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The Winner Is : Groove Awards To Be Hosted This Thursday

The annual gospel awards gala in Kenya, Groove Awards, will be hosted this Thursday 1st June.

kev mulei Ezekiel Mutua hold new groove statue

Kenya Films and Classification Board ( KFCB) CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua and CBS, Principal Secretary , Culture and Arts Mr. Joe Robert Okudo and Kevin Mulei

The exclusive invites only awards, which are expected to crown new winners especially in the most contested male artiste of the year category, will be marking now the 12th year in Kenyan music industry.  The first Groove Awards were presented in 2004, at a small gathering and now has since grown to be a live-broadcast event courtesy of media sponsors.


Titled #BacktoChurch, Groove Awards will be unveiling their new award statue which has evolved from the cross award to infinity sign that they had initially awarded to previous winners.


kev mulei awards

Kenya Films and Classification Board ( KFCB) CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua and CBS, Principal Secretary , Culture and Arts Mr. Joe Robert Okudo had the honour of being the first to hold the newly launched Groove Awards Statuette presented by Groove’s Director and Visionary Kevin Mulei during a meeting at the PS’s office on Tuesday morning.

The awards have again partnered with Safaricom and will be hosting the awards at the sponsored Safaraicom Kasarani sports Stadium on the late evening of Madaraka Day on 1st June.

Surprise perfomances will be expected at this years ceremony that has attracted alot of eye balls and talk after the missing of two main acts in the male artiste of the year.



R.I.P MA’ : Husband to Gospel Singer Emmy Kosgei Loses His Mother

The General Overseer of Revival Assembly Church, Apostle Anselm Madubuko has lost his mother. Anselm who is married to gospel singer Emmy Kosgei from Kenya mourned he death of his mother who passed at the age of 90.

The anointed man of God on Monday took to his Facebook page to announce the painful exit. He wrote:

‘Rest In Peace, my beloved mother… “O death where is your sting ?O grave where is your victory? It is well with my soul!!!Thank you, JESUS.


Over 20,000 Muslims Convert to Christianity (Here Is Why)

Christianity is developing quickly in the for the most part Muslim nation of Bangladesh; so quickly that it’s turning into an issue for Islamic leaders in the nation.

“Over the most recent 12 months, more than 20,000 Muslims have changed over to Christianity. More than 20,000 have changed over and this is turning into a genuine issue for the Muslims,” one ex-Muslim disclosed to Christian Freedom International.

A large number of these Muslim proselytes confront tremendous oppression for leaving Islam.

Minister Rafiqul Islam is one of the a huge number of Christians who abandoned their Muslim confidence for Christ. He lost his family and his organizations not long after in the wake of changing over, and was nearly beaten in the road by leaders of his neighborhood mosque.

Regardless of the abuse, he says he won’t quit educating his neighbors concerning “Eternal life in Jesus Christ.”

Despite the fact that Christians make up under 1 percent of the populace in Bangladesh, the numbers are developing quickly. Minister Rafiqul has seen several Muslims convert over to Christianity with his own eyes.

“Numerous Muslims are changing over. For the most part in the country ranges.” he said. “More individuals are converting  consistently. Despite the fact that we are oppressed, we are preaching the Good News.”

Church Social Media

Facebook Apologizes for Suspending Christian Mom Over Post on Homosexuality

Online networking giant Facebook said Thursday that it made a “blunder” by suspending a Christian video blogger’s record after she composed a post about the Bible’s judgment of homosexuality.

Facebook as of late solidified the general population Facebook page of Elizabeth Johnston, an Ohio self-teach mother of 10 who runs the prevalent blog and Facebook account “The Activist Mommy.”

“Th“e Activist Mommy” Facebook record was solidified on Feb. 9 in view of a remark Johnston posted more than six months back that refered to entries from the New Testament and Old Testament, including how Leviticus expresses that homosexuality is a “contemptible” sin and a “horrifying presence.”

The remark, which incorporated no verbally abusing, was essentially Johnston’s discourse because of another Facebook client, who had remarked on one of Johnston’s recordings and contended that Christians are posers for denouncing homosexuality.


Johnston got a message from Facebook saying that the post being referred to was evacuated on the grounds that “it doesn’t take after the Facebook Community Standards.” Additionally, her record was solidified for a time of three days.

After she recovered access to her record on Feb. 12, Johnston distributed a post disclosing to her supporters that her Facebook account had been solidified. The post incorporated a screengrab of her unique Bible editorial and the message that she got from Facebook. She closed the post with the hashtag #FacebookCensorsBible.

Church Social Issues

”Citizen Tv’s 10 Over 10 Show Is Killing Our Generation” : Gospel Artiste MR.T

Gospel Minister MR.T is seeking for gate keepers and prayer warriors to come and rescue the current generation from the moral direction that the media is leading the youth to. The artiste came out to speak about this after watching the late night show on Ctitizen TV dubbed 10 over 10. 

10 over 10

The singer shared this on a Friday evening a time when 10 over 10 was aired on late night on Citizen Tv Kenya. The show which was launched to counter Friday night tv show on NTV has been the talk of social media especially from Christian center because of its extreme nature.


MR.T said :

“Where are the gate keepers in. Our media houses. Where are the prayer warriors. These 10/10 on citizen TV is killing our generation.

Somebody riot in the spirit and end this madness. The media is a culture shaping tool. Claim sanity on our air waves in Jesus name.”

Other faithful Christians joined in the conversation condemning the show as immoral and questioning the extent to which producers of media would go to have a show like such on air.

What’s your take ? 


Pastor Ephantus Wahome: The call of God in my life is sure

“Celebrating many years in Christ service, not that am faithful than the rest or my brothers who we started ministry together and on the way they gave up. I have experienced rejection, negative criticism, hatred and malicious stories in my walk in the ministry. I have never looked up to the negative things spoken or said about my life and ministry. My best friend, Holy spirit has walked with me and even when I feel despaired, He always encourages me to move on because there is a better day ahead.

I count it an honor that He choose me so many years back. It was when i was in form 1 at Buru Buru academy (currently NPC Buruburu) when i realized the call of God in my life. My elder brother, Bishop Simon Kariuki of ‘In His Presence Jesus Worship center’ led me to a prayer of repentance and from there on as a born again christian, i desired to serve the Lord. The greatest mentorship i received was from my Christian union (CU) chairperson Judy Akinyi . It was this lady who taught me how to pray, public speak and also sing.

Having served under so many ministers, I have always been loyal and submissive under the grace of the man of God. When you let God lead your life its never hard to submit. Even as am celebrating my life in ministry and the Lord fit it good for me to be ordained and be officially commissioned as a pastor. Soon we are planting a church in Kahawa West where we shall preach the gospel of truth, deliverance and righteousness.

It is by the grace of God that i have ministered to thousands in high school ministry, conferences and other church invitations. My call is basically winning souls for Christ. I have also mentored many artists who do real gospel music with an aim of glorifying the Lord. Baraka Encounter Night is my greatest joy, souls are won and many are encouraged, the overnight happens every 3rd Friday of every month.

My wife, minister Joy has been my greatest inspiration, she is a woman of virtue, her encouragement, prayers and moral support cannot be ignored. My ministry changed completely when she joined my life. I learn a lot from her and especially to forgive and let go. She is one kind & selfless woman who would give it all for the glory of God.

My bishop, my father and my angel, His grace Bishop Patrick Kariuki, General Overseer of Great Gospel Visioners, came to my life when I needed a father more than anything else. It was a period the Lord was speaking to me to go out and serve Him fully. I inquired of wisdom from the man of God I fellowshiped under. He could prophesy now and then about ministry. Yes, He is a great man, He brought me up but the next level needed another grace.

It was one morning after our morning devotion at 3 am, I told my wife that God is sending us to Bishop Patrick, He was to mentor, father and hold our hands in the church ministry. I clearly saw dad, wiping my tears. That very morning we met bishop and He confirmed the vision even without sharing any bit with him. It was that moment we confirmed fully its our time to go.

It wasn’t really an easy task leaving my church, actually I didn’t want to leave the church rudely so i tried several times to have a one on one with my pastor. It was fruitless and I had to send a text. We prayed about it, sought advice from friends who we fellowshiped together with but the spirit of God kept saying ,”Its time” . My pastor replied the text, encouraged us and released us with blessings.

Now we are here and the Lord has been faithful to us. We don’t take this as just another event but an honor to receive new mantle, fresh anointing, to serve in the city and beyond. We are taking this gospel to the next level, the devil has no power over the children of God. We are anointed to preach this gospel. I know being under the apostolic mantle of my father, His grace Bishop Patrick i will deliver the message of the cross to the Nations.

I have learnt loyalty, leadership, humility and ministry from my father. I will follow his steps to raise, mentor and also father another generation of disciplined, anointed, God fearing generation of Christians. I desire to be a servant leader. Working with the team of pastors, leaders, our father and his associates. I am willing to learn more to grow even better and become whom God intended me to be.”

Pstr Ephy


Size 8 takes the gospel to street kids

Gospel singer Size 8 took to the streets on Sunday to preach to street kids and by the grace of God a large number of them came out and got saved.

“Jana a large number of street boys gave their lives to Jesus Christ at the street fun day yesterday, wow this is amazing God be the glory, This is the greatest miracle.” She posted


Let the Church help in fighting corruption, Government urged

Kakamega Catholic Diocese Bishop Joseph Obanyi has urged the National government to involve religious leaders in the fight against graft.

According to media max, The Bishop was speaking at Kisii Cathedral on Sunday after a requiem mass for Father Richard Nyangoto’s mother, he challenged Kenyans to join the war on graft and stop perpetuating it. He said church leaders are ready to mediate and come up with strategies of fighting the vice. The cleric said the vice, if unchecked, will tear the country apart.

“The war on corruption is a collective responsibility. We need political goodwill to stem it or else it will destroy our country,” said Obanyi.

The Bishop, accompanied by Kisii Catholic Diocese’s Vicar General Jeremiah Nyakundi said the Catholic bishops under the umbrella of Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) is at the forefront of fighting corruption, adding that it has banned politicking in its churches. “We want the anti-graft body and other agencies to work together and prosecute perpetrators to deter others,” said Obanyi adding that the church will not tire to speak against evils in the society.

He challenged the striking medics to embrace the Hippocratic Oath and return to work to save lives of patients as their leaders and the government negotiated for their salary increment. “I urge the government to speed up the talks and address the issues raised by the medics to allow them resume work to ease the suffering of innocent patients,” he said.


Jubilee Christian Church expands to Thika Road.

On 17th January 1999 the Jubilee Christian Church (J.C.C) was launched by Bishop Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna holding their first service at a restaurant.

Not long after, the church grew and they moved to a Restaurant on Kenyatta Avenue and about 9 months after establishing their church, JCC had to move once again to a bigger Restaurant at the Kenyatta International Conference center.
17 years late, the church has expanded into a 10,000+ seater church in Parklands. The church has not only expanded physically but also geographically as they have opened branches in Thika, Kitengela, Eastlands and now they have a new centre on Thika Road.

Their new church is a big white tent situated on the Thika superhighway at Exit 7. Their service is run every Sunday from 9: am to 12:00 noon by Pastor Morris and Pauline Gacheru.

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Thousands of Worshipers Turn Up for SINACH CONCERT(IN PICTURES)

Worshipers from all over Nairobi came together for the Praise Festival held at CITAM KAREN featuring award winning musical artist SINACH on Saturday evening . The long lines at  the gate that started as early as 4.00pm were a sure sign that the evening was bound to be spectacular. The organizers kept their side of the bargain by commencing at exactly 6.00pm as advertised. With uplifting as well as entertaining performances from EMY KOSGEI, PITSON, GUARDIAN ANGEL FREKEH UMOH, EVELYN WANJIRU 7db04cd5-024c-470f-91f8-7c76db3e5d2a 5b8516a1-b0b8-4027-926e-f935b27605d5 0c55e909-2c8a-4f89-89d5-c6b05432d15b 9aefd1f0-7c71-478f-9e17-a28906f56552 55c57492-9a33-49ed-b82d-c1d9bf3f2af7 68a085bd-9af9-4f20-a449-aed766fc2185 74a10d97-b459-4a3c-b9c6-fb6cfba98f1d 715bdd03-bd4d-4f7a-a45b-3397c4afb60c 802e6f0a-eed3-4c16-a5ad-9b24ae4211d9 1770b741-cf22-470d-a08d-d7487fb6bb03 1841018a-12d5-43b3-9a42-0a9a0ff39f9b a5d2e4e0-c92e-4b36-b9fe-2e0fb76b6e22 a0948916-1275-4be9-a4b7-0d72d815b37c c5d1a5f7-ee10-4b37-af3d-3c75a3eb75c8 d707210e-3d4d-4b79-8217-f62b17dfb8c2 dffa22d4-7795-459f-808e-d620404c6514 e23d69cd-3dcd-4eee-b44d-4daebfd04920 e232c615-509e-4e62-a6f4-c76600637c84 e8279c12-de99-4ad4-88ea-f54b3081a0f2 f41fa1e2-6aff-44a6-813b-8e6f1576a448AND THE GROOVE BAND the audience had no choice but to praise and celebrate life.


Gospel Singer Sinach Is Coming To Kenya This November

Renown christian singer Osinachi Kalu, Sinach, will be headlining Nairobi this coming November.

The singer who is known for her songs ‘Dance for holyghost’, ‘I Know Who I Am’ among many other hit singles will be in the country on 26th November at a concert organised by Mo Sound Events.

Sinach coming to Kenya
Sinach coming to Kenya

Having organised top gospel events in the country Mo Sound is set to launch a series of new events in the coming years beginning with Sinach concert on November 26th.

Venue is Citam Karen

Entry is Ksh : 2000/-

For Tickets Call : 0727 041 162



FAITH WINS : Judge David Maraga Who Refused To Work On SABBATH DAY Nominated As New CJ

64-year-old Court of Appeal judge, David Maraga who is a staunch Seventh Day Adventist is the new nominated Kenyan Chief Justice. David Maraga took many by surprise by telling the Judicial Service Commission panel that he would not hear cases on Saturdays if appointed Chief Justice.

David Maraga
Judge David Maraga speaking at a launch

The judge was appointed to the High Court in October 2003 and elevated to the Court of Appeal in 2012. He contested for the position of Court of Appeal President against incumbent Paul Kihara but lost by a single vote.

Maraga holds an LL.B and an LL.M from the University of Nairobi. After receiving his law degree from the UoN in 1977, and a post-graduate diploma from the Kenya School of Law the following year, Maraga opened law firm in Nakuru where he practised until appointed to the High Court.

“It would be very difficult for me to sit on a Saturday to hear a case,” Maraga said in reply to a commission member’s query about a hypothetical situation, local media reported. “I would rather talk with my colleagues in the court to accommodate me and exempt me from sitting if the hearing extends to a Saturday.”

“According to the judge, only a matter of life and death can make him miss church on Saturday — for instance, an accident happening on his way to church in which case he would stop to help the victims,”

The commission’s recommendations are forwarded to the president who, after endorsing them, sends them to the parliament for final approval.

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Nyeri Archbishop Retires 33 years later.

Catholic archbishop Peter Kairo has retired after serving for 33 years. Archbishop Kairo, 75, says that he has reached retirement age.

“I have reached retirement age, which is 75, but I cannot leave a vacuum and I am waiting for a replacement from Pope Francis,” he said after presiding over the burial of Fr David Mucheke. He said that he has written to the Vatican informing them of his retirement and that he will be leaving the office immediately a replacement is found.


The Archbishop had served as archbishop for Muranga for 14 years, then Nakuru for 11 years and in 2008 he was posted to Nyeri where he has served for 8 years.


Selena Gomez celebrated by Hillsong Senior Pastor, Brian Houston

Brian Houston, senior minister of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, took to online networking to share the suprse visit his granddaughter got on her sixth birthday from pop star Selena Gomez.

selena-gomez post

Gomez frequently discusses her affection for Hillsong Church on social media, and Houston gave back the feelings by taking note of his profound respect for the vocalist in a Facebook post that incorporated a photo of Gomez and his granddaughter.


“My lovely granddaughter turned 6 this week and to make her birthday extremely unique, Selena Gomez was in Australia to say hello. So cool,” he subtitled the photograph.

Houston and other Hillsong ministers consistently get visits from superstars who go to their love benefits yet the Australian clergyman was particularly appreciative to have the previous Disney star there for his granddaughter.

Gomez was additionally in Sydney Tuesday for the Australia leg of her overall Revival visit.

Rather than talking good about Gomez chatting with Houston’s 6-year-old granddaughter, some of his Facebook companions voiced their objection to mainstream craftsmen and their impact on youngsters.

Two years back, Houston reacted to faultfinders on Twitter who restricted his acknowledgment of Gomez by saying: “She is only one of numerous, numerous miscreants we respect each Sunday. Indeed, even slanderers like you!”

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‘I Have Chosen JESUS’ : Dancehall Artiste MR.VEGAS Starts A New Life In CHRIST

Jamaican dancehall craftsman, Mr Vegas took to social media where he authoritatively reported, he is deserting mainstream music! His declaration recommends he’s taking a page of kindred ex-dancehall craftsman Lady Saw. He expressed the accompanying!

Mr Vegas
Mr Vegas leaves secular music

“On account of the fans that remained by me throughout the years… .this is the begin of another adventure. This is the day that I offered an explanation to his call. I have chosen to settle on Jesus my decision.”

He evidently expressed further that the move is with regards to a guarantee he made to God amid a close demise experience on a flight to France last December; he encountered greatly terrible turbulence! Without even a moment’s pause he guaranteed to end up a hireling of God if by chance the plane landed securely.

Some are stating he postponed his arrangements when he understood Lady Saw turned over her life to God; he would not like to be seen as upstaging her yet with regards to issues of the heart who might say that?

Here is a video of him singing a gospel song

Church Hot This Week Kenya Link News 1 News

President Uhuru’s son donates money to church

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s eldest son, Jomo Kenyatta, last weekend was in Narok county for a church fundraising for Engape Women Group.

download (1)

The fundraising that took place in Nairage Enkare in Narok South saw Jomo contribute one million shillings to the church. He was accompanied by his sister Ngina Kenyatta, his younger brother Muhoho Kenyatta, Narok governor Samuel Tanui and other local leaders.

He brought joy to the residents of the area with his contribution as a total of approximately 5 million shillings was contributed towards the women groups of that area.

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