mentor  an artiste as I have to be guided by the spirit.  Just like in the Bible,  Jesus chose his 12 disciples and not the 12 disciples who chose him.

I will only mentor an artiste if I have purposed to mentor one.

DJ Soxxy : It is very hard to force yourself to mentor an artiste as there are people who don’t want to be mentored. I echo what Krowbar says on mentor-ship because it needs to be a deliberate effort from the person who needs to be mentored. I can meet someone who might need me to mentor him/her and I might find myself wanting to walk with him.

Another thing to mention is that mentor-ship should not only be seen as music related as I can decide to walk with someone on other matters of life like devotion and not just music.

We have had issues with units what do you have to say ?

DJ Sadic : Many people have talked about these units and its an issue that we go through every time. People need to understand that we have many units but the body of Christ is one. The units and denominations be it System unit, Genius or K-Krew should not divide us but unite us because we represent the body of Christ. The moment we realize that these units are meant to unite us rather than divide us then we will gain a lot.

What needs to happen in the Kenyan gospel industry to achieve what GOD called us to do ?

DJ MO : First of all we need content and as we said before lets ensure that we have mentors. It’s also important for artistes to know that we have new technology in media and  as much as we want to push for content it’s also critical that we push for better production and quality. Let’s invest in what we do and in what we believe in so that we can reap great fruits.

Another thing is that whether you are a big artiste or small it’s important to pray and keep GOD first. You might have the right quality , content and production but if you do not keep GOD 1st then you will not go far.

What message do you wish to give those artistes who are coming in the industry?

Krowbar : In gospel music it’s better to consult those people who do it professionally. Don’t just enter into a studio, rather consult with people who have been in the industry because if you don’t you will get played and you will do most things wrong.

Make sure you  know yourself before you enter here as not everyone is here for the right intentions. There are people who will use you and in the end you will get hurt. Not everyone walking saying Lord, Lord , Lord will be saved because there are people who are here for their own gains.

What do you have to say to those people who always raise concerns about the industry, are we going the right way?

DJ Sadic : It’s true that some artistes want to take shortcuts and expect their music to go far. We need to invest in our gifts so that it will make room for us.  We need to work on packaging ourselves as we are in an industry of music. Why shouldn’t Chuchu get a deal on tv if Sarah Hassan can get one ?

Some people have entered the industry for the wrong reasons as Mercy Masika can take a four year break and still comeback with a hit. Others have released like 42 songs and not even one is being played or is a hit. So its good to know our calling and know the direction where our gospel music is going.

At the same time its good to say that focus has shifted in the industry as when we were starting there was no money as we used to do it because we were driven by passion. These days some artistes get in it because thy know that there is something in it for them in the end. We need to check on the reason why we do gospel music because if you are doing gospel music for passion you will last but if you are doing it for quick money then you won’t survive.

The last message to upcoming artistes who have taken over the industry 

Dj Soxxy : My challenge to upcoming artistes  is to be anchored on the rock but geared to the time.  If we are anchored to the rock GOD will lift us up as he will show us the right way not to please people but will show us favor.

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“I Love NEREA By SAUTI SOL” : Renown Gospel Singer Reuben Kigame States

Rarely would a christian artiste embrace music that has been sang by another artiste who is not in the same circle. The church might not agree with that endorsement and even others might go to the step of commenting back on the statement. But renown singer Reuben Kigame has talked about it and even went a step further to express his love for Nerea song that was done by Sauti Sol and Amos n Josh.

Reuben Kigame (c) NairobiNews
Reuben Kigame (c) NairobiNews

It is not often that someone interested in Critical Music Discourse comes across something as beautiful and moving as the song “Nerea”, recently released by the group, Sauti Sol!

nerea amos and josh sauti sol

Sauti Sol is not just Kenyan. It is a coming together of talented young men with as huge a musical background as their future seems to suggest.

“I do not enjoy most of their other songs, and, honestly speaking, I don’t even care for them. But, “Nerea” is a Classic and, in my estimation, it will be in the hearts and minds of Kenyans and music analysts for a long time. You know a good song when you hear one, and its latent legacy drives it on. I must admit that the song even made me drop a tear or two.

So why is “Nerea” by Sauti Sol a special song?

First and foremost, I think it is a brave effort by Kenyans to say something nobody really wants to say; certainly not aloud. It is a candid slap against the practice of Abortion.

The boys do not wallow in euphemistic jargon as civil rights groups do. They don’t call Abortion “a choice”, “flashing” or “reproductive health right.

They use the Swahili word “mimba” whose express meaning no Swahili speaker can miss. “I beseech you, Nerea, not to remove my conception/pregnancy,” the song translates.


But it is that particular line that carries the potency of the song. That line will never die and that line will never be misunderstood. In fact, the life of the song is carried in that line. “Don’t remove my pregnancy (sic)!”

The power of this line is a man’s ownership of responsibility in a pregnancy. It is a powerful line in a world where too many a man runs away from social responsibility when pregnancy occurs. “Don’t remove my pregnancy (sic)” is a powerful idiom of love and commitment.

The man is saying, “I am with you and that child is mine.” This is totally counterculture. In our world that is soaked in errotomania, this line may not sell, and indeed, it takes media houses that are proculture for this song to die.

It is the media that may try to kill it, because it might mean someone selling less condoms and that may be bad for media business. It’s exactly the same reason media do not play many songs advising people not to drink, because they might lose alcohol advertising revenues.

It is noble for Sauti Sol to put that line out there, because it will play its role in inculcating in youth the blessing of responsibility when a pregnancy occurs.

Sauti Sol goes a step farther and repeatedly illustrates through the verses of the song that if Nerea does not abort this child, the child might be Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Miriam Makeba the great singer, environmentalist Wangari Maathai, Wanyama the soccer player or David Rudisha the athlete, Lupita Nyong’o who brought Kenya the glory of an Oscar, Odinga the politician, Rwanda’s president Kagame, Tom Mboya, Jomo Kenyatta the freedom fighter who brought independence to Kenya, maybe an angel in disguise among us, or perhaps Sauti Sol who brings us good melodies!

The point is home: We are alive because we were not aborted. Every leader or professional you see in the place of responsibility is there because their mother allowed them to live.”

There is another reason why this is a big song. At a time when many young people are content with going to a music producer who will give them some Fruity Loops or Ridims and then they sing a line or two over and over again and call it a song, or endlessly fight for celebrity status, awards and airplay, Sauti Sol is all out with excellent acoustic guitar lines, great percussions, bass lines, a great wash of string pads, and, certainly a great melody.

The harmonies are tight and the adlibs tantalizing. The Afro-fusion in the beat is moving and danceable, a good contrast to the serious message. What shall one say of the Lead guitar parts just before the Bridge, whose captivating line at the end of the phrase is harmonized on the higher range to give it real presence, diversity and colour as it crescendos into the Bridge!

And Nerea as a choice of name to represent the average Kenyan girl is not just memorable. It is matched by a creative usage of rhyme on the word “Nitamlea…”. This is quite poetic.

But don’t stop just yet! Sauti Sol fashions a melody that is easy to sing and easy to repeat. It is couched in African passion and “soulishness.” It is an intense melody. It is tearful and entreating. It is sweetly sad. You cannot avoid the melody.

And then they pull out a lyrical trigger: “When God brings a child into the world, He ensures He brings the child’s plate as well!”


In a country where many women are aborting with the excuse, “How will I take care of this child if I keep him/her?” Bang! There is your answer, dear girl: It is not you who has fed yourself to adulthood. God ensured your plate was here. It is not your parent or guardian who ensures you eat and grow.

It is God Almighty, all-knowing! He knows you are alive and if alive He knows, too, that you must eat. “Don’t abort my pregnancy … the Lord will take care of it!” Then again they add, “Lete nitamlea!” (Bring the child to me I will take care of it!) This is both responsibility and love in display. It is like saying, “I am ready for God to use me to raise the child.”



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Hosting OCTOPIZZO At Groove Awards Was A WRONG Move : Renown Gospel Artistes State

Hip-hop artiste Octopizzo was a major topic of discussion on Monday morning after he was given a chance to award the Groove Awards hip-hop award to the best gospel artiste in that category.


Probably this was a way of reaching out to him as a secular artiste but this did not go well by a section of Christians who felt that the move was a bit too far.

From Lenah Ochieng who was part of Zaidi ya Mziki to Mr Tee who has been known for speaking his mind, the opinions raised were more of questioning the actions of Groove Awards in letting a secular artiste take the role of awarding a gospel artiste in a setting that is termed christian and holy.

Mr Tee stated :

What’s your take when gospel awards are dominated by secular artists…
Some help me understand

When scripture is quoted and affirmed all u say is amen…..and no one is fighting mo sound or groove it’s protecting what we fought for and building gospel ministry….trace the history of gospel music from content to passion n u will see how fallen it is….if u came the other day we understand u

While Mr Tee just put it so open Lenah of Zaidi Ya Mziki went straight and hit the nail on the head by saying :

Groove Awards have done it again not nominating some deserving gospel artists on the basis that they have “messed” yet on the same stage they give octopizzo a chance to present an award for gospel artists what irony is this?Really?? are you kidding me?The worst part of it is that if you address such issues they say you are judging them.

There isn’t anyone judging you;but when what you believe and what you do dont match up then ubhave simply judged yourself.

The comments that came in were kind of divided with others supporting Octopizzo and groove awards while others totally disagreeing with the choice of him as a guest.

Vickie Zet Victor i was wondering too, where did the sense of worship and praise go…
Kenyans we have to go back to the drawing board, you mean we adore mothers songs than HOLY,HOLY IS YOUR NAME…

Prosperity Fay Wa Mbuguah It surprises me too, gone are the days when gospel was respected n done only by trully born again Christians, people have shamelessly turned gospel music into a money making project without the fear of God in them.

Samuel Nyala Infact the organisers/arent serious/or its that they dont understand the true meaning of gospel?/WOKOVU FIJE FIJE/THAT ALL THEY R/i guess

MC Neb I think Jesus would be more than happy to see that we are examples, that doesn’t rule out there are weeds amongst the Gospel Ministers. Another thing lest we forget God can use any vessel to put across a message, for instance Octopizzo of all the people Rebuked Gospel Artists. oooh and let’s focus on building the kingdom, one body many parts

Said Abdulrehman Cidco can we read the word. You are salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? nuvine otieno otieno and lenah ochieng the taste is not there coz is not about my LORD JESUS anymore is about being in the limelight and not being the light to world

Njesh Wa Qabbz Read all these comments…let me just say this…it is easy to say things and point fingers when you ain’t a part of it…there is so much that entails for the awards..there is a criteria for being nominated eg u have to submit your song and not every artist submits..Lenah Ochieng the hosts of Groove are a call away incase of anything..but unless you are wearing a shoe you don’t know where it pinches…Octo said something profound..that gospel artists should write songs that will make people follow Christ and not get fans…so lets all carry out crosses…God is love.

Nettie Oyugi What pains me is that people in the secular industry can boldly stand and ‘advise’ gospel artists to focus on God in their songs…even they know that some of those gospel songs are seems to me the secular artists already know the truth, perhaps better than gospel artists…no? Ian Mbugua put it rightly..’decrease that God may increase’..Octo said more or less the same thing? So who is evangelizing who?

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NI BAHATI TENA : Full List Of 2015 Groove Awards Winners

Groove awards 2015 hosted the best of gospel acts at Kasarani Stadium where they awarded the outstanding performers in the year 2014-2015. Here is the list of winners.

Bahati Groove 2015 post

Bahati Kenya
Pastor Anthony Musembi


Evelyne Wanjiru
Loise Kim

Southern Africa Artist
• Abel Chungu -Zambia
• Benjamin Dube – South Africa
• Joyous Celebration – South Africa
• Magg 44 – Zambia
• Pompi – Zambia
• Rebecca Malope – South Africa

Song of the Year – Nyanza Counties
• Bi Uneye Gima Yesu otimo – Moureen Awuor
• Jerusalem Dalawa – Mark Odera
• Olemo – Christine Otieno
• Omorembe Toe – Fenny Kerubo
• Ong’e Ngamoi- – Muthoka Evaline
• Wasud Nyime – Emma Omonge


  1. TamTam – Willy Paul Msafi and SIZE 8 Reborn
  2. Matunda – Eunice Njeri& Lady Bee
  3. Mimina – Kris Eeh Baba
    7,. MFALME MKUU – Kanjii Mbugua

Abba – Jay General
Crossing Over – Redemption ft. Guardian Angel
Goso – jfamkenya
Delilah – Hopekid

Searching – TPK SONS


Song of the Year – Nyanza Counties
• Bi Uneye Gima Yesu otimo – Moureen Awuor
• Jerusalem Dalawa – Mark Odera
• Olemo – Christine Otieno
• Omorembe Toe – Fenny Kerubo
• Ong’e Ngamoi- – Muthoka Evaline
• Wasud Nyime – Emma Omonge

Song of the Year – Central Counties
• Experiment – Betty Bayo
• Gichuri – Milkah Njambi
• Maithori – Sammy Irungu
• Ndiari Mwega – James Wanyoike
• Ngai Wa Itereri – Shiro Wa GP
• Tutigukurumana – Grace Mwai

G10 nominees.
Annie the DJ
Dj 21
Dj Frank
Dj G-Jo
Dj Mzito
Dj Tabz
Hype Ballo
Hype Guda
MC Kelly
MC Timeless Noel

Song of the Year – Eastern Counties
• Aning’ning’ Dance – Mbuvi Mbuvi
• Ikomanone – Wilberforce Musyoka
Katiwa – Justus Mielo
• Kiss Kya Yutasi – Elizabeth Clipper
• Mwinire – Ameru Crew
• Ndumbule – Michael Mutuku

Western Africa Artist of the Year
• Frank Edwards – NGR
• Lara George – NGR
• Mercy Oheema – GHA
• Nathaniel Bassey – NGR
• Sinach – NGR
• Solomon Lange – NGR

Barua – BahatiKenya
Jemedari – Size8Reborn
Kereka – Dkkwenyebeat
Sifa – AliceKamande
New Song – Tybe
Tam Tam – willypaul Ft. Size8Reborn

Gospel Radio Presenter of the Year
Amani Ayila – Hope FM
Dj Ruff – Ghetto Radio
Eva Mwalili – Milele FM
Jay Njoroge – HomeboyzRadio
Joyce Gituro – Pambazuka
Lawrence Thuku – Truth FM

Am Blessed – HopekidHk
Kibali – Florence Andenyi
Mtakatifu – Frank
Mungu Mkuu – Evelyne Wanjiru
Rauka – Kanjii Mbugua
Shekinah Worship – Pastor Anthony Musembi

Song of the Year – Coastal Counties
• Maombi – Anthony Musembi
• Nisaidie – Mercy D Lai
• Rafiki – Michael Yena
• Tuma Roho – Japheth Musila
• Tunakuabudu – Marion Shako
• Yesu Ameniona- Martin Murunga

Dance Group of the Year Nominees
All Stars
Gospel Warriors
Jims and Dims

Song of the Year – Rift Counties
• Ebeneza – Edna Lotole
• Ematatui – Pst Joyce Mumeita
• Erripoto Enkai – Charity Tajeu
• Kongoi – Lillian Rotich
• Nyumbani – RuriSambili

Didimia – keleletakatifu
Inaweza – Dj Lapoze
Mimina – KRISERROH Ft. Magg 44 & Abel Chungu
Opportunity Remix – Falenzy & Friends
Tonight – Recapp
Zongelela – SOCkenya

Song of the Year – Western Counties
• Khumuichomie – Florence Andenyi
• Kusieve – Anne Kamsa
• Ndakhuyanza – Pamela Wandera
Ndakhuyanza – Timothy Kitoyi
• Sandizaga – Linet Njoora
• Yohana – Geofrey Kwatemba

Gospel Nite Live – GhettoRadio
Gospel Sunday- Milele FM
Pambazuka – RadioCitizenFM
Mwamba Radio Show – HomeboyzRadio
Shangilia – Hope FM
Tukuza – Radio Maisha

DJ of the Year
• DJ Krowbar
• Djggactivist
• djruffkenya

Camp David
Fidel Atondola
Florence Andenyi
Godson Jawabu
Innocent Persons
Ruth Matete
Saint Stevo

TV Show of the Year
Angaza – KBCChannel1
Ntvcrossover101 – ntvkenya
Gospel Sunday – CTV
KTN Tendereza – KTNKenya
KTNTukuza – KTNKenya


Sammy Dee


Jemimah Thiong’o

Eastern & Central Africa Artist
• Christina Shusho – Tanzania
• Coopy Bly – Uganda
• Exodus – Uganda
• Father Micheal – Uganda
• Gaby Kamanzi – Rwanda
• Rebecca Soki – Congo
• Sarah Nkutile – UG
• Solomon Mkubwa – TZ
• Wilson Bugembe – UG
• ZB – TZ

Kibali – Florence Andenyi
Mfalme Mkuu – Kanjii Mbugua Ft. Enid Moraa
Mtakatifu – Frank
Mungu Mkuu – Evelyne Wanjiru
Maombi – Pastor Anthony Musembi
Unatosha – Eunice Njeri


Barua – Bahati
Delilah – Hopekid
Heshima – Janet Otieno
Kilele – Pitson
Liwe Liwe – Guardian Angel
Mtakatifu – Frank
Mwanake – Benachi Ft. Kaberere
Mwema – Mercymasika
Tam Tam – willy paul Ft. Size 8 Reborn
Unatosha – Eunice njeri


Pastor Pete Odera

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It’s Been A Great 6 Years : Edith Kimani Leaves KTN

News anchor Edith Kimani has left KTN. Edith Kimani broke the news today in the afternoon where she stated that she will be leaving the news desk for another station called DW-TV.

edith kimani post

From the days we saw her working so hard on the Presenter show on KTN Edith Kimani stood out as a voice to reckon with in the media industry. Winning the Presenter was not an option and when she did most of her followers were delighted to see her chosen as the best of the other participants with Karani. Now sadly her journey at KTN has come to an end a few days after another two Presenters from the reality show were starting their new jobs at KTN.

Edith Kimani on a tweet stated that she will be leaving KTN for DW Tv where she will be working as the East African correspondent. Possibly covering any news that relate to East Africa.

Her departure though shocking will leave many fans of her saddened but at the same time praying for her goodwill as she takes the next challenge in her life.


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Janet Mbugua Weds Her Sweetheart Eddie Ndichu [IN PICTURES]

Citizen Tv’s news anchor Janet Mbugua wedded her boyfriend Eddie Ndichu on Saturday 30th May at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri County.

janet weds

Photos : Nairobi News 

The couple who held their traditional wedding in November last year were joined by close friends in media as they exchanged vows before GOD in a wedding that was themed black and grey.

janet mbugua father

Janet Mbugua who casts news on Citizen Tv every Monday and Tuesday has been off the screens for weeks now in preparation of the wedding that took place today. She was escorted by her loving father down the aisle as she said “I DO” to her now husband Eddie Ndichu who is a banker and an alumnus of Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.

Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu
Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu

Eddie Ndichu who had caught the eye of many ladies cl-added a grey suit and chose his brother as the best man. On the other hand the brides maid cl-added green dresses matching with the cool green color of the garden.




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NIPATIE SODA TAFADHALI : President Uhuru Visits A Kiosk And Buys A Soda

H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta made many people talk on Wednesday morning after he paid a visit to a kiosk to buy a soda. Simplicity is what inspires hearts of Kenyans and the President exemplified the heart of humility when he visited a shop in Machakos county to grab something to drink.

soda uhuru 3

soda uhuru 2

soda uhuru 1

soda uhuru

uhuru soda

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ULIZA EXCLUSIVE : Jemmimah Thiong’o Speaks About Her JOURNEY And Pain of Losing THREE Siblings In A Row

It is one of the most awaited interviews I have ever had in my life. From the very first time I heard Jemmimah Thiong’o’s ‘Mwenye Baraka’ song, back in 2003, I wondered if one day I would get a moment to interview her.

On this beautiful Monday morning a minister has just arrived, Jemimah Thiong’o is at Uliza Links office and she is humble, happy, and smart on her pink outfit that has the feel of a real African woman.

jemmimah thiongo 1


Accompanying her to the meeting room where the interview will take place is Macharia her personal assistant and as soon as they sit, we do a bit of introduction and fantastic ice breaking and off we start the interview.

“Who is Jemmimah?” I ask. “Jemmimah is a mother, wife, farmer, musician and a born again christian,” she begins.  She is the second last born in her family and does a lot of farm work and spear heads many women groups in her village.  She started singing in her local church and has recorded almost 40 songs though others have not yet been released.

Jemmimah came to the public limelight in March 2003 when she released her first album, ‘Alinitua’ and later released her 2nd album in 2004-2007 called Imani and finally she did Penya in 2010 with her biggest producer being Robert Kamanzi also known as R-Kay among others like Bosire Delmond and Dominic Khaemba.

Jemimah’s first hit song ‘Mwenye Baraka’ was released in 2003 but she performed it for the first time in a state function (10 years down the line) in the Presidential inauguration in 2013 after an invitation by the current President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta when he was being sworn in as president. It was done with a university choir who danced quite well as it all went down.

Sauti Jemimah 2

Her family life has been kept private with many of her followers only knowing about her music but in this interview I try to get more information about her and she tells me more.

”My children are not known (laughs) but I have a son called Daniel another called Derrick and a girl named Ciku. Those are my biological children though I have many spiritual children. She is married to a very supportive husband who helped a lot in marketing her music at a time when they were still in form of cassettes.  “At that time, there were only 50 cassettes and when my husband reported to work, the cassettes were already sold by 9 am. Even his own copy was sold.”


Everyone who follows Jemmimah closely would think that her journey has been easy but sitting down with her, Jemmimah speaks of the challenges and pains she has faced as a Christian. 

During the release of her third ‘Penya’ album in 2010, Jemmimah was to go through a painful journey of losing her sister and she states that it was not easy. Jemmimah saw her sister die with her two eyes and she asked God to use her heart and penetrate her hence releasing “PENYA”.

Sauti Jemimah 5

She recalls her prayer to GOD : ”I want to know you more because at that time there was a situation where I was telling people there is a GOD who heals and here my sister was dying.” 

She takes me back on how it all happened narrating how she faced all the pain from losing her first sibling in the year 1998.

“My first sibling passed in the year 1998, and my second sister was diagnosed with heart problem in 2007. We  did a fundraising for her and she was later to be operated at Nairobi hospital.” She remembers how they fasted in prayer and two days after the surgery her sister called her for prayers.

Later she had planned to travel and while on transit she received a call from the hospital requesting her presence at the hospital to allegedly sign a form for surgery of her sister. She states that once she hang up she didn’t feel like that call from the hospital was legit and smelt a rat while heading for the hospital. Jemmimah was later to confirm her doubts as the nurse on duty was tricking her to come to the hospital only for her to break the news that her sister was no more.

“That day I wept bitterly the whole night after the doctors had tricked me to come and sign for a surgery concerning my sister. That call, I felt was just a trick. On arrival at the hospital,  I knew that my sister was no more but the doctors did not want to shock me. My husband dropped me to the hospital and later I was to find out that Grace ( her sister’s name) was no more.”

”Grace was so close to me, we were close, my health deteriorated I felt discouraged and I didn’t even tell R-Kay that Grace died, even Mbuvi wondered where I disappeared to.”

The loss of Grace was heart breaking but Jemmimah was to be hit with another funeral during the month of  December when her brother who was older than Grace went to bed and didn’t wake up. He had left them after Grace and they buried him in January.


Even after losing her three siblings Jemmimah was to to go through others tests of Faith that made her to take a break and just submit to GOD. Probably others would have given up but Jemmimah decided to hold on to her faith and surrender more to GOD.

“I remember around February my brother in Murang’a got ill. I told God, this is enough, I cannot lose another person lest people ask where are you ?. Faithfully, my brother recovered from the illness and he is still alive but later in the same year my eldest sister than my brother who recovered, collapsed in the house. I was now finished.

I came to realize that it was my battle for faith, music and ministry.”

Jemmimah was later to see death at one point when shooting  ‘Penya’ video.  She had invited her friend Rose Jeffa from Burundi to feature in her video and Rose came with her little child and requested Jemmimah to be first in the shoot as she was to take her child somewhere.

She was with another lady and as soon as they finished shooting the video, Rose requested the lady she had come with to hold her baby as she concluded an issue with Jemmimah. ”I don’t know how the child slipped out of the hand of this lady and she was knocked and she died.”

“That is where now the real death in me came and i just went under and just told God it is you now, it will never be me anymore because everywhere i go i’m smelling death i’m seeing death i’m feeling death, God i just want to be in my house and just rest. Whether you believe in God or not, if your siblings are dead they are dead. Every temptation that comes my way, God knows about it.”

She says God’s time is the best. ”We stress  ourselves, we fail to do what God has called us to do because we want to be out there its all about God. To those who have lost loved ones, the only thing that will make them lose it completely is when they lose faith, just hold on to Jesus, everything that he does, he is right.”

Prison Ministry 

Jemimah got touched with Prison ministry after a lady who was helping her with farm work allegedly killed her child and was locked behind the bars. She used to pay her a visit but she couldn’t trace her anymore. Having sympathized with the pathetic situation in the prison at a time when it was filthy, she got the urge to minister to those in prison.

She was given a chance to shoot a video in the prison, for two songs ‘Mipango ya Mungu Ni ya Ajabu ‘Pendo la ajabu’ and it succeeded with friends contributions like sanitary towels, inner clothing and food. R-Kay and Victor Mbuvi contributed a lot, Manu Chandaria could give her tissue papers and Githunguri Dairies helped her ministry with long life milk.

Those two songs were done in the same day same night The major challenge she faced was prison warders being transferred to different places as well as lack of sponsors to enable her minister to outside prisons. She named the prison ministry as ”Inuka African Woman”, a call to every woman to do something for her nation instead of waiting for the government or foreigners to come and do something.

Upcoming event.

Jemimah will be having a live concert called “Inuka African Woman” at Michael Joseph center on 29th May 2015  from 6-9 pm and the entry fee will be Ksh. 1000/- .  She will be backed up by Zidi the band and Mary Atieno. Call 1511 to buy tickets

Jemimah Thiongo cover

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