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Wife Of Ex-Hillsong Pastor Sacked For Sexual Abuse, Battles Depression and Anxiety and PTSD.

Laura Lentz, wife of pastor Carl Lentz a former Hillsong pastor who was fired from the church for sexual abuse has come out to share how she’s battling with depressed and PTSD and how’s she’s suffering and wouldn’t wish her journey on someone else.

Talking about scrolling through many pieces, she said; “when I asked his wife about it, she told me the name was beautiful scars…. I started to cry. “

“It may not mean much to you but this past year was a doozy for our family.

“I have dealt with so much personally. I have never experienced anxiety or PTSD until this year! I have struggled with a mild depression for many years, but this year it got to be so bad that there were days I didn’t want to get out of bed.”

“Every day I feel the trauma, the thoughts and memories.

“Although I wouldn’t wish my journey on my worst enemy (I apparently have a few), I would not change my story!!

“I know as I continue on my journey of healing, learning to put myself first, focus on my family and grow in my marriage, I can use my story so far to help someone else.”

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It can’t get any better when you receive an award on a special day such as your birthday, this the story of the new kid on the block Mash Mwana. Who was crowned this year’s Groove New Artist of the Year. The Hatachelewa Hit Maker who escaped an inferno at Mukuru wa Sinai is a potential Male Artist of the Year recipient as is the tradition of them that receive the New Artist award. 

Bahati won the New Artist category in 2013 and later Bahati won the Male Artist category for years 2014 and 2015. L Jay Maasai was the New Artist for 2014 and later was crowned the Male Artist of the Year this year 2016. Mash Mwana graced my blog and we got to discuss matters music on the exclusive below: 

@iancKollins: Why the name Mash Mwana?

@mashmwana: Mash Mwana is derived from my real name Mamayu and the word mwana means son.

@iancKollins: What type of music does Mash Mwana do?

@mashmwana:I do kapuka and bongo

@iancKollins: Who is your favorite video producer?

@mashmwana: Gadgado

@iancKollins: Who is your favorite audio producer?

@mashmwana: Teddy B

@iancKollins: Most memorable gig?

@mashmwana: The Groove Party 2014 it was my first time to perform at the Groove and in front of many people.

@iancKollins: Do you have a musical sensation that Mash Mwana longs to do a collabo with…

@mashmwana: Yes Solomon Mkubwa I love his songs and his personality

@iancKollins: Describe the feeling you had when your name was mentioned as the winner of Groove New Artist of the Year…


God is faithful, the good thing about that day I won the award was in fact my birthday. The feeli

@iancKollins: A piece of info that the public doesn’t know….

@mashmwana: I do business. Yes I am businessman.

@iancKollins: Describe Mash Mwana’s fashion sense…

@mashmwana: I like any matters fashion and my dream is to have a fashion house.

ng was indescribable.





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7 years strong for Dj Krowbar and wife Joy

Celebrated gospel dj, Dj Krowbar yesterday celebrated 7 years in marriage with his wife joy. The happy couple got married in 3rd September 2010 and have two lovely daughters.


He wrote this heartwarming message for his wife on his facebook page
“Wow… 7yrs have flown just like that… feels like 2-3yrs ago. Joy and I have seen a lot together and will continue to see even more together. Truth be told, my wife Joy seems perfect for me. She is the one that makes it easy for me to lead the family. I am so proud I fell for her. She is worth her salt FOR REAL!!!”
“This new year is going to be amazing, we will have a ball, being faithful to our calling, each other and our kids. My love, I need you, you are amazing, I am humbled to be with you. I decided to love you and love you publicly from the 3rd of September 2010. I will keep at it till old age, and when Christ takes us home. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY QUEEN. 😍😍”

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Top 5 Gospel Celebs With The Most Instagram Post Likes


They are the set of 5 that have one of the largest Instagram following and as a result they are the celebs that accumulate the most likes with each post they upload. 

The celebs are as follows; The Mapenzi Hitmaker Bahati, the Fanya musical sensation Willy Paul/Poze, the Ni Yesu Songbird Size 8, Crossover101 Host DJ Mo and the Tukuzu Host DJ Sadic. Each of the listed names has a total of more than 200000 followers.


Below are some posts that these big-time celebs uploaded that generated likes in the thousands.

Out of the 5 it was Size 8 that tops with a post that generated 8286 likes.


Bahati recent update as a result of his new jam did garner him 5109


and a post that involves both Willy and Bahati generates some thousands likes.


Case In point the recent one that they did garnered  3732 likes.

On average with each post DJ Mo and DJ Sadic upload they get more than 1000 likes.

Screenshot_2016-08-31-16-56-50 Screenshot_2016-08-31-16-55-06 Screenshot_2016-08-31-16-48-31


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DJ NEYMO : Is Neymar DJ MO’s Twin ?

You can’t mention Barcelona without using this Brazilian name: NEYMAR, who recently won his country a gold medal in the just concluded Olympics at Rio. He is definitely a decorated pro footballer. On the other hand you can’t mention DEEJAYING without the household name TOPA DE TOP: DJ MO. Who is the face of NTV’s Crossover 101 show and System Unit… Both Neymar and DJ Mo share looks that are almost identical. And you won’t be wrong when you call them twins


If you think Baby Ladasha-Mo’s daughter can easily call Neymar ‘dad’ Do drop your comment and answer on my Facebook: or Twitter: Instagram:


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BAHATI’S TWIN….Be the judge


The above photo is the one the Mapenzi Hitmaker publicly certified as  his favorite and you could speculate that one of the reasons Bahati likes this pic is because of the triplet effect. Because it’s always an epic feeling when you encounter an individual that you have similar facial features that are so alike that you can easily be mistaken for twins. It’s considered worthwhile if you have a face that has some resemblances to a celeb.


This is the case with Bahati’s lookalike who is an exact replica of the Itakuwa Sawa Sensation. If you can easily pay a show after you see a poster of Bahati’s lookalike. Do drop your comment on,,


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What Willy Paul Sings In His New Song ‘Fanya’

Mabinti walinichanganya Nairobi mpaka mombasa
Kayole mpaka Dandora, Mathare mpaka Huruma
Ghetto mpaka Tribeka, ni kweli mimi awillie
Nilikuanga mziririe, walinitisha mabintire
hivi leo nimerudi-ee kwa mwenyezi-ree anisamehe


Jalali nakumiss sanaa,
kukupenda ndio nataka kufanya
fafa fanya fafa fanya
fafa fanya fafa yanya
fafa fanya fafa fanya
fafa fanya fafa fanya

Walitap mic one, two, si mnafahamu yule Daudi-ee
alitenda madhambi eeh, lakini mungu ee alimpenda eeh
unamjua huyu Daudi-ee alikwendaa-re akapotea
leo leo narudi kwa Baba X2
nikikweli eeh mimi awillie, nilikuanga

Ni kweli mimi awillie
Nilikuanga mziririe,
walinitisha mabintire
hivi leo nimerudi-ee
kwa mwenyezi-ree anisamehe

Jalali nakumiss sanaa,
kukupenda ndio nataka kufanya
fafa fanya fafa fanya
fafa fanya fafa yanya
fafa fanya fafa fanya
fafa fanya fafa fanya

mhh kamata chini, na na na na
juu kwa juu na na na na na
siku za mwisho zimewadia
wangapi watarudi na mitendee kwake Babaa

oooh Halleluyah X5

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Our Human nature

There was a construction site manager, or as we like to call them foremen, who was on the forth floor of the building they were constructing. As he was doing some rounds, he noticed some cracks on the wall that needed repair and since he could not go all the way down to the ground floor he decided to call one of the workers from way up there.
The foreman tried to shout the workers name but he could not hear so he decided to try something different. He took small stones and started throwing them close to the worker but every time the worker would simply look at the stones and ignore them.


The foreman decided to try something else, he took a 100ksh note and threw it next to the worker, the worker picked the 100ksh and put it in his pocket without looking up. The foreman then took a 200ksh note and threw it next to the worker who picked it up and put it in his pocket without looking up again. The foreman took a 500ksh note and threw it next to the worker who again took it and put it in his pocket without looking up. The foreman then took a small rock and hit the worker on the head and the worker looked up angrily shouting and abusing the foreman then he walked away.
Moral of the story is that God always blesses us with alot of things no matter how small they are but we never seem to remember to look up and thank Him but when we find afew set backs in our lives we are quick to look up and blame it on Him. We should learn to be thankful to God for every little thing He provides to us.
Blessed week ahead.

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