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9 Surprising Things You Need To Know About Night Running

A Night runner  is one who runs at night, acts/looks like a vampire, or is just a little insane.The nocturnal practice of running around communities is  Closely associated with witchcraft, it sometimes involves running with tamed wild animals for security. Families who engage in it are often both shunned and revered by their communities for their supposed “magical powers”.

After closely following up on the recent story of night runners in Homabay county we decided to come up with 9 reasons you probably did not know about night runners.


1. It is a sport.

Running is a kind of sport that one exercises his or her body through. When you run you sweat a lot and that is a good activity of stretching your veins and nerves. Running also avoids blood clot hence smooth flow of blood. Night running can be categorized because there are those who do it for sports and those who do it to harm others. Some people prefer running at night because of the silence as part of meditation and sport.

2. It is a spirit.

Night running can be categorized in two ways. It is either you are doing your normal sport thing or there is a spirit driving you and not your natural physical strength. There is an evil spirit that tends to control you and according to my research, that spirit can awaken you from your sweet sleep and you can do the un imaginable things.

3. It is inherited.

Some people inherit night running from their ancestors. Talk of innocent generation who don’t know why and how they do it but just find themselves in the act anyway. It is simply because their ancestors used to run at night and so they are the inheritors. It cant just leave them. It is inbuilt.

4.It is a lifestyle.

Night runners make it a daily routine in their lives to run every night, if they don’t do so they feel sick. They are addicted to it and it is part of them it is hard to do without it in their lives.

5.It Fears Visitors.

According to some traditions, night runners do not do their magic when visitors are in their homesteads. It is a shame and if found night running their is a price behind it. The Luo customs have it that you have to dig a pit latrine or give away a goat to the person who caught you in the act.

6.It is a form of security.

Many say that running at the night scares away thieves who steal during the night. It is true. I have heard of cases where a thief had to hide after seeing a night runner. This is what happened: the thief was on his mission to steal from a neighborhood and when he met head on with the night runner, both started running. The thief thought the night runner was chasing after him whereas the night runner was running for his life thinking that he would pay the price of being found in the act.

7.Traditions behind it.

According to Luo customs and traditions, a night runner should not be killed. If you kill a night runner and he or she dies, you will also be a night runner. The same way if you kill a thief, you become a thief. They are to be punished only but not to be harmed. There is also a tradition that if a woman is married to an ancestry of night runners, she cannot give birth not unless she does the exercise of running at night.

8. It is dangerous.

That evil spirit that drives you to run can make you sustain injuries that you never expected and you may end up bleeding and losing a lot of blood. Some of the night runners run bare footed and it exposes them to infections like jiggers as well as natural thorns having their way through your feet.

9.It is evil and Nonreligious.

The Holy scriptures of the Bible does not support any evil act from evil spirits. Everything should be done in the light and legally.You can ask yourself why night runners fear running in the broad day light instead opt for night time when everyone is peacefully asleep and in the thick dark. Some of the actions they do scare many people who in turn cannot have a peaceful night e.g throwing stones on top of the roof and throwing feaces to anyone they come across.

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